Werewolf Sex- The Journey North
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Furry, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Transformation,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They were enemies, fighting against each other in a bloody war. But they didn't count on their emotions going out of control.

Wolfy knew she was in enemy territory. She'd seen the flags, the dead bodies and twisted machine suits. Mobile Armor Suits they were called. She was inside her own. And she was in danger.

Her suit wasn't much bulkier than her in her werewolf form so it was hot and itchy. She longed to get out and scratch, her fur was in terrible tangles and she swore she had fleas. It had been two weeks since she had last heard from her base. After a desperate fight with him, she had been left with no communication or navigation systems. She needed ammo. Hell, she needed a bath!

Unable to handle the stifling suit any longer, she unlocked the hatch and dropped to the cool, leafy ground. She took a deep breath of the fresh night air before attacking her skin. After she'd itched enough, she stretched her aching limbs. Looking up at the moon, she felt much better. Her rations were almost finished, but the moon's light gave her strength.

Nearby she heard a brook and followed it to get a drink of cold water, not her nasty warm, several days in a canteen water. She bent over onto all fours and lapped up the water. Her padded hands felt the coolness of the stones under them and they scooped up a few of the pebbles, bringing it to her long nose. Immediately her fur stood on end and a growl sounded from her throat. He had been here, and not too long ago.

She turned, ready to run back to her suit when she felt the cold metal of a gun rest between her eyes. She gulped and looked up as the black furred male seemed to melt out of the trees. How he had snuck up on her, she didn't know, but she was at a disadvantage. She had been foolish enough to have left her gun back in her suit.

"I must say, your suit just sitting in the middle of the woods nearly gave me a heart attack. But now that I've finally got you, I can return to base and get a bath myself." His deep growling voice was a bit too strained.

Without hesitating, knowing she took a great risk, she reached up and grabbed his wrist, digging in her claws. He snarled and pulled the trigger. She had been terribly wrong, but she had moved just in time. The bullet ricocheted off the stones and vanished into the trees. She had thought he was bluffing because he had been out here chasing her as long as she'd been out here trying to get home.

"Bitch!" he roared as she drew him down and opened her mouth to tear out his throat. His gun was empty now, but it wasn't useless. He shoved it in her mouth, which crushed it like it was a tin can. He managed to wrench free and back handed her. Wolfy slid along the ground, the rocks scrapping off her fur and skin. The smell of her own blood scared her and she turned in time to grapple with Anubis, the male who'd been dogging her all this time. Their hands locked and he bent forward, almost touching noses. A grin split his face, and his teeth flashed in the moonlight.

"Too bad for you, my dear. Once we get back to base, you'll be forced back into your human form and all the terrible things they'll do to you. I've heard females are never killed, even after they give all the information they have. They're kept... as sex slaves!" He's drawling and cruel chuckling enraged Wolfy and she put her clawed feet under his stomach and launched him across the brook. He landed in the water with a great splash.

She scrambled to her feet and spat out, "There's your bath," before turning and running for her suit. The pounding of her heart deafened her to everything. She knew only that she needed to get out of here. What he had said was true, she knew that because she had seen it. Her team had been here behind enemy lines to bring back a few of their own, and they had found the enemy base. Then they had been found out and they had scattered. She had been the only female in the team. She figured her other teammates were either dead, or in similar situations as herself.

She finally found her suit, his crouched next to hers. She started to scramble into it when a hard, clawed hand grabbed her by the plume of longer fur along her neck and pulled her back against his hard body. "Where do you think you're going?"

She snarled and tried to claw at him but he grabbed one of her wrists and twisted it brutally behind her back. She stopped immediately and whimpered quietly. She heard him chuckle and felt his hot breath against her ear. "My dear, did you really think I wouldn't be smart enough to disable your suit while I had the chance?"

Wolfy's eyes flicked over her suit and then she saw the cut wires. She whimpered, knowing without her suit there was no way in hell she could fight him. Male werewolves were always stronger than the females. It was just the way it was. But females were smarter, that was a fact. And she knew just what she had to do to get out of here. She looked at his suit, far different from hers, but it still had its antenna.

