Hemingway Park
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, BiSexual, First, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young and dumb, we found that drug use enhanced our sex lives. It lowered our inhibitions, and one night they disappeared completely.

Looking back on it now, it's clear it would have never happened had we not been high. But that didn't mean my wife or I looked back with regret. Even though that phase of our life was long past, we still find excitement in the memories, which leads to me telling the story here. If it still turns us on, then perhaps you'll enjoy it as well.

We were young and dumb, as we like to say now. Just a few years out of college, and married only slightly longer, we both had excellent jobs in a thriving, cosmopolitan city. Just the two of us, we had a nice house, nice cars, nice friends, and didn't want for much. Our sexual appetites were still on the rise, and it was the crank that pushed them to the peak. Crank is what we called it back then, and though it's still a popular drug, the names I see in the paper are much different now.

Don't get me wrong here. We weren't heavy drug users. Open minded and willing to explore new things, we learned about crank through some mutual friends at a party. Besides offering endless energy to our already energetic lifestyle, we learned that night that it greatly enhanced our sex life. The effects were multiple; I could stay rock hard for hours, my wife couldn't keep her hands off herself, she seemed to have a limitless capacity to climax and our inhibitions were greatly reduced. It was that last item that made the difference, and led to events that I'm certain could not have happened otherwise.

Serious about our professional lives, we limited ourselves to indulging in crank to about once a month. We had seen how it took over people's lives, and we didn't want to let that happen to us, but we could not resist the sexual intensity that resulted from crank use. It was simply too much fun. So once a month or so we'd take a three day weekend and we'd let ourselves go. On those weekends it wasn't unusual for us to be naked for hours, even days. As I said I could literally maintain an erection for hours, and with my big cock my wife was in heaven. She would spend an hour two in blissful anticipation, teasing me and teasing herself, as she worked her way up to a serious fucking. One of my favorite memories of those times was summed up by my wife one night, as I watched her lying naked on the couch masturbating herself to the umpteenth orgasm, when she informed me that she was helpless and simply could not stop touching herself. It was something I loved to watch.

With both of us already possessing a bit of an exhibitionist streak, the reduced inhibitions from the crank weekends expanded the scope of our adventures. It was not unusual to have my wife in public wearing only a simple dress and nothing else, which mixed well with her inability to keep her hands off her own body. Similarly I rarely wore underwear, and she often had me out and hard in public settings. It was during this period that I first saw my wife naked in front of some of our friends, when she instigated a skinny dipping incident with herself and several other wives. She also flashed strangers during this time, jerked me off in front of a few people, and we made love in a number of daring places. Just writing about it now brings back a flood of good memories; it was fun.

But the night I am compelled to write about took things to a whole new level for us, and though it was more than twenty years ago, it was a night I could never forget. For this was the night I first had sex with another guy. I had known since college that my wife was turned on by the thought of two guys getting it on, though we rarely talked about it. However, the moratorium on the topic ended when the crank entered our life. On our long weekends, at least one night would be dominated by this theme, with my wife teasing me about having sex with other guys, and with me joining in just to see her masturbate wildly at the thought. At first it was awkward, since it was not something that truly interested me. I was bound by the morals of my upbringing, and simply believed it was wrong, which up to this time had been enough to prevent me from thinking about it seriously. But now each time it came up, it got easier and easier for me to help her indulge this fantasy. She loved to talk about me sucking cock, and she went wild with desire whenever she described scenarios where I was being fucked in the ass. Even though to this day I find I am instinctively inclined towards denial, to be honest I must say that I began to be intensely aroused by these sessions, even to the point of looking forward to and initiating them.

The natural progression of such fantasies led to her sneaking into public men's rooms to suck me off, all the while encouraging me to imagine it was another guy, and to her fucking me in the ass with a dildo. Just like my never ending erection when we did crank, I found that my capacity for anal stimulation was nearly insatiable, the feeling of having my ass filled more pleasing than I could have ever imagined. One of the best memories was my wife fucking me senseless on the beach with her dildo as I lay naked on my side in broad daylight. We were near the dune line, apart from other people, but it was still highly risky, and when I finally erupted in orgasm, my come fired clean up to my face in one huge blast.

