Ropeville Revenge
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, MaleDom, Light Bond,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story - again a followup to Paul Purple's adventure Melody - Victor is invited to visit Ropeville, with his new slave, to check on his computer company that he inherited following the death of his brother. What he doesn't know is that he'll never return home.

Victor Jones relaxed in his mansion - his by inheritance anyway. It had taken time and patience to get here and he was going to make the most of it. He smiled as he thought of his poor brother and sister-in-law and of their unfortunate accident that night, the mechanic that had loosened the brakes did a good job, it was a pity that he also met with an accident.

That had left him with their 9 year-old brat of a daughter, he had to play the nice uncle to, well he had heard of people who specialised in these problems, and after paying out a bit of money he was put in touch with a go-between, who arranged for her abduction, the poor saps didn't know that they were going to be hunted down, for the murdering bastards that they were.

Except - he had to laugh at this, this time they were innocent - well not quite, they had kidnapped the bitch, earlier than he'd expected, but he was able to cover this up, he had to dirty his hands and killed those two interfering snitches that his brother had assigned to his niece, and then there was that trailer trash bitch that he found, she was almost Melody's twin, except for the face, but that didn't matter, not after he'd smashed it in and cut her fingers and toes so that they couldn't take the finger prints, and then he'd dumped her into that piranha pond of his neighbours.

He'd had some problems with the kidnappers, but using one of the companies - a computer software firm - he'd managed to track the sucker down, but when the cops raided the place it was so clean they'd given up. Strange that, he pondered, they should have found something.

It was a few days later when the bombshell fell, he got a message from a small west country place, Ropeville the name was (strange name, thought he'd heard of it before), the cops there reported that the kidnapper had been killed in their town and wanted him to see if he could identify the corpse, he didn't really want to, if the stupid idiot got into a fire fight with cops then that was his look-out, but he had to play the part of the grieving uncle.

It was while he was making arrangements for the trip that he realised where he'd heard the town's name before, his relations had come from that town — strange that the kidnapper ended up there, he also remembered that was where the software house was established, the one where the Melody worm originated, his name for the virus he'd had injected onto the internet, any piece of information of his niece, or her parents, was systematically wiped, as if it had never existed, soon nobody would remember his brother's name, lost forever, it was so sad, he thought with a smile on his lips.

He rung the bell for the maid to attend to him, she was a twenty year old blonde he'd taken up with recently, he found that as a bed-warmer she was exciting, and since he'd found that bondage book he'd roped her into his fun, so to speak, and since he'd brought that ball-gag she didn't have any choice in the matter.

She came meekly into the room, she didn't look at him as he approached her, she'd learnt not to! He had taught her that after the second day, he smiled at the memory, she was a natural submissive, just the type he liked, they'd take anything you threw at them without a murmur.

"Now Christine, I want to have a bit of fun before I retire to bed, I will see you upstairs with the riding crop, and don't forget to put on the gag first, then the arm and leg bands, when I get up there I want to find you secured to the bedpost, arms behind your back and your knees by your head, understand slut!" He snarled at her, she quivered and gave a meek.

"Yes, master, but master I have to lock the front door and check that the other doors are secure, the butler told me to do that first!" she told him.

He snarled at her again, "Well slut, you should have made sure of that before you came into this room, this will mean extra tonight, understand." He was already aware of the butler's instructions - he'd issued them himself, and she wasn't to know when he'd be going to bed anyway, this was an earlier time than normal, again something he'd planned.

She gulped audibly and then said, "Yes sir, I'll be as quick as I can be." He reached out and grabbed her by the chin, holding it tightly

"Make sure you are slut! I'll be upstairs in five minutes, and you'd better be ready by then." He told her knowing that she'd never be there in time, the house was quite large, and took at least 10 minutes to run around. He sauntered up the stairs and went into his bedroom, she was in the midst of removing her clothes, and he went up behind her and started to tear them off from her.

"You stupid cow," He said, "You're not even ready, you're going to really get it now!" he said to her, he placed a collar onto her neck, making sure that the spikes were pointing inwards and that the D-rings were clear, he attached cuffs to her ankles and wrists and threw her onto the bed, the ball-gag he left off.

