Liz's Open Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nowhere is safe for Liz, not even her own home. Whilst her husband and son are at the football she is made to pay the price of being caught and rescued by one of her husband's workers from a shoplifting charge. Payback is extracted in new ways throughout her home in the third story about Liz.

Saturday mornings at work are usually a time when we can catch up on any items that have fallen behind during the week, or they give us an opportunity to tidy up the work areas. Well this morning I was in my site office updating the new construction drawings into the hanging storage clips when surprise, surprise Tim, my boss walked into the office. It was unusual for Tim to work on Saturdays, but then his son, Andy, walked in behind him dressed in his Derby County Football Club gear.

"I hope you lot are working hard," Tim said in his usual form of greeting.

"We are three down this morning," I responded, "probably all still pissed from last night."

"Is Bill in this morning? Tim queried," I want him to go and clear some junk from home and take it to the tip."

"Nah, you are shit out of luck, he is one of the three that didn't turn in," I smiled in return as Tim often had Bill doing working odd jobs at his home for him.

"Well it looks as if you're not doing much, so you can take the small truck and go and do it instead of spending the morning filing." he smiled in return, getting one over on me.

"Only if you make it worth my while;... say job and knock?" I hinted, meaning I got paid for the full day no matter what time I finished the work.

"You cheeky bastard," Tim replied.

"Well you can always do it yourself tomorrow instead," I smiled yet again, "I take it you are both going to the match then," looking at Andy kitted out in all of his supporters gear.

"Yeah, all the way over to Manchester as they are playing Man City this afternoon. We are doing the Father / Son thing as I have been in late most of this week. So it is MacDonalds for lunch before the match and then Pizza on the way afterwards," Tim informed me.

"Beats working for a living," I continued our banter.

"Talking of which, get your arse into gear and take the truck up to clear away the crap from my garage and drive. It is all marked up so you know what to take and what to leave."

"Job and knock it is then," I confirmed.

"Cheeky bastard, " Tim confirmed, nodding in agreement.

"Andy, make us a couple of teas while I have a quick look around the site," Tim instructed his eight year old son.

Grabbing the keys for the truck and my own kit I headed out the office to start the drive north to Tim's home.

On arrival I backed the truck down the drive and up tight to the pile of boxed junk outside his garage. After a quick look over all of the stuff in the garage and the back garden to assess which items to place on the truck firs, I started loading it on the truck.

Well an hour later saw all of the crap safely loaded and strapped down ready to take to the tip.

Now it was time to turn my attention to my main reason for being there — Liz.

Liz is Tim's very attractive and snotty wife who looks down on most of us as she feels as the Project Manager's wife she is better than all of us. But she is also my slut after I rescued her from the clutches of a store detective after she was caught shop lifting last year. So now after working hard for her husband I was looking to take some payment in kind in addition to the day's wages I would receive through the firm.

Taking my boots off on the door step, I opened the door and walked into the kitchen. Liz was standing chopping vegetables and she turned as I entered, her eyes going wide in recognition.

"What are you doing here? I thought Bill was coming this morning'" she queried.

"Bill didn't turn in this morning, so I thought I would cum instead," smiling at my own pun.

Liz, quite rightly, looked worried.

I walked up to the sink and started to wash my hands.

"Put the kettle on, I'm ready for a coffee after loading the truck," I instructed gently.

Liz looked indignant, but on seeing the hard look in my eyes she wiped her hands before picking up the kettle and heading to the sink to fill it up.

I stepped back to make room for her at the sink as I started to admire her standing there in a white terry bathrobe that came down to her knees, with a pink satin nightdress hanging down to her feet showing below the hem of the bath robe.

As Liz reached forward and started to turn on the tap to fill the kettle I stepped forward and slid my hands under her arms to slide my hands along the side of her robe covered breasts.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing," Liz screamed, recoiling against me in horror, but finding no room for escape.

"Just claiming what is mine, as you should know. I hope you haven't forgotten," I asked.

"This is my home; I am not 'yours' here. I live here with Tim and Andy. This is my home, now take your hands off my and I won't tell Tim that you did this" Liz scolded.

I laughed as I extended my hands further so that I was just starting to cup her full breasts through her robe and my crotch came into contact with her arse, pushing her up against the sink unit. "I'll keep doing this or I'll be the one telling tales to Tim," I informed her, "I can easily get another job when Tim sacks me, but can you get a new family when he finds out that you are a shoplifter and that you fuck like a rabbit with one of his staff?"

Liz's head dropped in submission when she realized the poor position she was in and that she was mine.

As I continued to fondle her breasts she reached forward to adjust the blinds shut so her neighbours couldn't see in to watch their snotty neighbour being fondled by a workman.

Liz smelt good as I leaned forward to kiss her soft neck before whispering in her ear, "How's that coffee coming along?"

I released her breasts and stepped back leaving Liz in anticipation and trepidation of what was to follow as I walked towards to the kitchen table.

I turned around one of the chairs so I could sit and admire Liz as she flustered around grabbing cups from the cupboard and milk from the fridge. I could just imagine the turmoil in her mind as she tried to imagine what her morning might turn into. Her vegetables were certainly going to be lying unattended for a few hours. Her shoulder length hair flowed down on her shoulders and her hips moved provocatively inside her robe as she bent down to lift the milk out of the fridge. Oh fuck, she was beautiful, and she was all mine.

Eventually for Liz the kettle boiled and she made our coffees before turning towards me carrying two steaming mugs.

As Liz stood beside me placing the coffees on the kitchen table I reached over and placed my hands on her fine hips.

