The Forgotten Ancestors
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story of Alex and what happens to him after he is visited by aliens. More Story codes to come

"Sir we are picking up some audio transmissions in a wave format." The captain perks up at hearing this. They have been exploring the uncharted territories for over 20 years and have only come across a few planets that could be colonized by his people the Trilan. They have yet to come across an alien race and this will be a monumental find for them it would make the last 20 years seem worth it.

"Find out where they are coming from and set a course for it at best possible speed."

"Yes sir." The bridge crew intoned at once. For they were just as excited as the captain is about this find. This is why most if not all of the crew signed on for one of these deep space missions.

"Sir we have a heading mark 339.225 by 225.639 sir."

"Good set course immediately."

"Yes sir."

"How many light years is it to the signals origin?"

"Approximately 20 light year's sir."

"Set course and notify me when we have reached the source of the transmission."

"Yes sir."

The captain walks into his office off the side of the bridge and sits down to make a report to be sent in the next transmission home.

Some 20 or so cycles later the Captain receives a message from the Bridge.

"Captain we have reached the kyper belt for the system sir.

"I'll be right there Ensign."

"Yes Captain."

The captain finishes the last line of his report he was writing on the last six months and enters the Bridge from his office.

"Captain what are your orders."

"Go to stealth mode, and take us in to the 5th planet and commence sensor scans and information gathering immediately."

"Yes sir."

The Captain looks around the bridge at his crew eagerly following his orders.

"Notify me when you have a preliminary report of your findings."

"Yes Captain." The first officer intoned.

After that the Captain walks back into his office to put the finishing touches on his report.

Report of the EXPS Neslan Standard Date 9531

S Class mining planet detected, in quadrant 850. Resources detected as fallows. Rich in heavy metals. Denimite, Veleriam, and Vandrium.

S Class mining planet detected, in Quadrant 857. Resources detected as fallows. Rich in minerals. Menicite, Pasmeum and Fenicite.

S Class mining planet detected, in Quadrant 863. Resources detected as fallows. Rich in crystale. Fenox, Beslin, and Gemina.

M Class Habitable planet detected, in Quadrant 855. Optimal Base for mining operations.

M Class habitable planet detected, in quadrant 883. Optimal for colonization.

First contact scenario detected in quadrant 895. Commencing with first contact procedures now.

End report

Captain Menon of the EXPS Neslan


"Yes Captain." The Artificial Intelligence (AI) intones.

"Gather the reports from the commanders and compile them and ready the subspace transmitter. Once you are done compiling you may send the report."

"Yes Captain. Readying subspace transmitter now. Transmission ready in three microts."

"Very good Neslan."

"You're welcome Captain."

A message arrives as he is finishing his conversation with The AI Neslan.

"Captain the preliminary report is finished Sir."

"Good Meeting in Meeting room 1 in five microts."

"Yes Sir."

"So what are we dealing with?"

"Sir we have gone over the sensor readings and have come to the conclusion that this species has only come to the first stage of space flight."

"How far along are they?"

"They have established a small station and several communication satellites in orbit around their planet. They are semi war like. They are still in the phase of warring with each other. But they are a remarkable species from what we have been able to ascertain from the information we have gathered. We were able to tap into one of their information networks. They call it the internet. It is a vast information network. It contains a significant portion of all their known knowledge. Their history, medical knowledge, their sciences, a vast abundance of fictional works of art. In some areas they far out weigh most if not all the other species in the known galaxies. For example their art and language skills far surpass what we are accustomed to."

"How so sergeant?"

"Well sir they have over 100 different languages on their planet sir, and their art sir is remarkable, let me show you sir." Works of art from across the ages are shown to the captain.

"I would have to agree with your assessment of their art Sergeant. So are we a go for first contact sergeant?"

"I would have to say no on the traditional sense of first contact sir."

"Ok what do you have in mind then?"

"Well sir from what we have ascertained from their internet they think they are alone in the galaxy but hope there are others out there. But their main concern if there are others out there, is that they will not be friendly and will most probably take a normal first contact as threat to their well being and attack us."

"How have you come to this conclusion sergeant?"

"Well sir it is a recurring theme in their entertainment and fictional works. That if an alien race ever came upon them that they would think that they were inferior to them and wish to either destroy them or enslave them for an assortment of reasons that to my own thinking are quite reasonable."

"Ok elaborate sergeant."

"Ok sir, one is that the alien society has either outgrown or no longer has the capacity to properly feed their citizens and would enslave them to farm and grow food for them. Another one is that the alien race is xenophobic and the last of the most reoccurring is that the alien race would see them as a food source and wish to eat them."

"Well sergeant, if I didn't know any better I would think that they have had space flight equal to our own and have come across the Nolatans, the Salwan, and the Grnsars."

"Yes sir, when I came across this information, I thought the same. I had to double check and see if I had missed something somewhere, and that they were more advanced than we thought because their descriptions of the three races antics were very close to their actual behavior. They have no clue what they would look like but everything else is correct."

"Indeed, So what is your recommendation then sergeant?"

"Well, I would recommend that we scan the populous and choose someone that we could make first contact with."

"How would we make contact with this individual sergeant, are they telepathic at all?"

"No sir they are not, but there is a possibility that they have the gift as we do sir. In our research we came across several indications that a small portion of the populous has had the gift throughout their history. At the moment I don't think they have the gift, sir, but they might be latent enough for our medical knowledge to help them express."

"Good, good that's excellent news."

"Yes sir, it is. From what we have gleamed from their medical knowledge our form of speech would be hard for them to understand. They could in time master it, but that would take them quite awhile to attain."

"Yes I see, so the gift would be the best course of action."

"Yes sir, it would."

"Very well. Set a course for the planet at full stealth mode and commence the mission. This meeting is adjourned."

"Yes sir."

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