As I said before, what eventually happened could not have occurred without the crank, but when looking back it was easy to see it was the further progression of our behavior to that point. Ultimately it was my idea, though I did not realize it at the time. In a metroplex of four million people, there were bound to be numerous places well known as cruising spots for those seeking to satisfy their urge for non-conventional sex, and Hemingway Park was just such a location. It was common knowledge the park was used by gay and bi-sexual men looking to liaise with other guys. So it was inevitable that I brought it up during one of our wild nights, describing to my wife in lurid detail exactly what I would do for her if she drove me to Hemingway. And thus I suppose that it was inevitable that she would eventually do it.

On the fateful night it happened, I never saw it coming, which I suppose is usually the case. We had been working ourselves into a sexual frenzy since well before dark, and I distinctly remember after the sun went down my naked wife on her hands and knees on a lounge chair in the backyard, one finger in her asshole and two up her pussy, rocking back and forth as she came over and over. When I stepped up behind her and shoved my rock hard cock in place of her probing fingers, she squealed with delight and continued her seemingly endless string of climaxes. I held my position and watched as she worked herself on my cock, getting herself off time after time until she finally collapsed, begging for mercy. Even though she had slipped a dildo up my ass, which felt incredibly good this night, I still had not come, so she made it up to me by using her mouth to cleanse all her juices from my manhood. But then she got a gleam in her eye, and pulled away without finishing the job.

A short time later, we were in the car, the top down as we sped along through the warm night. At her urging, I wore only a tee shirt that was a size too small, and a pair of cut-off sweat pants that she had made for me. They were of thin grey material and cut very, very short. She drove with one hand, using her other to keep me semi-hard as she steadfastly refused to divulge our destination. Dressed as I was in clothes not particularly suited for public consumption, I found I was both excited and nervous. We had been to Hemingway Park once before, shortly after we moved to the area, at the time not knowing its reputation. We were almost to the entrance when I realized what she was up to.

It would be easier to say that I was shocked and uncooperative when I realized what she was doing, but the truth of the matter is the realization sent a surge of excitement, albeit nervous excitement, through my body. My cock swelled of its own accord under my wife's hand, and she gave it an appreciative squeeze. Up to this point we had merely shared a fantasy of man-on-man sex that I had come to enjoy as much as she did. But the pattern was always consistent. A day or two later, after the crank was cleared from my system and I was thinking clearly once again, I rationalized that it was only fantasy, and I reaffirmed my belief that it would never actually happen. It was always comforting to reassert my heterosexuality.

This particular day we had been flying high for hours. The crank was more potent than usual, this batch having a slight pink tint that we had never seen before. We had added in a couple of shots of tequila each. So we were feeling loose and excited, and hours of intense sexual activity without release had me charged up and eager. In the coming week I would look back and wonder why I didn't fight this harder, and in the coming years I would come to rationalize, as I'm doing now, that being high as a kite was a key factor. But the simple fact is that deep down I never truly regretted what took place.

However exciting I may have found the idea of what my wife was up to, as we turned into the park I was overcome with anxiety, intensified by how high I was. I knew why my wife had brought us here, but I did not know if she truly meant for something to happen, or if she was merely trying to add meat to our fantastical musings. If she truly wanted something to happen, I didn't have a clue how to go about it. Another possibility was that she was testing me, and I didn't know if actually going along with the implied intent of being here produced a passing or failing grade. Further, though I was intrigued by the idea, I was in no way certain that I was willing to take sex with another man from the realm of fantasy to reality.

All these uncertainties raced through my head as we made the turn. Hemingway Park was not particularly large, and was more of a preserve in the middle of suburbia than a park. Set up like a botanical garden, it consisted mostly of trails through densely wooded areas around a small lake. There was an open area with a few swings and a slide by the parking lot, and a small building with public restrooms, but mostly it was undeveloped, which most certainly led to its popularity as a cruising location. As my wife pulled into a parking space, I counted eight other cars in the parking lot, but could see no other people.

We sat quietly for a few minutes, my wife's fingers stroking my semi-erect cock through my shorts, the only sounds coming from crickets and frogs, the steady ticking of the engine as it cooled, and the occasional sniffle from our drug swollen noses. With the top down and the parking lot well lit, it was as if we were on stage, and I knew anyone in the shadows could easily see us. It made me more nervous. The first time my wife spoke, I remember her words well. 'Let's take a walk.'

