A Used Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Size, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A very young wife discovers that her loving husband after being married to her for four months takes drastic steps to change her sexually. he does a good job BUT at what cost?

This story is so strange I had to write it down to tell you. I have been married now a total of four months and with Peter who is 24 (and I am 18.) Peter knows so much more than I do about the world as a whole. Every month on the last Saturday of the month we do something special to celebrate our "monthly" wedding anniversary.

To celebrate being married four months, a friend of Peter's (who he knew from the Army) invited us over for a small party to meet him and his girlfriend and two of their other buddies from the service.

I thought it was nice that Peter wanted me to meet his friends from the service even though they did not make it to our wedding. We arrived at Paul's house at 6:30 p.m. Friday and he introduced me to Carrie, Jack and Chuck. Jack was the bartender and when I told him I do not drink he assured me he would make me a very good-tasting drink called a Root Beer Float. When he handed me the drink it looked like a real root beer float and when I sipped it, I could not believe that it was a mixed drink. It tasted exactly like a real root beer float that the ice cream had melted in.

I drank it down rather fast for a cocktail drink, I guess you can say I drank it as I would any root beer soda float. As soon as my glass was empty, Jack filled it again. Peter and the rest of us sat around talking and chit-chatting about nothing special. Carrie got us snacks and by the fourth, or maybe just the third, drink, Some where in all that I lost consciousness.

Sunday morning I woke up in my bed still wearing my thigh-high stockings. My head was pounding, and I was feeling sick to my stomach. I was experiencing my very first hangover. I pulled back the covers to go pee when I realized that I had a crusted puddle under my butt. I know what caused that stuff. I looked over at Peter and he was snoring up a storm. I had to pee bad, so I got up and walked to the bathroom, and as I walked I felt something warm and liquid drop on my right inner thigh, then another touching my left inner thigh. I sat down on the pot, looked at my open legs and found the two little streams of what was obviously semen. I ran my finger along it to wipe it up, and before wiping it off, I brought it to my nose. Yep, it was semen all right -- it looks like Peter and I had some fun last night when we got home. I was sorry I did not remember it.

I was surprised as I sat there and big gob of semen dropped out of me. I know Peter at times has a lot of it, but last night he must had been really worked up because I cannot remember ever having that much in me after sex. I wiped myself and I did something I never do, I looked at the tissue and I could not believe the amount of semen there. I think we must have done it two maybe three times last night. Peter can be such a sex fiend sometimes.

He wants me to do all kinds of sick things; the biggest thing we seem to argue about is his wanting me to give him oral sex. Not to mention that he wants to go down on me. He is always trying to tell me that a wife does those kinds of things; I figured that some day he would find out that I am one wife that does not.

I pulled off my stocking and I was very surprised to find more semen stains on them. God, Peter was an animal last night. I stuffed them in the dirty clothes, then took four Tylenol and some Pepto. Then I went back to bed. When I woke later I felt better and vowed never to get drunk again, ever!

I got up, fixed breakfast and it wasn't much longer before Peter came in the kitchen. I gave him his breakfast and as I sat down to talk about last night Peter had a funny look on his face. I said, "I noticed that we had a real good time last night. I'm just sorry I don't remember any of it. How many times did we do it when we came home? I have never had that much of your sperm in me before, maybe we should make up for it later?"

Peter said, "Yeah, last night was wild. You don't remember any of it at all?"

I said, "Nope, the last thing I remember is sitting there listening to you and Chuck talking about some of your Army stuff, then I woke up here in my bed. I hope I did not embarrass you in front of your friends last night, did I?"

Peter responded, "No, oh no, you were great. You sort of fell asleep on the leather couch and then I brought you home. You were great, everyone likes you and even Carrie, who does not like anyone, was impressed your quick wit. That is, before you passed out."

We talked a bit but whenever I wanted to talk about our lovemaking last night, Peter would change the subject. I guess he must have not been happy with it, even though he left me so much of his semen. I took the hint and dropped it; I guess whatever it was he would eventually talk to me about (at least I hope so anyway).

