Chapter 1: American Dream

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Spanking,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: American Dream - Mac's got the perfect job. He runs his own pornography business. He produces and directs, while his buddy Dave runs the cameras. They get to shoot the hottest women doing the most mindblowing sex scenes on the planet. Then everything changes. Note: The 'coercion' and 'reluctant' tags used are "in character" for a married couple who like to roleplay with sex games.

The blonde girl grunted as she was thrown forward over the arm of the chair. Her large breasts swung as the guy behind her slammed his hips forward, droplets of sweat flying off the pair of them with each impact of flesh on flesh. The blonde's face screwed up into a pained expression, as a wail escaped her throat. Her back arched and she let out a scream as she lifted one hand back around to caress the man's face. He reached a hand around her midsection and grasped one of her tits, giving it a squeeze, never once letting up with his strokes in and out of her.

The man pulled out of her and jerked her back by the hair. Throwing her to the floor, he started to jack off right in her face, aiming his cock directly at the blonde's open mouth. She had immediately gone into a kneeling position, her head thrown back and her eyes closed as she braced for his orgasm. With a growl, the man's cock jumped in his hand once, then twice, then a long white rope of cum shot out its tip, hitting the blonde directly across the bridge of her nose. Jets of sperm painted a pattern on her face, and as his orgasm wound down, one of her hands came up to gently stroke his member. Most of his load had sprayed across her features, and she stroked him while kissing the tip of his cock. She turned then to one side, looking directly at the camera, and spoke.

"Hope you're enjoying your conference, sweetie. I know I am..."

"And CUT!"

At my call, the silence ceased and flurries of activity broke out right and left. The blonde lady immediately grabbed a towel that was being handed to her by her assistant and started to clean off her face. The black man took a few steps back and reached out a large hand for a white bathrobe which had been hanging just off-camera.

"So we done then, Mac? That's really all they wanted?"

"Yeah, D, we're all set. That was the cumshot we needed to rewrite the ending. Thanks for coming out for such a short shoot. You too, Shannon."

"Whatever," she spat in my direction as she stalked by on her way to her trailer, presumably for a long shower.

Dimetrius, who worked under the stage name of "Big D", glanced my way and we both smirked a little bit. He began to make his way to his own trailer, his assistant trailing along behind. I watched him go, then turned to Dave, who was already queuing up the replay for me. I watched on the tinny little screen as a replay of the impressive orgasm showed from first one angle, then a second, then the last.

"Good stuff, Dave. Good work. Get it all processed and get it sent over to whoever the contact was over at Timid Pictures. I think this'll finally get them off our asses."

"It goddamn better. This was the fifth fucking re-shoot we had to do. I don't blame Shannon for being pissed. I was pissed to get the call, and I didn't even have to take one of D's loads across my chin."

"More's the pity. You know you'd love it, Dave. You know, I bet I could get him to come back out here and help you out, if you want..."

"Fuck you, Mac. I know you'd probably love to see that. Well, sorry to spoil your fun, but in case you hadn't heard the rumor... I prefer hair pie. Which would be why I never accept your invitations to 'lunch'..."

We worked as we talked, used to the routine. Dave was busy unplugging all the power and interface cords from his cameras, and I was arranging all my notes for the day's shoot into some semblance of order.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Don't get all defensive just because I interrupted your precious little vacation. You know you wanted to be here. You wouldn't want anyone else to be shooting even a few frames of your precious little movie."

"Whatever. So I'm a perfectionist. That's why you hired me. Now, if you're quite through, Come gimme a hand with this tripod so we can get the hell outta here. I do believe you've got someone waiting for you at home? How happy was Marcie to hear you got called back in?"

I took one end of the tripod and lifted it up so Mac could fold each of the legs under and secure it.

"Marcie never complains... much. She knows what the deal is, and any time she starts to feel aggravated, she just looks around. It's great money, and she knows it. But you're right, I do gotta get back. Thank god we were able to get this in one take. Let me know what they tell you, will ya?"

I set the much shorter tripod back down, and Mac grabbed the case for it and got it all boxed up, safely protected by layers of Styrofoam.

"Sure thing, Mac. I've got 10 more days on my vacation, and there are some premium beaches on my list to visit. Leave me a message when you find out what and when we're shooting next, will ya?"

"You know it, Dave. Take it easy."

"You too."

With that, I folded up of my pretentious "Director" chair and shook my head from side to side, clearing out the kinks. I waved to Dimetrius, who was emerging from his trailer dressed in a lime green sweatsuit, and he waved back. I grabbed my backpack and headed for the exit.