She got out first and came around to my door, pulling it open. I gave her a questioning look and got an innocent smile in return. I still couldn't read her thoughts. With great anxiety, I swung my legs out and rose to my feet, well aware now why she had chosen these particular clothes. Whether she intended for something to happen was still unclear, but there was little doubt that walking through this particular park in this 'fuck me' outfit was a bold move that would fuel our future masturbation sessions. Young and athletic, I was physically fit, and the under-sized tee shirt felt like a second layer of skin. My half- erect cock swung freely in the loose shorts, the thin material outlining every curve and highlighting every movement. Suddenly I felt very vulnerable indeed.

Taking my hand she led my along the first trail we came to. As we passed out of the light from the parking lot and into the shadows, she paused in the darkness under a tree and melted against me, her lips seeking out my own. It had been about twenty minutes since we had snorted up two huge lines of crank, and I was soaring. As was typically the case, all my senses were alert from the drug, and I remember the night with remarkable clarity to this day. When we paused from our kiss, I had to clear the air.

'What are you looking for?'

'Whatever happens.' She smiled mischievously. 'What are you game for?'

I smiled back before I even responded with my play on words. 'Whatever happens.'

She stood quietly for a minute, leaning in tight against me and seductively grinding against my groin. 'Then let yourself go and play it by ear.'

There it was; permission to pursue my fantasies. Or perhaps more accurately, encouragement to help make hers come true. She stepped back slightly and pulled the drawstring on my shorts, loosening the knot, then turned and began walking once more.

We had only gone a few short steps when it became apparent that the shorts were not going to stay up with the knot untied. I was holding her hand with my left, while my right was holding the shorts in place. With a chuckle she stopped and re-tied the drawstring, but left it loose enough that the shorts slipped very low on my hips, giving her the effect she was looking for. There was now a gap between the bottom of the tiny shirt I had on and the top of the shorts.

We made the loop around the lake in about fifteen minutes. The main trail was paved, and though there were lights at regular intervals, most of them didn't work. Only belatedly did I realize that the lights had been vandalized by people who preferred the darkness, and only much later would it dawn on me that the areas of remaining light were as well planned as the darkness. We had only seen two people. They were sitting on a bench on a side trail in the darkness, embracing. It appeared to be two guys, but in the semi-darkness it was hard to say for certain.

We took a seat on a bench not far from the small building. Like the other benches in the park, it was a simple flat board with no back. My wife straddled it and I did the same, facing her. My cut-off sweat pants were so ridiculously short that my cock extended out the leg opening as I spread my knees outside her own, and she immediately took me in hand, stroking me to hardness. We were not in total darkness, and she did nothing to conceal her actions.

'What if some guy is watching us right now?'

'Hmmmm.' I really wasn't sure how to answer. I cupped her unfettered breasts in my hands as she urged my cock to its maximum length.

'Would you like that?' Her arm was making a shadow across my lap so she switched hands. I knew she was trying to make my big, hard cock as obvious as she could. I didn't answer her, but I did nothing to stop what she was doing.

'Would you?'

I looked back at her, trying to read her mind. 'Would you like it?'

The look on her face told me more than her simple reply. 'Ummm-hmmmmm.'

'Me, too.' Was I saying this because I meant it, or because she wanted to hear it? At this point I still wasn't sure.

'Lean back.'

I hesitated. We had done many bold things together, but the implications here were much different than any prior experience. One effect the crank had on me that my wife loved is that I seemed to have no limits, that I would do anything. She was exploiting that knowledge here and now. I loved the feeling of her hand on my aching cock, the thrill of exhibitionism was alluring, and I wasn't like to be the first to back down. She knew this well. I leaned back as she requested, reaching with my hands until they made contact with the bench. My cock was rock hard and huge, and as exposed as it could possibly be in this situation. My head was buzzing, and the combination of fear and exhilaration were intoxicating. I didn't look around, and neither did she.