I was busy the rest of the morning and around noon I was ready to shower. I went into the den where Peter was watching his golf that he likes. I told him I was heading to the shower, then headed off to the bedroom, just as I turned the corner into the bathroom, the phone rang, I reached over and picked it up and as I was about to say hello I heard Peter say, "Hello?" I was about to hang the phone up when I heard Carrie's voice ask, "Can you talk now? Is she around?" (I could not hang up the phone now.)

Peter said, "She just got in the shower, what's up?" She said, "Paul was wondering if she remembered anything about last night. Did she say anything?" Peter said, "Yeah, she thinks she and I did it last night. She was so full of cum it came out onto the bed. She has no idea what she did last night." Then Carrie said, "Hold on, Paul wants to talk to you."

I waited to hear what was coming next. Paul said, "Man, I just finished making copies of the video from last night. God, your wife is one hot mama. I was getting ready to label yours when I thought Carrie should call and find out what you want on it. Tell me, she really had no idea what she did?"

My husband, in a proud voice said, "Nope, she has no idea. I told her we did it last night when we got home, and she fucking believed me." Paul said, "No fucking way. I mean, all that cum in her and she thinks it came from you. Man, I can't wait until Friday night. Now tell me, what should I put on your label?"

There was a pause then my husband said, "Put on it "golf game from CBS" with today's date. She hates golf, so I know she won't bother looking at that tape. Tell me, did you get everything? I mean, oh, never mind, I'll watch it and see."

Paul said, "Oh, I got everything all right, you're going to love it. I'll send it to your office in the morning, so you can watch it there. Say around 9:30, is that OK?" My husband said, "Yeah, I can't wait! Call me Thursday around 7 so we can talk about next weekend. I think maybe Friday night would work out better for us. What do you think?" Paul said, "Maybe. I'll think about it and call you Thursday, but why at 7?" Peter said, "Because that is the time Linda always takes a shower. We'll work out the details then."

I heard the phones hang up and I did the same. By now I had tears running down my cheeks and I went into the bathroom, sat down on the stool and just sobbed. I could not believe it. My husband did something with me last night that was absolutely horrible. I know I had to have had sex with other men.

My husband, who said he loved me, the man I trusted beyond anything or anyone, had let other men make love to me. On top of that, it was clear that he arranged it all to happen. My husband, my husband, how could he, why? What would make him do such a thing? Should I go out and confront him? Should I leave him? The bastard, the fucking bastard, how could he? I loved him, he said he loved me. I had to see that videotape; I just had to.

I took a shower for the longest time. I felt dirty. I felt used and I could not scrub hard enough to get myself clean. I walked around in a daze the rest of the day, I don't think I said three words to him all day Sunday. I went to bed early and cried myself to sleep. Monday all I could think about was leaving Peter, but I realized that if I did leave, my parents would have won. They had told me he was no good, they told me our marriage would not last. What can I do, I don't have any money, I don't have any means of support, hell, I don't even have access to our bank account, everything is in Peter's name. I have to change that before I leave him.

By the time Monday evening rolled around, I had thought out a plan. When Peter came home I acted as I normally did. I even kissed him hello. I saw that he was carrying a videotape and I asked, "What's that?" He said, "Paul videotaped the Monterey Open for me yesterday and I may to watch it later." I knew what it was. I wanted to jerk it from his hand and watch it to see just what it was that I did. Instead I acted just as he knew I would. I said, "Golf! How can you watch that crap? Dinner is ready, so wash up, it's your favorite."

During our dinner I put my plan in motion. I said. "Honey. I feel like I am your slave. I mean, I cook, I clean, we make love and it is the same every day. When are you going to treat me like a real wife?" The look on his face, I had caught him so totally by surprise. He looked at me and said, "What do you mean? You're my wife, I treat you like my wife, why do you say that?"

I smiled and said, "Oh sure you do -- you allow me to do all the housework, but I am not on the car registration or the title to it. Hell, my name isn't even on the bank account. Everything belongs to you, not us. If I am part of your life, why is it that I am not listed as Mrs. Clark on those things? Why is that?"