As her neck hit the bed the spikes (not large spikes just a centimetre up), dug into it causing her to gasp out in pain, he smacked her on her ass,

"Quiet girl, that's nothing, you wait until I really get to work on you!" He was feeling especially nasty tonight, no doubt the word about that kidnapper had done it, he wanted to be the one to whack the bastard, just so he'd never be able to squeal on who hired him in the first place, but from the messages he'd received the idiot was shot dead by the police there without talking, still it would have been nice to know what he had done with the bitch, maybe he'd sold her to some brothel, to be a fluff girl, he smiled at the thought of his brother's precious daughter being made to clean the cocks of a stranger before he stuck it to a whore, or maybe she's making a long line of porno films, well one thing was certain, she was out of his hands now.

Talking about hands! He took the maids hand and clipped them to her collar by the D-rings and then pulled her legs up and attached them to clips on the bedstead so that her body was now framed by her legs, he reached through to her elbow and brought them forward so that they were resting on her legs, this force the collar forward as well, the studs biting into her neck causing her more pain, gods she was flexible, he thought as he went to get the riding crop, he was going to enjoy this.

Stephanie was in pain, she was given this assignment to assess Melody's safety but the girl had been taken before she'd arrive so now she was looking for the truth behind the kidnapping of Melody Jones, and from the way Victor Jones was behaving she was sure that he had been behind it.

There was nothing written down but his computer files were still active and showing the location of the kidnapper, what she hadn't counted on was the SOB being a sadist, but as another part of her commented, he wasn't even good at being that, a brief comment here is needed - as part of her conditioning Stephanie was a programmed being, she could call up a number of personalities to 'take over' her body, one was a trained killer (and had been used on several occasions), another one was a 'pain slut' able to take over the body when the circumstances where extreme, 'pain slut' was capable of absorbing high amounts of punishment, and to block out the pain from the rest of the body's occupants, but at yet she hadn't been called to action.

Stephanie was aware that the more noise she made the greater the effect of Victor, she suspected that he was impotent under normal circumstances, and this was the only way he'd found to excite him. The analytical part of her mind commented, this made her smile inside, outside she was crying over the pain.

But Victor didn't care how she felt; she was his property to do with as he wanted. And in this position she was available where-ever he wanted, yes life was good, he threw down the crop looking at the defenceless female spread out beneath him, he entered her roughly as befitted her station, and quickly rutted himself on her, he doesn't care about her pleasure only his, at times he wishes he had lived during the plantation days, then he'd really be in his element, but then you can't have everything he mused.

He untied her feet from the bedstead and made her lie on the floor; just in case he wanted to use her again later during the night, as he slept he didn't notice a small voice speaking

"You are powerful, nobody can touch you, you will go to Ropeville and prove to them that you had nothing to do with the kidnapping of Melody, they can't touch you, nobody can touch you, you are powerful, you are in control of yourself, you are above all people??" and so it went on, it was a CD playing on a continuous loop activated by Stephanie in order to ensure that Victor Jones went to Ropeville to face his accuser, for unknown to Victor his sister-in-law was a resident of Ropeville, and by declaring war on her family he'd declared war on Ropeville, and they were determined to win.

Commander Evans was annoyed, he had been ordered to extract a child and her kidnapper from their location and bring them to Ropeville, he understood the need to rescue the girl, but why did he have to get the kidnapper out as well? There were times when orders didn't seem to make sense, plus he was slightly out of sorts as his two main 'pressure valves' Mavis and Foundling were still away, he heard that Foundling was now at some school in Spain, and that Mavis was doing some sort of security work there as well - keeping an eye on the girl, he hoped - Mavis had also taken some of his own people which meant that they were short staffed anyway.

Then the blasted courts went and placed the perpetrator into the girls' school as a goddamn teacher, had the world gone to pot? He made it a point to assign an officer to keep an eye on the man, 'Mr. Purple' what sort of name was that! And from the reports he decided to talk to him.

His feeling about the man surprised him, he had admitted that he was an abductor, but that he'd been falsely accused of murder - kidnapping and rape he could stand but not murder, what type of twisted person was he dealing with, but then the man had told him that as he was supposed to be a teacher then that is what he would be, and the reports showed that, yes that was what he was doing, following the school curriculum, which was strange in itself, but then even Foundlings teacher, Mistress Vicki, who was absent, was known as a flagellant - she was also at that blasted school but at their Swiss base.

