The Teenage Trap
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Swinging, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tony, a young male teacher finds a post in a nearly all female college. before taking up his post he finds absolute proof his wife is unfaithful and has always been so. therefore he is ripe for adventure. "These girls are just raging hormones on legs." is a quote from one teacher, but it is not only the students it is the staff and even a governor falls under his influence. Meanwhile he is blackmailed into an affair with Jill an underage student who has long term designs on him.

Tony lay back and concentrated as his very pregnant wife Mandy humped up and down on his cock. He had to admit she was good, and drove him to new heights of sexual performance every time... How he always rose to the occasion he never knew. This was the third time this night she had wanted sex, but each time he had somehow, but sometimes as the night drew on a bit slowly, risen to the occasion. Mandy had always had an enormous sex drive; but today Tony was leaving home to take up his first job in the Midlands. So it was natural he thought that she was taking advantage of him while she could. Then suddenly his mind switched back to her murmuring. He froze as he heard her say.

"Oh my darling Chris that was wonderful. I do love you so much."

Tony realised then that Mandy in her drowsy state thought she was fucking her ex boyfriend, who was still a persistent, and as far as Tony was concerned, an unwelcome visitor to their home... Then the realisation dawned, that she was unconsciously confirming his long held suspicions that she was being unfaithful to him. Now he wondered, and not for the first time recently, who the father of her baby really was. The baby she had persistently insisted was his. Chris Forster was a married man, and a Priest in the Church of England. He had a beautiful wife Kay who still lived with him, and as far as he knew adored him.

Tony had met his wife Mandy, while they were at University. He was initially attracted by her lively vivacious behaviour, and her lovely outgoing personality. She had always been very popular, and was never short of boyfriends. To his amazement one night she decided to latch on to him and they embarked on a brief but very passionate affair. After about five weeks she told him that she was pregnant with his child. At the time, he was still very much, as he thought, in love with her. Despite repeated warnings from friends, that she was 'the campus bike' and well known for spreading her favours around amongst other students, they decided to marry. At the time Tony got very angry at friends who tried to warn him that he was making a dreadful mistake.

A quick uneventful registry office marriage followed, and they moved to Derby to live with her mother. From the very beginning, his suspicions were aroused when he had seen her with her ex boyfriend Chris. They had always seemed to be far too close for just a normal friendship. What really made him suspicious, was the fact that Chris and Mandy would disappear together on some pretext, leaving him to entertain Chris's beautiful wife Kay. Chris had been forced to marry Kay after making her pregnant, but she had eventually miscarried and so they were still childless.

Mandys mother was a pain in the butt, and did not approve of Tony, she made her dislike clear in so many little ways, and it always seemed that she would conspire to get Mandy and Chris together whenever she could find the opportunity. Mandys father had left his wife shortly after she was born not being able to stomach his her interfering ways. He had told Tony.

"Get her away from her mother if you want your marriage to survive."

Tony lay there in bed stunned for a few moments, his mind in turmoil, his stomach churning over as he reviewed everything that had happened in his marriage, and what he had just heard. He then made the decision, that what he had heard was clear proof of her adultery and he would leave Mandy. If the baby by some remote chance happened to be his, he would support the baby. But he was now totally convinced, and fully determined that life for him would be much better without Mandy and her mother.

He rose and dressed quietly. It was nearly time for him to leave anyway. Today was the day he was due to move to Birmingham, to start his first job since graduating from university. He did not really need a job, as he had quite extensive financial means and could have lived for the rest of his life without working. He had unfortunately been orphaned by a drunk driver at an early age, and the resulting compensation and insurance, had given him almost a quarter of a million pounds in a trust account. This had been added to by an almost similar amount, on the death of his grandparents. He had never for some reason of which he was now glad, ever divulged his hidden wealth to Mandy. It had always been his intention to earn a living for himself, and ignore this unearned and largely unwanted wealth.

The fact that Mandy his wife, had consistently refused to move to Birmingham with him since getting this job had been a bitter disappointment. She claimed it was better for her to stop with her mother until the child was born. In fact Mandy could not even be bothered to travel with him the forty miles to look at the apartment, or even as most wives would do, ensure that he was properly settled. She also claimed that an apartment over a shop was not good enough for a baby. But as Tony told her, he would be on probation for a year in his new job, he did not feel inclined to invest in more permanent accommodation, until he knew whether he had any long term future at the college, and until he knew the area better and had some idea of local house values.

