Quest For Trinity
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Aunt, Nephew, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young guy falls for his very, very sexy aunt.

Ken Jones sat in the beat-up farm truck watching her large and very full breasts bouncing with each bump she hit in the dirt road. My fucking God! He thought trying not to stare too much, but her boobs were awesome as hell and his cock loved them, too. It grew harder than ever and he knew what it needed, a good long jerk session later that night. He'd seen a few good sets of jugs in his 18 years of life, but nothing ever as good as those babies. It was a shame that she was his aunt.

Aunt Trinity's husband died three years ago, leaving her to deal with a five thousand acre cattle ranch somewhere deep in Montana. Trinity was having problems getting good help and Ken had a knack for getting into a lot of trouble during summer, so his Mom shipped him up to help to her.

Trinity was hot as hell. She had long, thick black hair to the middle of her back, pretty dark blue eyes and those beautiful breasts made her one very, very hot lady. Her hips and fine looking ass were great, too. He figured they were around 38 inches and so firm from all the hard work she did.

"I know you hate being here, but I hope you give it a chance, Ken," she said turning to look at her nephew, seeing that he was turning into a very good-looking young man. His short black hair matched his rugged face and his dark brown eyes were still gazing at her breasts. "I can't get any decent help anymore. Either they want to get paid too much or they can't speak a single word of English!" Trinity laughed thinking of all the Mexican men that wanted a job on her ranch, but being a single woman with no man around worried her.

"Yep, they're slowly taking over our country and nobody gives a shit," he replied looking up to her gorgeous face. Damn, you are so hot to be 48! Ken thought, wondering if she had any men in her life or not. "How come some cowboy type hasn't got you yet?" Ken hoped like hell she didn't have anyone around. If he were to spend his entire summer here, he wanted her all to himself.

She just laughed at him and like before, his big, brown eyes were glued on her breasts. You must sure like big ones! She thought driving on and something came over her, Trinity loved the thought of Ken looking at her. "How many girls did you leave behind?" she asked with a smile, watching him slowly pull his eyes from her breasts and up to her face.

"None really, I don't have much luck with them. They call me a geek and junk like that."

She shook her head in disgust. "Girls don't know what they're missing until it's too late. They think that guys with muscles all over and good looks will make them happy, but they're wrong and too damn dumb to see it." Trinity said looking at Ken with a big smile, feeling her nipples starting to swell. Oh great, now he's really going to get a show, she laughed to herself, thinking of how damn big her nipples got when she was excited or cold. They were as big as ripe strawberries to begin with and would grow five times their normal size with the blink of an eye. "I've been living alone for the last three years and your Uncle loved me to dress in very sexy things or pretty much nothing at all. So, don't be too shocked if I forget you're here," she smiled at the gleam in his eyes. I bet you're going to die seeing me in my tiny nightshirt and panties, Trinity thought, knowing poor Ken was going to be in for the treat of his life.

He sat listening Trinity and couldn't help but smile. "Don't mind me, I'm a big boy, I can take it," he replied with a wink, trying to imagine her in some of the sexy things he'd seen online. "Don't change your ways just because I'm here," he added, hoping she'd act normal, he'd love seeing her in little or nothing at all.

"It won't bother you if I just wear a shirt and panties around the house?"

"No, you're a hot lady! I think it'd be kinda hot!"

She sat in shock at his words, but deep down, it turned her on. "I better keep my eye on you!" Trinity laughed, not only did she feel her nipples swell, but a long forgotten fire started burning deep in the back of her lonely pussy.

Later that night after a large stake dinner with all the trimmings, Ken sat in the living room building a fire in Trinity's fireplace, wondering where she went. "Well, this really sucks," he mumbled, hoping he'd get a chance to see her hot, mature body a little more before bedtime. "I wanted to see that hot ass of her some more!" Ken laughed, feeling his long shaft starting to grow again.

Trinity may have been nearing 50 years old, but she could have made a dead man hard. She was close to six foot tall, her body was a sight to see, and Ken loved looking at her. "Where'd you go?" he said leaning back against a plush chair, looking around the beautiful log cabin, wondering how much it cost to build something so damn big. He'd seen homes like this on the tube, but never thought he'd step foot in one.

Trinity stood in front of the floor length mirror, wondering if this was too much. She wanted to turn Ken on, but she didn't want to kill the poor kid his first night here. She looked at her nipples peeking through the thin blouse, knowing poor Ken was going to love seeing them. She slowly looked down, smiling as the matching and very tiny white panties filled her eyes. "Damn, not bad for an old lady!" she said with lust in her soft voice, knowing this was so wrong, but she was lonely and there was a young stud in her home that would be more than willing to love her.

She ran her hands over the sheer white blouse, teasing her already swollen nipples, trying her best to remember what it felt like to have a man please them. "I need to stop this. He's my nephew," she moaned wondering if Ken knew the art of pleasing a woman. Her late husband was a very skilled man and could please her for hours and hours without stopping. "Oh well." Trinity smiled and went to find Ken.

She walked in the room and wanted to cry. Poor Ken was passed out on the floor, sleeping like a baby. "Shit! Just my luck!" Trinity laughed as she walked towards him, knowing her young, horny nephew would not be seeing her tonight. "Baby, let's get to bed," she said in a soft voice giving him a little shake. The long flight from Miami and the three-hour drive to the ranch was too much for him. Maybe you'll get to see me tomorrow night, she thought as he tried getting up.

"What time is it?" he asked looking at her massive breasts under the small white blouse and the equally small panties wrapped around her mature hips.

"It's a little after ten," she replied, enjoying his sleepy eyes looking over her body. "Let's get you to bed." Trinity smiled, feeling that burning deep in her pussy, hoping this wouldn't condemn her to an eternity in hell.

Ken looked her over, feeling his virgin cock swelling out of control and at this point, he didn't care. If she was going to wear things like this, he wasn't going to hide his cock from her. "Do you always dress like this at night?" he asked with a big yawn, looking at her long, toned legs and tight ass.

She had to giggle at him. "Sometimes." Trinity smiled at Ken looking over every, single inch of her body and her clit began to tingle. It didn't care that they were related; it and her body needed a man.

"I must say..." Ken smiled, looking over her again, wishing she wasn't his aunt. "You look great!"

