Gamma Mutants
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Long ago there was a world with people not unlike our own. Using technology they sought to master their destiny and the world around them. After a series of wars the many nations of this planet made peace focusing their collective knowledge on improving technology that they used in everyday life.

The byproduct of these technological advancements was pollution which destroyed the ozone layer as well as damaging the environment. As the deadly rays of radiation began to affect their planet three microorganisms believed to be merely a nuisance joined together and infected a large number of the population.

Using their advanced medicine the people of this distant world fought this outbreak and began to eradicate it. To save themselves these viruses formed yet another symbiotic relationship this time with the unborn fetuses of those that sought to destroy them.

Adding their DNA to this emerging generation they aided the already existent immune systems to hunt down and destroy any foreign matter that might harm their hosts. Reflexes, senses, strength and healing ability were improved as well further distinguishing their hosts. From this mutation a new race was born and was an improvement on the old.

Feeling a greater connection to the environment the Quini, as they called themselves tried to turn their parents from their chosen path of self-destruction. This venture proved unsuccessful and the radiation entering through their atmosphere only increased beginning the second mutation. The children of the Quini who were affected by what was then gamma radiation proved far more hardier than their parents or grandparents.

Unfortunately for the parent race of the Quini and the Gamma Mutants, the later of the two new races did not feel a strong connection with the original inhabitants and gave them an ultimatum: If they did not give up their technology which was destroying their shared planet then the Gamma Mutants would rise up against them.

Foolishly the parent race of the two mutant races refused and prepared for battle.

War had broken out immediately after the Dafi had refused to listen to the ultimatum of the Gamma Mutants and their allies.

Taking arms against them there was an armed revolt as the new generation brought forth their army. Nerem Tu, a young captain had been given command over a unit and was the first into battle.

It was a spring day Nerem breathed in the morning air looking at the trees that were already dieing in this part of the forest.

Looking at them he felt a surge of anger swell through him. As a child he had walked through this grove of trees and he had them green and healthy.

Even now he heard no birds singing in their tree tops, they had long ago moved onto healthier parts of the forest where deadly radiation wasn't killing everything. Hearing movement below he moved to the edge of the cliff crouching down to remain unseen.

Below he saw the Dafi as they called them in their radiation suits. While he and his kind could survive here without their suits the Dafi would soon die.

Taking out a knife he flashed his blade and reflected it at the trees below, an answering signal came back as the trap was set. It was not a high cliff from what Nerem judged. Rising from his crouch he leapt off falling towards the enemy below.

Most of the impact was taken by a few men he fell on. Rolling to his feet he roared a battlecry charging into the Dafi ranks slicing and stabbing.

This was the signal as the rest of his unit charged out of the woods armed with close range weapons and bayonets.

The Dafi had assumed that no one else could survive here because they were the only ones who had suits. Their weapons were strapped to their backs and their cumbersome radiation suits only served to frustrate them as they tried to fight back.

The unhampered Gamma Mutants made quick work of them without them firing a shot. Their bodies were dragged away before Nerem led his men behind enemy lines.

This group had been a patrol and they knew no more were nearby. It would take their enemy some time to realize there was a hole in their line and Nerem wanted to make the most of it. Intelligence said that there was a supply base not far ahead. He knew they could make it by nightfall if they hurried.

With ears peeled he moved forward leading his troops conscious of any danger that might exist out there. Moving quickly they made good progress, far faster than the enemy ever could.

His unit arrived ahead of schedule and he ordered them to rest, until they could approach under cover of night. Unlike their enemy Nerem and his people didn't need night vision goggles.

Night for them was just as good as day. The eyes simply adjusted on their own adapting to their changing surroundings. It was just one of the benefits of being who they were.

As night fell campfires and night patrols started in the enemy camp. Moving in they killed the guards one by one quietly. Dragging their bodies away they hid them in available cover before moving on. Ordering his men to set the charges they had captured from the Dafi they left the place after the timers were set.

They were already far away by the time the explosions lit up the sky and smoke rose from the site.

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