Peter said, "I'm sorry, honey, I was going to get all that changed, honest I was, I have just been to busy. I'll get it done soon, I promise." I said, "Good, because until you start treating me as a wife and put my name on that kind of stuff, I'll be sleeping in the guest bedroom."

God, the shock on his face was fantastic. I wish I had a camera to keep that look forever. He said, "That's a little extreme, isn't it? I'll get you added to the account and I'll change over the cars. You know you're down as co-owner of the house, and that should count for something." I said in a sarcastic tone, "Co-owner? I'm not down as co-owner. You have me down as, what is it? Hell, I don't know what you call it but I get the house in case of your death. I don't call that co-owner, it's more like an insurance policy. Hell, why are we married if you are not going to share everything with me?"

Peter threw his napkin on the table as he stood, then he said in a very mad tone, "Fine. OK, tomorrow I'll come home, pick you up and we'll go get everything changed over. Is that satisfactory with you?" I said, "We'll see, but I am sleeping in the guest room until it is done." Peter stormed out of the dining room and I cleaned up the table and did the dishes. I took a shower and got ready for bed.

The next day, true to his word, Peter showed up and he took me to DMV, then to the bank and at last down to county records. By 3:30 my name was now on everything we owned. They even gave me a temporary debit card to use until mine came in. I felt that at least now I could grab some of his money and run. I would not be penniless, that is for sure.

I could not wait for Peter to leave for work Tuesday morning. I never left the guest room until I was sure he had left for work. I got up, went out to the den and sure enough Peter had the new supposed golf video in with the other tapes. I grabbed it and shoved it in the videotape slot, turned on the TV and stood there waiting to see what was on this tape. I watched as the TV came to life.

I saw the Paul's den as seen from the top, at an angle like there was someone standing on a landing above filming down. I did not recall any second story; I wondered how he managed to get it from that angle. The sound was horrible, the music was loud and when Peter and I walked in and met Carrie and Peters other old friends I could hear that we said something but the sound was so bad I couldn't make out what was said. We stood and talked for a bit when Paul walked up and handed me my "root beer float" I sat down on the couch to finish watching, from what I could tell this was not going to be a short film.

I watched as I drank down the "float" and as soon as it was gone, I watched as Paul took my empty glass and walked over to the bar. I watched him as he took one bottle, then another and another and another. He did this with six different bottles before he added very little Coke and less milk. He put whipped cream on top and brought it back to me. I began drinking it when we moved to the couch and chairs in the big den. I watched as I drank that drink down real fast also. I did remember how great it tasted but Paul told me there was very little alcohol in the drink when he first handed it to me, I remember that very clearly. By the third glass I was giggling, and laughing at what was being said but since the music was so loud I could not make out what was being said.

I stood and walked out; I remember I had to pee, so that must have been when I did. I watched as Paul quickly moved around the room, and all of a sudden the sound became very clear and I saw where he had placed something on the back of the couch where I was sitting. I heard him say to Peter, "I had the mike plugged into the wrong place, this should give us some good sound. I'll check it before she gets back. Sit and just talk normal."

He disappeared and I heard John say to Peter, "So she never gives you head, huh? You won't be able to say that after tonight, will you?" Peter said, "You don't know Linda. I tell you she is a fucking iceberg when it comes to anything besides just on your back give it to me and go to sleep kind of sex. Talk about missionary crap, I think she studied a fucking book on just how to make sex be as plain as possible. You'll see. I've had her drunk before and I don't care how drunk she gets, she ain't going to suck anyone's cock." The other man with them said, "Want to put some money on that, Pete? I'll bet you $50 that before you two leave here tonight she is going to not only let us stick our dicks in her mouth but she will swallow every drop of cum we give her." Peter said, "You're on. I know my wife; she just won't do it."

I sat there hearing my husband and his friends talking about me as if I was something like a car or something. I sure wasn't being spoken of as a wife by her loving husband, I was being spoken of like I was a piece of meat. I heard them all stop talking as I came back into the room. I sat down where I had been sitting and there was another drink waiting for me. Paul said, "Let's have a chug race, who's game?" Everyone, including me, said, "I am," and Paul then said, "OK, now the last to finish does the dishes. Ready, 1,2,3, GO!" Everyone raised their drinks. Some had bottled beer. Peter had a can of beer. Paul had a glass as big as mine and I looked at everyone drinking. I should say, acting as if they were drinking. I was gulping my drink down and I finished first. Watching the men and Carrie, I could see that they even hardly tried.

