Brenda: Wanting It Older
Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brenda is a very sexy young woman but she finds herself most fulfilled and cumming the hardest when she's with older men. She's desperate for some hot sex and she manages to get one of her customers, Hal, interested.

Brenda loved sex and she loved it more than anything when the man she was having sex with was several years older than her. She didn't know where that particular sexual fantasy and desire came from but if a man was at least 10-15 years older than her, Brenda loved fucking him more than if the guy was the same age as her. In fact, Brenda had even had sex with a few men who were even 20 or more years older than her and she'd never had such a sexy evening in her entire life. Brenda had experienced her first sex with a boyfriend a year older than her and then other guys and boyfriends around her age, but when she had her first affair with one of her male co-workers who was nearly 15 years older than she was, Brenda realized there were some very hot things that an older man brought to bed with her.

Brenda had felt the need to get fucked growing increasingly and she knew that her vibrator or her dildo were simply not going to be enough this weekend. She began to consider all the men she knew and was around a lot who she might be able to interest in fucking her. Brenda had been very successfull in the past in getting lots of different guys to drop their pants with her and she thought of a word that rhymed with "succ-essful" that had been one of her keys. "Sucking", she thought. I've had lots of guys who I've been able to seduce by first sucking their horny dicks and getting them so horny they wanted my pussy, too.

Brenda didn't really care about the status of a sexy man that attracted her. She'd fuck any guy that appealed to her whether he was single, married, divorced, dating someone or living with someone. As long as she could get him interested in fucking her and they didn't get caught, she was "there".

One of Brenda's most recent acquaintances was a man who actually lived just a few streets over from here and she'd dropped a loaf of bread at the quick mart store where she normally stopped off after work. His name was Hal and he'd introduced himself to her after he'd picked her bread up and handed it back to her. Brenda blushed at her clumsiness and then as he told her his name, she introduced herself too and they stood talking for just a few moments.

Brenda went home and found herself thinking about Hal and his easy manner of talking to her. She tried to remember in her mind what he'd looked like and as she thought more and more about him, she wished he could have come home with her instead of going to his place when they left the store. Brenda realized she was very horny. She hadn't been fucked in several weeks and her occasional boyfriend was such a disappointment in bed. He'd eventually get his dick in her and he'd slam in and out a few times and then he'd get off and leave her hanging, no orgasm and very frustrated. Brenda was ready to dump him and she found herself thinking about Hal and his nice tight body more and more as she planned on how she could manage to get together with him again.

Brenda asked around and found out that Hal actually owned a small store a few miles away from the area where they both lived. She finally got her plans firmed up to seduce him and then she went to his store, acting like she didn't even realize she'd run into him there. She'd worn a very sexy pair of jeans that showed off her nice ass and body and a top with a very sexy demi-bra underneath it that emphasized her very nicely shaped C-cup tits. Brenda checked herself in the mirror of her car and thought she looked pretty good and then she got out and walked into Hal's store. When she spied him off helping a customer in a far corner, Brenda first tried to act like she was looking at some merchandise and then she happened to walk over near to where Hal had finished making a sale and acted like she was totally surprised.

"Oh, hi, Hal, how are you today?" Brenda said, hoping she sounded convincingly surprised to see him.

"Hello yourself, wasn't it Brenda?" Hal asked as he thought he could remember her name but didn't want to embarrass himself by calling her something wrong.

"Yes, it's Brenda," she said and she settled into talking with Hal, and when they'd finished their impromptu conversation, she asked him if he'd like to come over for dinner sometime. Hal readily accepted her offer and then she asked him if that evening would be too soon.

"No, Brenda, I'd love to come over tonight. What time?" and they agreed on 6:30 P.M. for him to show up with his good appetite. Brenda hoped he'd show up with that and more and she knew she was already hungry for what she knew he'd be bringing with him. Surely he had a hunger for something besides just good food.

As soon as Brenda returned to her car, just seeing Hal and managing to get him to agree to come to her house that night had made her so horny that she wished she had her vibrator or her helpful dildo there in the car to help her get off. She sat there for a few moments with her eyes closed and she let herself start imagining what that night would be like in Hal's arms. She felt her nipples hard against her top and her pussy was already getting very wet. Brenda didn't want to sit there in her car, reaching down into her panties and stroking her pussy but she did let her hand slide down over the crotch of her jeans and she felt her pussy growing even wetter as the friction rubbed her swollen horny pussy and clit. She knew that night was something she'd been needing badly for several weeks now. And the fact that Hal was an older man made him all the much sexier and more arousing for her. She was hot to fuck him and to have him with his cock buried in her hot wet pussy until he exploded in a powerful orgasm inside her pussy.