"Thank you," she purred taking his hand, leading him down the long, dark hall and to his room. "We are going to have a fun day tomorrow. We get to ride my new 4-wheelers around the outskirts of the ranch, looking for stray cattle," she paused, letting him look at her while she turned down his bed, knowing she wouldn't be sleeping tonight.

He didn't give a shit about what she was saying, he was checking out one of the hottest women he'd ever seen in his life. "What's the special occasion?" Ken asked watching her fixing his bed, giving him an awesome view of her large, firm ass and the tiny pair of panties on her hips.

Trinity took a deep breath and wasn't sure of what to say. "You're the first man in my home in three years," she paused to look at the floor, hoping he wouldn't think she was some kind of freak for saying this. "You made me feel... sexy again." Trinity whispered as her pretty eyes stayed on the floor. There was no way she wanted to see the disgust on his face, but she felt his hand under her chin, lifting her head.

He smiled at her words, reached to her pretty, mature face, and lifted it. "Well, I'm glad. And, I guess I should say that... you really turn me on too," Ken said trying to keep his eyes on her face. He'd spent most of the day and all of dinner gawking at her big boobs.

Trinity couldn't help but biting her lower lip as his sweet words filled her ears. "You're a young man; you shouldn't be looking at your old, worn out aunt this way." Trinity said with a sexy voice and smile.

He reached out, giving her a playful slap on the outer side of her meaty thigh. "Don't you ever say you're old again! I think you're hot and that's all that counts!" he said in a firm voice, watching a big, loving smile covering her beautiful face.

She reached to give her tingling thigh a little rub, enjoying the feel radiating through her hips and deep into her pussy. "Yes Sir!" Trinity said with lust in her soft voice. "I love my man to be in control and I'll do just about, anything I'm told to," she smiled at Ken, hoping this would work out.

Ken didn't know what to say, but he sure did like what Aunt Trinity just told him. "I'll be sure and remember that," he smiled looking to her breasts, seeing that her nipples had swollen so big, it looked as if they were going to explode. "Damn Aunt Trinity! Them things must like it too!" he laughed, trying not to get hard, but it was a lost cause. There was no way he'd ever be able to keep his dick under control being around her.

She looked down and smiled. "I haven't been with a man in four years silly! Oh, just call me Trinity, ok?"

"I'll call you anything you want, if it'll keep them nice and hard!" he smiled motioning to her breasts, watching her glorious, mature face turning a warm shade of pink.

"You are so bad!" Trinity giggled like a schoolgirl in heat. It felt so good having him flirting with her. Trinity hadn't realized just how much she'd missed her late husband doing this very same thing to her. He loved teasing and flirting with her just as if they'd just met and she always loved it so much.

"I think you like it just as much as I do, my little girl!"

Oh, my God! How do you know I love being called that? She thought looking at him and felt her pussy start to burn really bad. Her late husband, John, loved calling her that when they were making love and it always turned her on so much. "I do, but I'll never tell!" Trinity said with a big grin and knew she had to get away from him and soon. She loved his flirting and looking at her, but she needed time to think this through. "Ok, I'm off to bed. We have a long day tomorrow and if I don't... we might break a few laws." Trinity giggled taking a step towards him and reached to hug her handsome nephew. Fire raced through every single inch of her body and it was nice. Oh, give me strength! She thought, hoping he wouldn't mind and that's when she felt something nice and very hard pressing against her leg.

Ken returned her loving hug and knew she felt his cock. "This could turn out to be a nice summer after all!" he said caressing her back, slowly letting his hands slide down, until he was gently rubbing the panties on her ass. She pressed against him more and Ken kept on touching and enjoying her firm butt in his hands, wondering just how far this would go. She was his aunt, but she was also a fucking babe that seemed horny as hell.

Trinity had to pull away from his soft touch or she knew they'd end up in bed. She hadn't had a man in her body in four years and young Ken was driving her nuts. "Damn!" she laughed fanning her face. "I'll love us flirting and touching, but we have to remember I'm your aunt, okay?" Trinity smiled and walked from his room. Oh Lord! I'm going to die, she laughed to herself, hoping she'd get a little sleep, but she wasn't going to hold her breath. Ken was bringing back some wonderful feelings that Trinity thought she'd never feel again.

"Oh fuck!" Ken moaned giving his rock-hard cock a squeeze. "I could fuck her in a heartbeat!" he said pulling down his jeans and underwear, looking at the swollen cock, knowing that jerking off wasn't going to help him tonight. Trinity had it in an uproar and Ken hoped she had plans on going as far as they could. "I could really get used to playing and fooling around with her," he smiled thinking of her big, firm ass in the tiny, tiny white panties, hoping that she'd dress like that every night. He knew his balls would most likely explode, but he was willing to take that chance.

It was near daybreak Ken woke up and had to pee. After finishing, he looked outside and couldn't believe his eyes. Trinity was already dressed and working. "This is the part that's going to really suck!" Ken said waving to her, enjoying her sweet smile. "I better shower and go help her," he moaned finding some jeans and fresh undies to wear.

Trinity saw him looking at her and she smiled. "I better get in and start him a nice breakfast," she said hurrying in, ran to her room and knew she had to tease him more. "I think the same shirt will do and... these will kill him!" she giggled looking at the sheer blue panties and couldn't strip off her clothes fast enough.

Ken finished and walked to the kitchen. "Oh fuck!" he moaned when he saw her standing by the stove dressed sexier than she was last night. Today, she wore a smaller pair of bikini panties that just did cover her big, firm ass. "You're trying to kill me!" he laughed walking towards her, looking at her rounded ass, hoping she really meant what she said about teasing and flirting with him. He knew she was his aunt, but it would be so fun to play around with her.

"You told me you were a big boy and could take it," she laughed, flipping over a thick steak. He moved behind her, gently hugging her the same wonderful way John did every morning. She couldn't help but sway back in his arms, enjoying Ken's warm hands around her body, wishing he had the nerve to take her right then and there.

He held her close, savoring the feel of her warm flesh against his fingers. "Now this is the way to start off a day!" Ken said as his dick grew hard.

"It sure is. So, every morning, I do expect a hug just like this one," she said in a soft voice, feeling his manhood growing so hard and it was nice to know it was all for her.

"Shit, I'll hug you all the time! And, if you happen to be wearing something nice like this," he paused, took a chance and caressed just under her big, full boobs, "I'll make sure to make it last a few hours. How does that sound?" he whispered in her ear, making sure to gently blow in it.

