Will And Tess' Excellent Adventure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Group Sex, White Couple, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the sequel to "Ton 'a Tits Tess," a story posted on SOL. This story follows the further adventures of Tess Henderson, professional golfer, and her faithful caddy, RV driver, masseuse, lover and all-purpose handiman, Will Everett, as they travel the country, trying to make a living on the LPGA Tour.

Despite Tess' very late start on the Future's Tour, she ended up 14th on the Tour's prize-money earnings list for the full season. As a result, she was permitted to skip the Sectional Qualifying Tournaments and was required to compete only in the Ladies Professional Golfing Association Final Qualifying Tournament, November 29-December 3, in Daytona Beach, Florida.

This was a big break for Tess, and an enormous relief for both of us. The earlier Sectional Qualifying Tournaments (one in California, one in Florida) during September and October had been grueling four day cut-throat competitions. Tess and I both knew she had enough game to qualify for her LPGA Tour Card by earning a place, in one of those sectional tournaments, in the final qualifying rounds.

But, obviously, getting a "bye" into the final tournament was an enormous advantage. Now, Tess could train for the pressure-packed four-round final event for much longer, and in a more organized fashion.

We were in the Daytona Beach area a full two weeks before the tournament was to begin. It was the longest period of time we'd ever spent in the RV in a single location. Tess didn't play every day, and when she did practice for the Finals, she didn't always play at the Champions and Legends Course in Daytona -- the site of the upcoming tournament. But when she wasn't at the big course, she played on nearby courses with similar conditions, conserving her physical and mental energies, but trying to assure that, when the tournament opened on November 29, she'd be in top form.

Tess' best friend on the Future's Tour, Kim Young Sun, had finished in the top five for the year on the Futures Tour, and as a result, she had earned her LPGA card outright, without being required to participate in the "Qualifying School" at all.

Nevertheless, Kim, after a three-week-long trip back home to South Korea to see her family, was back in the U.S.A, following a casual but consistent practice schedule in preparation for the first domestic LPGA Tournament event in February. Tess heard from Kim via e-mail, several days ahead of the Qualifying Tournament, and invited her -- begged her, really -- to join us in Daytona.

"I don't know," Kim wrote back. "... I'm practicing with another Korean woman who's already on the Tour. She says the courses out here are more similar to the ones we'll play in Hawaii in February."

"Here" turned out to be southern California. It was, no doubt, true that the hilly, windy Southern California courses near the Pacific would be more useful in preparing for those in Hawaii. But February was a long ways away, and Kim, having already spent time back home with her family, was now at loose ends for the next ten to twelve weeks.

"Why not come here, and give me some moral support for the Qualifying Finals?" Tess wrote back. "And then you could drive back to Chapel Hill with Will and me, stay with us over the Christmas and New Year's Holidays, and we could go out to Hawaii together!"

When Kim's return e-mail finally arrived, all it said was, "I'll phone you tonight."

Kim called at 11 p.m. sharp -- 8 p.m. in California. "I waited until now so I wouldn't interrupt any good TV shows you might be watching," she said.

"Very considerate," Tess told her. "We were watching 'Dexter.'... Do you know that show?"

"'Dexter?' No. Never heard of it."

"Pay cable," Tess explained. "Showtime. It's an acquired taste, 'Dexter, ' but it holds your attention."

"Nothing here, where we're staying, except commercial TV and maybe HBO," Kim said.

"How about the Holidays?" Tess asked Kim again. "... We're going out to Hawaii almost a full week ahead of the SBS Open at Turtle Bay. We could all go out together, and stay together."

"If I come to see you now, I'll be living off the Henderson Family for almost 90 days. I can't really afford to split expenses with you for Hawaii, either."

"Kim, cut it out! You're a friend -- my best friend on the Tour. And playing together always helps both of us. I could use your moral support -- and a little coaching -- preparing for the Qualifying Tournament. And, assuming I qualify for the LPGA, we could prepare, together, for the opening tournaments while we were back home in North Carolina."

"You know I'd love to do all of that," Kim said, "but I feel guilty. Whenever I'm with you and Will, you pick up almost all the checks and I get an extended free ride. And spending all of December and January with you in Carolina -- what are your parents going to say?"

"Please don't make me beg, Kim. I could use your expert knowledge, and your moral support, here in Daytona. And it would be a blast, having you home for Christmas! My big brother's gonna be there for two weeks. You two were making goo-goo eyes at each other when you met him earlier this year."

"Roy, Junior is a nice man."

"Nice man, my ass! He's a stud-muffin, Kimmy! You know he makes your panties go wet. Why pretend otherwise?"

"I've been in this country for most of the past two years, but I'm still not used to the direct way people talk to each other about sex."