"While the coffees cool down a bit you can sit with me, so straddle my legs and sit facing me," I instructed her as I patted the top pf my thighs showing her exactly where I wanted her to sit.

Liz hesitated and looked at me.

I could see the bewilderment in her eyes as she worked out what was happening to her. Here she was in her own home being blackmailed with a risk of being caught having illicit sex against her will with one of her husband's employees. I waited while she considered the choices open to her, and found that wasn't really any choice left open to her, so after a long minutes thought she stepped forward to stand directly in front of me. This was the thrill of power over her than turned me on nearly as much as admiring her fine body did.

I smiled up at her as I started to guide her by the hips to stand in front of me. As I started to apply pressure to pull her onto my legs she resisted. I continued to smile as I slowly shook my head to show her resistance was a waste of effort and attitude.

As my arms continued to pull her forward Liz started to hike up her long nightdress so her legs could pass each side of my knees as she came closer to me. I resisted the desire to look down and admire her exposed legs; instead I kept looking directly into her eyes as a battle of strength of wills. As intended, I won, as she diverted her eyes down to look at where she was about to settle down on my thighs. As she lowered herself I pulled firmly on her hips to ensure she was right at the top of my thighs and tight against my crotch.

She looked demure & stunningly beautiful perched on my lap to commence my morning of fun with her.

I tilted my head up slightly to bring our lips level as I reached up with my left hand to slide my hand through her hair to the back of her head to gently pull her lips onto mine. As our warm lips met I eased my lips apart to push my tongue against her lips.

Liz was still resisting me by keeping her lips tightly closed. She didn't realise that this was adding to my pleasure and sense of power over her, as I enjoyed her resistance.

Still keeping my hand on her robed hip, I started to run my tongue left and right along her lips, teasing her to let me into her warm, wet sensual mouth.

Sliding my right hand round onto her buttocks, I could feel a slight drop in her level of resistance as her lips eased apart slightly and my pressing tongue ran along her teeth as it worked its way in. Massaging her robed buttocks, a slight sigh escaped Liz's lips.

Her lips eased open as she whispered "This is wrong, we must stop," but now I was in her and she fell into silence as my tongue invaded her warm mouth and the pressure increased as I pulled her head firmly against my lips.

Finally her resistance evaporated and Liz started to slowly return my kisses as her tongue met mine and started to dance together as her passion and desire started to build.

Within a minute we were both kissing passionately, enjoying the warmth of each others mouths as tongues rubbed over each other and across our teeth.

Moving my right hand between us I eased her robe apart and felt her warm skin through the unbelievable satin sensation of her night dress. I thoroughly enjoy the feel of satin, especially when wrapped around a warm and sensual woman such as Liz. My hand moved across the flat of her stomach and started to climb upwards to caress the underside of her left breast as it hung encased in wonderful satin. Liz sighed at this new sensation on one of her pleasure zones and the passion of her kisses went up another notch.

I was lost in a world of lust as I drew hungrily on her mouth and ran my hand over the fullness of her breast. Liz joined in our party of lust by easing her robe off completely and dropped it to the floor. I lowered my hand out of her hair and ran my hand over her bare back in the long V of her open nightdress, feeling the warm smooth skin under my finger tips.

Taking it to the next level I ran my right thumb over Liz's hard nipple making her sag against me in pleasure and to increase the pressure of my thumb as it rubbed across her erect teat through the sensual satin.

My cock was straining to get at her pussy, as I imagined the juices starting to lubricate her pussy as her desire increased & her body sought pleasure and release.

Liz reached up to slide the thin strip of material off her shoulder, pulling the material off her breast, exposing her naked breast to my hand and eyes. I admired the raw beauty of her beautiful full stunning breast against the surrounding pink satin and naked tanned flesh. Liz was a prize that any man would value and want; and here was I taking my prize to my hearts content. She gripped the back of my head and pulled my mouth down firmly onto her nipple when I covered it with a wide open mouth on the mouthful of hot flesh that I sucked hard and deep into my mouth. Liz's head went back and her back arched as pleasure surged through her body at the new sensations radiating out from her hot breast.

I eased my teeth down onto the pliant flesh of her full breast as the nails of my left hand started to rake down her bare back.

"AAAhhhh, YYyyeeesss..." Liz cried as her hips started to grind down on my crotch as her pussy demanded to be involved in this pleasure fest and sought the release of an orgasm. Liz moved her other hand onto her still satin encased right breast to heighten her pleasure still further and hoped to give her the release her body and mind craved. My right hand gripped her buttock hard and squeezed provided the final piece of stimulation to send her over the edge into the first of the many orgasms I intended to give her today.

My teeth and lips clamped down on her erect nipple as she bounced on my lap as the orgasm tore through her body and her legs clamped and released against mine trying to stimulate her untouched pussy as well. I struggled to breathe as Liz pulled my head tight into her heaving breast and my nails raked her back raw and Liz's head rocked back screaming "Yes, Yes suck my nipple, bite it, chew it, God yes."

I didn't have a choice and needed no second invitation as my tongue, teeth, and lips ravished her erect swollen nipple atop her heaving breast, giving myself pure pleasure on a mass of warm heaving motherly flesh.

Finally I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her tight to me as she started to emerge from the far side of her orgasm and our lips sought each other as we lustfully drew on each others mouths to seal her buy in to our forthcoming morning of sex, lust, passion, and hunger for each other.

Could Tim not satisfy her, or was she just a slut?

But Liz was my slut.

Once our breathing had returned to normal Liz eased herself off me; pulling me to my feet, our coffees now cold and forgotten as we made our way further into her home.

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