"You shit!" Trinity moaned pushing him back. "I'm trying to cook you a nice breakfast here and I don't want it to burn," she laughed, hoping he would hug her a lot. She missed being in a man's arms and didn't care if Ken was her nephew or not, it felt good. "Of course I'd love being hugged for hours!" Trinity said watched his eyes on her ass.

He sat at the table and looked over her body. Ken could see her sweet ass in the tiny, blue panties. It wiggled with each step she took and it looked so good. "Is that what you're going to wear today?" he asked with a big smile, enjoying the shocked look on her face.

"Oh God, you're as bad as John was! If he'd had his way, I would have dressed like this 24 hours a day," she laughed bringing two plates of food to the table and sat down. "No, but... I'll wear it for you when we get back." Trinity said before she thought. "Will that be ok?"

Ken looked at her mature face and had to smile. Poor Trinity must be one horny, fucking woman, he thought as her words filled his ears. "Yes, I'd like that... a lot," he said with a little smile, wondering how far this was going to go. He wasn't sure how she felt about it, but he would love to do lots more than flirt. He wanted her.

"I would too," she whispered with lust in her voice, thinking of Ken hugging and touching every inch of her lonely and very needful body. "Do you still ride or should we go together? I just got three new 4-wheelers and they're so nice!" Trinity said hoping to get off this subject before she came in her panties. Young Ken was driving her body crazy.

"Oh cool! I haven't been on one of those in a long time, but I'm sure I can figure it out." Ken said looking at her and had to ask. "Will you wear something really sexy for me? You're so pretty and I love looking at you," he added, hoping she wouldn't get mad, but when she smiled, Ken knew it was fine.

"Anything you want," she smiled, feeling her nipples starting to fill with blood. "Look what you do to me! You should be ashamed!" she giggled, lifted her tiny shirt and loved his big, brown eyes on her bare breasts.

"Damn!" he gasped, choking on his coffee. "Let me know before you go doing shit like that, girl! You could kill me!" he laughed, enjoying the sexy woman and knew she was one of a kind and all his for the summer.

"No way! I love surprising my new man," she purred feeling her clit throbbing with need for the young stud to love her. "I loved it last night when you called me your little girl. Will you call me that all the time?" she asked with a helpless voice, knowing she already belonged to Ken heart and soul. All he had to do was say the word and she was his. "Please!" Trinity said in that same helpless voice as before.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to be lucky if I make it two days with you!" he moaned, feeling this was going to be so fun. What other guy had a great looking aunt that acted like this. "I'll do anything you want." Ken said reaching to hold her hands, feeling her trembling.

She just giggled at him and knew they had to get going. "Come on! You need to finish getting ready and I'll find something nice to wear." Trinity smiled got up and left the room. She wanted Ken to come with her, but maybe she'd let him start dressing her in a few days. She always loved it when John picked out all of her clothes, but Ken just got there. He needed time to take all of this in and she needed to think all of this over. He was her nephew, even if it was by marriage.

"Damn!" Ken moaned watching her big, firm ass. "I bet that is sooooo good!" he moaned again feeling his poor cock getting hard again, hoping this would lead to something nice. She was so hot and he really didn't give a shit if she was his aunt or not. Ken wanted her to be his first woman.

They walked out to the massive barn; Ken's eyes were on Trinity's ass and skin-tight jeans the entire time. "You look so good," he said, hoping his cock wouldn't get hurt by all the teasing and wonderful things Trinity wore.

"Thank you," she smiled unlocking the barn, feeling her nipples swelling and her clit throbbing again. They both grabbed one of the ten-foot high doors and pulled them open.

"Oh wow!" Ken said looking at the massive truck sitting in the back of the barn. "When did you get this?" he asked running his hands over the full size Hummer. "How much did this baby cost?" Ken asked looking over the massive truck, wondering if she'd ever let him try to drive it.

She smiled and walked up beside him. "I got it last spring. It gets so bad around here in the winter and I needed something better than a normal truck to get around." Trinity smiled watching his eyes looking it over just like he did her this morning. "If we get back in time, I'll teach you how to drive it," she said watching him smile and he grabbed her so tight she couldn't breathe.

"Oh yeah!" he moaned, turned, grabbed her in his arms and hugged with all of his might. "Thank you! I've always dreamt driving one of these bad-boys," he said letting her go and looked to see the new 4-wheelers. "They look so small compared to that!" he laughed giving the big truck one last pat before moving next to one of the 4-wheelers. "Nice!" he said sitting on the dark blue one and he pulled Trinity against him. "A guy could really have fun here. You have all kinds of nice toys and... you're so fucking pretty." Ken said the last part of the sentence in a soft voice, pulling her closer, making sure she could feel his hardness against her leg.

"You're going to spoil me."

"So, you need somebody to do it."

"Not somebody... I want you doing it." Trinity smiled, enjoying his arms around her hips and the feel of his very, very stiff dick against her long leg.

"I'm planning on spoiling you to death." Ken said, stood up and hugged her more, slowly rocking her back and forth. "I'm glad I came up here. I know I hated the idea at first, but you've made me see the light!" he laughed letting her go, seeing that her face was a nice, warm shade of pink. "You sure do blush a lot." Ken winked putting the key into the ignition and turned it to the 'on' position.

Trinity rested in his arms and wanted to cum in her jeans as Ken rocked her. When He pulled from her, Trinity felt so empty. "I blush when a handsome man gives me such amazing complements," she said walking to the other 4-wheeler, knowing she'd get more loving hugs later. "Just keep your eyes open. There are lots of cliffs and holes where we're going! I don't want my man getting hurt!" Trinity smiled, turned the key and knew she wanted Ken, soon. They weren't related by blood, so it wouldn't matter if they had sex or not. He was young, full of life and wanted a woman. She was lonely and needed a man to love her. They would be a perfect match.

After riding an hour, Trinity motioned for Ken to pull over and turn off the 4-wheeler. "I'm not sure about you, but I needed a little break," she said getting off it and stretched. "These can be fun, but they sure kill my back and ass!" Trinity laughed, stretching a little more.

He moved behind her and hugged, making sure his hands were just under Trinity's big breasts. "I'll give you a nice rubdown tonight after a long, relaxing bubble bath." Ken said giving her a small kiss on the neck, enjoying a low moan coming from someplace deep in her.