Evans shook his head, he knew the situation here was strange, but since he'd taken the post as Police Commander he hadn't caused any waves, but he was the only male in the police force, and the women here were up to date with the latest techniques, he'd trusted the backup team to pull 'Mr. Purple' and the girl Melody Jones, out before the local law enforcement team raided the house, the team had managed to clear all incriminating evidence, including the computer files long before anyone thought to check the place, so there were no clues there. The computer experts had gone over the files pulled and said the evidence on the disks would have convicted the man without problem. So why did the town fathers want him as a teacher? The evidence of the girl, Melody, was one of capture and imprisonment, with fear being a factor, but then the whole lot had caved in, the man stopped the charade and released the girl, and then called for help, Elizabeth had routed the call to the police station and then the order came down to pull them both out. Evans shook his head again, he was thinking in circles, and that never solved a thing.

Now he had the girl's uncle arriving in the next few days, and again the orders from up high was to treat him like royalty, until further orders, a team of investigators were assigned to the case, they reported to him, but he suspected that they also had other orders, he confided to Betty, the wife of the local banker, that if this Victor Jones was behind Melody's kidnapping, then he could be the murderer of the three people, the housekeeper, the butler and the unknown child, and here he was supposed to welcome him with open arms.

He remembered what she said, "I wouldn't worry about the open arms, just make sure your guns are loaded!" She also told him that some experts had gone to the software house owned by Victor Jones, and found out that the worm infecting their system had come from there, but luckily there was an antidote ready for release, the data wasn't removed just encrypted, it was designed for military use, but orders had come to test it out on any keywords like Melody Jones, John Jones or Samantha Jones.

When asked why they'd gone ahead they said 'When it comes from that high up, you just say yes sir and run it' but it seems that the anti-worm wasn't know to anyone except those at the plant, they just didn't have permission to release it yet, and the only person with the authority is Victor Jones, so they need him before they can use the computer system.

So here he was getting ready to receive a murderer, and the person responsible for creating chaos in the worlds computer systems, and that person was to have no idea that everyone was gunning for him, Evans looked in the mirror in his office and straighten his tie, well if he was to do this he'd be in the correct uniform, he glanced at his Superbowl ring in the mirror, sometimes he sigh and wonder why he ever gave up the game.

Victor Jones arose from his sleep, he was slightly worried. He was sure that he'd heard voices in the night, but when he questioned the frightened maid she denied hearing anything, but then a god would hear thing above the normal range of men and lowly being such as a simple maid. He considered conjuring his clothes but decided that it would be beneath him to do that, he amused himself by ordering his maid to dress him, since her arms were still attached to the collar around her neck, finally after several attempt he was ready to meet the world and accept it's praises, he released the woman from her bondage and told her to prepare breakfast for him.

Stephanie was worried, Victor was acting strange, well stranger than normal, he seemed to have heard the repeated message and it had affected him, she needed to contact base and warn them, but the butler wouldn't let her have time off to recover, it seems that Victor wanted her next to him, as a handmaiden. He had decreed that he would be travelling to Ropeville, to see how his brother's people were getting on, but he'd decided that the section there should be closed down and the group dispersed among the other offices around the country. The change of scenery would do them all good, he'd said. Stephanie didn't believe him, she had to get the message out, but at the moment she couldn't see how - her collar was now back on and she was chained to his chair, pen in hand ready to write whatever he said 'to keep for prosperity' he said. But Stephanie knew that he had finally gone completely mad.

The town council had decided to spare no expense for Victor's Jones's visit; the computer company he now owned was one of the largest in Ropeville County and, apart from the specialists, was the largest employer of the town's population, in ancillary functions, it was located in the technical area of the town near the interstate slip road and by the airfield, although not many people travelled into the town, normally driving straight past for the main pleasure sites of Las Vegas.

The plane carrying Victor was on time and taxied to the awaiting crowd, the stairway was driven up to the door, which opened to reveal Victor Jones, who stepped from the plane like Moses parting the Red Sea. The sight of Stephanie behind him was a relief to several people watching, she had missed the last scheduled contacts, the collar around her neck was a surprise, and when the sharp-shooter reported that her arms were attached to the belt she was wearing, the surprise was being replaced by anger.