As she stroked my cock, it seemed as if the light was growing, that I was becoming more exposed with every passing second. Her free hand slipped down into the front of her shorts, and she began a breathless commentary of her thoughts. I closed my eyes to listen to her words and shut out the distraction of reality. Losing myself in the moment, her continuous string of words filled my mind. '... hope he's watching. In the shadows. His own pants around his ankles, his hard cock in his hand. He wants your big cock. He's trying to build up the courage to come to us. Oh God I hope he hurries Oh God. Oh, oh God... '

I opened my eyes and watched her climax as she stared dreamily at my cock. Then she leaned forward, still staring at my member. 'Imagine it's him.' I closed my eyes again as I felt her mouth close over my cock. She took me as deeply as she could. Her hand was trapped between the bench and her pussy as she leaned forward, and within a minute she was coming once more.

Abruptly she stopped, and when I opened my eyes I could see my cock glistening, half it's length wet from her mouth. She pulled me to her and told me what she wanted.

It took some urging from her to get me to agree, but finally I stood and she tucked my hard cock into my shorts as best she could, snickering as she looked at the tented front. Without a word I turned and walked to the restroom. It was dark and rank, the only illumination from the low wattage exit lights over either door. I tried the light switch but it didn't work. Once again I was slow to realize the dim lighting was by design not of the park managers, but of the patrons. I walked to the first urinal, thankful for my sandals, then following her instructions, I pushed my shorts down to my knees and began to pee. I lifted my shirt slightly and gave her what she wanted, my body totally naked from my midriff to my lower thighs.

I was nearly finished urinating when I heard movement behind me. Suddenly I was deathly afraid. The situation was not erotic, it was unsafe, and I cut off the last of my stream and jerked my shorts back in place, turning for the door. Looking to my right I saw someone moving from the darkness of the far stall. I pulled the door open and stepped out, the clean air refreshing and sharpening my senses, and I immediately moved towards the nearest light. My cock had softened quickly. I heard the door behind me, and turned, ready to fight if necessary.

The guy that stepped out into the light was probably in his mid-forties, slightly overweight, and balding. He wore wire rimmed glasses. As he looked meekly around, I could see right away that he wasn't a threat. Visibly gathering his courage, he walked directly towards me. When he was several feet away, I put up my hand, indicating that was close enough. My heart was still pounding in my chest. He wouldn't meet my eyes, and his words were rushed, as if he was afraid of losing his nerve.

'Hey man. Wilya suck me?'

For the first time in my life, I was propositioned by another guy, but this one definitely did not meet the standards of my fantasy. I knew my wife was watching, but I was certain she would agree with me.


'Oh, I thought... ' He suddenly deflated, as if I had pricked him, and he looked down and quickly moved away. He looked pathetic, and I fervently hoped I didn't look the same as I strutted around this park in my whore clothes. I moved towards my wife before he could change his mind and turn back.

She didn't speak, and neither did I, but I could see the flush in her cheeks and the sparkle in her eye even in the poor light. I started to sit, but instead stepped over to some bushes and finished pissing. When I sat down my wife immediately took my cock out again.

'What did he want?' Her breathlessness gave away her excitement.

I looked her right in the eye. 'He wanted me to give him a blow job.'

Her free hand went down the front of her shorts once again. She was on the verge of orgasm in seconds. 'You didn't want to?'

'Not my type.' She nodded, and I knew she agreed. But the encounter still had her charged.

'Did he see you?'

I thought about that. Even though the lighting was dim, he had a clear view of my naked ass. It was no wonder he thought I was advertising for action; in fact I was. For the first time since my scare, I got excited about what I had done.

'Yeah, he got a good look from behind.' My ass was still well greased up from the dildo earlier, and I could feel it as I involuntarily squeezed my cheeks together. She liked my answer, and stroked my cock back to full hardness.

'Did you like it?'

'It was dark, and I didn't know he was there. So it scared me when he moved.' She was close to coming and I paused, watching her. I had both feet on the same side of the bench, so I shifted one leg across and faced her, leaning back on my hands just like before, my cock exposed. 'But now that I think about it, well... ' I lifted up my hips, pointing my cock at her lips. She kissed the tip, but that was it.

'Say it.'

