Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He wanted it to happen, she did it and then hid it from him.

My sister was getting married and I had to fly back to Michigan for the wedding. I was running a little late for the flight and I didn't have time to stop and browse the magazine rack for something to read on the flight. Once we were airborne I checked the seat pockets on my row and I found a well-thumbed copy of Gallery magazine. I ended up reading it from cover to cover, but what grabbed me was the section called Feedback. It had half a dozen letters from guys who got turned on from watching their wives get it on with other men. One in particular really got to me; it was from a guy who set up gangbangs for his wife and then ate her out after all the guys were done with her. The eating her out part didn't appeal to me, but I started having thoughts about what my sexy wife would look like in the throes of passion being serviced by other guys. The idea turned me on so much that my dick stayed hard the entire flight to Detroit.

Luckily, Cyndi had flown back a couple of days ahead of me and was going to be meeting my flight and considering how hard my dick was I was seriously considering that we might just have to get it on in the car in the parking lot. Any thoughts of having Cyndi take care of my problem died as I came down the ramp and saw her waiting for me with my mother and sister. We did get it on later that night, but with nowhere near the intensity that would have been there just after the flight.

As charged up as I was after reading that copy of Gallery it all faded during the hectic week that followed and it wasn't until the flight home that the charge built up again. This time I was early for the flight and as I checked out the magazine racks at the terminal I spotted the latest issue of Gallery and I bought it. I also noticed a magazine that had "Hot Wives" on the cover and I bought it too. It turned out to be Penthouse Letters and it was even hotter that the first Gallery that I had read. My wife, who was traveling with me this time, had occasion to reach across me for something and her wrist hit my erection. She stopped and cupped my hard cock with her hand and smiled:

"Is that for me?"

"As soon as we get home my sweet, just as soon as we get home."

She gave me a squeeze and asked me what caused it and I showed her the cover of the magazine I was reading.

"I want to read it when you get done. If it does this," and she gave me another squeeze, "for you, I wonder what it will do for me."

I know what I'm hoping it will do I thought. I passed her the Penthouse when I was done and I picked up the Gallery and as I read it I kept glancing at Cyndi out of the corner of my eye to see how she was reacting. All I saw was concentration and she never once betrayed what she might be thinking.

On the ride home from the airport Cyndi was not her usual talkative self and I commented on it. She gave me a look that I couldn't decipher and said:

"I'm sitting here wondering if I should be worrying about you, or maybe more to the point, worrying about us."

"In what way?" I asked.

"Well, you got a hard on from reading that magazine, but when I read it all I found were sections on anal sex, domination, homosexuality, swinging and swapping and one on watching your wife have sex with other men. The section on anal sex shouldn't have much of an effect on you because we have practiced anal sex since we started dating. That leaves the other four and if one of those excites you then we have a problem because all of them leave me cold."

Discretion being the better part of valor, I lied.

"Actually it was the picture of the big titted blonde with the black cock in her hand that got to me."

Cyndi burst out laughing, "You never could lie worth a shit. I know you are not gay, and I'm betting that domination would turn you off so that leaves swapping or watching. Which is it?"

I was quiet for a bit before saying, "Watching."

She looked at me in surprise and then said, "No way Jose, not this lady! No way I'm going to take on another guy so you can hide in the closet and watch."

"Actually" I said, "I was thinking more along the lines of a group of guys, maybe five or six."

She just shook her head and said, "I don't believe this, but it doesn't matter because it ain't never going to happen!"

That was two years ago and since that time I've read every issue of Penthouse Letters that has come out and the letters keep the fantasy alive in my mind. Every letter I read has Cyndi in the starring role and the image of her being fucked by other men has never failed to give me a raging hard on. Between masturbating to those images and chasing Cyndi all over the house for a week after every new issue comes out my dick hovers on the borderline between sore and just plain tired. But the bottom line has always been that it was never going to happen.

Then, on one momentous day, the stars in the heavens fell into perfect alignment and caused several things to fall into place at the same time. All that was needed to make things happen was for me to be an asshole. Normally, or at least I liked to think it, I would not have done what I did, but it just happened to be the day after I'd received and read from cover to cover the latest issue of Penthouse Letters. The images of Cyndi being the one fucked in all those letters was still dancing in my mind when the circumstances all fell into place and I went for it.