Everyone cheered me as I won the race. Paul got up and made me another drink and brought it back. I could tell by watching myself that I was floored. I was weaving and it looked as I might drop off the couch. The men all started talking filthy. I do not remember the black guy's name, but he said, "Man, it's been two days since I've had a piece of ass. I need my cock sucked bad." Paul said, "You know how real women are, they love sucking a man's cock, don't they, Carrie?" Carrie, who was sitting next to me, said, "I know I sure as hell do, but I love it more when a man is eating out my little pussy." Paul shouted out, laughing, "There ain't nothing little about your cunt, baby, and you fucking know it!" Everyone was laughing, including me. Carrie then asked me, "How do you like your pussy eaten, you like it soft, gentle or rough and deep?" I said, "I never had anyone go down on me. Peter wants to but I think it's dirty." Peter chimed in and said, "Oh, I've tried believe me, but Linda just wants to lay on her fucking back and do it missionary style." Carrie said, "Hell, that ain't no fun. I love sucking on a hard cock and making it shoot its load into me. Man, it is so fucking hot, I fucking love it."

I sat there and I could not recall talking to them at all, but then I was so drunk I barely remember walking to the bathroom to pee, I sure don't remember coming back. I was leaning against Carrie who was caressing my breast with her hand over my shoulder. I leaned back and Carrie slowly moved, allowing me to lay on my back on the couch. Paul said, "Call them, it's time." I watched as John picked up the phone and dialed out, I heard him say, "It's clear now, you guys can come over. Remember, you bring your own cameras and bring cash. This shit ain't free. It costs 50 bucks; no one is going to fuck her; you get to shoot pictures of her in any position, and, yes, with a dick in her mouth."

While he was talking, the other man pulled out his wallet and handed Peter my husband two $20s and one $10. He pulled out a camera and began taking pictures of me. Paul and Carrie moved me close to one end of the couch and Carrie placed my left leg over the arm while Paul placed my right foot on the floor. Peter pulled up my skirt and Carrie pulled down my panties. Once they were off, she moved in between my legs and began licking my clit. I heard myself let out a moan and a very faint "no," however I did nothing else. Peter lifted up my top and exposed my tits. John came back and said, "Man, I sure would love to fuck her between the tits. I'll even pay another $50 for that." Peter said, "OK, but remember no one is fucking her. You can take all the pictures you want, but no one fucks my wife but me." Paul said, "Sure, buddy, all we're gonna do is take pictures, and, of course, John-boy gets to fuck her between her tits."

Paul unzipped his pants and knelt down on the edge of the couch. He reached back over me to the back of the couch to balance himself as he aimed his cock into my mouth. I could see that my eyes were closed and yet with Carrie's manipulations between my legs I was moaning like crazy. I watched as Paul reached down with one hand as he balanced himself and pushing down on my jaw, he opened my mouth. He put the head of his dick in my open mouth and said, "OK, boys, get your shots. Now remember, don't push in, you'll gag her and she'll throw up. You make her throw up, you clean up the fucking mess as well as get your ass kicked." I watched him as he began stroking himself as he kept the head of his dick inside my mouth. I watched as I slowly closed my mouth and my lips came in contact with him. I watched as I laid there on my back with another woman between my legs eating me. I actually began to slowly suck on the cock in my mouth.

Paul shouted out, "I win the bet, she's fucking sucking my cock, look at her, she is actually sucking me." I looked and he was right I was sucking him. He began to jerk his cock faster and he said, "Watch this, she's going to get a mouthful and she's going to gulp it down. Watch her throat, watch it, watch her, I'm coming."