Twisting, ignoring the pain, she managed to break his grip. He snarled and lunged for her, but she had managed to leap at his suit and grabbed hold of the antenna, and with great effort, tore it from its place, tossing it into the bushes. Anubis roared and leapt at her, spearing her from behind and they both landed on the ground.

"Now you just pissed me off, bitch!" he snarled as he twisted both her arms behind her and tied them tightly with a special rope. "You are the worst bitch I've ever been sent out to herd up. You are going to regret this badly."

"At least you know what it was like for me. Now try to find your way home!" She snarled back, but he tied her muzzle shut too.

"Oh I'll find my way, alright, it just might take a little longer. And don't think that's a blessing, bitch, because you will find no solace with me!" Once he had muzzled her he turned her over and held up a small crystal. Wolfy's eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. Anubis grinned at her reaction. "That's right, bitch, I can turn you back into your human form so you'd better behave. After chasing you around the wilds for 2 weeks, you've made me hot for you. If you want to avoid serious damage until we get back to base, then you better do as you're told."

He got off her and dragged her to the center of the two suits. "As it's late, we'll be staying right here until dawn. Stay here, you mutt, until I get back with some wood." He turned on his heel and disappeared into the woods. Growling, Wolfy struggled desperately against her bonds, but the special rope was made to withstand the strength of even the strongest werewolf. And when she tried to get off her muzzle with her clawed feet, she realized he had figured she would and had tied it around her head so she couldn't pull it off. Growling and whimpering in frustration, she knew he had left her feet free so she could try to escape.

Knowing that as soon as he got back he'd be coming after her, she got up and started running. If for no other reason than to keep from becoming a slave, she had to get away. She knew she never should have enlisted when the war started. She should accepted the pension given to the females during war so they could survive while their males went out and died. But she didn't. She could have accepted the hand of that handsome red furred wolf, Network, Red Network was his name. He was a genius of computers and machines. She could have lived perfectly well. The army would never have sent him out to fight because he was so valuable. But she had felt the need to fight. It was her and a few other special females. They were given suppressants to keep them from coming into heat during the time they were fighting. They were trained for spy work as they were flexible and small and could get information easily, just by being female. But she had wanted more, and now she was stuck in this situation.

Her thoughts were interrupted when something large suddenly reared in front of her. She whimpered and took a step back... right into a trap. The strange trap closed around her ankle, forming to it so it didn't take it off the way the traps from the old days would, which ended up with a dead prize and no information. This way, they couldn't get the trap off, but it wouldn't kill anyone.

Wolfy fell on her rump and looked up at the dark creature as it reared and came into the moonlight. It was a Gregnin, a giant bear type creature with huge claws and horrible temper. It roared angrily and raised a paw, ready to swipe at her. Wolfy squeezed her eyes shut, ready for the blow, knowing even death was better than being caught by the enemy. But Anubis just had to appear again, as if by magic. His suit clambered out of nowhere and struck the bear a hideous blow to the skull. It groaned and fell over, its massive body making the earth shake as it landed. But it wasn't dead yet. And Anubis must have been very pissed because he slid out of his suit and landed on the gregnin, tearing it to shreds with his fangs and claws. That was what werewolves did when they were mad. They lost control and just had to kill something.

When the bear no longer moved, Wolfy trembled and huddled against the tree as Anubis climbed off the giant beast, blood dripping off his fur and dribbling from his lolling tongue. His eyes seemed to shine with a fire inside of him and he approached Wolfy, panting hard, his shining eyes unblinking. He knelt down and grabbed Wolfy by her hair and drew her close to his face until they were nose to nose and he glared into her wide eyes. He closed his mouth and bared his teeth at her. "You aren't as smart as they say females are suppose to be. As much as I'd rather leave you to die here, I can't. And now I need a bath even more." His snarl suddenly turned into a grin. "And you get to wait here until I'm done. Try not to freeze."

He stood and walked away, heading for the faint sound of water. Wolfy growled after him. It was getting cold, and despite her thick silvery coat, the cold air found its way to her skin. The nipples on her small breasts, one of the things that stayed from her human form to her werewolf form, tightened in cold and she shivered, glad they were hidden by her fur.