Within half an hour that fateful morning Tony was on the road, he skipped breakfast; his mind was in a whirl, and his stomach churning with despair, as he mentally went over every aspect of his suspicions and the damning circumstantial evidence. He had gone about twenty miles, when he realised to his dismay, that in his confusion and eagerness to leave, he had left his toilet gear and camera behind, so reluctantly, he turned the car around, and went back. As he turned into the street, he saw his mother-in-law leave the house with her shopping bag. In the driveway, he saw that Chris's car was parked in the spot where he usually parked.

He had originally hoped that Mandy would still be in bed, and he would not have to speak to her. He had no intention of stopping for more than a few moments, or starting any debate, so he parked on the roadway. He used his personal key to let himself in, and as he shut the front door, he heard the sound of laughter from upstairs. He went upstairs quietly, stopping near the top of the stairway opposite the bedroom door as he heard Chris say.

"You are not having sex with Tony any more puss are you? "

"Of course not sweety, I told him it would hurt our baby." This was followed by a giggle and more laughter.

Tony stood their paralysed, weighing up what he had just heard; this obviously was positive confirmation of all his suspicions. His first impulse was to go and smash Chris's head in. Although he had already made his decision to leave Mandy. The satisfaction of using his fists on Chris would have been a sweet revenge. For about three minutes there was a period of grunting and gasping which indicated quite clearly that they were having sex and then loud panting and grunts as they both climaxed. Then he heard Chris say "Sweetheart as soon as I can divorce Kay, we can be together with our baby as a proper family."

Tony stood paralysed for at least ten minutes while there was a period of muttering and giggling, and then taking him completely by surprise, they suddenly rushed from the bedroom to the bathroom laughing and giggling, and then he heard the sound of water as the shower started running. If they had looked to their left on their way to the bathroom they could not have avoided seeing him standing on the stairway.

Tony's stifled his murderous instincts, and common sense told him this was a chance to collect evidence. His camera still had several unused exposures on the reel. Moving quietly, and carefully, he went into the bedroom, and the first thing he noticed was Chris's clothes in a pile on the floor. Without hesitation, Tony picked them all up and threw them out of the bedroom window, much to the delight of a passing vagrant, who took off with most of the clothes. Tony then retrieved his camera from the closet, and his toilet bag, and went to the bathroom. Dropping the bag just outside, he primed the camera and entered the bathroom. The two lovers did not hear him enter, as they were behind the shower curtain, and the sound of running water and laughter blocked any noise of his entry. He pointed his camera and then flipped the curtain back with his right hand; he had to his delight a perfect picture of Mandy his wife, sucking Chris's cock.

He took his time and got three good shots in, as they looked round standing together in their nakedness, with expressions of dismay, fright and horror on their faces. Tony was sure on reflection, that it was the flash that made them notice him at first, as they were so engrossed with each other

He collected his bag and left the house. He did not hurry, and went back to his car, opening the boot he stowed his bag. He knew they were both naked, and he knew they could not follow him. He turned to take one last look at the house.

He saw them looking out the bedroom window at him. He waved the camera at them, and then getting in the car he drove away. He now had a mixture of feelings coursing through his body; on the one hand, their was a distinct sense of relief, but mixed with this, was also a certain amount of anger and despair... But now he consoled himself he was a single man again, and now to all intent and purposes he determined he was going to live like a single man.

Tony had been thrilled to have got this job at Southdown Secretarial College, which was situated on the south side of the city, in a good upper class residential area, despite some initial disappointments. His specialty was in computing, and for some reason he had found it difficult to get a job, and then out of the blue, this opportunity had come quite unexpectedly. He had originally attended an interview over a month previously, and then been told by letter that he was unsuccessful in his application. But then just over a week ago, he had received a telephone call offering him the job. He had to attend for a final interview and a medical examination, and discuss contracts. He later found that the other two applicants on the short list had found other appointments, hence the late job offer made to him.

He had been lucky to find a vacant apartment some two miles away from the college on the same day he had his interview. It was not perfect, but it had two bedrooms, was self contained and it would suit him for the time being.

Arriving at his apartment he spent the rest of the day in a daze as he did some shopping and got him self settled in his apartment. He tried not to think about the mornings occurrences. He was sure that he was doing the right thing in ending his marriage, in fact the more he thought about it the more he realised that the affair had been staring him in the face all the time. Nevertheless his mood that day passed from anger to self pity, followed by bouts of feeling foolish for being such a fool.

Of one thing he was certain, and that was from now on he would consider himself a single man, no longer was he bound by his marriage vows.

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