Sweet Revenge
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Maria Rendes

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Revenge on a princess

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Size  


Prince Leon paced back and forth impatiently, waiting of the news of her capture. He hoped they hadn't been too rough with her, as he wanted to make sure his hands and his alone would make any marks on her perfect body.

He stopped in front of the window, gazing out into the vast green lands he owned. Remembering his first encounter only ignited his lust for her even more.

Three months ago he had been riding alone through the thick forests when he came across her as she picked wild flowers. She seemed like a goddess from the distance.

He dismounted his horse and very slowly crept up behind her. At first she heard nothing, but the snap of a twig made her turn around. Leon quickly hid behind a tree, and watched her.

"Hello, is anyone there?" but since no answer came, she assumed it must have been one of the forest animals, and resumed picking her flowers. However an unnerving feeling started to take over, as if she was being watched.

She turned around again, and this time came face to face with Leon. She was a goddess. Soft features dishevelled brown hair and wild hazel eyes staring back at him. His eyes wondered downwards, to meets a generous swelling against her dress, and there they lingered.

"Who are you?", her voice snapped him out of the dream he was having.

"Who am I?" he questioned mockingly. "I am the owner of all this land, and you are trespassing".

As she turned to leave, he caught he wrist. "Not so fast my lovely. Who might you be?" he gripped harder causing her to wince in pain.

"Sir you are hurting me", trying to pull away from his vice like grip.

Leon pulled hard pulling the girl closer to him. She smelt divine, and by the looks of her flawless skin, she didn't seem like a peasant girl, but one of nobility.

"Unhand me at once!", and attempted to push him away, with little luck.

Suddenly Leon's lips were on hers, his tongue slipping into her warm mouth and tasting hers. The girl bite down hard on the intrusion, and within moments Leon tasted blood.

He pulled away, and was about to hit her, when she used the opportunity and kicked him in the shin. Without wasting time, she fled. Running across the forest as fast as her legs could carry her.

Leon managed to stand up, and anger over rode the pain, as he mounted his horse and chased after her. No one, not even a beautiful girl could make a fool out of him.

Now Leon was waiting for her. The Princess Katarina. He had made plans for his best huntsmen to track her down and bring her to him.

Any moment they would be bringing in his prisoner. Strict instructions had been given that she was to be cleaned, and placed in his private chambers.

Sure enough he saw his huntsmen riding in, with Katarina on one of their laps. Leon felt a stirring in his loins, at the anticipation. Very soon she would be his in every sense.

Katarina slowly stirred awake. The last thing she remembered was a foul smell, and then nothing. She slowly opened her eyes, and was met with a dim light, and four walls. This wasn't her bedroom.

Low laughter snapped her attention, turning her head towards the sound. She was met with Leon's gaze. She couldn't make out where she had seen his familiar face, but it didn't look friendly.

"Who... who are you?" she managed to say. She would have given anything to feel water run down her dry throat.

"You disappoint me Katarina, after our last encounter in the forest", he said so calmly.

"You!" she shrieked, sitting up quickly making the sheet fall dangerously low, giving an enticing glimpse of her bosom. Now he had her full attention, and the fear was mounting in the pit of her stomach.

"I see you remember", Leon said as he came around the bed. Without warning he backhanded her, causing Katarina to fall back, narrowly missing the wall.

Katarina didn't give him the satisfaction of asking why. This was retaliation from the first encounter. Nor was she going to beg for mercy. She just lay there thinking how she could get out of the situation she had landed herself in.

Leon grabbed the sheet, which offered little protection, and slowly pulled it off her. He was met with a flawless skin, and luscious curves. As imagined her breasts were more than generous, with mouth-watering nipples that begged to be sucked.

As his eyes travelled downwards, it stopped at her nether regions. So smooth, and thighs that promised endless pleasure. He was going to enjoy her body and its wonderful delights.

He reached forward and grabbed her ankles, pulling them towards the end of the bed. She was too weak to struggle. Leon then parted her thighs on either side of his hips, and studied the sight before his lewd eyes. From this angle, he examined her sex.