Stephanie was trying to signal that there were problems, but with the way her manacled wrists were restrained all she could do was to move her fingers, she was trying to signal in Morse code, hoping that the watchers would see and realise what was happening. All the time in the plane Victor had kept her tied to a bar whilst he tried to practice throwing thunder bolts from his fingers, and wondering why it didn't work. - She managed to convince him that it was his good side not wanting to blow a hole in the side of the plane and killing the pilots; he believed her and commented that they should have thanked him for his restraint.

Luckily for Stephanie her gesticulations were observed, but the observer couldn't make out what was being sent, this was something that they hadn't really trained for, all she could report was that Stephanie was agitated, and her hands seemed to be suffering from St. Vitas dance. The word was passed that she had to be separated from Victor at the earliest opportunity.

The mayor stepped forward and the band went quiet.

"Mr. Jones, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Ropeville. We are happy that you have decided to grace us with your presence." He said, "And I would like to present you with the keys to the town." He offered a large metal object which looked like a key to a giant's house, which Victor took from him.

"Thank you," Said Victor, who was looking around the crowd of people attending his arrival, as his eyes scanned the them he thought he saw Melody, a quick glance, he tried to focus on her, but she wasn't there, must have been a trick of the light, he returned his attention to the Mayor. "I must say I didn't expect so many people to be here, you must have heard about me I suppose."

The Mayor was slightly confused by this but recovered enough to laugh, "Well of course," he said, and thereby compounding Victor's delusion by adding, "It's a great honour that you do us by visiting."

Victor smiled and said, "Yes, it is isn't it." He thought about wiping the man and his stupid grin out with a wave of his hand, but decided against it, he wanted people to consider him a kind god, not a vengeful one. He allowed them to take him to his limousine, he looked around for his handmaiden Stephanie, but she wasn't to be seen, he asked about her but was told that he was too important to travel with company, which was something to which he agreed, they were so nice here, they knew how to treat such a personage as himself, he sat in the car and allowed himself to be driven off.

Stephanie was quickly moved away from the throng of people and found herself in another car; being driven quickly away, also in the car was a young girl, who Stephanie recognised from pictures at Victor's home.

"Why you're Melody!" She exclaimed, "But your Uncle told me that you were dead." The girl gave a low laugh,

"No, he only thinks I am, but Elizabeth tells me that I'm going to get my own back." Her young eyes flashed in anger, "I think he wanted to treat me as he's obviously treated you," She was looking at the belt holding the woman's arms, then realising what she was seeing she apologised and started to undo the strap releasing her.

Stephanie started rubbing her wrists, although they hadn't been tight they still had cut off the blood slightly, and her attempts to signal the others had chaffed her skin slightly, she thanked the young girl and listened to her story of her kidnap by the vicious gang, and how she finally found out it was just one man and a computer of voices, how she'd found out that her uncle had arranged the kidnap and how the two people she had come to depend on were also dead. She also explained how her name had to be changed whilst she was in Ropeville, her name was Veronica, she started putting on a blonde wig, which covered her normal hair, and she asked Stephanie's help to put contact lenses into her eyes - these corrected her vision and also changed her eye colour to blue, so that although she looked like Melody, up close she was a different person.

"Elizabeth wants me to confront my uncle," She said in a cold voice, "I can get close to him like this, I let him see me in the crowd, but then Elizabeth made me hide." This reminded Stephanie of her urgent message; she asked the driver if she had a phone, which was duly handed over, she quickly dialled a well known number which was answered.

"Number 3 here, pass on your message." The female voice was calm and authoritative, used to giving commands, Stephanie identified herself.

"I'm concerned, the messages played for Victor has gone too far, he's now convinced that he is some sort of god, able to hear voices that no-one else can," She quickly said, "I don't know how much a hold on reality he has at the moment, he should be considered unstable and dangerous," She looked at Melody who was listening with a small smile on her face, which puzzled Stephanie slightly, "I think Melody would be at risk if he was able to get his hands on her," She listened to the voice at the other end and then handed the phone to Melody.

"Melody, do you want to continue with this assignment?" the voice of Number 3 was concerned, Melody/Veronica thought for a moment.

"Yes, I do. He probably killed my mum and dad, he wanted me dead, and I'm not going to let him do that to me!" Her voice was low and cold, her eyes showed Stephanie her determination, and she handed the phone back to Stephanie.