I kept my eyes on my throat, he was right; I could see my throat moving as I swallowed that creep's semen. I saw all kinds of flashes going on, and it was clear that the "others" had joined in because I heard, "I'm next, I'm next, I'm after Charlie." One man said, "Man, I can't wait to fuck the bitch. She's going to get a shit load of cum tonight." Peter said it again, "Nobody fucks my wife. You can take pictures of her sucking your dicks and even tit-fuck her, but that's it, nothing more." Paul said, "You guys knew that from the get-go, so pay the man his money and make sure you leave her pussy alone. The next one that says they want to fuck her gets thrown out and no fucking refunds, got it?" Everyone of them said, "Yeah, OK, sure." Then one of the new black men that had joined us all said, "What about the other bitch, can we fuck her?" Paul said, "Maybe later, but you're here to take pictures, that's it." Then kneeling down and close to Carrie's ear, he said, "Carrie, dear, remember that you are going to take Peter and show him the bedroom?" Carrie pulled her head up from between my legs and looking at Paul said, "Ah, sure, yeah, I almost forgot, yeah, I can't wait." Standing up she grabbed Peter's hand and said, "Come on, let's go, I've been waiting all day for this."

I watched as they walked off, then after a very short time Paul said, "OK, boys, it will cost you another $50, but for that you get to fuck her as much as you can before Carrie get back with Peter." The first guy to ask said, "How many times we get?" Paul said, "I don't give a shit, fuck her as much and as long as you can. Carrie is going to keep her husband in bed for a good hour. Trust me, she knows just how to do it, so cough up the bread and get started."

I watched as one of the black men dropped his pants and aimed his monster pole at my pussy, he said, "Couple of you guys lift up her legs and hold them back." I watched as one guy moved over to me and standing off to the side he lifted up my legs, holding them at my ankles. I watched as the black man pushed into me easily. He said, "Man, is she fucking tight. God, I'm going to love this." I watched as he kept going and going, deeper and deeper, and it looked like he had come to the back of my pussy. I watched as he stopped and said, "OK, bitch, now you're gonna know how it feels to have a dick in your cervix." He made a shoving motion and I heard myself give out a sharp "Ohhh!!" It was a painful sound. And I watched as he kept going further inside of me. Finally there was no cock left to go inside, and he began fucking me, first slowly and then faster, I had a man with his cock in my mouth jacking off as the black guy fucked me. Flashes were going off like crazy. I could actually hear my moans and it was moans of pleasure, not pain, this time.

I heard someone say, "Quit hogging the bitch, we all want a shot at the bitch." The man fucking me began to pump in and out faster, then I watched as he gave me a deep slam and I watched as he pushed in as hard as he could while his whole body shook. I had just witnessed another man fuck me and leave his seed inside of me. I also could hear how I was moaning with obvious pleasure. My body laid still, but they could all tell that I liked what was being done to me. I watched as the man jerking off in my mouth came and again I swallowed what was there. I know it had to be a normal reaction, because if I did not swallow on my back like that I most likely would have inhaled his stuff into my lungs so my body did what it knew it had to do to make sure I did not choke.

The black guy pulled out, then Paul put himself in me and fucked me, and another man jerked off into my mouth while Paul took his turn. By now they had a system going: The man that held my legs was always next, and this happened over and over. After a very long time, Carrie came back into the den and when she did Paul asked, "Where's Peter?" Carrie said, "Oh, he's asleep, I wore him out. Looks like you boys are having your fun. I just wanted you to know you have another good hour yet; I'll keep him busy. Don't worry." She kissed Paul and left. I could hear myself moaning and moaning, I swear I saw my body jerk with a climax or two during all of it. Some of the men had small dicks, while others had some big ones, I mean, real big dicks. I was so surprised when I would watch the men with logs between their legs make it disappear all the way up inside of me, I had two feelings when I saw that. I was glad I was passed out drunk and then I had this feeling of wondering what it felt like with a man that big inside of me. If I responded with that kind of pleasure dead drunk, what would it feel like sober?

I watched as most of them came in me three times, most of the time it was twice in my pussy and once in my mouth. The guys changed it around and I was now sucking the men that pulled out of me sucking on them as they went down in size. I watched as the last man fucked me and as I sucked on his cock until it went fully limp in my mouth.