He pushed a finger into her. Katarina winced in pain and discomfort. No one had ever touched her, or taken such liberties. Leon pushed deeper, the tight walls trying to push him out. He didn't find what he expected.

"Have you ever been with a man?" he demanded.

"No", she answered with a hint of annoyance. Why would he ask such a question? Was it not painfully obvious to him that she was chaste?

Leon pondered for a moment. This could be a perfect excuse to punish her for lying to him. He smiled an evil smile.

Though the familiar stirring returned, and was much stronger now, Leon dropped her legs, and moved away. He wanted her strong. He enjoyed the chase, and he knew Katarina was someone who he'd take delight in breaking down slowly.

With that he left her and the room. Katarina sat up confused, thinking she would be taken at any moment, but instead she was left all alone. Using the sheet to wrap around her again, she looked around at her surroundings. Just then the door opened, and in walked a young girl who left a tray on the table, and exited as fast as she did coming in.

Katarina rushed over to see it was food and water. Too hungry and thirsty to think, she devoured the contents. Then walked over to the bed, in which she climbed into and lay down. No sooner had she done so when the tears she'd been holding back began to flow.

So many questions ran through her mind. However one she feared the most was, would she survive? She cried until no more tears were left, and sleep consumed her.

Katarina woke to a pleasurable sensation on her left nipple, but the pressure between her thighs, was a cause for concern.

Her eyes snapped open as a finger was pushed in. Her head turned to find Leon, naked as she, causally taking liberties with her untried body.

"Please... stop", fear taking over her senses.

"So the whore is finally awake I see". With that he climbed between her thighs, making sure he had enough space to move. Taking her arms over her head, and holding them with one hand, he used the other to stimulate her sex.

He had her pinned so securely, that Katarina found it impossible to move, or even throw him off her. Leon kept rubbing her clit with the pad of his thumb, and devouring her nipples. She tasted so good.

Katarina's futile attempts to throw Leon off failed. Leon realised this, giving him ultimate power over his helpless prisoner. He renewed his efforts, determined to make it as painful as possible for her.

Soon he could feel moisture. His shaft painfully hard and leaking pre-cum jumped at the knowledge. Katarina felt it too. The hard flesh began to rub up and down her slit, making it slick.

After a couple of attempts, Leon managed to slip the head into her entrance. Her heat, coating it from the cool air. The tight walls gripping it in a painful, yet pleasurable way.

Now the real fear kicked in. As she tried to push him off once more, Leon tightened his grip and plunged in. Katarina's cry of despair were muffled when he covered her mouth with his, exploring it again. His tongue mimicked his movements, making her feel more defeated.

Her pussy felt great around his cock. Hot, tight, and becoming moist. He savoured every thrust. Just as he would pull out, he'd trust back in deep powerful strokes.

Katarina felt her body was betraying her. Was she meant to lay there beneath this powerful man and accept his brutality?

"How many men have you been with wench"? Leon moaned, not really caring, but still wanting to humiliate her.

"I haven't" she moaned, in obvious pain. He was becoming rough with her, as if he enjoyed her pain.

"Don't lie to me!"

"I swear I haven't", tears filled her eyes. Something made Leon believe that she was telling the truth.

Perfect he thought. Untouched and inexperienced to a man's touch.

Leon quickened the pace with short, sharp jabs. He could feel her walls squeezing him, and with a mighty roar, he thrust in, and came in her unprotected womb.

The pain was too much for Katarina, blackness consumed her in the arms of her tormentor. He watched her, as she lay motionless beneath him. It had been sweet success seducing this princess.

Leon slowly pulled out. He looked down, and noticed how red her sex was, and raw it looked. She had been telling the truth. He cast aside any guilt he felt. This was a just punishment for a girl like her.

He drew the covers over her naked body and went to bathe himself. No sooner had he left her side than the need for her took over again.

Hours must have lapsed since her ordeal. As she woke up, she felt exhausted, and very sore. Her sex felt as if it was on fire, and all her muscles ached. Then the horror flooded back, causing her to cringe, and cry out in despair.

She was grateful to be alone and used the time to make plans for escape.

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