Liz's Christmas Function
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dressed up to the nines at Tim's company's christmas party, Liz is actively promoting Tim's career by being the trophy wife mingling with the company's directors. Unfortunately for Liz she gets sidetracked from her quest in a way she can't control. This story is the second one in the Liz series.

Well it had been 6 months since my day with my boss's wife, Liz, when I had rescued her from the store detective at the supermarket and then taken her to a motel to extract my well earned reward. So tonight it was our companies Christmas party and I knew Liz would be there, dressed up to the nines, to make my boss look good to everyone in the company. Her husband, Tim was going places up the company structure and Liz fully acted her role as glamorous wife to help Tim get up where she thought he was destined to be.

Our company's function is a top notch affair at the best hotel in the city, with plenty of food, drink, and entertainment as a reward for a tough year working in the construction industry. There were about 250 of us plus respective wives, girlfriends, partners, and whatever; so the function room and lobbies were full of people determined to have a great start to the Christmas holidays now that our construction sites had closed for the two weeks. It was time to party and party hard.

As I entered the lobby I saw Tim talking to a couple of the company directors with Liz dutifully standing next to him, all smiles and small talk to the directors, fully engrossed in the elevation of her husband to the glory heights of senior management. I grabbed a soft drink from the bar and stood back out of the way behind Liz talking to some of the lads from site team, but positioned myself so I had direct line of sight onto Liz's back.

Liz was dressed in a black cocktail dress with a hem half way down her thighs showing off her stunning legs that were encased in fine black nylon, standing atop 2 inch high heels that showed off her shapely legs to perfection. The dress opened up about 3 inches above her hips showing off her suntanned back which was unhindered by a bra and held in place by the black straps looping up over her shoulders. While listening to the lads laughing and joking I was getting the start of a hard on in my suit trousers remembering the time I had bent Liz over and fucked her hard from behind both in her tight juicy pussy and up her virgin arse. Making my orange juice last as long as possible I had one hand in my pocket adjusting my hardening prick upwards so it wasn't noticeable and ensured my suit jacket was fully fastened to help cover any bulge that might start to show.

Fortunately after 15 minutes we were called into the main function room to take our seats for the company presentation and awards. Well the next 45 minutes passed as the Chairman made his speech and then the top performing site teams had to come up on the stage and receive gift packs as a thank you for the great results achieved during the year. The four of us from our team dutifully followed Tim onto the stage to receive our packs. As each person stepped forward to shake the Chairman's hand I looked down to look at Liz in the third row smiling broadly and clapping enthusiastically as Tim received his handshake. I stared hard at her and smiled broadly while giving her a wink from Tim's side, which took her aback somewhat much to my enjoyment.

After the formal part of the evening we had a mighty fine buffet of Christmas fare to tuck into and plenty of wine to enjoy, as I said this was serious party time. All through the meal I couldn't stop thinking how beautiful Liz looked and how much I wanted to fuck her again. This would take some careful planning to obtain pleasure without blowing my career in one quick fuck. So I stayed off the drink to keep my senses sharp and look for opportunities.

The first tactic was to get Tim drunk so I asked one of the waitresses to take him a double rum and coke saying it was from one of our directors so he wouldn't refuse to drink it. The second tactic was to watch Liz and watch for an opportunity to get her away from the main crowd. For now we were all stuck in the room so I took advantage of the fine food and ate my fill.

After the meal we had coffees, so I sent a double liqueur over to Tim from another director and watched him sink that with the liqueur he already had. At the same time the band came in and started playing quietly as everyone relaxed after a fine meal. All around me people were coming under the effects of all the wine, beers, and spirits they were liberally consuming as we were either staying in the hotel or had taxi chits so there was no one driving tonight.

About half an hour later most of us were up dancing to a range of 70's and 80's hits, all closely crowded together on the dance floor illuminated by flashing disco lights and strobes. Suit jackets had long gone and ties were either loose or gone completely as we got into partying. I slowly worked my way through the crowd until I was dancing behind Liz with Tim dancing alongside her. Tim was well on the way to being well oiled along with the majority of the room. We know how to party in the construction industry!!!!