Trinity felt him moving behind her and when he hugged, she felt so good. At last, she had another wonderful and caring man in her miserable life. "Mmm, I can't wait!" she moaned, wishing he'd reach up to her breasts. They hadn't been touched by a man in so long and they needed some love just as bad as she did. "Do I get to do something nice for you too?" Trinity asked in a soft voice, knowing what a young man his age would love.

"What is it?" he asked kissing her again, but this time it was longer and his hands moved up, gently squeezing each of her big breasts.

Trinity couldn't breathe, let alone talk when he touched her. "Oh yes!" she moaned pushing back against his hard dick, thinking of how amazing it would feel in her body. "I love the way you're holding and touching me," she whispered enjoying his hands gently and loving caressing her breasts. "You're going to love it! I promise!" Trinity whimpered, feeling his thumbs moving towards her swollen nipples, wondering if she'd cum right there in his arms.

"Well in that case, I'll spoil you real good and I'll make dinner too!"

"Wow, I may not let you go home!" Trinity giggled as his hands and thumbs started bringing her lonely body back to life. Every part of her body was begging for more. Trinity wanted him to rub, touch and caress every, single inch of her.

"Hell, I may not want too. I've recently considered becoming a rancher. All I need is a ranch and I'll be all set." Ken said between his soft kissing on Trinity's neck and his slow caressing of her breasts. His cock was so hard that it hurt and Ken knew he'd have to fix it soon. There was no way he could do things like this with her and not masturbate.

Trinity just stayed against him, enjoying his soft touch and tender kisses on her neck and shoulders. Her clit and pussy were now completely on fire because of the sweet, young man behind her. Now she hoped he had the nerve to go all the way. She was more than willing, but Trinity was going to leave it up to Ken to do it.

"I just happen to own a very big ranch and I'm looking for a strong, young man to help me. Would you be interested?" Trinity teased him and moaned when his skilled thumbs at last, touched her nipples.

Ken's thumbs moved around her excited nipples, but he hadn't touched them yet. He knew how to tease a woman from all his readings and watching shows about it. Now he had a beautiful, willing woman to practice all he'd learned. "What's the pay?" he asked kissing her ear and like before, she moaned, letting him know what she liked.

"Some nice evenings of things like this and I'm sure we can work something else out." Trinity said in a deep, lustful voice, wishing he'd stop with all the teasing and just grab her boobs.

"You've got a deal," he whispered and slipped his hands completely over her breasts and gently squeezed. "Oh shit!" was all Ken could manage to say. Her soft globs of flesh felt so good, so warm and wonderful in his hands. "Can I do this a lot?" he asked panting in her ear as he continued to gently squeeze and caress her.

"Oh yes!" Trinity cried out with need. "You can do anything you want!" she moaned, pushing back, wishing he'd shove her over the 4-wheeler and love her right there, but she wasn't going to rush things. She wanted him to do it all.

"You should be careful saying something like that to a horny 18-year-old. We have wild imaginations!" Ken laughed giving her one last kiss before he pulled away. He had to get away from her before he came in his pants.

"I'm a big girl. I think I could handle anything you could think up!" Trinity smiled, thinking of him on her, loving her all night long. He was young and would be able to love her for hours and hours without stopping.

"Fuck going home, I'm staying here forever!" he laughed and saw a smile on her face that he'd never forget as long as he lived. He'd never seen a more beautiful woman in his life as Trinity was at that very moment. "You're absolutely fucking beautiful!" he said caressing the side of her face, not caring how old she was or that she was his aunt, he wanted her.

"And you say you can't get a girlfriend?" Trinity said looking at him with wonder in her eyes. "You've only been here a day and you've all but charmed your way into my pants," she giggled fanning her face, wishing her clit would stop throbbing.

"Maybe I was saving myself for a sexy, older woman!" Ken winked giving Trinity a playful slap on her sexy ass.

"Ouch! You bugger!" she laughed giving her stinging butt cheek a little rub as the wonderful feel rushed through her body. "I guess we should head down that way. The grass down there is so thick and rich; I always find a few hundred head of cattle there," she said pointing down in a beautiful valley. "You ready?"

"Lead on, little girl!" he said with a big smile, watching Trinity's face turning that wonderful shade of pink.

After they closed and locked the barn doors, Trinity looked at her watch, wishing it was later. She couldn't wait for a long, relaxing bath and a rubdown from Ken. "Oh shoot, you wanted to look at the Hummer," she said to Ken, hoping he could wait until tomorrow. Trinity's back was killing her and she wanted to rinse off.

He pulled her against his body and smiled. "I can wait. It's still a little early for your bath and my magic fingers," he smiled again, gently reaching around Trinity to gently rub her lower back, making sure he teased her fine looking ass. "Why don't we go shower and relax before dinner?" he asked holding her closer, enjoying her loving, mature body against his and Ken hoped tonight would be his last night as a virgin.

"I am kinda stinky!" Trinity giggled as he caressed all over her lower back and the top part of her very tender ass. "I bet you'll turn me into a big pile of putty tonight," she whispered, hoping her handsome nephew would have the nerve to try and seduce her. He was a very charming young man, but she sensed he was still a virgin.

He held Trinity, looking into pretty eyes and carefully leaned towards her lips, hoping she'd want to kiss. Ken could feel her breathing increasing and it happened. His sexy aunt leaned close and her lips gently touched his.

Trinity knew what was coming and she wanted it just as much as Ken. Their lips met and she couldn't help but moan. "Oh Lord, you're going to kill me!" Trinity whispered, trying to catch her breath. "I wanta wait until later," she said in a soft voice, hoping her young man could hold out. She wanted this to happen slowly.

"After you shower, will you wear... ?"

"I'll find something very nice, just for my new man." Trinity smiled, thinking of her long, black see-through gown and she knew he would love it. "Let's go clean up and if you're a good boy, maybe we can pick up where we left off." Trinity whispered as she gently kissed him again, but this time, her tongue slowly slithered in his mouth. Her pussy felt like it was completely on fire. It was burning so badly and she knew what it needed, her handsome, young nephew to screw it until she passed out.

Ken watched her moving towards him and when they kissed, he gently sucked her warm and very wet tongue. "That was nice!" he moaned looking in her eyes, hoping and praying this was going to be the night he'd been waiting for. He couldn't have asked for a better woman to be his first. She was so beautiful, sexy and his aunt.

