New Life
Chapter 1

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Olivia Granger was 16 when she became pregnant, married and widowed. Now with a 9 year old son a new job in a new town she will start a New Life. This is my story so I would appreciate it if no took any of it or my characters for their own. Thank You, Camiluv23

Olivia Granger looked at the house that had been home for over nine years. This was where she had raised her son when her parents, mainly her father, kicked her out when she became pregnant by Steven Granger. She had been only sixteen and Steven's grandparents had taken her in and she finally felt like she had a home. Then while Steven was coming home from work he was in a car accident that took his life. It all felt like it happened eons ago instead of a few short years.

Now Steven's grandparents were also gone and the only real family she had left was her nine year old son Cadden. Since Cadden was the last of Steven's family everything was left to me to put away for him. So we talked and agreed to start fresh someplace new. So we sold the house kept only what we really wanted and packed up our truck and set out for our new life leaving Oklahoma behind us and on towards a ranch in New Mexico.

After getting into the truck Olivia looked at her son and smiled, " You ready honey?" "Yea mom. I think this will be good for us." Cadden said as put on his seatbelt. Olivia sighed. " I hope so honey, I hope so."

Marcus Hawk was waiting in the town Springwater located a hour from the Soaring Hawk Ranch. Had been waiting for almost an hour for the woman, Mrs. Granger, to show up so he could take her to the ranch where she would be cook and housekeeper.

He had hired her sight unseen, but she came highly recommended by a mutual friend.

As he sat on the bench waiting he was also hoping he hadn't made a mistake. Lucas his son didn't was a young woman out at the ranch where only men lived and worked. But they did need someone and Mrs. Granger needed a place to keep raising her son. Lucas, he hoped, would get use to the situation in time.

As Marcus was thinking on how to best deal with the situation he saw a black four door Ford make its way towards where he was waiting. He watched as a curvy brunette stepped down. She couldn't be more than five feet five inches tall and she was headed his way.

Olivia walked up to the man she thought matched the description of her new boss Marcus Hawk. "Hi, I'm Olivia Granger, are you Mr. Hawk?" Marcus smiled, "I'm one of them, yes. Marcus Hawk." Marcus reached out his hand for a shake. Olivia took hold of the offered hand and gave a small smile. "Nice to meet you Mr. Hawk." " It's good finally be here." Marcus smiled back. "It's good to have you here. Just follow me. I'm right here in the blue Ford. We'll go on out to the ranch." Olivia sighed with relief. "Good we're tired. Lead the way."

"Wow, mom look at that!" Cadden yelled from the seat next to her. "Honey I'm right here and can hear just fine. And I Can see too. It is beautiful." Olivia looked around her as she drove behind Mr. Hawk down the long gravel road. It is amazing, just amazing. Someplace you dream of, only wish to live.

Olivia parked next to Marcus Hawks blue Ford and climbed out. "Come on honey we need to follow Mr. Hawk." As Cadden jumped out of the truck he noticed a large dog by the front porch. "Mr. Hawk is that dog nice. I mean could I pet him? My grandma was allergic so we could never have a dog of our own." Marcus stopped next to Rusty and rubbed behind his right ear. "Rusty here is a good dog. Let him get use to you and he will be your best friend." With that said Marcus walked into the house with Olivia and Cadden following right Behind.

Olivia looked around as they entered the hose and was surprised by how neat is was considering all the men who she was told that live on this ranch.

"You have a great home Mr. Hawk. "I said as I looked around. "Please call me Marcus. We are not formal around here. As for the house my late wife Hannah liked things clean and we just kept it up after she passed. More habit than anything." Marcus started to walk down a long hallway and stopped at the last two doors. "The last room here will be Cadden's and the one next to it yours Olivia. Get settled and them we can see where we begin."

Cadden walked into the open door to the room that was to be his and smiled, "Mom this room is much bigger than my room back home. Look out the window... Wow horses. Mom this is so great." He said as he looked out his window. "I'm glad sweetheart. Why don't you start finding places for your thing while I go check out my room, ok."

"Yea mom." Cadden said as she walked to the door.

Olivia's room was much like Cadden's big with a bed, closet and dresser. They shared a bathroom which was located between the rooms. She sighed as she sat on the bed. Hopefully this was the new start they needed. Tears burned her eyes when she thought about all they left behind. Thinking about where Steven and his grandparents were buried. No, no more sad thoughts... they needed a new start and this was it.

Olivia got up and left the room to go find Marcus so they could discuss when to start working. As she walked down the hall and turned into the wide open kitchen she saw another man, yes that wasn't Marcus, this man was younger. Maybe the son... what was his name... then he turned, "who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house.?

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