Loving My Sexy Mother
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Son, Swinging, Oral Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - dad left and she turned to me.

I thought I heard her voice as I lay there in the darkened room but I knew I was dreaming.


Opening my eyes I looked at the doorway and saw her standing there with the light behind her shining through her robe, she was naked beneath it, her breasts standing firm and proud, slowly the robe fell open as she walked towards me until as she stood beside me, she allowed it to slip to the floor.

"You're beautiful mum" I said softly and moved over to allow her in beside me, she reached down and pulled the sheet off me,

"So are you" she replied and I gasped with shock as she lowered her head and took me into her mouth.

Her mouth felt like a velvet glove and her tongue like the wings of a thousand butterflies, I reached between her legs and felt the wetness of her and she moaned as a finger entered her,

"I want to do it too mum" I said but she lifted her head and shook it slowly,

"I've not had a shower yet darling" she said, "I won't smell nice and I'll taste horrible"

"I can smell you now mum" I told her, "And look" I took the finger from her and sucked at it lovingly, "You taste gorgeous"

She turned round and climbed up to straddle my chest, my prick jerked as I admired her hairless cleft and I reached for her to pull her up over my face,

"Ooh yes David" she moaned as I inhaled her aroma and she jerked when I touched my lips to her clitoris and sucked it gently, I ran my tongue down through her slit tasting her wetness while she writhed above me, then I gripped her bottom and held her still as I buried my tongue in her wet slit.

She started trembling as I slurped at her and I knew that she was about to come so I moved very slightly and prodded my tongue gently against her secret little rear hole.

"OH!" she squealed and ground herself down onto my mouth, "David, oh God David, I'm, I'm, Jesus I'm coming, David I'm actually coming!"

I could hardly believe her wetness, it trickled into my mouth and I savoured every little drop of it, it tasted like nectar and even as I swallowed the last of it, she was still shaking and jerking in the throes of her climax.

She rolled off me and squealed again as I lay on top of her, nudging her legs apart, I eased my rock hard cock in between her pussy lips,

"I can't believe we're doing this darling" she whispered as she wrapped her arms around my neck and put her lips to mine,

"Believe it mum" I said and eased forward pushing my prick slowly but surely into her body, "we're naked together in my bed and I'm fucking you"

I felt her pushing against me, her hands were on my back and her nails scraping my skin,

"Say that again David" she hissed, "Tell me what we're doing"

"I'm fucking you mum"

"God yes"

"I've just tasted you mum, I've just licked your cunt"

I felt her cunt gripping me and she shuddered with pleasure at my words,

"Did you like licking me?"

"It was the most beautiful thing I've ever done in my life mum"

"He always said it was disgusting and I was abnormal for getting as wet as I do"

"You can't get too wet for me mum" I said as I began moving faster, my cock going deeper and deeper inside her, "I love it, I'd even drink your piss if you'd let me"

"Ooh yes darling" she sighed and thrust back at me in a perfect rhythm, "You can do that any time you want"

She was breathing heavily now and I knew that her orgasm wasn't far away,

Her ankles locked round my back and I felt her fingers digging into my buttocks,

"Fuck me darling" she whispered in my ear, "Fuck me, make me your woman, I want to be your, oh fuck I'm coming, I'm coming, David, David, oh God, GOD DAVID I'M COMING, I'M FUCKING COMINGGGGGGGGGGG"

I kept moving as she clung to me and screamed out her orgasm, her eyes were bright with pleasure and her nipples rock hard with her arousal.

My cock erupted inside her and it felt as though she was trying to break my back with her ankles as I shuddered through my discharge.

"I've never felt like this before David" she said softly as we lay together afterwards holding each other, "Your father never made me cum like that, never"

"I'll make you cum every day mum" I said softly and stroked her hair, "And twice on a Sunday, you're a very sexy lady"

Kate's story.

We lounged idly in bed as we talked about our future together, It was six months after his father had left and true to his word David had given me at least one orgasm a day since then, but usually it had been two, three and even four.

He'd turned me from being a timid, downtrodden housewife at my husband's beck and call into a sexy, confident woman, he said that I exuded sex from the moment I awoke in the morning until I closed my eyes and fell asleep at night, usually full of my son's hot seed!