Unlike the humans from Earth, the old home planet, she was infected by the were virus, specifically the werewolf, and anyone born from two parents infected by the virus was born in their werewolf form, the human form an awkward and vulnerable form that was taken as little as possible. After many generations, there were no more "normal" humans and anyone seen in their human form were known as slaves. The only way to stay in human form other than to be consciously making oneself stay in it is by a Were Gem, a rare crystal that forced any werefolk into their human forms. The problem with it was that it needed to be inside the were to take affect.

Wolfy shuddered, not wanting to think about the Were Gem that Anubis had in the pouch on his belt, the only clothes he wore. Werewolves rarely wore clothes as it was itchy and the fur hid everything anyways. But she knew that if he decided to use it on her, she would become truly naked. Not only that, but she knew that her human form was smaller and thinner than her werewolf form and it could never have survived the things that she had been through that had strained her werewolf form. In human form, she would have been dead. Even the wound on her shoulder would have been far worse were it not for her thick fur and tough hide.

Now that she thought of her wound, caked with blood and dirt, it stung. She whimpered and curled up as best she could. Her fur stuck to the wound, making it worse for whenever she moved it, the fur caked in with the blood pulled the wound. She closed her eyes, wishing she were home, home with her family, her little brother and sisters, her parents and Red. He was a friend of her father's, that was how she had met him. And her father had wanted her to marry him. It wasn't that she didn't like Red, he was tall and very handsome, always well groomed and well spoken, always so gentle with her, never pressuring her for anything she didn't want to give. He didn't even bother her about marrying him. Her father had done all the pestering. He had asked once, and when she had not answered, he had smiled and told her to take her time. It was just that she hadn't felt ready. She wasn't older than 20. As a werewolf, she would live a very long time compared to normal humans. And she wanted her freedom and independence. She didn't want to be held down by such a genius, made to stay home with pups as was expected from married females. But now that she thought about it, faced with what was likely to happen to her now, that life didn't seem so bad. She could imagine her pups, reddish silver, with that unique black swirl on their foreheads the way she did. It was why her family had the last name Silverswirl. They all had the strange black swirl. She had others, not just on her forehead, but her chest, and arms, and her thick, luxurious, long tail. She could imagine cuddling with them next to the hearth, the pups asleep on her lap while she leaned against Red's large chest, his warm tongue licking her shoulder gently...

Wolfy awoke with a start when she felt something wet on her wound. She looked up at Anubis and tried to struggle but he shoved her against the tree with one hand on her chest. "Stay still, bitch!" he snarled. She saw he held a wet cloth in his other hand and he was using it to clean her wound. "If I don't clean your wound it'll get infected. I sure as hell am not carrying you back to base, and I sure as hell don't want to have to bury you and then face my commanders and explain that you died of a freak accident. Now sit still or I'll make sure you can't move!"

Wolfy stilled and glared at him, growling quietly. He wiped her wound clean and took a small blade and gently shaved away the fur from around the wound before bandaging it. When he was done, he turned away and sat down near the fire he had built while she had been sleeping. She didn't know how long she had slept, but the moon was nowhere to be seen and her stomach growled. She could smell the meat of the gregnin roasting over the fire. She squirmed, the pangs in her stomach nearly unbearable.

After a moment, Anubis took a piece of the meat and tore into it. Unlike wolves, the werewolves didn't particularly like raw meat, even though they could eat it without getting sick. After he had finished the few pieces, he cut off some more and put it over the fire to cook. When they were done, he took them and stood, coming over to Wolfy. She growled at him, pulling as close to the tree as she could, pulling her knees to her chest and crossing her elongated ankles. Despite being in werewolf form, she felt very vulnerable. And what made it worse was she'd been in the wilds for 2 weeks without the suppressants that her army gave her. They normally only lasted a week. She felt very uncomfortable with that knowledge.