I pulled up to the security gate in our apartment, and remembered to turn down my stereo. There was a strict Homeowner's Association rule about noise levels in the neighborhood. I had actually gone to a meeting at one point to request that this rule be eased, but the bad thing about living on a golf course is that most of your neighbors are old enough to remember seeing The Beatles on something besides a VH1 documentary. My motion had been soundly defeated, and I hadn't bothered to try again. Instead, I had invested in some really nice headphones, and some soundproofing for the house. I made due as best I could.

I buzzed our number at the gate, and I could hear Marcie's sweet voice a moment later.

"We don't want any. Go away."

"It's me, darling. Your prince on his white horse."

"Hmmmm... Don't know any princes. But we'll take the horse. Leave it tied to the gate and we'll be out in a few hours for it."

"Love you too, sweetie."

The gate's motor kicked on and started to buzz open. For such an exclusive community, I always wondered how hard it would be to replace the tired old gate with something a bit more... befitting. The thoughts cleared my head as I cleared the threshold, though, and I headed town the pretty little private lane to our humble home. I pulled into the circular drive and parked my Jeep at the curb. Before I could get the door open, the door the house banged loudly as two little blurs emerged, screeching and yelping.



Sam and Laney came dashing to my side, and I handed each one a bag, Sam my laptop case and Laney my backpack. Both pieces of luggage immediately hit the ground as four little arms reached for me, demanding to be picked up. I squatted down and scooped both of them up in my arms, then gave them each a huge kiss on their cheek. A practiced chorus of "Ooooh GROSS" emerged, and I joined in with gusto. Both kids tried to tell me about their morning at the same time, and I had to issue the call to order.

"Enough! One at a time. And we still need to get these bags. So Sam, you grab one, and your sister'll grab the other, then we'll pretend we're normal human beings and WALK, not run, up and into the house. That way I can say hi to Mommy, and then I'll tell you all about my trip."

Both kids wriggled their way out of my arms, and Sam grabbed my laptop case. Laney attempted to fight him for it, since it was by far the lighter of the bags, but Sam snatched it away from her and headed for the stairs, obeying the letter of the law by walking as fast as his little legs could carry him. Laney swung the backpack up and over her shoulder, pulling her long hair out of the way of the strap with her opposite hand, and started to make her way after her older brother. I closed the door to the Jeep and walked around the back to follow them.

Mandy stood at the top of the steps, her arms crossed and a mock scowl on her face.

"Where's the fuckin horse, Mac?"

"I love you too, sweetie."

Dinner that night was nothing spectacular, as Mandy was nothing too special in the kitchen. I told the kids all about the long drive out to the coast, and related with great relish a story about being able to see the whales along the coastline as I was headed home. They both were curious when my next trip would be, and I had told them that I wasn't sure yet, but that I would be sure to let them know. In the short term, though, I had promised that we would take the weekend and spend it at the beach house, and my pronouncement had earned me a whole round of kisses and squeals, with a few from Mandy to sweeten the pot, so to speak.

We headed to the living room for some mindless tv, giving Mandy and me a chance to snuggle on the couch for a bit. Before long, though, Laney had started to nod off, and Mandy sent her and her brother off to bed. She and I headed to the sitting room, where she made straight for the bar and poured herself a few fingers of a top shelf brandy. In response to her inquisitive eyebrow, I shook my head as I fell heavily back into the plush loveseat. Mandy brought her glass over and sat on the floor, her back against the cushion and her head on my lap.

"So how was it, really?"

I exhaled, chuckling a little bit.

"It was interesting. The whole thing took about five minutes, but it took two hours to get all set up, and even longer to get the two of them looking as hot and sweaty as they did originally a few months ago. Shannon was WAY pissed, too. She openly complained that she only took the job because we were the ones shooting it for Timid, but that her patience had just about run out. That girl's a pro, but as soon as the cameras stop rolling, she can't wait to get as far away from men as possible."

"So why does she do it? Can't she just make girls only movies?"

"She could, and she's done plenty of them, but she's got the look that all the big studios want these days. That's why Timid hired her, and they want to get all the mileage they can out of her. She's really professional, and can turn it on and off like a light switch. She makes really hot scenes, and the fans just can't get enough. That translates to big bucks for her, so she only has to make between four and six movies a year instead of thirty or forty."

Mandy sighed a bit, swishing her drink around in her hand.