"Stephanie, I want you to watch over Melody there, if you're asked about her describe her as the blonde, blue-eyed Veronica - don't worry about Victor's mental state, we've got a team already to rush him at a moments notice," The voice paused and then said, "Melody's safety is paramount, if her life is threatened you have permission to eliminate Victor, although we would prefer to have him alive. I give you a code 'Control Override Delta 459' is that understood?" the voice of Number 3 was steady.

Stephanie's voice was now that of a cold killer, "Perfectly understood -guard Melody against Victor Jones, subdue if he attacks Melody, terminate only if necessary." Stephanie was now a different person from the one who entered the car, although her memories were still intact - this was part of the training she received when she accepted her life at Ropeville. She hung up the phone and looked at her charge.

"Well kiddo, looks like this is a whole new ball-game" she said, Veronica smiled back and nodded.

Elizabeth was worried, she'd received a call and had been given the message about Victor's state of mind, it was a classic pattern, and if allowed to run its course would result in his being hospitalised shortly; they would have to intervene, except the powers that be had decreed otherwise.

"Victor Jones has killed a resident of Ropeville, as well as her husband, he has attempted to kill their child, but thanks to the actions of her kidnapper she survived. Victor Jones actions have seriously jeopardised our way of life, he cannot be allowed to continue this. He started this war even if he didn't realise it, but we are going to finish it!" This was from the mysterious figure called Number 3, who ran the council of seven - nobody knew who they actually were, the positions were shrouded in mystery and the council decided who was elected to join when a member left, not that the normal population of Ropeville were aware of this, they believed the Mayor was the one in charge.

Elizabeth sighed, this was making her life more difficult, she reviewed the proposed actions for the next few days, she knew that Melody would play her part, for a child she really was a good actress, but this was now dangerous, if Victor got his hands onto her, well the repercussions would be dire, at the very least she'd be injured and at the very most she'd be killed, Elizabeth hoped her bodyguard was capable.

Victor was in his element, he'd inspected the offices where the software support staff worked, he hadn't yet told them that he was going to close it down, he wanted to meet the people behind the brilliant program, he told them that the military was very interested in it, he'd read the information they'd sent out - actually he'd skimmed over the documentation, it seemed to do what he wanted and so he'd told them to run it with his Brother's family as the targets to be wiped - and he was confident that they'd be making an offer for it soon, that was another lie, he had no intention of letting anybody have control of that worm, it was too valuable to him!

He noticed that several of the workers there had wives from the nearby town of Ropeville; this may mean that they'd have problems when he closed it down, but that was going to be their problem, not his.

He was congratulating himself on their gullibility as he walked into the reception area, then he saw Stephanie stepping out of a car, with her was a child, with blonde hair, but the profile of the girl nearly made his heart stop, she was almost the image of Melody.

Stephanie smiled at him, "I'm sorry sir, but there was a mix-up at the airfield, and I was lucky enough to get a ride with Veronica here, it seems that she's related to you."

Victor looked closely at the girl, blonde hair (Melody's hair was dark), happy blue eyes (Melody's were brown), but the face was that of Melody's herself, Victor forced himself to talk softly to the girl.

"Hello my dear, and how are we related?" He asked her.

"My mummy was the sister of your brother's wife." She said in a lispy, sing/song voice, quite different from the voice of Melody, he smiled at her.

"So that makes me your uncle then," he told her, "It's very nice to meet you Veronica." He added, he realised that it must have been this girl that he saw earlier, and somehow his mind had given her dark hair, it's funny how the mind plays tricks on you he thought to himself.

He looked at Stephanie, her arms had been untied he noted, and then realised that the normal people here wouldn't understand the need to keep a servant securely held. He hoped the bed in his room tonight would be strong enough to hold her; he had to punish her for taking off the belt, but that would be for later.

Victor awoke; he smelt something strange which had disturbed his dreams, he'd tuned out the moans of his slut Stephanie, she was now chained up at the foot of his bed, he smiled at the memory of the previous evening.

He allowed her to eat an exquisite meal with him in the hotel restaurant, ensuring that she had plenty to drink, and then he took her back to his room, he opened his second suitcase and took out the restraining straps.