'I liked exposing myself. I liked turning him on.' I paused, and then said what I really felt. 'I wish he was a young stud. I'd be sucking his cock right now.'

I saw a jolt of pleasure ripple through her body. Her stiff nipples threatened to poke through her shirt. She looked me directly in the eye. 'Yes, you would.' And with that she came, her seemingly bottomless reservoir of orgasms wracking her body once more.

'Lay back on the bench.' I did as she instructed.

'Stroke yourself.'

I started to look around, but resisted the urge. Instead I simply did her bidding, careful to use my right hand so as not to interfere with the lighting. This was bold. This was daring. Even from the parking lot, I'm sure it was obvious what I was doing. Before I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the feeling, I saw her hand slip under her shirt to pinch her nipple, the other still deep in her shorts.

In a depraved display, my wife and I masturbated for each other on a park bench. I listened as she passed through at least two orgasms, the tempo of her breathing and her moans telling me all I needed to know about how excited she was. My big cock felt good in my hand, and I found myself hoping to be seen. Little did I know that my wish had come true.

'Open your eyes.'

She was whispering, and I looked at her questioningly. Her mouth was open and her eyes were glazed. She had her shirt up so her breasts were bared, her fingers pinching one nipple roughly. She was lifted up slightly to give her other hand room to work. She cut her eyes to the right, and I looked in that direction. Two guys were standing there. They had their arms around each other, and one had his head laid on the other's shoulder. With the light behind them, I could not see their faces, even though they were only ten yards away, but it appeared they were young. When you consider why we were in the park, it was odd that I found their obvious gay behavior a bit distasteful at first. But my hand never stopped, as I continued to stroke my cock, the thrill of being seen overpowering any other thoughts.

I looked back at my wife and we locked eyes. I lifted my hips, lewdly displaying my cock as much as I could, and she swooned, melting downward as a string of orgasms hit her. Through the excitement of the moment I was still amazed at her capacity to come. It went on for several minutes, and then she sat down hard on the seat, gasping. Her body could take no more.

'Bravo, bravo.' It was a deep masculine voice, and as I looked up the two lovers turned and walked away, towards the parking lot. I sat up and spun around to watch them go. As I watched their car leave the park, I felt disappointed, and when I looked back to my wife, I could read the same thing in her face. That's when I knew that we would not leave until our fantasy had been fulfilled. We were both too far gone to settle for less.

Neither of us spoke, but we knew we both had wanted more from that moment. I had showed one guy my ass, and two my hard cock, and I definitely wanted more. Her eyes showed the same determination, and I knew at that moment I was game for anything. When she told me to remove my shirt, I didn't even hesitate.

We got up to walk once more, my shirt lying on the bench where we left it. The shorts were so low on my body, I knew I could cause them to fall just by squeezing my hips together. It felt good, and I resisted the urge to check if my pubic hair was showing. We had hardly walked a hundred yards when two young guys fell in behind us, a good ways back. I saw them first and nudged my wife.

'Where were they at?'

'I don't know.' They had come out of the shadows. There was no way of knowing if they had been watching us, but the possibility made my cock swell as it swayed back and forth. This time I did glance down, and I could see hair, as well as a clear outline of my cock through the thin material of the shorts.

Halfway around the lake, we stopped at a bench. 'Wait here a minute and let me go ahead. I want to watch you.'

My heart was like a big lump in my throat, but I sat and watched her go as she turned a bend and passed quickly out of sight. I could not see the guys on the trail behind, but after a few minutes I could hear the murmur of low voices, and then footfalls. And then they came around the bend. They were young, one with blonde hair, the other dark, and though I was in a darkened area, they saw me right away. I got to my feet and moved down the path in the direction my wife had gone, suddenly feeling very nervous and alone. As I passed one of the few working lights, I knew my near naked body was well exposed to their gaze, and a shiver of decadent pleasure trickled down my spine. In these clothes, in this setting, I was an offering, and I found it more exciting than I could have imagined.