"It's such a strange business... I worry about you being involved with it, with the kids. They're getting old enough now to start asking questions that it's hard to wiggle away from. I hate the thought of outright lying to them, but we might have to start soon. Sam's bright as can be, and he asked me just the other night while you were on assignment what 'exactly' you did for a living."

I chuckled at the audacity of my son.

"What'd you tell him?"

"I told him that you made movies, and that people paid you a lot of money for it, and that's why we could afford such a nice house. Well, then his only question was, 'Has he made any movies I've seen?' I bit my lip and told him probably not, but I had to fight to keep that laugh inside."

I took in a long breath and held it, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back onto the cushion before letting it go.

"God, Sam's getting so big. And Laney's not far behind him, either. What do you think we should do?"

"That's sorta why I'm talking to you about it, hon. I don't know that I want to have two kids in school when you're off making pornos. Sooner or later they're going to find out, and I don't know how they're going to handle that, being so young. It'd be different if they were teenagers, but they're just little kids still. They can't deal with their own lives, much less with the drama that would come with the knowledge of what you do."

"I know, hon. I really do. But you gotta admit, this job's worked out great for us ever since Dave and I made Arrived Pictures. We've got all the big boys clamoring for us to make their next movie. I'm charging three times as much as the next guy, and they're all too glad to pay it. I can sorta pick my own hours, and we've got more job offers than we can shake a stick at. If I were to walk away from that, what would we do for money? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly happy to just stay here with you and the kids, and that's where I feel the most happy, but the bills gotta get paid..."

Mandy took a long pull on her glass, draining the rest of the alcohol.

"I know, Mac, and I do understand what you're saying. But we need to figure something out. As much as I love this house, and the cars, and the incredible vacations, and all the things that come with our lifestyle, the kids have to come first, and I couldn't bear to make their lives any harder than they have to be. Things are nice, hon, but they're not everything. We need to think about it. That's all."

"OK, hon. We'll think about it, and we'll come up with something. Dave's on vacation for the next ten days, and the only thing that I have to get done is picking our next project. Hopefully there's something good close to home, so I can come home in the evenings."

"That would be so nice. It's been awhile. I think you forgot something, though, when you said that was the only thing that you had to do."

"Oh yeah? What'd I forget?"

Mandy reached back and gently grabbed my wrist, lifting my arm over her head and placing the palm of my hand directly onto her firm breast.

I got the hint, and took Mandy up to bed.

As we entered the bedroom, Mandy leading and gently pulling me along by one hand, Mandy closed the door and rushed to the bathroom. She closed the door most of the way but gave me a scorching look before closing completely.

"Five Minutes, Mister Producer." She whispered. I responded with a huge grin and a nod.

This was one of Mandy's favorite games, and one that I enjoyed the hell out of, too. I scrambled to get ready, and five minutes later the bathroom door was open, and I was in position.

"Miss... I'm sorry, my assistant misplaced your file. Please come in. What was your name?"

"Miss Prentiss, Sir. Thank you for seeing me."

"Not at all, my dear. Thank you for coming down. I apologize for the inconvenience, but without your file, I'll need to take down some basic information, is that alright?"

"Of course, Sir. Whatever you need."

"Fine, then let's begin. Please remove your robe, Miss Prentiss."

Mandy shrugged out of her bright pink bathrobe, and she was completely naked, her nipples standing hard and proud, and a slight flush evident on her cheeks and neck. I admired her for a moment, then grabbed the tape measure I had set next to me. I made my way towards her, and without any preamble reached around her body from the front and placed one end of the tape between her shoulder blades. I drew it taut across her side as she raised her arms out of the way, and then laid it directly across her nipple. I wound it around across the other breast with my left hand and then pulled it tight with my right behind her back.

"Please turn, Miss Prentiss?"

With a shimmy, Mandy turned in a silky smooth half-circle, dragging her body across mine with every motion, making my cock lurch in my pants. I checked the tape measure once she was fully turned.

"Thank you, Miss Prentiss. Very Nice. Please turn back around?"

I dropped the tape as she repeated her shimmy, this time in reverse, and this time with her breasts unencumbered. Her nipples scraped against my shirt, and I could feel the heat coming off her body. I stared at her for a moment, watching the hunger in her eyes. I almost thought I could smell her excitement, and I knew that if I were to feel her tight pussy, it would be drenched at this point. I stayed in character, with some effort, and reached up with the tape measure once more, wrapping it around her left breast. As I got the measurement, Mandy leaned forward just enough with her right side so that her right breast was resting against my chest.

