Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sandi wanders down to her local bar late one night and discovers new men in her life. Her subsequent adventures progress as her inhibitions are stripped away.

It's a rainy Thursday night and with nothing to do you wander down to the local bar you often frequent, looking for a little libation and a change of scenery. You weren't so concerned about what you wore, so you put on a short black dress with no panties and a raincoat, which covered most of you. The red pumps gave you a devil-may-care look.

For a rainy night, the place is mostly empty. As you slip your bottom onto the barstool, you notice a new guy serving drinks. Your eyes widen a bit as you watch his athletic shoulders and trim waist glide around behind the bar pouring drinks for the few patrons. He makes his way over to you and smiling, asks what he can get you. You look into his blue eyes and see that sparkle under a mop of blond hair. He winks at you and asks your name while he prepares a Bacardi and coke. You tell him Sandi and he responds with Ryan as his. He sets your drink down and you take a long swig, all the while noticing him looking at you.

It's been a few days since you've had real sex of any kind that didn't include just you and a toy. So when his warm smile washes over you, you begin to feel a tingle between your legs, the slight moistness that starts to turn you on more. You begin to flirt with him and without missing a beat, he returns the flirt with equal charm.

The two other patrons in the bar exit through the door at the same time two other men enter. Ryan stands up straight and greets them heartily. They are clearly friends of his. He introduces them as Francisco, a dark haired Latino with big hands and gorgeous brown skin. The other fellow is Peter, almost a carbon copy of Ryan's deep chested physique, but with short-cropped brown hair and full lips.

Each of the men take a seat on either side of you. Ryan fixes them drinks and the three of you sit and talk and flirt. Peter and Francisco begin to sidle a little closer to you, which begins to turn you on more. You can feel the heat begin to build in your thighs and ass. You reach down between your legs and secretly run your hand over your mound, which is now dripping.

Peter gets your attention with a little bar trick, when your heart jumps as you feel Francisco's hand snaking its way over your thigh. His thick fingers slide over your mound and down in between your legs, which you part slightly to let his fingers find you. You close your eyes as you feel his middle finger begin to rub your clit and then continue down and enter your dripping entrance. With your eyes still closed, you feel Peter's lips press against yours, his tongue entering your mouth. You reciprocate winding your tongue around his like a snake, tasting the alcohol from his drink and the coldness from the ice cubes sliding across his tongue.

Your mind is so caught up in the passion of Peter kissing you and Francisco's finger sliding in and out of your pussy that you don't notice Ryan locking the front door to the bar and turning out the lights. The orange glow from the halogen streetlights illuminate the bar creating a weird erotic feeling with the rain streams cascading down in the shadows.

Ryan comes over and turns you around on the barstool. His hands grab your knees and spread your legs as his mouth plunges onto yours and the heat from his tongue mixes with yours. Peter and Francisco's hands make their way up your body finding your breasts. The each squeeze your tits and roll your nipples lightly in their fingers. Your head goes back, moaning as you feel Ryan's face between your legs. Francisco begins kissing you as Peter starts to kiss and bite your neck, running his hands through your hair.

You feel Ryan's tongue on the inside of your thigh as he works his way toward your pussy. He laps up the juices coating your thighs and then lightly bites the very inside of your thigh where your leg meets your groin. Small shudders go through you as the mouths, tongues and hands of the three men work their magic on you.

Ryan's tongue finds your soaking pussy and starts to lick your labia and works its way up to your clitoris, which is swollen and poking out from its hood. His finger finds its way inside and curls around to rub your g spot. He starts to suck your clit and flick his tongue across it sending you into convulsions of pleasure. He plunges his tongue in and out of your vagina and you begin to moan louder and shake more.

Francisco's cock is out of his pants and with him kneeling on the barstool, you eagerly gobble him into your mouth. You can feel the head of his cock throbbing and can taste the precum on its tip. Peter's cock is on the other side of your head now and you begin swapping cocks in your mouth, giving a few sucks on one and then switching to the other deep-throating it until you feel the head tickle the back of your throat.

Ryan now stands in front of you and you feel the head of his cock begin to push your lips apart. You stop sucking Peter and Francisco's cock still holding them in your hands. Your eyes go wide as your pussy accepts the girth of Ryan's cock. Slowly he enters you, but stops as his head move just inside you. He moves his cock in and out the entrance of your pussy teasing you and then on the seventh or eighth move, he puts his entire cock deep inside you. You continue to suck on the other two cocks in your hands and shudder from the waves of pleasure shooting through you.

Ryan's thrusts increase as does his own breathing and moaning. As his pleasure increases, so does yours. You begin sucking and jerking Peter's and Francisco's cocks faster and faster. Ryan pounds your pussy hard, goes deep inside you and you feel his cock swell as the thrusts from his orgasm release into your pussy. Your own body explodes in an orgasm like you've never felt before at the same time the other two cocks explode into your mouth and onto your face.

Ryan's cock stays inside you as the tsunami that crashed over you subsides into smaller waves of pleasure, which you continue to enjoy.

Slowly you recover. The three men all retrieve warm towels and help to clean you up all the while still caressing and kissing your body.

As Ryan closes the bar door behind you, the rain has stopped and you walked down the street not knowing if what just happened was real or a dream. Either way, you know you'll be back to see Ryan. It's important to know a bartender who knows what you like.

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