Susan's Ordeal
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Interracial, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She was kidnapped and raped. She was released and was raped again only the second time it wasn't so bad. It didn't get really bad until she got home.

The 'click click' of her high heels sounded extremely loud to Susan as they echoed in the cavernous underground garage. She was relieved to see her car standing alone in the middle of the empty garage. There had been a rash of rapes and muggings in other garages by people hiding behind cars. At least she didn't have to worry about that tonight. She shook her head ruefully, another night of working late; no she thought, that's not right. Another night of staying late. Another night of delaying her return home to avoid another argument with her husband Ron. She did not understand him and probably never would. She had thought their marriage was a strong one, but apparently she had been wrong. Lately it was nothing except argument after argument and all because she would not give him anal sex. She had done everything that he had ever asked for as far as sex was concerned. Christ, she had even agreed to sleep with another man so he could watch. Damn it! It was her asshole and if she didn't want a cock pushed in it, it just wasn't going to happen. Maybe, she thought, she had finally gotten her point across to him last night. She had lost her temper and told him if he wanted anal sex so bad he should go and find some one to fuck him in the ass.

She reached into her purse and took out her car keys. Pushing a button on the key chain fob she heard the "clack" of her car doors unlocking and as she reached for the door handle, she was so wrapped up in her thinking about Ron and on his insistence that she have anal sex with him that she didn't notice the large black van as it idled up the entrance ramp and started across the garage floor behind her. The first sign of danger was when she heard the van door slide open behind her and she turned to see two men in ski masks leap out the door. She screamed as they grabbed her by the arms and threw her into the van where two more men pinned her to the floor and covered her mouth with a pillow to muffle her screams. She struggled, but now all four men were holding her down as the van began to move. Susan saw lights flashing by the van windows and knew they were on the exit ramp. If she could just break free for a moment at the guard booth she could cry out for help and so she stopped fighting them hoping that they would relax. She felt the van slow down and she knew they were coming up to the gate. The driver rolled down the window and as he was handing the attendant the parking fee Susan made a mighty effort to break loose from her captors, but they had been expecting her to try something and the four of them kept her pinned solidly to the floor. "Be careful sweetie," one of them said, "We don't want to hurt you, just gonna have a little fun is all. Trust me. You're gonna love it."

Ten minutes or so later the van rolled to a stop. The driver got out and she heard the sound of a heavy door being rolled open. The driver got back in and the van idled forward and stopped again. The driver got out and she heard the heavy door sliding closed. The pillow was removed from her face and one of the men said, "Go ahead honey, you can scream all you want now. Ain't nobody gonna hear a thing." She stared up at the masked man and asked, "Why are you doing this to me?"

The man laughed at her, "Because that fine ass of yours finally got to me. You didn't think about that, did you? Tight skirts, low cut blouses, 'come fuck me' high heels and you didn't expect anyone to get turned on?"

Susan felt a sudden stab of fear as she realized what they meant to do to her. "What do you mean? What are you going to do to me?"

This time another voice answered her, "Nothing that hasn't been done before sweetie. Only this time you're going for quantity."

Conflicting thoughts raced through Susan's head. She knew she was powerless against the five of them and that they could do whatever they wanted with her. She knew she had to fight them - her self respect demanded that much- but at the same time she thought why should she risk a beating over something that was going to happen anyway? She did not think she needed to fear for her life; they were all masked which indicated they didn't want her to be able to recognize them later. If the planned on getting rid of her they wouldn't have bothered with masks, would they? Why should she risk making them angry when she knew her body would betray her anyway? It always had, hadn't it? That time, when she was sixteen and had gone to a party following a football game, it had betrayed her. When Toby Wilson had pulled her into the bedroom it had been rape, pure and simple, and she had fought him almost up to the point where he had cum in her, but she'd had her nails buried in his ass and was pulling him to her when he had erupted in her. But it certainly wasn't rape when his five buddies had followed him into the room, one after another. As far as these five went she could handle them with no problem. She remembered the college frat party where she'd gotten drunk and found herself on a mattress on the floor moaning "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" and crying out "Next! Whose next?" as guy after guy used her as a sperm bank. She was told later that she had taken on seventeen guys, many of them more that once. No, Susan thought, I'll struggle a bit and do my best not to give them the satisfaction of seeing me enjoy it, but my body will betray me, it always does.