Anubis knelt down and looked Wolfy in the eyes. "I bet you're hungry." He waved the meat in front of her. She growled, baring her teeth as best as she could. Her stomach twisted painfully at the smell of the fresh meat. Chuckling, Anubis shook his finger at her mockingly. "Now, now, that's no way to ask for something. Here I'm trying to be nice and you snarl at me. I guess you're not hungry." He stood up and started back to the fire. Wolfy's soft whimper stopped him. He looked back at her and raised a brow. She glowered at him, hating him. He had pursued her mercilessly for two weeks, and now that he had her, he was mocking and tormenting her. But he only grinned at her, that cruel twisted grin of his that she had learned to fear.

"Well, I guess you are hungry. As long as you don't try to bite off my finger, I'll untie your muzzle. But if you try anything... well, I'll be forced to make you... less of a problem." Wolfy knew exactly what he meant by that. He knelt down again and untied her mouth so she could eat. He then tore off a piece of the meat and offered it to her. Though she wanted to bite him, she knew better and took the meat carefully, all the while glaring at his mocking smile. After he had fed her, she snarled at him when he produced the rope to tie her mouth again.

"I'll not be muzzled and bound like a... ceremonial sacrifice, or something." She kicked out at him with her free leg since her other was still trapped. Anubis laughed at her desperate attempt. But when she lunged out to bite him, his hand came down hard between her ears, slamming her into the hard earth. Before she could do anything, he had bound her muzzle again. She lifted her head to look up at him as he stood.

He grinned down at her. "An interesting position." Wolfy realized her rump was in the air. She quickly tucked her tail between her legs and sat up, growling at him. He only chuckled and went back to the fire to wait for morning. He pulled out his bedroll and laid down to sleep. Wolfy watched for awhile until she guessed he was asleep. She then curled up and huddled against the tree again, using her tail as a blanket.

She didn't think she slept long, but when she opened her eyes, the sun was shining through the trees. Anubis was gone when she turned over and looked toward the fire. His suit still crouched ominously, facing her as if ready to pounce should she try to escape. She knew he'd be coming back but she needed to relieve herself. She moved to the other side of the tree, which was as far as the chain on the trap would allow her. When she was finished, she buried it and sat back down in her spot. She was very thirsty now, and she was hungry again.

It wasn't long before Anubis returned and smiled at her with a fake politeness. "Well, sleeping beauty, looks like you finally woke up and I didn't need to kiss you." Wolfy snorted at him and used her free leg to scratch under her aching arm. After a night of being bound, her arms were cramped and tense. Anubis got the fire going before cutting more of the gregnin and spitting it for breakfast. When he'd had his fill, he brought the rest for Wolfy. "This time, I'll release your arms too, but I warn you, no stunts like last night. You do not want to test my patience." Anubis did as he said, and backed away, leaving the food and a canteen of water for Wolfy. She glared at him rubbing her bruised wrists. He had tied them very tight and they hurt terribly. But she ate and drank her fill while Anubis checked his suit over. He glared at her when he checked where his antenna had been. That had been for communication and navigation. Now he was very lost, just like she had been.

When she was done, she bared her teeth at him. "Now why don't you take this thing off, too?" She lifted her trapped foot, which really didn't hurt that bad. Anubis laughed at her. "I will when I feel like leaving. First I have to find out where we are so that I don't have to search this whole forest for the base. It could take us another 2 weeks to get back if I have to back track. And besides, it keeps you where I want you. Much more convenient for me."

He came back to tie her hands and muzzle again. This time, Wolfy let him. She knew enough not to try him. And she was rewarded by having the rope much looser on her wrists this time. He then turned away and pulled out an old paper map, and stared at it for awhile.

Dusk soon settled over them. Anubis had left to scout the area and find any familiar landmarks. When he returned, he froze, his nose quivering. He drew closer and came around the tree that Wolfy lay against. She was whimpering, curled in a ball, shivering. But what he smelt was not illness.

Wolfy felt like she was burning inside, and it started from between her legs. She rubbed her legs together, wanting it to stop. She felt very weak. And she certainly didn't have the strength to fight Anubis when he turned her onto her stomach, lifting her hips toward him. He bent over and spoke into her ear. "Poor, poor little bitch. Those suppressants that your army gave you just had to wear off while you were in my clutches. Let me help relieve your needs."