"Thank you, Miss Prentiss. And now we need your waist and hips. I can get those from this angle..."

Mandy gave a sly smile, thrusting her breasts forward a bit more as I leaned forward to encircle her waist with my tape measure. My right cheek was brought directly against her warm breasts, and I could feel the soft skin yield just the slightest bit before becoming firm. I had to twist my hips to the side as I leaned, forcing my hard cock down my pant leg. I drew the tape forward around her tight belly and got the measurement just below the jewel in her navel. Then I loosened the loop while still holding the tape closed and shook it down to the swell of her hips. I glanced at the measurement, looking more closely at the glistening pubic hair just below my fingers. I shook my head slightly to clear it, then released the tape and began to wind it back into a tight roll, moving towards the bed.

"Thank you for that, Miss Prentiss. As I said, the paperwork was lost, and I appreciate your patience."

"Oh, it's no problem at all, Sir. Was it... okay?"

Her voice dropped on the last word, into a slightly husky tone, and it sent shivers up my spine.

"Oh yes... it was very impressive. 38C chest, 26 waist, 36 hips. Very nice, Miss Prentiss. Now... are your breasts real, or have they been augmented?

"They're very real, Sir."

"I'm sorry, Miss Prentiss, but I simply find that hard to believe. You've got an amazing body, to be frank, and your breasts appear to be disproportionate to the rest of your frame. They're quite lovely, but I suspect you had some high-end work done up there. In any case, I need you to be honest with me, or I'm afraid that this audition will be over."

"Sir, I assure you that these are completely real... Would you like to feel for yourself?"

I grinned at her, letting a little bit of a predatory smile creep onto my face.

"I absolutely would, Miss Prentiss. Come closer."

As Mandy approached, she turned her body with each step, making her firm breasts bounce back and forth. She placed her hands behind her butt for maximum effect, and she took her time with her approach. When she reached me, I took one of her breasts in one hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. A moan rang out in the room, and I didn't know if it came from her or me. I reached up with my other hand and grasped her other breast, kneading it gently and leaning forward to whisper in her ear.

"I stand corrected. These are most definitely real... most impressive, Miss Prentiss."

She stood with her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations I was providing, then she whispered back, in a shaky voice.

"Thank you, Sir. The rest of me is real, too, Sir, and I would love it if you'd inspect that, too..."

I gladly took her up on the invitation, letting go of her breasts and hurriedly removing my shirt. Playtime was over, and it was time for some fucking. Mandy stood and watched me with fire blazing in her eyes and I disrobed as fast as I could. When I finally got my shorts down and pulled them off my legs, Mandy slid up to me, pressing her body against mine. Our tongues met in a hard, wet kiss, and her hands reached up around the back of my neck, pulling me closer and harder into the kiss. Her hips ground forward against mine, and I stumbled back a step. We broke the clench, and she put one gentle hand on my chest and pushed me back against the edge of the bed. I sat down awkwardly, and settled myself, then laid back and watched Mandy. She ran her long fingernails through my chest hair and dragged them down my stomach and across my hips, on either side of my straining cock. She bent over and gave the head a quick, slurping kiss, then stood back up. This time I knew where the moan came from.

Mandy put one hand on the bed, next to me, then the other, and crawled up over the top of me. She dragged her huge tits across my erection, and up my stomach to my chest. With catlike moves, and a deliberate pace, she positioned herself so that her dripping sex was directly above my cock. Our mouths met again and she reached back with one hand to position my cock at her entrance. With exquisite slowness, she lowered herself onto me, her mouth letting out a gasp as she sank all the way to the hilt. I reached up and wrapped my arms around her back, squeezing her tight against me. I could feel her rock hard nipples against my chest, and I held her in place as I thrust my hips up against her, fucking her from below. She moved to lay her head against my right shoulder and started to whisper encouragements punctuated with grunts and gasps.

"Oh fuck yes, Mac. Fuck me good. Jesus that feels incredible. Hold me in place and fuck me good. God I love this. I love your cock, and I love the way you fuck me with it. Jesus Fucking Christ..."

I was panting with the effort and with my impending climax, and she could sense it. She reached underneath her with one hand and diddled her clit expertly, and she hit her peak just as I reached mine. My whole body went rigid, and she clenched her muscles around me so tight it was almost painful. With muttered groans we both reached our orgasm, me straining against her, shooting my load deep inside her while desperately trying to stay quiet. By the time my orgasm wound down, Mandy was smiling at me, sweaty and happy.

"So did I get the part?"

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