I walked on, and having made the circuit once earlier with my wife, I knew I would soon come to a foot bridge over a small creek, where the trail turned back to the parking lot. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw that the blonde was moving ahead of his friend, coming towards me at a good clip. It was clear he was intending to catch up as the other guy fell quickly behind. My heart was racing and my skin felt clammy, and I knew in my heart that this time it was more from what I hoped was about to happen than from fear. Without consciously thinking about it, I slowed my pace slightly, well aware that my shorts were half off my ass and my semi-hard cock was hardly concealed by the thin material. This guy apparently liked what he saw, which turned me on, and made me want to be seen even more.

Turning a bend in the trail I cleared the trees and passed a bench on my right. The bridge was straight ahead, a heavily built wooden hump over the narrow creek. My wife was on the far side, sitting on another bench, watching me intently as the fingers of her right hand twisted her left nipple through the material of her shirt. She stared right at me, smiling, then her gaze shifted to a point back up the trail, and I knew my pursuer was not far behind. As I came to the bridge, my steps shortened and nearly faltered. I had no idea what to do.

In the end, I walked to the top of the hump made by the bridge and just stopped. Still and quiet, I could now hear footsteps a short distance back. When they hit the bridge I felt the vibration. I wanted this to happen, but I was too tense and scared to turn around. If I came face to face with this guy, I knew I might turn him away as I had done earlier with the guy at the restroom. So in the end I just held my position at the top of the bridge, excited by my near nudity, and stared at my wife. She wasn't looking at me, but when she did move her eyes to mine, I suddenly could not face her either and turned to the railing.

In retrospect I suppose the guy I was awaiting was practiced at this, or at least a lot bolder at the moment than I was, for he simply walked right up to me from behind and pressed himself into my back. The hard, masculine feel of his body was different than anything I had ever felt and a shiver passed through me, but I didn't move, and I didn't pull away. His cock was swollen in his pants, and when he pressed himself against my ass I was instantly aware of his manhood. I closed my eyes and let out a nearly inaudible moan.

His hands came around me and covered my nipples, and suddenly I felt his breath on me as he leaned in and lightly bit the back of my neck. He continued nipping at my skin as his fingers tweaked and twirled my nipples, and then his lips were on my ear lobe as his right hand slipped down across my flat stomach and cupped my cock and balls. It had been hardly more than a minute, and this stranger was squeezing my cock through my shorts.

At this point I was well aware that I was nearly naked in a very public setting as a strange guy urged me to a full erection. The lighting here was not great, but the combination of the light and the prominence of the 'hump' bridge made our actions very risque indeed. In my drug emboldened state, it turned me on intensely, but for an instant my mind flashed to how I found out about the reputation of Hemingway Park; a news story on one of the occasional police raids that took place here, and the list of names of people, all guys, arrested for crimes against nature and sodomy. To be totally honest, the thought registered and then was gone. I was very high. I was very horny. And this guy's hands and lips were quickly making me crazy. The feelings passing through my body were undeniably good. I knew I was at the point I often reached while doing crank where I would do anything. When this strange guy's hand caused my hard cock to extend out the leg of my shorts, and I felt him close around me, skin on skin, all rational thought was a thing of the past. He spoke for the first time, his mouth right at my ear.

'Oh my, you are a big one.'

Pride welled up in me. I knew I had a nice, big cock, but his validation, knowing that he liked what he found when he went inside my pants, thrilled me. For a brief instant, as my exposed cock extended straight out, his hand around it, I thought about my wife and about his friend, and if they were watching. But then that thought was gone as well, lost in the swirl of sensation that had suddenly become my existence. I succumbed and closed my eyes, shutting out all else. I didn't know what to do with my arms, they hung awkwardly at my side as I stood stock still, but I knew I didn't want to let the moment get away from me. I wanted to remember everything I felt. I let him explore my cock with his hand, and then my balls, as he ground his own cock into my ass and sucked on my ear lobe. It was his cock pressing against me that I found myself focusing on. Without me fully realizing what I was doing, my ass began to grind back into the pressure he was applying.

'You like that don't you?'

I nodded without thinking. 'Hmmmmm.'

His hands left my body, and he stepped back, and for an instant I struggled with a sense of loss. But then I felt his hands at my hips, and then felt my shorts being pushed down. It did truly occur to me, in a flash of clarity, that I was about to be stripped totally naked in a public park by another guy, but I was well beyond the point of caring. In fact I wanted it to happen. My mystery lover had to work my hard cock back through the leg of my shorts, but then they moved easily down my thighs and I brought my knees together and let the shorts fall to my feet. Then I stepped out of them. During all this I never opened my eyes for fear that if I did I might come to my senses and stop him.