Wolfy whimpered both in fear and lust. She had dreaded this, had prayed that her heat wait until she had the chance to escape. Unlike humans that bled once a month, werewolves had a heat once a month, though only once in a year was a female fertile. And Wolfy prayed desperately that that time wasn't now.

Anubis chuckled when Wolfy moved against him, despite her better judgment. She couldn't help it, couldn't fight him no matter how much she wanted. Her scent was maddening in its affects on him. He was ready to take her, wanted to take her, but he had some restraint, and he wanted more to humiliate her. He whispered harshly in Wolfy's ear as he touched her where he knew she would be most sensitive right now. "How's it feel to be completely helpless and at the mercy of your most hated enemy? Does it excite you more, huh, bitch? Does it make you wetter? Does the thought of being taken by your enemy excite you so that you just had to come into heat now?" Wolfy could only whimper, struggling against her bonds. She wanted to turn and claw his eyes out just as much as she wanted him to hurry up and take her.

Anubis chuckled as he felt her grow warmer and wetter. She was grinding her hips even as she tried to tuck her tail between her legs to keep him out. He grabbed her tail and held it to side as he continued to torment her. When she moved closer to him, he laughed. "My, aren't you an insatiable vixen. I know exactly how please you, my pet. However, this form just won't do the trick..."

Wolfy jerked, now very scared. She tried to fight, tried to pull her hands free but there was no way. She didn't have the strength to do much of anything at that moment. So she couldn't stop Anubis from putting his fingers deep inside of her. He chuckled as she squirmed, instantly feeling the affects of the Were Gem. "That's where they put it for females, you know. It's where they'd put it in you at the base. But they wouldn't do it quite like this." He removed his fingers and waited as she changed. She shrank inside her own skin, leaving her fur coat behind and growing a new skin, one furless and pale. Her bones compacted and her tail simply detached and stayed behind with her old pelt. Her canine teeth fell out and were instantly replaced by flat, useless human teeth. When she was finished, she was cocooned in her old skin.

The cool night air suddenly washed over her as Anubis tore open her old hide and pulled it away from her, tossing it to the side. Within the hour it would be nothing but dust. Before she had the chance to move, he had twisted her arms behind her again, tying them again as her wrists had shrunk considerably. When she tried to complain, the rope that had held her long muzzle shut was suddenly in her mouth and tied around several times to keep her from talking. The trap around her ankle conformed to her new size as the makers of it assumed that any trapped werewolf would try anything to escape.

"Now, my pale little pet, you truly are helpless. And quite a bit smaller. And very much naked." He made her very aware of that by touching her again, making her squirm. His other hand grabbed a handful of long black hair, jerking her head back so he could whisper in her ear some more. "This is what they'd do to you, the interrogators. But they wouldn't wait for you to be in heat. And they wouldn't make you squirm like this. Now, this should be interesting. I've never had the pleasure of taking anyone in their human form..."

Wolfy cried out as she felt him finally press into her. She wanted to beg him to gentle, knowing full well that he could damage her badly in this small fragile form. But she couldn't think of much as the fire of her heat grew hotter as he stretched her, entering slowly at first, pushing as deeply as he could go. Wolfy was glad that this was not her first time, knowing how painful it would be if it were.

It seemed like forever before he started to thrust faster, taking her fully and at his leisure. She could do nothing but squirm and whimper and cry out, still trying to resist but knowing she was losing her mind. After a while, it seemed as if Anubis had lost his, her scent driving him mad. But he had enough of a mind to torment her some more. He pulled her head back again, pounding her hard and without mercy, growling in her ear. "How's it feel to be a human with a wolf in you, huh? Do you like being stretched? Does it turn you on to think that an animal is pounding you? Damn, you're so tight." He muttered the last part, losing himself for a moment when he felt her tense and contract. She felt as if the fire inside her had reached its apex and she squeezed her eyes closed, but it was as if the whole night sky had exploded behind her eyelids. She cried out, twisting and struggling with the intensity of her orgasm, not wanting him to stop. She had never realized that it could be so much better in her human form, the feelings more intense. She felt as if she were about to explode with the feelings and pleasure.