Her arms were grabbed and were tied to hooks fastened to the inside of the van. One of the men started to pull down her skirt and she kicked out at him, hitting his shoulder. "Grab her legs" the man said and he pulled a knife out of his pocket and began to cut off her skirt. Susan struggled, but it was no use. Next, the knife cut the crotch band of her panties and they were pushed up and out of the way. "Who's first?" a man said. "We'll flip for it," said another. Susan lay on the floor of the van, breathing heavily, as the five men played 'odd man out' to determine who would be the first to rape her. It took several minutes to determine a winner and then all of them took off their clothes. Two men grabbed her legs and pulled them apart and the first man knelt between her legs and stuck a finger into her pussy.

"She's a little on the dry side," he said, "somebody hand me the baby oil."

One of the men handed him a bottle of Johnson's and he poured some on his hands, stroked his cock a few times and then ran a finger up and down between Susan's pussy lips. His thumb rubbed her clit a couple of times and Susan felt a tingle in her loins. "I will not respond, I will not respond" Susan told herself over and over as the tingle spread. Her body wanted to push at the fingers, but by sheer will power she was able to fight the urge. Then the fingers were gone and she let herself relax. She knew what was coming next and she hated the knowledge that she would let them see her enjoying it. She felt the knob of the man's cock as it parted her pussy lips and began to move up inside her. She clenched her teeth and forced herself to lie ridged as the mans pubes touched hers and then his cock began to move as he drove into her and then pulled back. In, out, in, out, in, out; she could feel the heat start to build in her body. She tried to hold still, to show no sign of the pleasure she was starting to feel. She tried to do the multiplication tables in her head; tried to remember the Gettysburg Address, tried to think of anything that would take her mind off what was happening in the lower part of her body, but it was no use. The man had picked up the pace and he was pounding hard into her and his cock was hitting all the right places. She felt an orgasm building in her and she knew that once it hit they would own her. She tried to fight it, but the need to cum was too strong and suddenly her body shuddered and a soft moan escaped her lips as the orgasm coursed through her. "Hot damn, boys" said the man fucking her, "We got us a hot one here. She likes it."

For the next two hours they took turns on Susan as she had orgasm after orgasm as cock after cock pumped cum into her receptive body. She had been untied and she was now willingly participating in her own debasement. Finally the men stopped to take a breather. A whiskey bottle was passed around and when it was handed to Susan she took a large sip and handed the bottle back to one of the men. He took a slug off the bottle and said, "Okay, it's time. Roll her over." Before Suisan knew what was happening the men had rolled her over onto her stomach and one of the men moved behind her and pulled her hips to him. At first, Susan thought he was going to fuck her doggie style and she put her head down on her hands and pushed her butt up at him. It was only when the head of the man's cock probed at her anus that she realized what he was going to do. She tried to pull away from him as she cried out, "No! Not there! Please, not there!" The other men moved around her and held her in place as the man ran his fingers into her pussy to get some cum for lubrication. She felt a finger in her ass and then it was pulled out and replaced with a thumb. She winced as she felt the pain from his fingers as he lubed her asshole, and then she felt the head of his cock as it pushed against her. She concentrated on tightening her sphincter muscles hoping that it would keep him out, but to no avail. He pushed hard and she screamed with pain as he forced himself inside her anal cavity. The man said, "I know that no one can hear her, but I don't want to listen to that shit. Somebody gag her. Susan felt someone grab her head and a cock was forced between her lips. The man in her ass gave another push and Susan screamed again, but the large cock in her mouth choked it off and all she could do was whimper as the two men began to fuck her from both ends.

The pain in her ass was almost unbearable and the tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she was buffeted back and forth between the two men. She began to choke and gag so the man in her mouth pulled back a little and told her, "Suck it baby, and I won't shove it in any farther." Susan did as she was told and tried to push the pain from her mind by concentrating on the cock in her mouth. After a few minutes the man in her mouth said, "Get ready sweetie, here it comes" and she felt the hot liquid spurt out of the head of his dick and splash against the back of her throat. She sucked the man dry and when he pulled out of her mouth another man took his place. As she wrapped her lips around the cock in her mouth she noticed that the pain in her ass had lessened and she was starting to feel a pleasurable sensation. In another minute she was surprised when she had an orgasm, and not long after that she felt the warmth that told her that the man in her ass had cum. By the time the third man had emptied himself in her ass Susan was pushing back at the cocks in her ass and begging the men to fuck her.

Finally though, the men had had enough. They tossed Susan what was left of her clothes and told her to get dressed. They pulled out of the building and after a ten-minute ride the van pulled to a stop, the side door was opened, and Susan was pushed out onto the street. Just before the door slammed shut her purse was tossed out to her and then the van sped away leaving Susan standing on the curb with her cut-up skirt in one hand and her purse in the other. She found a safety pin in her purse and managed to get her skirt together enough to cover herself. She had no idea where she was, but there seemed to be more lights to the left than to her right so she headed off in that direction.

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