"It was wonderful!" Trinity said holding his hand and she led them into the house. "I'll return shortly. Open a bottle of wine and make sure this," she smiled, reaching down to run her fingers over his dick. "Stays nice and hard for me." Trinity purred, lightly biting her lower lip, thinking of her young lover screwing her the entire night.

Ken smiled and loved her gentle hand touching him. "As long as you're around, I'll always be hard!" he said as Trinity slowly pulled away. Ken watched as she made her way down the hall, her firm ass wiggling with each step she took and Ken couldn't wait to get his hands on it. He always loved looking at a fine ass like Trinity's and later that night, Ken planned on enjoying it to the fullest. "You are going to be mine!" he said in a low voice, thinking of Trinity lying on her bed, rubbing and caressing every inch of her incredible body.

Trinity slipped the gown on, gave her hair a little fluff and she was ready for whatever Ken had in mind. "Mmm, I want him so bad!" she moaned giving her big, swollen nipples a hard pinch, making sure he could plainly see that she was ready. "Well, here goes!" Trinity moaned and went to find her lover.

Ken was in the kitchen by the stove, cooking dinner when she came in. "Oh wow!" he said with a big smile as his eyes roamed over her magnificent body. "You're so pretty!" Ken said as she walked towards him with a seductive look in her pretty eyes. "Wearing something like that... could get you into a lot of trouble," he whispered pulling her in his arms, enjoying her warm body and the feel of the sheer gown.

"What kind of trouble?" Trinity asked, feeling his hands roaming her back and down to her ass.

"Well, I'm young and horny and here you are in just about nothing." Ken said caressing her ass, pulling her hips to his hard cock, hoping the time was nearing, but he did have some great plans for later. "You might not be safe," he smiled, running a finger up the entire length of her deep ass-crack.

"Hum... I guess I'd better be careful then," she moaned laying her head on his shoulder, savoring his soft touch on her ass, hoping he'd do more. Trinity loved her bottom touched and on occasion, she'd even been known to enjoy a nice, stiff penis deep in it. "I'd hate to tempt some handsome, young man into raping me." Trinity moaned as he caressed deeper, touching her most private and forbidden place. "I love that!" she cried pushing her butt to him, hoping he'd take it. She'd seen him looking at it all day and it drove Trinity insane.

Ken held her while he caressed her ass and she went wild when he touched her tiny, tiny hole. I'm thinking I'll get some of this later! He said to himself, loving all of Trinity's moaning and her body going wild in his arms. "You're giving me a very nasty idea." Ken whispered in her ear, caressing her ass with one hand while the other slowly moved up her panting body, until he found her excited right nipple. He gently rolled and pulled the swollen bud, driving her crazy.

"Oh God!" Trinity moaned, knowing she had to stop this before she came in his arms. "Let's stop. I want to eat, get my bubble bath and I can't wait for you to massage me," she purred hoping he wouldn't mind. Trinity loved to be teased and tormented, but she loved her sex for hours and hours, not like this.

He hated stopping, but he also wanted her to be happy. "Sure, I'm looking forward to that myself." Ken said with a smile as he slowly leaned towards her mouth, enjoying her panting for air. "I need a little kiss to hold me over until then," Ken said with a wink. Her juicy mouth opened and her warm tongue slid deep in his mouth and to the back of his throat. Oh yes! He thought looking to her beautiful face, hoping this would never end. She was any guys dream come true and all his fun the entire summer.

Trinity looked at him and knew she could not deny him anything. She opened her mouth and attacked. She kissed her young lover with more passion than Trinity could have ever thought possible and she couldn't wait to get him in bed. She pulled from him and smiled. "I hope we don't end up killing each other!" Trinity smiled as she flopped into a nearby chair, trying to catch her breath and wished her tiny clit would stop throbbing for a few minutes.

Ken stood in shock and had to laugh at what she said. "You got that right!" he said trying to remember what he was doing before she came in the room. "You fucked me up! I can't remember what I was doing!" he laughed, knowing Trinity could interrupt him anytime she washed.

"Oh come on... get tough!" Trinity smiled at Ken and she was so glad that he'd come to see her. At long last, all of her lonely days and nights were over. "I was wondering about something," she said pausing, hoping she could ask him.

"What's that, babe?" he asked chopping up a tomato and dumped it into a large bowl.

She looked at him and felt a little hint of fear. "Since we're... um... getting along so nice and um... I'm thinking we're going to be getting very, very close to each other after tonight." Trinity paused, hoping she could finish. "Does it bother you that I'm your aunt?" she asked in a soft, helpless voice.

Ken was chopping up more things for their salad and he couldn't believe what she asked. "Not really. I think of you as a sexy lady I've known for along time and now we're just getting really close!" he smiled at her, hoping she wasn't going to change her mind. He wanted her more than anything. Ken walked behind her and softly hugged. "You're not changing your mind are you?" he asked hugging her with love, praying she still wanted this to happen.

She wrapped her arms around his and had to smile. "No," she whispered, kissing his right hand. "I just want to make sure it won't screw you up or anything. It's not everyday that a young man gets to make love to his aunt." Trinity added, turning to look at him and saw nothing but love in his dark, bedroom eyes.

"If every guy in the world had an aunt that looked like you," Ken stopped to kiss her before going on, "It would happen all the time!" He laughed and sat down on his knees beside her. "I'm a big boy and I'm falling for you. I'm ready for anything we do or don't do." Ken said caressing a long strand of her hair from her face and gently kissed her again.

"I just wanted to make sure. I'd hate to hurt you." Trinity smiled, gently kissed him and couldn't wait till later. She was getting him no matter what.

"Wow! That was so good!" Trinity said giving her mouth a wipe with her napkin. "So, I'm hiring you as my foreman and cook! Think you can handle it?" she asked with a big smile, thinking of Ken being with her forever.

Ken sat looking at her and just smiled. "Well, you kinda left one other job out," he said tapping his fingers on the table, watching a puzzled look cover her pretty face.

"What?" she asked.

He looked at Trinity and felt his cock growing hard. "Your personal stud," he said in a low voice, thinking of pleasing her and how glorious it was going to be. Ken always had a thing for older women and he knew she would be his last. No other would ever equal her.

Trinity just smiled at Ken and knew her life was complete. "How could I have ever forgotten that!" she asked, feeling her clit throbbing with need.

"I have no idea."

"Oh gezz, I know why," she said in a teasing voice, smiling at him. "I have to train you for a few months before I make up my mind."

"A few months?" he laughed.

"I have to make sure you're good."

