Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Tear Jerker, Cheating,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happened after the death of my wife, and how I dealt with it.

What to say. I was lonely and paid the price. Life was so good and my marriage was great. We had two nearly grown children and were living a rather normal life. Then, she had to go and die. God, how I miss her! Women of forty don't die of heart attacks. At least I didn't think they did. Now I was all alone.

Mary and I were good together, really good. She and her twin sister Barb, and me and my best friend Bill hung together all through school. Damn, those were the days. It actually took Bill and me a while to make sure we were with the right girl when we all went out. There were many times they fooled us.

Bill told me about a little red birth mark on Barb's behind. It was just above her right butt cheek. Whenever they tried to fool us we would ask one of them to show us her ass. It was funny, all of us wrestling around trying to look at the girls' butts. We used to have so much fun together. We all made sexual advances to one another but to the best of my knowledge we didn't have sex with the other's girl or wife.

I say best of my knowledge because in our earlier years Bill and I used to get a buzz on pretty often. The girls always said they could pull a switcharoo on us and we would never know. We really were the best of friends.

We actually had a double wedding ceremony. We even went on our honeymoon together. I know that might sound weird to some people but it wasn't. We were able to share our days with our best friends and our nights alone making love; kind of the best of everything.

I know you've heard about two peas in a pod; we were four peas. Barb and Bill had two kids about the same age as ours. They even hung around together, till they were older and each went their own way, but sill remained friends. We each had a son and a daughter.

Life was good. I was a truck driver, and Bill worked as a dispatcher in a major shipping office. Both Mary and Barb were teachers. What a surprise, them both being teachers! Good thing they taught in different schools or they would have driven the kids nuts since they looked so much alike. They only taught part-time till our kids were old enough to enter school. Then they taught full time.

Mary wanted to be there for our kids and she always was. Nice part about being a teacher, she was always there for them since she had the same days off they had. Of course I was there for them too whenever I wasn't on the road. Throughout my truck driving career I did my best to plan around family events. When I would go across country, I would do my best not to be gone more than five days.

I think you get the picture here. We were a close loving family and Bill and Barb were our closest friends as well as relatives.

The day I was coming back from a run to the west coast was the worst day of my life. My cell phone rang and it was my son Ryan. He was crying.

"Dad, they came and took Mom to the hospital. I think she was dead."

"What? What happened? I can't believe this." I pulled to the side of the road listening to what my son was saying.

Ryan continued, "I got up this morning and was getting ready to head to college. Mom hadn't got up yet. I walked into her room and called to her. She didn't move. Dad, she just laid there. I shook her and she still didn't move. I kind of went crazy crying and yelling at her, then I called 911. They were here in less than five minutes. I heard the paramedics talking. They didn't know I was in the other room listening to them. I guess they just thought I was in shock. I heard them say there wasn't a heartbeat. I asked them if Mom was dead and they said the doctor at the hospital would let us know."

"Where are you now, Ryan? I don't think you should be driving."

"I'm still at the house. I called Aunt Barb and she said she will be here in a few minutes. I told her what I told you and we are going to the hospital together." I could hear my son crying again.

"Ryan, I'll drive straight through. I should be home in about seven hours. If you're able, you should call your sister right away and let her know."

"Dad, Aunt Barb just walked in. Do you want to talk to her?"

He must have handed the phone to Barb who was crying also.

"Jerry, I can't believe this. She is too young to die. She wasn't only my sister but was also my best friend," cried Barb.

"Barb, I need you to be strong for the kids." I was crying too at this time. "I'll be there in about seven hours. I asked Ryan to call Sheila and let her know. God, this is so hard. I guess we all say it will never happen to us," I said through my tears.

"Jerry, I told Bill and he said he would meet Ryan and me at the hospital. I'll stay there with your kids until you get back." She started crying again. "I can't believe this is happening. Why, God? She was such a good person."

We said our goodbyes and I headed down the road with a face full of tears. I had to hold it together; I had another seven hours of driving ahead. My life with Mary was flashing before my eyes. God must have taken over the driving because I don't even remember going up the road. All I could remember was thinking about my wife and family.

I pulled up about seven hours later in front of my house. To this day I honestly don't know how I got here. There were a number of cars parked at our house.

As I walked in, my daughter was the first to come up to me crying. She was married last year and was pregnant with her first child. A child that Mary will never get to see.

"Daddy, Mom's dead," she cried. "Why, Dad? Why Mom?"

I was crying. I had no answers. Why did God hurt good families? I always hear preachers say that God didn't do it, but to me he let it happen. I sure hope there was a hereafter so we could all be together again in this so-called heaven. It was all we could hope for. Surely this wasn't the end of Mary's life. There must be an eternal place for good people like her.

I just hugged my pregnant daughter and told her I didn't know why God let this happen. Someday we will see Mom again. We just have to believe it. What other choice was there? When Barb came up and hugged me, all I could think about was Mary. I wanted to see if Barb had the birthmark and maybe this was all a joke or fantasy. I knew better, but when a loved one dies, the mind plays tricks on you.

I squeezed and hugged Barb like there was no tomorrow. Other than Mary, I loved her more than any woman alive.

After the funeral, I felt so alone. Ryan usually stayed at college. Good thing he was home that fateful night of his mom's death. I would hate to think she would have laid there till I got home.

Sheila lived a few miles away and came to see me as often as she could. She was working part-time and her husband worked in a law office. He was a few years older than Sheila but he was a good man. Sheila was just working part-time for something to do. She was going to be a full time mom when the baby arrived. She had learned that from Mary.

I spent more and more time on the road. I had no reason to rush home. I knew my family was worried about me but there wasn't much else out there for me. Whenever I was home, I would go see Sheila and I was there for the birth of my grandson. Mary would have been so proud. Sheila and I cried when we thought about how her mom would have reacted to the birth.

Barb was there for the birth also. She was like a second mother to Sheila and Ryan. I knew she wouldn't have missed seeing the birth for the world. She was already a grandmother when her daughter-in-law gave birth last year.

Every time I saw Barb, I pictured Mary. It was so lonely. Barb would always hug me. I know that she knew I needed it deep down. She almost always cried when we hugged.

Barb's daughter, Sandy, was in college also. I had always wished that my son Ryan and she would hook up, but it never happened. Ryan told me one time when we talked about it that he loved Sandy, but they hung around so much together that he loved her like a sister. They were already family.

As the first year after Mary's death passed, I never got over the loneliness. I traveled more and more. The only real solace I got was when I came home and saw my grandson. I also enjoyed going over to Bill and Barb's for dinner. Barb and Mary were from the old school. You made homemade dinner for your families. Not just some quick thaw frozen excuse for meat.

The hardest part of going to Bill and Barb's was seeing Barb and being reminded of the woman I no longer had. I started going there less and less.

Another year had gone by and Ryan graduated from college. He got a nice position but it was in another state. Of course I didn't see much of him as it was, since his mother's death. Sandy, Barb and Bill's daughter, got married and I did make it home for the wedding. It was nice seeing all our children venturing out on their own.

I remember Bill telling me at Sandy's wedding, "You know, Jerry, we did good. We met the two nicest women in this world, we stayed good close friends and we both have wonderful kids who have grown up to be responsible adults. We did good."

"Yes, the only sad part is Mary not being here to see it all," I said with tears glassing over my eyes.

"She sees it, Jerry. She is smiling down from heaven right now, watching from a front row seat, smiling for Sandy." Here we were, two grown men both crying. We truly were the best of friends.

Bill reminded me of a pact that we made years before that we would all remain friends forever. If something should ever happen to any of us, we would all be there for one another and our families.

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