After a moment, Anubis regained his thoughts, and chuckled against her body. "So this does turn you on, my little slut. Does it feel good, bitch? My cock so deep in you? Huh? You like it, don't you? And all this time you made me believe you didn't want me. For two weeks you had your chance to seduce me. You were just waiting for the right moment, waiting to come into heat so it would be that much better for you. You must be quite the temptress at home, huh, bitch? You must have a long line of males waiting for their chance to take you to bed. I can bet you were never lonely or cold at night. It must have been torture to have no one for two long, lonesome weeks."

Wolfy whimpered, wanting to scream at him that it wasn't true, that he was a bastard for taking advantage of her in this state. But she couldn't have articulated the words even if she wasn't gagged. He moved her knees further apart, taking her completely. Just when she started to feel another orgasm come, he suddenly stopped. She whimpered, squirming in need and wanton. The fire inside her felt like it was licking her brain, stopping her resistance to him. All she wanted was the release, to douse the fire, but he only laughed at her when she moved, trembling with the nearness of her release. "You want the fire to stop, huh? You want me to keep going, don't you, bitch? You want release. What do you say?" Of course Wolfy couldn't answer and she whimpered desperately, trembling, twitching under him.

His padded fingers found their way under her and he toyed with her clit, making her burn with humiliation that she was so helpless against him. "Let's make this easier on you. Nod if you want me to continue." He bent over her, whispering in her ear, making her shudder from his hot breath. Then he used the small flat teeth between his canines to nip at Wolfy's neck and shoulder. She tried to cry out, though the gag muffled it. Burning with as much humiliation as lust, she nodded slowly. Anubis chuckled again, the vibration running through her, making her shudder again. "I guess I shouldn't disappoint one as insatiable as yourself, my fiery vixen." He started again, slowly at first, making her squirm. As he sped up, she felt like she was about to explode, like she was no longer on the ground but rather up there with the stars in heaven, like she was in Heaven. So this was what they meant when they said that sex was as close as one could get to God without dying.

When she came back to earth, she found herself buried in Anubis' thick dark fur, protecting her from the chill of the night. The heat in her body was sated for now, but she knew her heat could easily last several days. It was then she realized her arms were free and the gag was gone. She felt tears in her eyes, and despite her better judgment, she started pounding Anubis' chest, her anger and fear coming out in choking sobs. "You're nothing but an animal! How could you take advantage of me? You beast! You..."

Anubis' snarl quieted her as he grabbed her thin bruised wrists painfully and held them still. He glared down at her and she knew she'd gone too far. His weight was suddenly crushing her into the ground and she felt like she would suffocate. He held her arms over her head, his teeth bared. "I did not untie you so you could attack me, wench. You need to learn to show gratitude. There were many other things I could have done to you. Taking 'advantage' of you seemed like the nicest thing to do, and you know that damn well."

Wolfy's cheeks burned and she sniffled, remembering all the hurtful things he had said. "You- you didn't need to... humiliate me like that."

Anubis laughed suddenly, startling her. He grinned down at her. "Come now, sweeting, no need to act like you didn't like it. I could tell you were thoroughly enjoying everything."

Wolfy blushed brightly, squeezing her eyes shut to block out his mocking grin. Suddenly, she felt his large warm tongue on one of her nipples. She gasped, her eyes flying open, and she struggled, but he held her down easily, his hands hurting her. She whimpered, trying to twist her wrists, tears building in her eyes again. Anubis looked up at her and growled, but he sat back, pulling her up with him into his lap, holding her close to his furry warmth. He then brought up one of her wrists and kissed it gently. "Poor, sweet Wolfy. I fear I've been too rough with you. What was I thinking? You're just a helpless bitch in heat..."

Wolfy used her free hand to crack a stinging slap across Anubis' muzzle. His eyes narrowed dangerously and she trembled, knowing she'd gone further than ever before. The only thing she could think of doing now was trying to get back on his good side before he did something very bad to her. She burst into tears and leaned against his hard chest, sobbing into his fur. "I-I'm sorry. I... I just want to go home. I don't want to become a slave. Please, Anubis, please take me home. I'll tell you everything you want to know, just please don't take me back to your people."