Once ABBA's "Dancing Queen" came on the dance floor was packed solid and heaving. As we all danced I took the opportunity to lightly brush my hand over Liz's finely curved buttock, carefully watching for any reaction. There was none as she thought someone had brushed against her. A couple of minutes later I brushed my hand more heavily over both of her buttocks encased in her beautiful dress. This time she realised it was intentional and she looked over her left shoulder and shot a hard look at Peter as he danced who didn't have a clue why he had been given such a withering look. I enjoyed the moment immensely and continued dancing as we moved onto Boney M's "Rasputin". Half through this track I slipped my hand under the hem of her dress and stroked up the inside of her thigh. Instantly Liz spun in my direction and looked in horror at me at the blatant risk I was taking to feel her up as she and her husband danced with some of the directors and their wives.

"You are very beautiful", I quietly whispered as I continued dancing and she turned back to her group, probably looking around to see if anyone had noticed what had gone off. Well I was laughing to myself, stone cold sober among a heaving throng of one night party animals. Life was good and the element of risk gave a great buzz without the need for booze. I was almost as high on risk as everyone else was on alcohol.

At the next change of record Liz broke away and started out of the room so I started to follow about 20 feet behind her. Out in the lobby she looked for the signs for the toilets and started to head off down the long corridor leading to the ladies. I closed the distance between us down to about 10 feet as I walked quietly behind her on the thick plush carpet. As I have mentioned before Liz has stunning legs and her buttocks swayed with a fine smooth motion under her hugging dress that was as smooth as the motion of a Swiss watch. Tick, tick, tick, tick her buttocks sang to my eyes as I lusted after her. The skin of her back rippled slightly as her arms swung, boy was she beautiful as she walked slightly unsteady down the corridor on her high heels.

Several people came out of the toilets as we headed down towards the corridor and a quick look over my shoulder showed no one following us. As Liz approached the ladies toilet door I closed the distance between us and followed her straight into the ladies as the door closed behind her. If anyone was in there apart from Liz I would act all pissed and pretend I had got the wrong toilet by mistake. But if it was empty I would push her into the disabled toilet as there was more room in there for what I intended

As I came through the second door into the toilet I saw no one else was visible apart from Liz and in the mirror I could see all the cubicle doors were open. At the same time Liz saw my reflection in the mirror & turned towards me starting to demand "What the...", as my hand quickly covered her gaping mouth and my other hand grabbed her arm and thrust her towards the disabled cubicle.

Once inside I kept my hand over her mouth as I quickly shot the bolt on the door and pushed her up against the rear wall. Trapping her against the wall with my body I quickly withdrew my hand from her mouth, just giving her time to take in a lung full of air as I quickly smothered her lips with my mouth and thrust my tongue deep into her throat. To make the invasion complete my right hand thrust up under the front of her dress and beavered two fingers under her thong & thrust straight through the folds of her pussy lips, embedding them deep into her tight pussy. At the same time my left hand firmly gripped her full right breast through her dress and squeezed down hard onto her warm flesh through the black material. Liz went rigid in absolute shock and horror as I pinned her to the wall and groped her. As my tongue explored her mouth my right thumb found her clit and started to roughly rub across the sensitive bud, triggering juices to start flowing around my fingers buried full depth in her tight pussy. Her body betrayed her as she groaned at this 'abuse' and I felt her relax and sag against the wall as her clit hardened against my thumb and the juices flowed over my fingers. Thank god she was wearing stockings as it would have been a challenge to get to her pussy so quickly if she had been wearing tights.

I eased my lips away from her mouth to let her breathe as I continued to frig her pussy and clit unmercilessly. Liz started to return my kisses as her shock wore off and her body sort the pleasure my fingers offered. Yes, oh yes, she was still my slut despite her public airs and graces.

Her hips started to hump against me as she became more aroused and wet. My fingers were pounding into her as I vigorously rubbed her clit raw under my thumb. My left hand slid her right hand dress strap off her shoulder before sliding into her dress to lift out her heaving full right breast. My prick was rock hard inside my trousers as it thrust outwards begging for release and action.

Releasing her lips I bent my knees to bring my mouth down over the erect nipple of her exposed heaving breast. I quickly took the nipple and a full mouthful of firm flesh deep into my mouth as I hungrily sucked hard on her magnificent breast. Combining this with the attention my other hand was giving her pussy, Liz quickly started to head towards an orgasm. To take her over the edge completely, my now free left hand heaved up the back of her dress onto her hips and slid my forefinger down the tight cleavage of her buttocks until it dipped into the bottom of her pussy lips to collect some of her dripping juices. Once liberally coated with her free flowing juices I quickly moved my finger back up until it reached her puckered ring and I forcefully slid it into her arse to the first knuckle.