Paul re-adjusted my legs back down and my skirt was up on my waist. No one fucked me between my tits but every one of them mouthed my tits or pinched my nipples. I saw Peter walk back in with Carrie with his arm wrapped around her. He walked over to where I was spread out on the couch and looking between my legs he said "Paul, it looks like some one fucked her, who was it?' Paul said, "Everybody. Hell, you were in fucking my wife, Carrie, why the fuck couldn't we fuck your wife?"

Peter said, "Great, just fucking great. I trusted you to watch her." Paul said, "Oh, I did, buddy, I watched as she sucked off every guy here, and I watched as they all fucked her twice. I kept my eye on her, and you know what, buddy, she fucking loved it. Wait a few minutes, I got some more boys coming over. They're paying you a hundred bucks to fuck your wife on top of the $50 to take pictures. I'm keeping 10% for setting all this shit up and pitching in the freebie from Carrie." Peter looked down at me and said, "Jeez, she's got cum all over her legs and cunt, it's fucking pouring out of her and her hole looks like it will never close back up again." Paul said, "Oh don't worry about that. It'll close up all right. Too bad she's dead drunk, or maybe it's a good thing -- if she was sober and she had that much cock, you'd never satisfy her again. This way she will wake up and think it was you that did it." Peter said, "Not Linda. Hell, she's a fucking iceberg. She's too fucking straight-laced. I wish she would do this without being passed out.

I watched as Peter unzipped his pants and waited for the man in my mouth to finish. He pushed himself up and Peter, my husband who had just came back from fucking Carrie, was putting his limp dick in my mouth. I am sure it was still covered with her and his cum. Peter never washes himself after sex. He says he likes the feel of it on him. I watched as I sucked his cock. He was pumping in my mouth and I watched as his cock grew after awhile. Soon he was holding it as he stroked it while he kept the head of it in my sucking mouth. I saw his ass jerk and I knew that he was giving me his semen. The man fucking me finished and asked Peter, "You finished, buddy? I want her to clean me off."

Peter pushed back and said, "Go for it, man, she loves sucking cock." Looking at Paul, he said, "Well, at least she finally sucked my dick."

A few minutes later three more men walked in the den and they each handed Paul a hundred bucks. Peter said, "It's $150, not $100." Paul said, "Are you boys here to take picture or here to just fuck the bitch?" They all said they were there to fuck me. So Paul said, "OK, it's just a hundred. Get to it. Fuck her till you can't anymore." Peter and Paul went over to the two chairs. Each picked up a beer, sat there watching and talking. They were too far away to hear what it was they were talking about but from the way they were acting, it wasn't hard to figure out they were talking about me.

When the last man finished, Paul stood and asked the remaining men there, "Is that it, boys? All finished? Anyone one want one more shot at Peter's wife before he takes her home?" Everyone said they had enough and I watched as Peter got up and came over to me. Carrie came with him and Paul said, "You better find her panties and stuff them in her hole or she'll drip out all the cum on your car seat." Carries found them and handed them to my husband. He stuffed them down between my legs. He picked me up and carried me in his arms. I watched him until he left the room and the picture faded. Then it faded back to a picture. Only the picture was of a bedroom and I saw Peter and Carrie walk into it.

I realized that Paul must have had another camera set up to record my husband with his wife. I watched as they stripped and got on the bed. They embraced and as Carrie worked my husband's dick, Peter was fingering her. I was already numb from what I saw that they did to me but this... well, I know he went off to fuck her; I just never thought I would have to watch it. I know I could have stopped the tape (yeah, right), but I watched as they both turned around and ended up with each other's head between the other's legs. Carrie worked my husband's cock like it was a lollipop and my husband was eating Carrie out as if he was a starving man and came across food that he could not get enough of.

I sat watching them and cussing them both out as I watched. I wondered why I could not have done that with my husband. It was nasty, it was filthy, and yet the way those two went at it, it looked as if was something that gave lots of pleasure. I don't know if it was giving it or receiving it, all I know from what I was watching they both got lots of pleasure from it.