'My, my what a sweet fuckable ass.'

Once again I reveled in the compliment and his crude delivery as he pressed back into my now naked body. With one hand he cupped my balls and with the other he encircled my aching cock. I knew my wife was watching. I assumed his friend was watching. And for all I knew there were other people watching. It turned me to think so. I leaned back against him and let the pressure of his groin push my hips forward as he jerked me off, making it so all the world had an unobstructed view if they wanted it. My body was on fire, I could feel degeneracy taking me over, and I let it have me.

My new found friend was a little shorter than me and my weight leaning against him quickly became a burden, so he urged me forward. Taking the hint, I opened my eyes for a moment to get a fix on the railing I knew was there, then leaned against it, supporting my own weight now with extended arms. He didn't immediately press back into me, but when he did I felt the electric charge of his hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass. He had freed himself from his shorts. Another guy's cock had never touched my body, and I had never so much as even seen one hard in real life. But I knew what this was the second he touched it against me, and my breath caught in my throat. I released the railing with my right hand; I was going to reach back and touch him. Before I could, he began to rub himself into the crack of my ass, the lubrication from my earlier fun with my wife causing him to slide easily against me, and it was such a remarkable feeling that my hand returned to the railing and I simply savored it.

I knew what was coming, and I wanted it more than he did. He leaned in close to my ear and acknowledged the surprise of finding me greased. 'I see you're ready for me.'

I grunted, then made myself say what I was thinking, wanting so badly to hear the words from my own mouth. 'Yes. Fuck me.'

He teased me, his tongue in my ear. 'Right here? Right now?'

I lowered my head, my eyes tightly closed, totally lost in the feeling of his hand on my cock, his own hard dick against my ass. I was emphatic when I answered. 'Right here. Right now. I want you to fuck me.'

He didn't waste any more time. I felt his hips pull back from me, and then I felt his hard cock probing between my cheeks. He used his feet to urge me to spread my legs, but I was already ahead of him. I set my feet wide apart and pressed my ass outward, opening myself up for him. His cock felt like it was about five to six inches long, and as he pressed his glans against my virgin asshole for the first time, I realized he was thick. Definitely bigger around than the dildo my wife liked to use on me. Rather than scare me, this realization turned me on more. I wanted this fat cock in my ass.

With one hand on my hip, he used the other to guide his cock home. To his credit, he moved slowly, and I would wonder later if he could tell somehow that I was new to this. I was less patient, wanting to finally feel what I had only dared fantasize about, but when he pressed his cock against my sphincter and it refused at first to yield, the pain was a bit sharper than I had expected. It wasn't enough to make me stop, but I did follow his slower pace after that. It was an incredible feeling; the pressure, the yielding of my sphincter, and then the sudden pleasure as his head slipped through and my body wrapped tightly around it. He held still for a minute, and then gently pressed forward. Now that his big head was inside, my well lubed asshole took him easily, and I quickly knew the pleasure of his pubes pressed into my ass. This stranger was completely inside me now.

My most vivid memory of my first ass-fucking was the heat. His hard cock was burning hot inside me, so distinctly different from the cold rubber and plastic that had preceded it. It took my breath away, and as I adjusted to being filled by this guy, I knew that a dildo would never be satisfactory again. The next thing I noticed was that the cock inside me was alive. He was buried to the hilt and holding me by the hips as we both savored the feeling. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me, and then I felt him swell and recede as small spasms of pleasure passed through him. We stood there totally still for only a minute, but to this day I can remember every pulse, every tremor, and get hard just thinking about it.

Then he pulled out, and then sank back into me. Another minute later and he was fucking me with a steady rhythm. There was no more pain, only pleasure. He was giving me what I wanted, and I knew already that I loved it. I leaned on the railing and pressed back, meeting every thrust, grinding my ass backwards like a cheap whore, urging him on. He took the bait and stepped up the pace, fucking me in earnest. The harder he gave it to me, the more depraved I became, sending him every signal I could that I would take anything he had to give. Soon I was holding hard to the rail, my own cock bobbing wildly as he held my hips with both hands and drove himself into my ass with abandon.