This was just too much for Liz and she exploded into an orgasm under this invasion and abuse of her magnificent body. We didn't care if anyone else was in there to hear us or not. Liz's pussy clamped down hard on my penetrating fingers as she continued to orgasm and I continued to tweak her swollen clit making her jump, bounce and flinch on my hand; and causing my finger to penetrate her tight arse ever more deeply.

I bite down hard on her tit to keep hold of her as she continued to come through an outstanding orgasm, making me wonder if Tim hadn't given her one since I last did 6 months ago in Northampton.

Not unreasonably, Liz was being loud under such a powerful orgasm, so I quickly stood up straight to close my lips over hers to quieten her down while reluctantly stopping the frigging of her swollen clit. But her pussy and arse still continued to throb and clamp around my fingers as she started to slowly come down from her intense orgasm.

At this time, two things happened simultaneously; Liz sagged against the wall totally spent, and we both heard two women enter the toilet talking to each other in slurred voices. Liz regained some of her former snotty composure and looked horrifed straight into my eyes. I quickly withdrew my fingers from her sopping pussy and thrust them in her mouth for her to suck on and to keep her quiet. Slowly I eased my finger out of her twitching arse and stroked it up between her clamping buttocks.

As she quietly licked my fingers I reached down to release my trousers and my rock hard prick, which sprung out seeking attention and instant gratification.

As the two ladies finished up their business & turned on the taps to wash their hands, I pushed Liz down the wall, inside the cubicle, until her face was directly in front of my hot solid cock before removing my fingers from her mouth and pushing the crown of my prick between her lips.

Liz drew on my cock like a starved baby to its mother's tit, taking the full length deep into her throat in one go. My right hand stroked through her beautiful hair, not needing to keep her head in place; as my left hand reached down to stroke the smooth flesh of the upper slope of her exposed right breast.

Liz sucked my cock better than a Dyson cleaner treats a carpet. Her tongue licked the soft under side of my cock as her hand reached up to cup my hot full balls. I bit hard on my lip to keep quiet as the pleasure overwhelmed me and this beauty drew heavily on my hard meat. Her tongue did the most amazing things along the underside of my cock as I eased it in and out of her full lips and hungry mouth.

All of the lusting after Liz during the evening, the groping while dancing, and finally the abusing of her body in the cubicle became too much for my self control and I felt the hot wads of come explode out of my balls and surge up the full length of my burning hot rigid cock as it took one final thrust into the depths of Liz's throat and bathed her throat with my hot creamy liquid.

She took every last drop down her throat as she swallowed it continuously and her throat massaged my length with each swallow. Releasing her tit I stroked both hands through her hair feeling both a sense of lust and love for my boss's wife as she gingerly licked my softening cock clean and released it from her hot mouth and looked up at me seeking approval with her eyes.

Looking down on Liz I couldn't believe the combination of beauty, submissiveness, & wanting I saw in her eyes and face. I couldn't believe that I was in such a fortunate position standing over a woman who only an hour ago was driving her husband's career forward, but now was below me with a desperate 'Fuck me' look in her eyes. I needed time to recover, think and plan on what to do to get to fuck Liz senseless without getting caught and literally fucking my career.

Knowing that the two women had left, I quietly whispered, "You did very well there for an entrée. Now clean yourself up before you rejoin the party."

Liz released my now empty balls as I informed her "We will have main course a little later on in the party, so don't tire yourself out by dancing too much".

I put my now soft cock away, but felt a few twinges of life as I stared at the beauty below me as Liz tried to put her swollen breast back into her dress and stand up. I gazed longingly at her spread juice cover thighs that showed a band of lovely band of suntanned flesh between her dress and the tops of her stockings. I just wanted to turn her around and fuck her senseless from behind, slapping my hips against the firm curves of her buttocks as my cock ploughed into her pussy or arse. I needed more of this woman, but I needed to do it right.

Listening for silence I quickly slipped out of the toilet pretending to be rolling drunk as I exited the ladies toilet into the corridor in case' anyone was walking towards me. Two guys from the office were and they laughed long and loud as they saw me emerge from the ladies and enter the gents toilet instead.

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