We were throwing a promotion party for one of my co-workers and everyone was having a great time. Cyndi looked great as usual, and as always, she got a great deal of attention, especially from the single guys. Cyndi was also totally bombed which was rare since she hardly ever drank. When she did she became a silly drunk and a drunk who got giggly and who thought everything was funny. For about an hour I'd noticed Cyndi dancing with a small group of guys and once or twice I'd seen a few cop a feel or two. One of the guys who had the busiest hands was Jerry, a guy I knew pretty well and liked. I took a stiff drink to fortify myself, knowing that what I was going to do could backfire on me, and then I went over to talk to Jerry.

"You know what I like about you Jerry?" I asked, "You are almost as big an asshole as me."

He laughed and said, "When you're right, you're right!" and we clicked glasses.

"In fact" I went on, "You are the kind of asshole who would take my drunken wife up to the master bedroom and fuck her if you got the chance. And all it would probably take would be for me to disappear for a bit."

Jerry gave me a strange look and then you could almost see the light bulb go off above his head. He smiled and said:

"When you're right, you're right!" and we clinked glasses again.

Then I said, "I think we are almost out of beer and I'm going to have to make a beer run" and I walked off and left him. I circulated among the guests and let them know I was going to make a beer run and then I went out and moved my car down the street and then went back to the house. My house was built in the 'thirties' when things were done differently than they are now. I have two staircases to the upstairs, one in the foyer, and the one to the kitchen that the servants used to use to take breakfast upstairs to the family in residence. I came in the back door and went up to the bedroom and got into (where else?) the closet. I arranged things so I could watch comfortably and then I waited.

It wasn't long before the bedroom door opened and a giggling Cyndi came in followed by Jerry. Cyndi turned to face him and said:

"Okay, here we are. What did you want to show me?"

Jerry didn't say a word; he just opened his fly and took out his hard cock. Cyndi giggled and said:

"You can't do that. You are not my husband so you can't do that. Only he can do that."

Jerry walked toward her, dick jutting out in front of him and Cyndi took a step backward, stumbled and ended up sitting on the edge of the bed which put her head on the same level as Jerry's cock. He kept walking toward her and she, still giggling drunkenly, put her hands up to ward him off.

"Jerry, stop this silliness now. Rob wouldn't like this at all. Now just put that thing away and go back do..." and her words were cut off by Jerry's cock going into her mouth. Cyndi's little fists started beating on Jerry's legs and she was trying to push her away, but he had his hands on the back of her head and he started to fuck her mouth. Her hands came up and tried to pull his hands away, but he was too strong for her. Finally she stopped fighting and just sat there as Jerry's cock slid back and forth.

And then I noticed the tears running down her cheek and I really felt like an absolute asshole, but there wasn't anyway I could step out of the closet and stop it now because as soon as I did she would know that I had set it up. After a couple of minutes Jerry pulled his cock out of her mouth and in one quick motion he bent down, grabbed her legs, flipped her back on the bed and before she knew it he had her skirt up to her waist, her panties off and he had moved on top of her into a position to do a sixty-nine. She started to protest, but when she opened her mouth Jerry's cock slipped into the open hole. Cyndi managed to turn her head enough to get her mouth off Jerry's dick and she started to pound on him with her fists, but Jerry had his face buried in her pussy and he had no intention of stopping. Cyndi was crying now and sobbing out:

"No, no, you can't. You mustn't. Please stop; please don't do this to me."

But Jerry didn't listen; he just kept eating her pussy. After a couple of minutes Cyndi went strangely silent and then she opened her legs as far as she could, planted her feet and pushed her pussy up at Jerry's mouth. The sobbing had been replaced by a long low moan followed by a series of little cries, Cyndi's signal that she was having an orgasm. And then, wonder of wonders, she turned her head and took Jerry's dick back into her mouth. Her full red lips clamped around Jerry's cock was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Jerry pumped her mouth a couple of times and then he swung around and moved between Cyndi's legs. When his cock was pulled out of her mouth her head followed it up and she tried to capture it again, a dazed expression on her face.

As Jerry drove his cock into her she exhaled in a loud grunt as if Jerry's cock had pushed all the air out of her lungs, her eyes got big and the look on her face fairly screamed out:

"What's happening to me?"

Jerry was fucking her in earnest now, long hard strokes that were touching something inside Cyndi because she was arching her back and pushing her pussy up at him. He fucked her for a good five minutes and Cyndi had two more orgasms before Jerry finally said:

"Are you safe? You on the pill or have your diaphragm in?"

Cyndi hissed out a yes and Jerry let go his load. Cyndi cried out, "Not yet, oh please god not yet, finish me, I'm almost there, finish me."

