Trials of Steve
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Enema,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A D/S relationship between a long lost brother and sister. As they explore their lost ties, the natural lifestyle of the older sister takes a forefront to their activities and the brother is swept into another world of passion.

It was a long shot, but I saw the ad in the paper and was very interested about it since I had not been laid in such a long time. The ad said, "Lonely White Female seeking to broaden her experiences with open-minded individual. If interested, contact me at 555-4187."

Ordinarily, I would have dismissed such an article as fake since I had tried them in the past but had never received any word back from the interested parties. However, I had been too long with my toys and hand so I decided to take a risk. I called the number since it was a Friday night and within a couple of rings, a woman answered the phone. Her voice sent shivers down my spine and I knew that whatever happened, I wanted to be with this woman in the worst way.

"Hello, this is Moira. Can I help you?" she asked.

"My name is Steve. I was calling about the ad that you placed in the paper about open-minded individuals." As I was talking with her, I stripped out of my clothes and slowly started to stroke my cock. Her voice was having a great effect on me and I just couldn't stop myself.

"I am a little busy right now, but if you would like me to call you back I would be more than happy."

I immediately caught the inflection in her voice when she said busy and proceeded to give her my phone number. With promises that she would call me back, we both hung up as I heard someone softly moan before she disconnected. Immediately, my mind started to fantasize about what was happening at Moira's place and I came without even using my toys. Lately, I had begun to use them for "inspiration" but her voice and my imagination did the rest for me at this time.

As promised, Moira called back after about fifteen minutes, and I fell in love with her voice once again. I started to swirl my finger in my collected juices which were still pooled on my belly as I was talking to her. I took my finger to my mouth and sucked off the cum.

Moira asked me what caught my eye about the article and I replied, "I have long had a fascination with toys, being fucked, and all sorts of other kinky ideas and had almost given up on ever making them come true. Why, even now, I came after our phone conversation just by listening to your voice and am sucking the cum from my belly and eating it."

"Well, Steve, it may be surprising to you, but you have already passed my first test. Are you doing anything this weekend?"

After thinking about it, I realized that I didn't and told her so. She gave me detailed instructions to her place and also said, "I want you to either wear a thong or nothing at all. The instant you walk through my door, you will strip yourself entirely naked except for that thong. Also, do you have a butt plug in your selection of toys?"

I immediately replied yes and she said to wear it over to her place and she would inspect it when I arrived. Finally, she told me to call my work and tell them that I needed to leave for a week due to an emergency and that if that didn't work, I was to quit immediately. Moira told me that she was very well to do and if necessary she would find a place for me to be employed if it came to that. Also, it would allow me the opportunity to be fully trained.

She told me that I had 2 hours to complete this in or else the deal was off and she would never answer her phone if I attempted to call again.

Immediately, she hung up and I went to work. First off, I put my butt plug up my ass because I did not want to displease my new-found lover. Next I found an old thong that was given to me by a bunch of the guys as a joke. If only those guys could see me now. Next, with the butt plug firmly embedded in my ass, I called my job.

Wendy answered the phone and I knew that I would have a hell of a time convincing her that there was an emergency. Whenever she wasn't looking at my cock and ass, she was busting my balls for the littlest things. I explained the situation to her as Moira first asked me. Wendy immediately replied with, "I bet you are fucking lying, you fucking excuse for a worker. I want a message from the doctor taking care of your brother exactly what is occurring before you leave to go on this trip."

Thinking back to what Moira had said I replied, "Well, bitch. I don't give a damn what you think. I have busted my ass for this company and if you don't believe me after I have worked so hard for this company, I quit. Fuck off and I am glad that I will never have to work with a cunt like you ever again." After that, I hung up. Within a couple of minutes she called back because I am one of the best damn workers in that company and she knew if the corporate boss heard about this, her ass would be in a sling. Luckily, I have caller I.D. and when I first saw the number I debated about picking it up. Moira stating that she was willing to get me a hell of a lot better job decided me though. After listening to the messages that were left, I just about went back to work. As a matter of fact, after a little while I found the whole situation funny and drank my coffee while Wendy eventually started to beg for me to reconsider. The final call that I received was the corporate boss calling me to tell me that I was allowed two weeks off to reconsider and that he looked forward to hearing back from me.

Now that everything was done, I immediately raced to my car and sped to Moira's house. I arrived at the better side of town and came to a gate. Noticing the buzzer, I pressed it and heard a man ask, "Name and business?" I gave him my information and said I was arriving due to the ad. Immediately, the gate started to swing open and my jaw hit the floor looking at this expansive mansion. Something about the place tickled the back of my memory, but I couldn't place it so I just drove up to the front and parked my car.