"I'll be damn good, little girl!"

"I bet you will." Trinity moaned, imagining Ken's long dick up her burning pussy, and how nice it was going to feel. "Wanta go and watch a movie before I take my bubble bath?" she asked with a smile.

"Sure, but only if we can snuggle, too," Ken said with a wink and couldn't wait to start teasing her again. He loved touching Trinity's wonderful body and turning her on.

"I wouldn't have it any other way!" she smiled and couldn't wait to enjoy his young hands on her body, driving her nuts before she took her bath and then, she'd really enjoy him.

"Ok, I'm ready when you are." Ken said looking into her pretty, blue eyes and hoped she kept them open when he made love to her. He'd never been with a woman, but Ken knew he'd love looking in Trinity's beautiful eyes as they loved each other.

"Let's go!" she said standing up and took his arm, just as if they were on a romantic date.

Later, after picking out a movie, they were laying on the floor in front of the fireplace. Ken was behind Trinity, naked, with his right hand over her breast, teasing her nipple with his fingers. His hard cock rested deep in her ass-crack and it slowly moved back and forth.

She felt his bare hardness moving against her butt and Trinity didn't know what to say. She only knew that it was good. "Oh boy! If you're touching me this good now, you'll kill me later!" Trinity moaned, wondering if she'd explode when he started her massage. She knew it was going to take very much and she'd be putty in his hands.

He just smiled toying with her large nipple, hoping that he'd last long enough to please her needs before he came. Ken didn't know how long he could hold out, she was his first woman. "Nah, I'd never do that," he whispered, gently kissing her neck, feeling her body twist with need and a low moan come from her panting mouth. "You like that, little girl?" Ken whispered again, but this time, his teeth lightly bit down and Trinity's body went wild in front of him.

She just lay there, enjoying his soft touch and he kissed her neck. "Oh shit!" Trinity moaned when his lips started kissing her. She jumped, making his stiffness slip completely between her long legs and on her wet pussy. "Yes, I love it!" she cried out as his young and very hard dick fell against her, sending wave after wave of the most wonderful feelings flooding through her body.

"I might have to get real nasty with you tonight." Ken whispered and he started sucking the side of her neck. It was easy at first, but when Trinity started moaning and cried for more, Ken sucked it hard. "You like it nasty, little girl?" he asked, sucking her harder, not caring if he marked her or not. Hell they were on a cattle ranch; maybe he could brand her just like they did the cattle.

"I'll love anything you want to do!" Trinity cried, feeling him sucking her neck and she didn't care what he did. She hadn't had a good love mark on her body in years and she knew he'd love seeing it. All young men liked seeing their girl marked.

He pulled her gown up, wanting his hard cock closer to her and the prize that was waiting for him between her long, slender legs. "You may have to get your bath soon," he moaned pushing his stiffness to her, enjoying her wetness and heat covering him. Her soft moaning and pushing back, was driving Ken crazy. He wanted her and it had to be soon.

"Anything... you... want!" Trinity moaned, hoping their encounter would last longer than five seconds. She knew it wouldn't take her long and she had a feeling that this would be Ken's first time with a woman.

He kept sucking the same spot on her tender neck, knowing he was branding her. "I'm giving you a massive hickey," he moaned sucking the side of her neck, rubbing his very hard cock over Trinity's pussy and Ken wanted in her, but giving her a bath and a rubdown had to come first. He knew women loved to be pampered and to have sex that lasted for hours and hours.

"Yes!" Trinity cried out, feeling his sucking increasing and he was marking her with a nice tramp-stamp, as they called it when she went to college so many years ago. "Suck it! Brand my ass!" she cried out louder, pushing her ass and burning pussy to his young cock, hoping it would find its way under her panties. "Mark me! I'm all yours! Do anything you want!" Trinity moaned, hoping Ken would take her there and skip everything else.

Ken sucked hard; her moaning and shoving back to him let him know she loved it. He rolled on Trinity's back and started humping her sweet ass. "This is awesome!" he said taking a little break from her neck, enjoying his hard cock rubbing over her ass and down to the back of her wet pussy. "I'm never going home!" he whispered moving back to her neck, sucking harder than ever.

"It's amazing!" Trinity moaned feeling him pushing her on her stomach and he mounted her. His hard dick felt good as it slid gently up and down her ass-crack. It lightly touched her soaked pussy, driving her crazy with need. "Oh baby! I want to bathe and then," Trinity paused, feeling him moving off her body. "I want you in me for hours and hours!" she said gasping for air, watching a big grin covering his face. "How does that sound?" Trinity asked caressing his swollen dick and she couldn't wait to enjoy him.

He carefully moved off her and it couldn't have come at a better time. Poor Ken was so close to cumming on her, it was unreal. "Anything with you will be great," he said giving her a small kiss before he got up. He reached down and pulled her up into his arms. "I'll start your bath and you go get another bottle of wine." Ken said looking at her aging face, hoping this was a good idea. She was so much older than him and his aunt.

"Ok," she whispered and went to the kitchen, thinking of her young, handsome nephew screwing her to death. I can't wait to get that pretty thing in me, she thought going towards the fridge, as visions of his stiffened dick filled her mind. I hope you screw me until I die! Trinity moaned to herself and couldn't wait to feel his hot cum shooting in her body. She always loved the feel of a man loving her and when he came, she would be in heaven.

Trinity sat in the warm water, as Ken knelt beside her, gently washing her back and shoulders. "Oh boy!" she moaned enjoying his caring hands gently and slowly caressed her wet body. "You are a master at this!" Trinity smiled and couldn't wait to get him in her bed.

Ken returned her warm smile, savoring her beauty, knowing she was all his. "Nah, I just love pampering you," he winked caressing slowly around her body with his right hand, until he found her breasts. His fingers carefully traced around her swollen nipples, watching her eyes squeeze shut and soft moans of need coming from her mouth. They were soft, but full of blood and puffed with need.

"I'm ready to go to my room, baby." Trinity purred as she looked at his long, hard manhood which was just as ready as she was. "After you finish massaging me," she stopped to gently hold his pausing member in her hand. "I'm going to fix this for you," she added with a soft whisper, knowing she should just go on and screw him, but the lingering thought of him being her nephew kept filling her mind.

He smiled back at Trinity and hoped he could seduce her. She was very horny and would be so easy. "I can't wait." Ken said leaning towards her, gently kissing her mouth. "I'm going to get ready. Don't get out until I come back," he added kissing her deeper as they looked into each others eyes.