She meekly allowed him to tie her to the bed, he placed the hood over her head, this was something new to Stephanie, and he secured it tightly, he then forced her legs apart as far as they would go before she cried out in pain, at which point he tied them to the bed and a table ensuring that she was unable to alleviate the strain he was imposing on her, then he got the double headed vibrating dildo from his pack, this was a special one, the two head were different sizes, one was large the other was thin and small, this end he roughly pushed into her anus, hearing her squeal as the ring of muscle was forced open, then the other end was pushed into her vagina and then he turned the vibrator on forcing the two ends to move in synchronisation, but he wasn't finished there, taking a catheter tube he inserted it into Stephanie's urethra, inflating the balloon to ensure that it remained in place until he decided otherwise.

He had the other end of the tube closed off, watching the yellow stream entering the tubing, and listening to the moans of Stephanie as she was forced to endure the mild, to him, torture of her lower body, then he'd smiled and brought the tube up to her lips, he'd raised up the hood to allow her mouth to be free, he told her to suck on the tube and to swallow whatever came up. He stood back and looked at his newest invention, a perpetual pissing machine.

But now he was awake. He didn't know that a pheromone had be added to the air, it was designed to wake the occupants up, the meal he'd eaten had contained a barbiturate designed to keep him muzzy after a few hours and so in his half dreaming state he looked to the middle of the room, he could make out a figure there,

"Uncle how could you do that to me?" The figure asked, He squinted hard and the shape defined itself into his niece Melody, he waved his hand towards the child.

"You deserved it bitch," He slurred his words, unaware of the microphones in the room picking up his words, "You stood between me and my rightful inheritance, anyway you'd never fit in with my world, you're better off where-ever you are."

"But uncle, you had me kidnapped and raped, how could you?" Her voice was angry, demanding.

"That was your fault, if only you'd gone with your whining parents, then you'd be dead with them, would have been neater as well, I could have fired those two snoops, but no you had to be ill." He was almost proud of this, and started boasting, "If you only knew the trouble you caused me, I hoped to catch that blasted kidnapper and kill him, then say I was too late to save you, but never mind, the look on Michael's face when I killed him was good enough and the noise when I slit the throat of his girlfriend Rachael, she didn't even know who did her." He smiled at that memory; luckily for him he didn't see the face of Melody at that point, he was talking about the two people who had looked after her following the death of her parents.

"But you told the police that the kidnappers had done that." She said, he laughed.

"Well of course I did, you don't think I'd allow anyone to come between me and my rightful money did you? The problem was finding a little cow who almost looked like you, because I'd lost my opportunity with you as you'd gone with that pervert, so I had to find someone else." He sounded so happy while he was saying that, he didn't notice another voice speak out.

"What was the name of that girl you killed?" Melody was silent at this point, the revelation had numbed her, the uncle she had looked up to and trusted had turned out to be a cold-blooded murder, but she remembered her role and stayed just within his eyesight, but now Elizabeth was in the room with her.

Victor waved his hand in a dismissive gesture, "Oh I don't know, just some young cunt I found, I knew she'd never be missed so I took her, it was quick for her, the hardest part was working out how to mess her up so that she could be mistaken for Melody."

Elizabeth held on to Melody as she listened to Victor's words, they had enough evidence now to convict him, although it wasn't admissible in court, they wouldn't be giving him a trial as such, not one that the outside world would recognise, but the result would be the same. At a gesture from Elizabeth a measured dose of anaesthetic was released in the area of the bed, Victor slumped down into a drugged sleep, Elizabeth turned Melody around and guided her through the door, the young girl was unable to see due to the tears flowing down her face, in a way Elizabeth was satisfied, this was what the girl needed to do, give into her pain, she hadn't cried when her parents had died and now with this revelation about her uncle she was alone in the world.

Outside the room Elizabeth handed the girl onto her slave, Little Cat, to comfort and to take her to bed, she needed company now. Elizabeth looked at the police officer, Lucy, outside the room, no words were needed, Victor was now a prisoner in a facility as secure as the jail, but more comfortable. The only thing to be done was to retrieve Stephanie from her bondage, she hadn't been harmed and would only need a few days in the hospital for observation, and her personalities would be able to help her recover with only vague memories of the ordeal, Ropeville kept an eye on its people.