It had been his idea to go on holiday to a swinger's resort in Jamaica where I spent every day naked or wearing the very minimum of clothing, we'd swung with other couples and he'd enjoyed watching me being fucked by other men whilst he shagged their wives or girlfriends,

He sodomized a sexy little local girl while I was being gang banged by five, yes five of her brothers, one in my vagina, one in my anus, another one in my mouth and I was masturbating the remaining two until it was their turn to mount me, then the girl licked all the spunk from me, every last drop of it and I was coming hard continuously throughout!

We jived together at one of the dances they held at the resort and of course I wore stockings sans panties under a frilly 50's style skirt that flared up all the time, we won a magnum of champagne for that one and drank it in our chalet along with another couple named Janice and Mark.

Having received the oral attentions of the young Jamaican girl a couple of nights earlier, I was thrilled when I realised that Janice was coming onto me, like her, I'd had rather a lot of champagne, but unlike her, I hadn't had the experience, which she recognized.

"Why don't you come over here Kate?" she asked softly, "I feel a might overdressed" and she stood up to raise her skirt up around her waist, her panties were no more than a minuscule triangle of pink nylon caught up in her slit.

I saw David's eyes as I knelt and kissed the gossamer thin material and inhaled the heady aroma of her cunt.

"Take them off Katie" her voice was husky and seductive and she laid a hand on my head as I gripped her panties and eased them slowly down over her stocking clad thighs,

"Taste me darling" she urged me and placed one foot up on a chair as I touched my lips to her labia,

"Inside Katie" she breathed, "Push your tongue inside me darling"

For the first time in my life, I tasted another woman's sex as slowly, I eased my tongue into the slippery folds of her cunt, I tasted the wet skin inside her and I felt her drawing me in, I sucked at her and swallowed her juices as she moaned softly and undulated her hips against my mouth.

"You're a natural Kate" she sighed as she sat down still with my mouth glued to her pussy my tongue probing gently, putting both hands under her thighs, I lifted her legs and pushed them apart so that she sat obscenely, the glistening pink wetness of her beautiful pussy on display for everyone to see her excitement.

"You taste like nectar Janice" I said and licked at the tiny nub of her clitoris, she moaned again, a low moan of sheer pleasure as I took it between my lips and savoured the stickiness before running my tongue slowly downwards through her slit until I tasted the slight tartness of her anus.

The lads were sitting either side of us, each playing with himself as they watched avidly, Janice was starting to tremble as I wormed my tongue into her tight little hole and I knew she was about to come,

"Somebody come and fuck me" I yelled, "Anyone" almost before I finished shouting I felt a long, hard cock sliding into my own wetness and I saw David still masturbating out of the corner of an eye, moving my mouth upwards again, I went back for more of the sweet juices pouring out of Janice's cunt as she surrendered herself to her orgasm, she stiffened and jerked and gripped my hair,

"YES, YES, OH FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSSSSS" she screamed, but her screams were cut off suddenly as David stood and pushed his cock into her mouth, the feelings inside me were intense as I felt Mark stiffening behind me, his hands dug into my hips and his spunk splattered against the roof of my cunt as he came, David yelled and Janice gagged as he came too, my own climax hit me with the speed of light and I squealed out my pleasure into Janice's soaking wetness before collapsing against her and gulping mouths full of her fragrance!

"Good morning sleepyhead" I smiled as he opened his eyes and saw me standing there next to him with a glass of orange juice, I wore just a small sarong loosely knotted around my waist over a tiny little thong which was pulled up between my pussy lips and he groaned at me,

"Damn mum" he grinned as he sat up, "How do you manage to look so bloody sexy first thing in the morning?

"You taught me, remember?" I laughed, "Come on the site manager wants to see us both, he says we'll like what he has to say"

We did like it, we liked it a lot, he actually offered me a permanent position as head of entertainment over that resort and another one on a nearby island!

"What about me sir?" David asked respectfully and beamed when he was told that I would need an assistant,

"I realise you'll probably need to go home to make arrangements" he went on, "So we'll provide the flights back here, first class of course and if you both choose to accept, you'll be paid from the moment you say yes"

"Yes" we chorused together and so began the first day of the rest of our lives!

I will carry on with this one if I get sufficient feedback, but I'll be on holiday for two weeks first.

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