She was in heaven. A young man was about to seduce her and Trinity couldn't wait. Trinity hadn't had a man in her body in so long and now hoped she hoped to go through with this. "Ok," she purred watching him leave the bathroom and hurry down the hall. You are so wonderful. I just hope you don't get too upset with me if I can't do it yet, she thought, hoping he'd love a blowjob or even her soft hands jerking him off. He was young and she knew he'd most likely enjoy anything she did to him.

Ken rushed to the kitchen for three candles and some incense. He ran back to her room, lighting the candles and incense, making sure everything was perfect. He grabbed a thick blanket and went back for Trinity. "Ma'am, may I escort you to your room?" he teased bowing to her as if he was her slave.

She looked at him and just smiled. "I could get very used to this!" Trinity said with a big smile as she stood up. He carefully wrapped the warm, thick blanket around her body and ran his hands all over it, making sure she was dried off.

He held out the blanket, pulled it around her beautiful body, and couldn't wait to get her in bed. He was going to drive her crazy. "Ok, let's go," he smiled feeling her trembling, not from the cold, but with anticipation of what was to come. Ken was a bit nervous himself and hoped they'd go all the way, but if not, he had all summer.

Trinity rested against his side as they walked to her bedroom. "Awe, how sweet!" she gasped, hugging him when she saw what Ken did. "You're one of a kind." Trinity purred turning to hug him and she felt something nice and very hard against her left thigh. "Mmm, is this for me?" she whispered, sliding her hand down to hold it and gently squeezed. "I'll fix this for you and you're going to love it!" Trinity whispered again, thinking of it shooting all over her body. If she could get the nerve maybe she'd even let him do it in her mouth or up her lonely pussy.

"Yes, silly!" he said hugging her back, shifting his cock so that it was completely against her dripping-wet pussy. "You're so hot and... wet," he smiled, wondering if he should just take her right there. She was more than ready, she was on fire.

"I know," she replied pulling from him and laid across her bed face down. Trinity saw his big, brown eyes looking her over and she wanted to cum. No man had looked at her this way in years and it made her burn with need. "I'm ready." Trinity purred, hoping he'd make her cum and soon.

Ken reached for the oil sitting on her nightstand, moved over her, letting his hard cock slide in her ass-crack and he still could not believe what was happening. He dripped oil all over her shoulders, neck and the upped half of her back. "You look so damn good," he said in a soft voice and reached to her.

He slowly caressed around her neck, making sure to touch every inch of her. Trinity's soft moaning of pleasure and need filled the glowing room. He carefully moved to massage her shoulders; the moaning grew a bit louder as Trinity relaxed more and more.

His stiffness slid into her butt crack and she hoped Ken would take her. "Oh my Lord! You're going to kill me!" she moaned, as he caressed and massaged her tired and very lonely body into a state of bliss. He slowly caressed, his hands slid over her oil-covered flesh and each time he moved, so did his hard manhood, sending waves of pleasure shooting through her, like nothing she'd ever known. "Oh yes!" Trinity whimpered as he moved lower, closer to the parts of her that needed a man. "Oh baby, yes!" she cried when he moved to her lower back, just above her butt and his shaft dropped against her pussy. "Oh baby, that's so nice," she whispered as he rubbed, caressed and massaged her deeper.

He loved hearing her soft moans and knew this was only going to get better with each passing moment. Ken slowly caressed lower, until he was at her butt, enjoying her soft whimpering as his cock fell against her wet pussy. "Does my little girl like this?" he whispered and only heard another helpless moan come from her.

She just lay there, knowing that she was helpless and at his complete mercy. "Yes," she whispered back and at long last, he was caressing her ass. "Oh, Kenny," Trinity moaned as his loving hands worked her meaty flesh with such love and tenderness, she wanted to scream. She lifted her hips, wanting him in her and put an end to the horrible burning in her body.

Ken felt her lift, but he wasn't ready. He wanted her to orgasm from the massage and then he was taking her. She was going to get him for hours and hours before this ended. "You better behave," he teased, giving her left ass-cheek as he gave it a playful slap, feeling her wonderful ass muscles tighten under his hands.

She needed him in her. "I'm dying!" Trinity whimpered, praying Ken would just ram himself up her burning pussy or if he wanted, he was even free to take her ass. Either way, she knew it wouldn't take but a few seconds for her to explode. "Baby, do it! I want you in me so bad!" Trinity begged him, lifting her hips, pushing herself to his hardness.

Ken heard her and didn't know what to do. He wanted her just as badly, but he was also wanted to finish this. He gently lay on her back, started sucking the same spot on her neck. "I will. I love touching you and I wanta finish," he whispered in between sucking and humping her fine ass. "I'll love every hole you have. How does that sound?" Ken asked and he was answered by another of Trinity's seductive moan.

Trinity felt him lay on her and when he started sucking her neck, she knew what was coming. "Yes!" she cried moving her hips in small circles, hoping his hardness would slip into one of her ready holes. She was ready for anyplace he wanted. "Do it baby! Take me! Love me!" Trinity begged with need in her soft voice. "Please!" she moaned enjoying his stiffness moving against her ass and wet pussy.

He sucked and humped in time with her hips, wondering if he should do it or not and something happened. "Oh fuck!" Ken moaned as his swollen cock-head eased into a delightful, but forbidden place. Her muscles grabbed him and locked around his stiff cock. "I love you! Oh, I love you so much!" he cried out with joy. At long last, he was in Trinity's body and was going make to love her.

"Oh yes! My baby! Love me!" Trinity squealed out when she felt his big cock-head taking her ass. She didn't care, he could do anything and Trinity would love it. He slowly sank into her, bringing her mature body more pleasures than she could ever imagine. Ken stretched her tiny hole; but she relaxed, knowing it was going to feel so good.

He kept sucking her neck hard, feeling her relaxing and his hard cock sinking deeper and deeper in the ass he loved looking at. It was all his and Ken planned on loving it. "I'm in you," he whispered, enjoying the feel of their bare flesh touching and him being in her.