The awkwardness of leaning on the railing as my shorter lover stretched up to impale me was detracting from my pleasure, and likely his, and I suddenly knew I had to change it. I started to sink to the deck and he quickly understood my intentions. Without separating his cock from my ass, and with only a short pause in the fucking, I sank to my knees and my lover fell down across me. The deck was rough and dirty, and I didn't care. Sometimes when my wife fucked me with a dildo, I'd be on my knees, my shoulders flat on the floor and my ass high and vulnerable as I grabbed my ankles. We did this to pretend that I was tied and helpless. She probably realized what I was doing as I assumed this position, but I did it for my pleasure, not hers.

Because I had fallen where I stood, my head was under the railing, at the edge of the bridge. I could feel sandy grit under my cheek and my knees, but it didn't mean anything to me. There was only one thing that mattered. I offered my ass to my lover and he took it. My position gave him complete and total access to my tender asshole, and my submissiveness spurred him on. In no time at all, he was driving hard into my body. I sometimes fucked my wife hard, slamming into her, and marveled at how she took it, even wanted it. Now I knew how she felt. This guy was relentless. He slammed hard into my ass, jarring my head against the rough boards, each time seeming to plumb to a greater depth. The grunts that I let out with each blow were involuntary expressions of my pleasure at this rough treatment. When he withdrew, I could feel my sphincter tightly gripping his cock, and I could imagine what it looked like as I tried to prevent him from pulling back.

My back was curled as my shoulders sank flat to the deck and I gave up my ass. He wrapped one strong arm around my back, holding me as he drove home, and when his other arm left my body I realized he was using the railing for support and leverage. This was hard, physical sex, no love involved, and I found it exhilarating. Looking back I realize that I was now oblivious to the fact that I was totally naked in a highly visible public place, being watched by at least two other people as I groveled in the dirt and willingly offered my ass to a wicked fucking by a guy I did not even know. I was hopelessly turned on by my own depraved behavior. I did not even yet know what this guy looked like, but I didn't ever want him to quit fucking me.

But alas, it ended too quickly. The intensity of the fucking, and the depth of my sudden submission, was too much for him. I could feel his sweat dripping down my back, and hear his breathing become more and more labored, and as he slammed into my ass with even greater intensity, I knew he was going to fill me with his come. He was no longer thinking of me, his pleasure was all that mattered, and he reached his climax on a hard down stroke. Letting out a cry, he impaled me on his hot cock and I felt it swell and then explode. It was a rapturous experience for me that nothing I knew prior to this could prepare me for. The sudden swell of his cock was the signal, and then my bowels were flooded with heat. Spasm after spasm passed along his cock, and with each came renewed warmth as his seed passed into me. My ass was being filled with another man's come for the first time, and I took my own hard cock in my hand and pumped it wildly, my breath coming in short choppy bursts. I was ecstatic, and turned on beyond the point of self control.

Slowly the spasms in his cock subsided, yet I wiggled back into him, asking for more. But it was to no avail. His hot body fell down on me, the sweat making us slide against each other, and he reached around and took over the stroking of my cock. But his dick shrank in my ass, much to my dismay. After a few minutes he slipped out of me, and then stood, still breathing heavily. I held my position, squeezing my own cock, hoping that he was looking down on me, admiring his handy work. The sudden rush of cool air on my body and across my ravaged asshole heightened my awareness of my decadent position, and I wanted him to look at my ass and know he owned it.

The enormity of what I had just done would not register for a couple of days, when the high I was on finally wore off. I had allowed a stranger to strip me naked atop a bridge in a public park, with my wife and at least one other person watching, and then groveled in the dirt like a slut as he butt-fucked me. And then I wriggled my ass at him, sending the clear message that it was his to do with as he pleased. A couple of days later when I was sitting at work, thinking of the problems I would have should I have been arrested, I shivered with fear. But that night when my wife recounted how much it turned her on, I realized with greater honesty how much I loved it. And even as I imagine now in this writing how I must have looked on my knees, my ass high and dripping come in the half light, my cock rises in my pants.

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