As I opened the door, I immediately complied with what Moira asked of me and was soon down to my thong and grasped my ankles since it felt proper to do it this way for my first time meeting Moira. After a minute of holding this position, I heard some footsteps coming my way and it was a struggle to keep my eyes firmly to the ground. I saw the impossible heels on the leather boots as Moira circled around me once and even pressed hard the butt plug that I had implanted in me. She grabbed my throbbing dick and yanked sharply on it, which caused it to grow even more. "Follow me, slave. From now on, you will address me as Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress." I replied and proceeded to follow her to a foyer where she sat at the desk. I found only a footstool opposite her desk and proceeded to sit myself there with my downcast eyes.

"Look at me, slave." Immediately I looked at her and again I felt a glimmer of recognition. Suddenly, I realized who this person was. I couldn't restrain myself and found myself saying, "Is your name Moira O'Donnell?" As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I knew that I was in trouble. My mistress stared at me open-mouthed and finally said, "So now that you know me slave, you think that you have some power over me? Well, I will show you the truth of your ways." With that, she started to walk over to a cabinet and when she opened it, I saw a dozen different beating instruments. Hastily, I explained, "No, Mistress. The only reason I ask is that when I was a little boy, I knew my dad was sleeping with another woman and your description is just like I remember. I even remember growing up with a female just like you that has a birth mark on your left shoulder. I just remembered."

Moira closed her eyes and visibly shook with either fear or laughter and I was too intimidated to speak. Eventually she looked at me and I saw acceptance.

"You were too young to understand at the time. Father was entirely dissatisfied with mom because she had been sleeping around with every available guy in town and he was horny. After a while, I noticed that he would sneak glances at me while I was showering and leaving the door unlocked. I think I noticed because I was 17 and wanting to know what it was like to have sex. So I teased dad a LOT. As mom spent more and more time away from home, dad and I spent more time together. Eventually, one night I decided to take the plunge. You were totally interested in a show that was on TV and never really noticed what was going on around you since you were only about 7 years old at the time. I had been adopted and so wasn't ever really your real sister. I took my foot while we were at the dinner table and slowly started to massage daddy's cock under the table. You left shortly after that and dad just couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed my hand and led me up to his bedroom. He slowly stripped my clothes down and started to suck my nipples and kiss me everywhere. I reciprocated and spun around once he got to my dripping cunt. I slowly encircled his head and slowly started to suck him into my mouth. I still remember the meaty taste of his cock as it slowly slid into my mouth and down my throat. I would go down on him and rise up until only his head was in my mouth. I would circle my tongue around the head and then go back down again. We did this for a while until daddy said that it was too much for him, but I kept at it until finally he blew his load deep inside of my mouth. A little bit of it trickled out of the sides of my mouth, but the next thing surprised me even more when he lifted me and started to kiss me straight on my mouth, tasting his seed around my mouth and even dipping his tongue into my mouth to catch any last bits of it.

"After doing that he lay me down on the mattress and raised my legs so that he was grasping my ankles. He took his cock and positioned it at my entrance and as he slowly slid it into my burning cunt, he whispered, "I love you." I still feel the warmth of those words more than I do him piercing my hymen. As we slowly sped to our individual orgasms, he would fondle my breasts and tweak my nipples sending my hormones into orbit. Eventually, he came once again and I swear I saw stars. I don't remember what happened next, but when I came to I remember looking down at my crotch straddling daddy's face and him sucking all of his cum out of my glistening snatch. Afterwards he kissed me and I loved the taste of both our juices as they coated my tongue.

"The reason why you have probably never heard of me is the next story I must tell you. One time when mom was away, daddy and I were in the bedroom again. He had just given me another earth-shattering climax when all of a sudden the bedroom door opened. Mom stood there as daddy started to cum inside of my drenched cunt. Her eyes glazed over and she suddenly stripped and planted herself over my face. I could see the cum from another man still dripping from her cunny and latched my lips to suck both of their essences from her. Daddy withdrew from me and proceeded to fuck mommy's ass. As he would slide into her, it caused me to flick mom's clit and drove her insane. Finally I came from the experience and mom and dad followed suit. We all drifted off to sleep together. However, when we woke, mom had left and there was a note on the bedroom dresser. Simply put, it said to stay away from her and her son and if we ever broke it, she would go to the press and release our secret to everybody. Since she was a highly respected journalist, we considered her threat very seriously and ceased all contact. Eventually, we forgot all about you, I am sorry to say. Now, though, brother we are united once again and it seems like my story has done some remarkable things to your magnificent cock."

I marveled at her story and could not help but be convinced it was the truth. Now I understand why this place seemed so familiar and it was because when I was a boy this den was my world. Looking at my Mistress, I grinned and slowly stood up. I walked up to my Mistress and said, "I am glad to be in your sexy house once again Moira O'Donnell. I hope that we can have many sexcapades while I am here." I kissed her and slowly slid to the floor where I started to kiss her bare cunt. I saw the white trickle of cum and immediately started to suck it out. She came instantly and then led me to her bedroom.

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