"Yes you are," she whispered back, reaching her hands to his face and held Ken's mouth against her neck. "Suck it hard! I want everyone to know I'm your little bitch!" Trinity cried out, feeling that she was now full of her wonderful nephew's big, hard cock. "I'm never, ever letting you go," she whispered as he sucked her neck so hard, it hurt, but she wasn't going to stop him. "My new man, my wonderful new lover!" Trinity moaned as he slowly started to pump her ass. "Ahhh, yes!" she cried as his hardness slid so carefully in and out of her body, making all her loneliness fade away.

He sucked and hugged her body to his and Ken knew it was time. He lifted his hips, slowly easing his cock from her sexy ass and gently lowered back down, pushing himself back in her. "Don't ever worry about me leaving you," he moaned, savoring her sweet ass wrapped so tightly around his cock. "I'll be yours as long as you want me," he whispered with love in his voice and he wanted something else from Trinity. "I want you on your back now." Ken whispered in her ear and he was answered with a loud and very long moan.

"Yes!" she cried and waited for Ken to pull from her bottom, once he did, she couldn't turn over fast enough. "Take me! I'm all yours!" Trinity panted with need, watching him move between her legs and guide himself to her. "I still can't believe this is happening," she whispered thinking back to the times she held him as a baby and watching him grow into the fine young man above her.

He just smiled and was ready to love his beautiful and sexy aunt. "You better believe it." Ken said with a smile and it was time to end her loneliness. The phone rang as Ken's cock was aiming for her hot pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Trinity whined, feeling like she was going to die any second. She needed him in her. "Who in the hell could that be?" she asked looking at him, hoping he'd just go on and forget the phone, but the damn thing kept ringing and ringing. "I better get it. Nobody ever calls me." Trinity said as he lifted off her and his face looked like the way she felt. He looked hurt and denied some magnificent pleasures. "Go wash up and I'll get it," she said in a soft and very loving voice as she grabbed the phone.

"Hello." Trinity whispered in the receiver.

"Well, hello! I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to pick up." Ken's mother Barb laughed.

"We were already in bed. It's been a rough few days." Trinity lied.

"How's everything going?" Barb asked. "Is that son of mine pulling his weight?" she laughed, thinking of Ken working his ass off for Trinity.

"Mmm, he's been just wonderful!" Trinity moaned and wanted to die. Oh God, I hope she doesn't take that the wrong way! She thought, knowing Barb always read between the lines and was sure to know what was going on.

Barb couldn't believe Trinity's words and had to find out what was up. "You kinda made that sound a bit... nasty!" she laughed, hoping her son wasn't having sex with her horny sister-in-law.

"I'm just real tired, I'm sorry." Trinity replied into the phone, hoping to convince Barb nothing was going on between her and Ken. "Nothing's been nasty around here for a long time!" she laughed again, watching Ken in the shower.

"You had me a little worried! I know you're a total nympho and I was hoping you weren't screwing Kenny yet!" she laughed again. "I'm sure he'd love it. He adores older women like you so much!" Barb said, wondering if Trinity already had him. She'd always been nothing but a nympho and Barb knew she'd never change.

Trinity just laughed. "He does enjoy looking at me a lot," she said, thinking of the way he always had his eyes on her ass and big breasts.

"I bet he does! He also loves big tits, so watch out!" Barb laughed knowing her horny son would hump Trinity in a second. "Is he still up?" she asked, hoping he was.

Trinity knew he was, but she didn't want Barb to suspect anything. "I'll have to go look," she said pulling herself from the bed, walked out in the hall and back into her room. "Hey sweetie, are you still awake?" she asked knocking on her bedroom door, watching Ken's face go blank. "Your Mom's on the phone." Trinity said handing him the phone, hoping this wouldn't fuck up their night, but she watched his beautiful dick starting to shrink. Damn it! Trinity thought, knowing she should have never picked up the damn phone.

"Hi Mom," he said with a frown. "I'm great. I wish I would have come up here before long before this. It's so pretty here." Ken smiled, caressing Trinity's bare thigh and up between her long legs.

"Is she behaving herself? I didn't tell you this, but she's a nymphomaniac." Barb said hearing him laughing at her. "Well, she is. I know you're over 18, but you shouldn't mess with her. She is your aunt, even if it's only by marriage." Barb said, trying to hear anything in his voice that would let her know if they were or not.

"Damn, Mom! She's cool and would never do anything like that," he said running his fingers over Trinity's little clit, watching her eyes close and her sexy mouth open, panting for air. "But, I'm thinking about jumping her ass! She looks so good!" he moaned hearing his Mom gasp for air.

"Oh my God, Kenny, you better not!"

"I'm over 18, why not? She's a babe and you already knew I love women her age," he smiled down at her, watching Trinity's pretty eyes sparkling with love.

"She's your aunt!"

"Not by blood, so it's ok. If she was younger... we could even have a few babies together!"

"What! Oh my God! Kenny, don't you dare!"

"You know what... I'm going to hang up and go fuck her right now!" He put the phone in its cradle, shoved Trinity back on her bed and he took her. "Oh yes!" Ken moaned as he sank to her core. Her muscles held him so tight, it hurt, but he wasn't stopping. He looked at Trinity's gorgeous face and knew he'd never go home.

She had to laugh at what Ken told his Mom. "You are so bad!" Trinity laughed and when he pushed her down, she knew what was coming. She spread her long legs, took a deep breath and let him in. "Oh my God! My baby! My sweet, sweet baby!" she squealed as he filled her small, tight pussy with his young and very stiff cock. "Yes! Oh yes!" Trinity squealed as her short fingernails dug into his young flesh with no mercy, enjoying the feel of this young man so deep in her body.

Her body held him so tight he couldn't move his cock. Ken was ready to love this sexy lady and he couldn't wait for her to relax. "You're so tight," he whispered lying over her body, until they were face to face. "I need to tell you something," he said caressing some hair from Trinity's pretty face.

She just smiled up at him and flexed her inside around his cock. "What's that, sweetie?" Trinity asked with a loving smile, feeling her body starting to relax and it wasn't going to be much longer until he could please their needs.

"You're my... um... first woman," Ken said watching a loving smile cover Trinity's face.

She just hugged him and knew this was going to be an unforgettable summer. "I kinda figured that." Trinity replied, looking into his dark eyes. "I'm glad you were. It's not often a woman my age gets an amazing young man like you," she paused to kiss him and Trinity was ready for her young lover to wear her out. "Now we can explore some very magnificent things together," she whispered with lust in her voice, thinking of all the different ways she was going to teach Ken to love her.

"I can't wait!" he smiled and started pumping her with long and very deep thrusts.

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