Anbuis looked down on her, his eyes hard, his face expressionless. He suddenly bared his teeth and pushed her to the earth again, knocking the air out of her. She looked up at him in fear, ready to beg him not to hurt her. But his head came down and he nipped the base of her throat. He growled into her ear, the vibration making her shudder. "You've made me want you again, my pet. If you please me, then I might consider your plea. Now spread your legs!" He put his knees between hers, forcing her legs apart. She whimpered, trying to squirm out from under him, but his hands closed on her hips, pulling her up to sheath himself in her. She cried out in that strange primitive sound that sounded harsh to her own ears.

Anubis' tongue lolled down and licked her tightening nipple, making her gasp and moan, the fire inside building up again. Her small hands came up and buried themselves in his fur; she didn't know what else to do with them. This time, he allowed himself to lose his mind, to be taken by the pleasure. The scent of her heat was all around him, driving him wild. He knew the smell well enough, he was raised with several sisters, though because they were related their scent did nothing to him.

All thought was gone from either of their minds, nothing existed around them, nothing but each other and the fire that burned inside them both. The flame burned away all thought and reason, incinerated all sense of time or self until neither knew how long they'd been going, or even where they were for a few moments once they were done.

Wolfy whimpered quietly, exhausted and spent, the cold night air chilling her naked skin. Anubis slowly pulled out, pulling Wolfy against him as she nodded into sleep. He gently licked her forehead. After two weeks of chasing her around the forest, he had learned a lot about her and had found he nearly dreaded catching up with her. He didn't want to take her back to base. He knew too well what they would do to her. They would break her, turn her into a disheartened, depressed slave without mind or thought. He wanted her for himself, to keep her with him like this forever, but that wasn't possible either. He sighed, guessing all the thinking was best left unthought for tonight.

When Wolfy awoke in the morning, it took her a moment to realize she was back in her normal form. How she had not woken up for the transformation, she didn't know. When she tried to sit up, she realized her hands were tied again, and so was her muzzle. She managed to struggle up and blinked in pain at the bright sunlight. Anubis was nowhere to be seen, and Wolfy sighed. She had no idea how he had managed to get the Were Gem out of her. She must have been very exhausted.

She soon realized that there was something around her neck. When she used her free foot to see what it was, she snarled. The bastard had dared to collar and leash her as if she were some... dog or something!

She didn't have to wait long for him to show himself. Anubis came out of the brush and his fur was soaked. Obviously, he'd found a source of water, and by his bared teeth and flashing eyes, it had been by complete surprise. "Stupid hole," he mumbled. His eyes turned to Wolfy, and she knew now was not the time to complain about her treatment. She looked away, huddling against the tree when he approached. He reached out and grabbed the leash that hung down between her breasts. He pulled on it harshly and she stumbled forward on to her knees.

His nostrils twitched and he grinned cruelly at her. "I hope you don't mind the accessories. They look good on you. The black leather compliments your silver fuzz." Wolfy growled at him, but he was not in the mood to tolerate her defiance. He struck her across the muzzle, snarling "Don't you dare growl at me, bitch!" He jerked her back before she fell.

Her head swimming, she felt weak and weaved unsteadily. Anubis' mood changed suddenly and he knelt down to her, pulling her face close to his using the leash. He grabbed her hair and made her look into his eyes. "I've made my decision. I am going to keep you for myself. From now on, you are my bitch, and mine alone." Wolfy closed her eyes and whimpered defeatedly. She felt tears in her eyes, but didn't bother fighting them. All she had wanted was to go home, and now she was a slave. Anubis, however, released her hair and wiped her eyes gently. "But you will be my bitch on the other side." Wolfy looked at him in surprise. Did he mean her side?

From one of his pouches he pulled out a key and unlocked the trap around her foot. He then pulled her to her paws, and pulled her toward his suit. "To take you back to my people would be to destroy you, but to go to your side would mean a bit of lying, and a claim of prosecution and I'll become a citizen. So better to lie than to die."

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