Brenda went straight home and made preparations for Hal's upcoming visit. She was so horny she wanted to masturbate and take the edge off her sexual hotness and horniness but she wanted to save that for her time with her new lover. She wanted to give him the best of her orgasms so she resisted the tempation to slide her hand into her panties and bring herself off good. The more Brenda determined not to give in to her almost overwhelming desire to rub her pussy and cum, the stronger her desire to do just that became.

Finally, that evening arrived and Hal showed up at the front door of Brenda's place. When she heard the knock on the door, she felt herself sigh in relief because if it was Hal, she knew it wouldn't be long before she'd not only be naked with him, but she'd also be cumming and getting off from him doing her. Brenda could hardly wait for Hal to fuck her and she began to feel slutty because she was so obsessed with wanting sex from this hot older man. Brenda had now fucked and sucked enough older guys to know that they were some of the sexiest men around. She'd not only had sex with guys her own age and found many of them very immature and self-centered, but she truly found the older men, with horny thick cocks and a desire to fuck her and pleasure her the men she wanted to be with in bed the most.

"Come in, Hal," Brenda invited her sexy new lover as she opened the door for him and showed him where to go with her inside. Hal wasted no time in shutting the door behind him and then he walked over to Brenda and took her into his arms and began to kiss and make out with her. Brenda simply melted in Hal's arms as she wanted him so badly and she wanted a man to simply take her and fuck the daylights out of her right then. It seemed she would get just what she wanted with Hal. Brenda was exactly right. Hal loved young pussy and he wanted some as bad as Brenda wanted some mature older cock.

Brenda loved how hotly Hal kissed and let his hands caress her body. She wanted him to fuck her so badly that she was tempted to rip her clothes off and throw herself down in front of him and pull him on top of her for their first fuck. Brenda could hardly think about how she should talk or act with Hal. She just wanted him to take her. She pushed her body against his and felt the large thick bulge of his hardon against the mount of her pussy through her clothes. That did it. She leaned up, whispered in his ear, "Hal, I want your big hard thick cock inside me and I don't want to wait much longer to feel you fucking me, baby."

Hal turned and looked at the sexy young woman in his arms. His cock throbbed even harder in erection from her sensual words and he reached down and picked her up, carrying her over to the nearby couch. There Hal stood Brenda up and he quickly had her totally undressed until she was fully naked. "Get comfortable, Brenda, while I get undressed now," Hal said and he quickly had his own clothes off, his large thick hardon jutting up at a high angle out of his groin. When Hal was totally naked, Brenda bent over, wrapped her hand around his hardon and stroked him up and down a few times as she felt her pussy growing very wet and even hornier than she'd already been. She opened her lips and took the head of his cock in her mouth and flicked her tongue across his cockhead before she finally stopped blowing him and moved back on the couch in front of him, situated so he could move in between her splayed legs and mount her quickly and start hard fucking her.

Hal knew that Brenda wanted to fuck, and he was ready, too. He stood there for just a moment, stroking his hard cock and looking at the sexy naked body of the horny young woman he was hot for. "Brenda, are you ready to be fucked by a real man?" Hal asked and he moved over on top of Brenda and used his right hand to guide the head of his hardon straight up inside her hot horny wet pussy.

"Yes, give me your entire cock deep inside my pussy, Hal," Brenda moaned and she spread her legs wider to take Hal's cock and as soon as she felt his cock spreading her tight wet pussy lips, and starting to slide inside her, Brenda could hardly restrain herself enough to allow Hal to begin their fuck. In fact, he'd barely gotten the entire length of his cock deep inside her and gotten it fully lubed with her plentiful juices before she began rutting hotly with him. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, Hal, fuck me, yes, mmmmmmmmmm, you feel so fucking good doing my pussy, baby," Brenda moaned. Hal was hornier than fuck and he slammed his cock hotly in and out of Brenda's tight young pussy and she started cumming almost immediately from the hotness of finally having a virile hot older man's cock inside her cunt. He kept on thrusting in and out and he soon had his balls spurting a hot cumload deep inside Brenda's pussy too. Then, he pulled out and Brenda got down on the floor on her knees while Hal traded places with her on the couch. She quickly stroked his meat into total hardness again and then she straddled his lap, guiding his hardon up into her pussy and Brenda rode up and down on Hal's thick cock. Brenda loved having Hal's cock inside her and she loved that this sexy older man was so horny and so ravenous in his sexual desire for her. Brenda rode him up and down until she felt herself climaxing again and then Hal grabbed her by the waist and he began to help her continue to ride his cock like a hot thick flesh piston driving in and out of a tight pussy cylinder until he pulled her fully down on the length of his hardon and he felt his hot cumload spurting deeply up into Brenda's horny young pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, Brenda, you're so damn hot, girl" and when he'd finished cumming, Brenda laid her head over on his chest as they both breathed hard and fast from their fuck and recovered for another round yet to come.

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