But Jerry was limp. I saw him glance quickly at the closet (I wondered if he would figure that out) and then he got up and left the room. I watched as Cyndi tried to get herself off using her fingers, but she hadn't managed by the time Jerry got back - and he wasn't alone! He had George with him, another guy I work with. Cyndi was so busy trying to get herself off that she hadn't noticed the two men come into the room. The first she was aware of it was when George pushed her hand out of the way and pushed his cock in her. Her initial reaction was, "Oh god yes, fuck me, please fuck me," and then her eyes popped open and she saw it wasn't Jerry and she began to frantically search the room until her eyes landed on Jerry and then she seemed to calm down.

By then George was pounding away and soon the low moans and the little cries began again and Cyndi was thrashing around on the bed, her hips pushing up at George. Jerry had his cock back out and it was hard again and as soon as George finished Jerry took his place for a second go round. The sight was unbelievably erotic and I had already cum twice and I was still whipping a hard cock. I was more turned on by what I was seeing than I would have believed possible. I was so busy watching Jerry fuck my wife and beating my meat that I didn't see George leave, but I noticed when he cam back because he had two more guys with him. They stood and watched as Jerry pounded away and then George said:

"Who wants to be next?"

Both men dropped their trousers and were stepping out of them when Jerry finished and his dick wasn't completely out of Cyndi before Dave was shoving him out of the way and then shoving his cock in Cyndi. I don't think Cyndi even noticed the change. Dave was followed by Tom, who was followed by George, who was followed by Dave again, and then the bedroom door opened and Ray, my boss came in and closed the door behind him. Jerry said:

"Christ Ray, your wife is downstairs" and Ray laughed and said, "Who do you think it was who told me what was going on up here. She told me if I wanted some I should hurry up and that she would watch for Rob and holler when she saw him coming."

He was buried to the hilt in Cyndi before Dave was all the way out of the way. There it was! What I had always pictured in my mind: Cyndi with a group of guys fucking her, and I was loving it. And more to the point, she was too if her begging to be fucked was any indication. Jerry did her one more time and then Ray took seconds and still Cyndi lay there moaning:

"Fuck me, please fuck me."

Jerry left the room and came back a few minutes later with a digital camera and began taking pictures of the guys fucking Cyndi. George asked him what he was doing and Jerry said:

"I don't want to wait for the next time she gets drunk and Rob isn't around. I'll give her call in a couple of days or so, show her the pictures and tell her we want to get together again. If she balks, I'll threaten to show Rob the pictures."

Cheers from everyone greeted this and then Ray said he wanted a set, "I've got a few ideas for Cyndi too."

Strangely, none of this upset me. It meant that I would get to see Cyndi get group fucked again. After Jerry was done taking pictures George said, "We need to get her cleaned up before Rob gets back" and the rest of the group got dressed while Jerry and George helped Cyndi into the bathroom. The rest of the guys left and I waited a minute or two and then I peeked out to see if the coast was clear. Jerry and George were still in the bathroom with Cyndi and every one else was gone so I hurried out of the room and beat it down the back stairs and got out of the house without being seen.

Five minutes later I was walking in the front door as Ray, his wife, Jerry and George were getting ready to leave. I gave them a bullshit story about having a flat tire and finding that the spare was flat also and having to wait for AAA. Jerry told me that Cyndi was a little under the weather and so they took her up and put her to bed. Ray's wife said, "The poor dear had a very hard night" and I knew the bitch was just being catty by the way she emphasized the word 'hard'. I had planned on being the last one to fuck Cyndi that night, but when I got to the bedroom she was sound asleep and snoring. Oh well, I thought, there's always tomorrow.

I was the first one up the next morning and to set the stage, or prime the pump so to speak, I was sitting at the table sipping coffee and reading the latest issue of Penthouse Letters when Cyndi came down. She poured herself a cup of coffee and I waited for her to tell me about her night of lust. Instead, she looked at the magazine and said:

"Why are you still reading that stuff? You don't still think of me doing stuff like that, do you?"

The look on my face told her that I did and she said, "Sorry. It just isn't going to happen. I'm strictly a one man woman baby, learn to live with it."

I sat there in total surprise. It had never occurred to me that she wouldn't tell me about her night. I had expected her to say something like:

"Guess what? Your fantasy came true last night, but you weren't here to see it."

But to hide it from me? I just looked at her and thought to myself, "Okay, if that's the way you want to play it I'll just have to try something else." And I did, but that's another story.

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