I don't know how long they did it like that but Peter ejaculated in her mouth and Carrie's body shook as if she were climaxing. They both turned onto their backs and relaxed. I heard Peter say, "That was wild. I never experienced anything like that." Carrie reached over and caressed his tummy, moving her hand down to his groin and she said, "Honey, we're just getting started. When we finish, you're going to be spoiled and I'm afraid I will have ruined you for any other woman."

I said out loud, "You fucking bitch, you goddamn fucking bitch, you cocksucking, motherfucking, nasty ass cunt!!!" I stopped yelling at the TV when I heard Peter begin to talk. He said, "I wonder what's going on in the den with Linda, I hope she's all right." Again I began yelling at the fucking TV, "All right?! All right, you motherfucking bastard?!?! You fucking asshole, you're fucking this sleaze while you leave me to those men in the den, you're a fucking worm, you're slime, I hate you, I hate you!!!"

Carrie said, "I'll go check and bring you back a beer. I have a feeling everything is just fine." She got up out of bed and put on a robe and left. I watched as my husband laid there and began touching himself as he laid there with his eyes closed. It took some time but he managed to get his fucking dick half hard before Carrie walked back in with two beers. She said, "What's the matter, baby, can't wait for me to do that for you?" Peter said, "No, I was just thinking how nasty it is in the den and how Linda is in there sucking all those men." Carrie said, "No, you're not, you're getting turned on because you know that your wife is in the den to suck off the men, and you want them all to fuck her. Admit it, you want your wife to be gangbanged, you know you do."

Peter took the beer bottle and said, "Yeah, maybe, I'm not sure." Carrie said, "Honey, you don't leave your naked wife with eight men and expect them not to fuck her. You're smarter than that, aren't you, Peter?" Peter said, "Yeah, maybe, but Paul is in there, he'll make sure no one fucks her." Carrie said, as she got on the bed real close to Peter, "If I know my Paul, he'll be the first one in there to fuck her. After all, Peter, we're in here and you're fucking me. Fair is fair, you know."

I watched as Peter took a long gulp of his beer and then he said, "Are they, I mean, is she, is Paul..." Carrie cut him off and said, "Are they what, darling? Are they fucking your wife, is Paul fucking your wife, is your wife in there being fucked over and over by them? Do you really need for me to tell you, do you really need me to draw you a fucking picture? You can stay here with me and pretend that nothing is going on or you could realize exactly what it is you want and desire. So tell me, do you really want to know, Peter?"

Peter asked, "OK, what is it that I really desire, Carrie, what do you know that I don't?" Carrie said as she stroked Peter's hard cock, "You want your wife to be a slut like I am. You want her to love other men's cocks fucking her and you want to watch her as the pervert that you are. Admit it, darling, if you knew how to do it, you would turn that lovely wife of yours into a Number One, Grade A slut just like me, wouldn't you, Peter?" I heard Peter mumble something very soft, then Carrie said, maybe to torment him, "What? Say it louder, tell me what it is that you want, tell me or I'll fucking walk out and go join your wife in the Den."

Peter said, "All right, you're right, you're fucking right, are you happy now? Yes, I dream of her being like you." Carrie said as she leaned over to take my husband's now rock-hard cock in her mouth, "Well, Peter, she may be passed out dead drunk, but her body is responding to them. She is loving the men fucking her and she is sucking their cocks. Oh yeah, she's a closet slut if I have ever seen one. Too bad you got to get her passed out drunk to let the slut in her come alive." She stopped talking as she took him into her mouth. Peter laid on to his back and just moaned as Carrie worked his dick.

Carrie stopped and moved to straddle him as he laid there. She aimed his dick into herself as she came down on him. I watched as he disappeared into her. Carrie began moving her hips, fucking my husband as she began talking. "I saw the biggest cock in my whole life disappear into your little wife's cunt, and she gave out the most wonderful exciting moan as he began to fuck her. I bet you would have loved to see that, wouldn't you, dear?"

Peter said, "Oh God, yeah, I would love to see that. I would love to see my wife moan out in pleasure from a big cock fucking her." I saw Carrie look over to where the camera was at and she smiled. I knew that she had set him up for that, the bitch. I wonder if they were planning to blackmail Peter. Good, I hope they do, he needs to pay for this shit.

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