Vandhana and Radha
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Some parts of the Ravi's Vacation story which were missed out.

Vandhana considered her future. Ravi was a nice person, and she loved him. But all of these facts didn't not change the fact that, Ravi loved Radha.

While the marriage between Vandhana and Ravi, was going to be in the fortnight, she hardly felt happy or looked forward to the event.

She decided that talking to Radha would be a good thing, after all Vandhana hoped against hope, if Radha didn't loved Ravi, She could convince Ravi to forget her.

As she approached the center of the village, Vandhana enquired around for Radha's house.

The house was not much more then a hut, and was set in the middle of a cluster of huts looking as if they could fall apart in the next minute. She knocked at the collection of bamboo sticks, which formed the door to the hut. A face peeped out from behind the crack. Suddenly, the door opened wide and Radha stepped out.

"Vandhana memsahib!,"

"Radha, I wanted to speak to you, shall I come in?".

"Memsahib, my house is not fit for the likes of you, Please go home, I will come to you".

"That is alright, there are preparations for the marriage going on at the house and I would like to talk to you privately".

"Memsahib, Let us walk to the pond, It is pretty secluded".

Vandhana had to agree, they walked towards the pond. Radha led the way forward.

Radha had a sari worn without a blouse, and way it covered her, presented her in a new light.

Vandhana had seen Radha naked at the pond, and now, admired her beautiful posterior, Radha's walking accentuated her ass. Her body failed to keep up with her ass, but not by much. Radha had a slim waist and an adequate chest. Her skin tone was dusky and added to her beauty. Her eyes were the big doe shaped, a sharp blunt nose and thick pink lips. Some of her curly hair spilled out of the tight bun she wore her hair in.

They sat down on the outcrop of rocks.

"Do you love Ravi", Vandhana started off.

"Memsahib, I don't know what love is, it is for rich people, not for us poor",

"I want to know if you love Ravi, not about love",

"Memsahib, What does it matter if I love anyone", Radha sobbed.

"It matters to me, I want you to come to work for me".

"Please memsahib, I don't want to come near that house, I have already been hurt",

"I know that you slept with Ravi, if you don't want it to be known to everyone...",

"Please memsahib, I will do whatever you want me to, I have only hopes left now, please don't be so cruel",

"Come to the house this evening, I want you to help me get ready for my wedding".

Radha was quite apprehensive as she approached the house. Luckily, she didn't encounter Ravi anywhere.

"Vandhana memsahib has gone to have her bath, go there", The maid cleaning Vandhana's room told Radha.

"And take this oil with you,".

Radha entered the bath, it was an expansive room, with a big cauldron on boil on one side and a well in the other corner. The rest of the room contained a small foot stool, where Vandhana sat with a towel covering her.

"Memsahib, Oil",

"Radha, rub the oil on will you, Looks like the regular maid has not come",

"Memsahib, I haven't rubbed oil on anyone before",

"There is nothing to it, warm it up on the cauldron and rub it",

"Okie memsahib",

Radha began heating up the oil, Vandhana adjusted her covering so that her bottom was covered, leaving her breasts exposed. Her dark pink nipples stood out, between a large pool of dark auerola on her full breasts.

Radha started the heated oil onto Vandhana, and started rubbing it in. Vandhana bent down, while Radha finished her back. Vandhana turned over, exposing her front to Radha, Radha promptly applied oil all over Vandhana's stomach and moved back.

"What about the rest of my front, who is going to put oil?",

Radha tentatively stepped forward and poured oil on Radha's breasts, while she hesitated to touch them,

"Come on, I haven't gotten all day",

Radha touched Vandana's breasts, slowly rubbing the oil flowing over Vandhana' breasts.

Vandhana could feel Radha's fingers as they started kneading her breasts, Radha seemed to pay extra attention to her nipples, twirling and pulling hard at them. Vandhana let out a small moan, startling Radha.

Radha never had considered other women as targets of her attraction, but looking at Vandhana half naked in front of her, and feeling her breasts had her excited. She could feel heat building up in her.

Vandhana had wanted to tease Radha, but had never expected her excitement to reach such levels. Though she had not had any interaction's with other women, she could feel her thoughts running through various possibilities.

She stood up, the towel covering her dropping to the floor.

"Now finish rubbing my legs",

Radha was quite happy for the respite, she immediately started her attentions to Vandhana's feet and ankles. As Radha rubbed and kneaded the oil onto Vandhana, Vandhana could feel her pussy becoming slightly wet.

"The oil is too cool, go warm it again",

Radha quickly moved towards the cauldron, while Vandhana picked up the towel and wiped her pussy.

When Radha returned, she started back again at Vandhana's knees and moved up to her thighs, unsure as to how much she could move up. Vandhana seemed to have dozed off against the wall.

She tentatively moved up the center of Vandhana's sex pouring some of the oil on to it. Vandhana seemed to be still dozing. Radha gently rubbed Vandhana's thighs and navel, approaching Vandhana's sex in a tentative rub. she finally over came her fears and started rubbing Vandhana's pussy in earnest, Vandhana now started moaning, Radha felt encouraged for some strange reason and pushed one of her oil covered fingers into Vandhana's pussy.

Vandhana let out a cry and grabbed Radha's hand, she pulled Radha close and kissed her thick lips, she sought Radha's tongue with hers. Radha kissed back, with her free hand, grabbed Vandhana's breast.

She kneaded them, while Vandhana freverntly groped Radha.

Radha broke the kiss. Pushing off her saree and unbuttoning her blouse, freed her breasts. She stood up discarding the rest of her clothes, while Vandhana helped her.

Vandhana kissed Radha, while she moved her hands over Radha's ass. Breaking the kiss, she moved to Radha's nipples, licking and kissing them. The broke contact as Vandana moved off the stool, and directed Radha up. She bent down and tasted Radha's drenched pussy.

Radha let out a moan and pushed Vandhana's head forcefully to her pussy. Vandhana started licking on Radha's pussy and nibbling on her clit to bring some more moans.

The knocking on the door launched them into action, as Radha quickly tried to dress herself and Vandhana covered herself with a towel and opened the door a little.

"We heard noises coming from here, is everything alright" asked Vandhana's elder sister.

"It is alright, Radha is giving me a massage, I am enjoying it",

"Okie, get ready soon".

Vandhana closed the door and looked at Radha who had dressed by now.

"You better leave, Come tomorrow morning".

Radha left the bathroom and started walking quickly towards her house, avoiding any conversation with some surprised servants.

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