Victor awoke in his bed, thinking about the strange dream he had last night, he got up to kick the slut at the bottom of his bed, he wanted to relieve himself and she should be used to the taste of piss by now, but she wasn't there, the straps were still there, along with the dildos and tubing, it was as if she'd disintegrated with the pain, he smiled this was another manifestation of his godhood, although he would really have wanted his handmaiden to remain corporate for a few more days.

He went to the bathroom and used the toilet, he mused that this wasn't as satisfying as using a female but it would have to do until he got a new handmaiden. He picked up the phone to order breakfast from room-service, but the phone wasn't working.

He then went to the door of his room, to find it was locked. He tried to unlock it but the key was missing, he banged on the door. There was the sound of a key in the lock and the door opened he looked at the police officer standing outside the door.

"Why am I locked in, do you know who I am?" He demanded.

"Yes sir, you are under arrest and you are a prisoner in this hotel until the court case later this morning, I suggest you return to the bed, breakfast will be provided shortly." The officer answered him politely, and then shut the door before he could ask any other questions.

Victor just looked at the door, he was getting angry, and he'd show them. He summoned up his power and aimed it at the door, he wanted to blast it off it's hinges, but somehow it didn't work, 'it must be because I'm so new at this god thing' he rationalised to himself, so he concentrated on teaching the bitch a lesson, maybe melting her nose, but when later she opened the door to allow his breakfast in her face showed no change.

It was obvious that they were protected against his spells, so he decided to save his energies until later when he could really let rip with his powers.

He ate the breakfast that had been provided, there was a knock on the door which was then opened before he'd given permission, two women entered they were dressed conservatively and walked to the table in the room.

"Mr. Victor Jones?" He was asked by the elder of the two, he smiled sardonically

"And if I was to say no. how would you react?" He countered.

She looked at him and then said, "Well let see, you are in Victor Jones's room, you're wearing his clothes, your driving licence shows you as Victor Jones, and you have all of his credit cards, so I'd have to say that you are Victor Jones — my name is Amy Roper I've been assigned as your attorney, this is my assistant Mandy Anderson, we're going to defend you against the charges which have been brought against you."

Victor folded his arms and raised an eyebrow, "Charges? What charges?"

Amy picked up a folder in front of her and opened it.

"Well the main charges are Murder in the first degree, there's five counts on that charge, abetting a kidnapping, fraud, and computer hacking." She looked up at him and added, "I think we can get the computer hacking and fraud charges throw out, there's no direct evidence to support that!"

He sat down, "What about the murder charges and the kidnapping?" he asked

Amy shook her head, "Unfortunately we have the tape of your confession, so it's going to be difficult to defend against that!"

Victor looked sharply at her, "What taped confession? I don't recall giving one."

Amy went through her notes and looked up, "Well it seems that you gave one last night, during your conversation with you niece" she read the notes again, "I can't get any information about her; it seems our computers are down." She looked sharply at Victor, and then added, "But we've been told that they should be back up shortly, a few more days at the most, so I should be able to retrieve the data about her then."

Victor shook his head, "No, I'm afraid that won't be a possibility, the worm was designed to completely eradicate any trace of Melody or her parents." He said this casually as if it was just an interesting sideline.

Amy just looked at him, her face poker stiff. "You realise that this room is being recorded at all times, and what you have just said is tantamount to admitting the computer hacking charge!"

Victor's face dropped, he hadn't realised that, even after what he'd been told earlier, his eyes darted around as if trying to see the microphones, "So what are you going to do?" He asked her.

She looked at him, "Defend you of course, that is my job you know, cousin!"

He blinked, what had she called him, she saw his expression.

"Oh yes, didn't you realise cousin that we're related, your own mother was brought up in this town, her sister was my mother and that makes up cousins." She pointed to her assistant "Mandy is also related to you, through her sister. You realise that it is up to us to defend you, is there anything you want us to know?"

He professed ignorance of the charges and asked, "Just whom is it I'm supposed to have murdered?"

Amy looked into the folder and then said, "A child called Betty Donaldson, Michael Williams, Rachael Smith, Samantha Jones and your brother Jonathan Jones. The kidnap victim was your brother's daughter Melody Jones. Now we'd better get ready, your case will be heard in a couple of hours.

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