"Sex? Sex? Who said anything about sex?... Will, you've overheard my side of this conversation. Did I so much as mention the word 'sex.'?"

Tess, her ear still on the cell phone, was grinning at me like a fool.

"I think Kim might reasonably have inferred that you were alluding to her experiencing a possible sexual encounter with your brother, when you mentioned her panties -- what was your graphic phrase? -- 'going wet'? Sex was, by the strongest of inferences, most definitely discussed!"

"I wish you could have heard that, Kim. My God, Will talks more like a lawyer than our family lawyer does!"

"I would enjoy spending more time with you -- and your big brother," Kim said. "And I'd love to see Will again. I'm so happy you two got back together and you unloaded the old boyfriend."

"We'd enjoy seeing you, too, Kim. C'mon! Do it! I'll bet it's costing you your entire Futures Tour income to maintain yourself in California! Come on back and claim your old room in the RV. It's not in use!"

"I don't know," Kim said. "Listening to you two going at it all the time can be hard on my nerves."

"Bring home one of these Gator Boys," Tess said. "There's not much space in that extra bedroom here in the RV, but there's enough for two, if everybody's feeling really friendly."

"You know how many times I've had sex with a man, in the U.S.?" Kim said.

"I'm guessing you're going to tell me you're a Western Hemisphere Virgin?" Tess said.

"Well. No. Not quite. But close. Very close. And I haven't had such an encounter since before I met you, and Will. So that ought to give you some idea."

"Oh my God, Kim! You won't last 48 hours, back in Chapel Hill. My brother will be able to smell the pheromones radiating off you!"

"Well, if he did, I'm not entirely sure I'd resist him much."

"Tell you a secret about him," Tess said, lowering her voice conspiratorially.

"He likes me?"

"Well, yes. But you could tell he liked you, when you met him. That's not a secret."

"OK, then. What's the secret?"

Tess was almost whispering, but she was looking right at me the whole time she was talking to Kim, so I knew she wasn't trying to avoid my hearing her. "He's got a really big cock," Tess said.

Tess still had the phone to her ear, but she wasn't saying anything. "What'd she say to that?" I asked.

Tess didn't answer me. She just smiled. The two women made tentative arrangements for Kim to join us in Florida in two or three days, after checking airline schedules.

When Tess hung up, I asked her again what Kim's reaction had been to her "big cock" teasing.

"She said she'd only seen two American men's cocks, and that they were both big, by Korean standards. But she wasn't afraid. She thought she could handle whatever came up."

"When did you see Roy Junior's cock?" I asked.

"Get real, Will! Every sister or brother gets plenty of good ganders at their siblings' equipment."

"Ever get up close and personal?"

"You mean did I ever fuck my brother?... No. But we played around some, as kids. Nothing too drastic, but, I think, the normal amount of mutual curiosity. I've seen it -- and felt it -- when it was ready for action. It was big, all right! And that's been awhile. Maybe it's even bigger, by now!"

"I'm really glad Kim's coming. She'll be some genuine help for you, getting ready for this tournament."

"Yeah. I'm glad, too. I do wish we could find her a boyfriend, though. I know it's frustrating for her, sharing space in this RV with us, and listening to our wrestling matches."

"We could try to be quieter, I guess."

"No, 'we' couldn't. You're quiet enough already, Will. Nice of you to say 'we, ' but we both know that I'm the one who makes all the racket."

"Why don't we make a concerted effort to find her somebody?"

"She's a big girl. She's older than we are, and she's been on the road for -- what'd she say? Close to two years. I'm sure when she really wants to find a guy, she knows how to do it."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Besides, I want her good and horny for when she gets back with Little Roy in Chapel Hill."

"Big Roy" was Roy, Senior -- Tess' father. "Little Roy" was her brother. At 6'3" and about 240 pounds, "Little Roy" was bigger than Big Roy by a substantial margin. He was way bigger than I was, too. I'm a very normal-sized man, just an inch taller, at 5'10", than Tess is. Tess probably outweighs me. Tess is a big girl. She's not a delicate flower. She's tall, big-boned, athletic and muscular. And her breasts. Oh, God! Tess has outsized breasts that get her stares -- and big galleries of mostly-male spectators -- whenever she's on tour.

Her nickname, in her hometown at least, is "Ton 'a Tits Tess." Far from hiding the fact, Tess will, after a couple of drinks, proudly pass on that bit of local lore to anyone who's within earshot.

Sometimes, as Tess' Number One Boyfriend, RV driver and tour caddy, I have to kind-of hold her down.

But then, holding Tess down is not my idea of tough duty. I'm not planning to resign from this job anytime soon. If Tess ever wants to get rid of me, she's gonna need the help of several large men.

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