Ravi's Vacation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, First, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ravi goes on an vacation to his paternal village, his discoveries and adventures.

It would have seemed to Ravi, that visiting his grandfather's place in the village was the best that could have happened to him. A successful software engineer, he had taken a break from his tiring routine, on his parents advice, spent the few weeks of his vacation time at his parents native village.

His uncle's family maintained their grandfather's house set in the middle of lush Malnad. It was moderately large structure with several rooms. Many of these rooms were locked and probably never entered into since they were built. His grandfather had been a local zamindar, had an habit or rather was bitten by a bug of collecting exotic items.

Many of the rooms were filled with antiques of his collection. Since he has plenty of free time, Ravi had started to explore these antiques.

During one of his explorations, he has discovered a ring. Nothing extra ordinary, it seemed to draw him to it. Curious, he picked it and and stored it in his luggage.

It had been only a few days since he has arrived that his uncle's sister-in-law, Vandhana had come on her vacation. Barely 21, she was pretty and her body probably was inspiration for descriptions of apsaras (celestial beauties). Ravi, though confident on his own, was quite nervous around girls and it had become more pronounced around Vandhana, Vandhana realizing Ravi's nervousness and shyness, had made sure to have him caught in teasing and sometimes embarrassing conversations.

It so turned out that Ravi had in one of these conversations, admitted that he was an good at carom, and Vandhana had seized this opportunity to challenging him to a game.

It didn't take long for Ravi to realize that Vandhana was a pretty good carom player herself.

As if to make sure Ravi was distracted during the game, Vandhana liberally allowed Ravi peeks at her cleavage and boobs, sometimes bending more then necessary, sometimes stretching so her boobs were put on display. Ravi somehow, managed to win the game.

Vandhana immediately challenged Ravi to another game, since it was getting late, they decided to play the next day.

Discovering a exotic antique, Ravi had become so lost in cleaning the antique, it became quite late by the time Ravi finished. He approached Vandhana's room to ask her to play. As he approached the room, he could hear moans and slurping noises coming.

Ravi slowly crept up to the window of Vandhana's room and peeked in. What he saw there, shocked him. Vandhana lay with her endless legs spread apart, as Raju the house servant pummelled his thick cock into Vandhana's pussy. Raju's hands were on Vandhana's plentiful boobs, pinching and massaging her dark nipples. Moans came out of Vandhana's pretty mouth, and she mumbled, pound that pussy Raju, fuck me harder. Ravi couldn't draw his eyes off the scene, riveted to the window. Raju now pulled his cock out, and started rubbing it on Vandhana's nether hole. He slowly pushed it in as Vandhana's mouth opened in an 'O' and a deep moan emerged. Her hands which were on Raju's neck and head descended on to his back and her finger nails bit into his back. Raju' exclaimed, bitch and pushed in his cock to her hole. Ravi, came to his senses as he listened to them and slowly withdrew.

For some reason, Ravi felt heart broken. He went back to his room and locked it, and fell on the bed.

For a while he felt pained and jealous. It was some time before Ravi went to sleep.

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