Ring Master: First Ring
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Humor, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Harem, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Can being electrocuted have an affect on you? It seems it can. The problem is finding out just what the hell kind of effect it is. Story codes will be added as appropriate.

Slowly I walked through the park. What the hell, I wasn't in any kind of a hurry. Thirty, I am now thirty, 30 years old. No close friends, no job, no complications what so ever. One other thing I just thought of, no prospects. What the fuck, not even any enemies. Nothing. The more I thought about it the more I found myself disgusted with myself. Not that I wanted any enemies or anything like that but as far as I could determine, I didn't even have anyone that I knew that disliked me. I pretty much got along with everyone. Although, truth be known it was pretty much because I didn't want to cause any waves. I usually gave in on most issues if it would cause a confrontation. I slowly left the path I was on and drifted toward a large oak tree and slowly lay down in the shade from the late July sun.

I had started to relax, thinking of the events of the last few days. Days, that were not the best of my now 30 years. I had always been the geeky type, glasses, tall, skinny not good looking by any means, mediocre at best, all the classical symptoms associated with the term. Here it was my birthday, I had been laid off the day before and it had gone down hill from there. My sometimes girlfriend had dumped me when I told her what had happened at work. Of course we had only been going out for a few weeks and just getting to know one another. When she looked at me she had frowned a little and told me maybe it was better if we didn't see each other for awhile. That I would need to concentrate on finding a new job, and so I wouldn't be able to spend much time with her. I wasn't real concerned about that portion of this mess. I had made good money and had saved a bit through the years, Of course, she didn't know that I had been, comfortable. She only knew that I was some kind of middle manager, we hadn't gotten that far into our relationship, she was probably starting to think I was a loser and so she wanted to move on. So I told her goodbye, and that she should have a nice life.

I intended to do the same with mine. I kind of zoned out a little when I was startled by a crash, probably just some fender bender on the street just under a block or so away.

I had just started to drift off toward a slight doze when the the very real and very rude awakening of being drenched brought me wide awake. The sprinklers had come on and I was now very, very wet.

"Lovely, just freaking lovely!" So what the hell else could happen to me today of all days. I ran to the path and got away from the water works. As I walked toward the street and my car I passed a couple of young girls, they twittered a little as I walked past them leaving small puddles in my wake.

I wasn't paying a lot of attention as I walked toward my car, mainly I wanted to get rid of as much water as I could so I wouldn't get the seat wet. Just as I was getting near my car I could see a private bus over the hedge, you know the kind that stars use when out on tour. As I rounded the hedge I saw that the bus was neatly parked in the middle of my car, which was very neatly shoved into a power/telephone pole.

"What the fuck!" I increased my step a little toward what was left of my car when I heard someone yell from above and just behind me.


I turned to my left and I saw a wire moving toward me, I started to bring my arms up and then black

I woke slowly. I could hear muted sounds, beeps. I've heard that sound before, what is it? Beep beep Heart beat, that is the sound of a monitor on someones heart beat. Why would I hear that? Where was I that I could hear that. Fuzzy, everything is fuzzy, my head is killing me, I can't think right. Hospital, I'm in a hospital, that is why I hear the beeps. What was the last thing I remember? The wire, a wire was coming toward me.

SHIT! I tried to sit up, that was a mistake, my head felt like it was about to came off my shoulders. I couldn't move, was I paralyzed? I can't see anything, why can't I see? Duh, open your eyes you dummy. I tried to open my eyes, they moved very slowly. Why was I so slow? Drugs, I must have some medications in me that is causing the fuzziness and the slow movements. Slowly the room came into focus, yep a hospital room, monitors and IV's on my left. To my right, hair, long hair, long beautiful red hair splashed across my bed. Just who the hell is that, I don't know any redheads. She, it has to be a she with that beautiful hair, I couldn't see her face but she looks to be asleep in a chair with her head resting on my bed. I tried to say something but nothing would come out. I tried to swallow but it felt like a desert in my throat. I tried again and a croak came out.

She started as if she had been jabbed, her face came around to look at me and her eyes widened as she saw my eyes open looking back at her. She appeared to be in her mid twenties give or take. Now a days it was harder and harder to tell womens ages. The only thing it could do was get you in trouble, especially if you guessed wrong. She jumped up and headed for the door so quick I didn't even get a chance to get a good look at the rest of her. Just a fleeting glance of someone that is very, very nice to look at.

I saw movement at the door, it started to open and I couldn't keep my eyes open, they closed by themselves and I was out again.

I slowly came awake, I heard people talking.

"I tell you I saw his eyes open, looking at me."

"Miss O'Brien, that is near impossible, he had enough meds in him to keep a small horse asleep. We needed him that way to prevent his moving while we did the scans yesterday. There isn't any reason we can find for him to have been unconscious this long. The electricity that went through him should have killed him outright, and he shouldn't have been able to be revived, obviously it didn't, but the minor burns he received still need to heal, and we want to ensure his nervous system is OK from the shock he received."

"Doctor, I understand all that but I'm telling you his eyes were open just a few hours ago. When I brought the night nurse in they were closed again."

"Maybe it was just a 'twitch' as we say."

"Doctor, it was no 'twitch' or any other medical jargon you want to call it, he was awake, period."

I opened my eyes to see a white suit and the red headed angel looking at each other at the foot of my bed. I did the only thing I could think of to defend the angel that was sticking up for me. Even though my head was killing me, I croaked again, which of course sent more needles through my brain.

Both heads snapped around to look at me and if I could have I would have rolled around my bed laughing from the look on the doctors face as he saw me looking at him. The angel just saw me look at her and had a smirk and then a smile that was only missing the yellow feathers to be complete.

The doctor quickly came to my side and pressed the call button as he put the stethoscope to his ears and then the cold end to my chest.

A nurse came into the room, quickly followed by two more. One of which went to the angel and told her, "I'm sorry but you have to leave now so we can take care of him."


"No buts, please come with me. You can sit in the waiting room just down the hall, when I can, I'll come and let you know what is going on."

They all seemed to be doing something, as if it was choreographed. I kept my attention on the doctor next to me. The pain in my head would occasionally cause me to loose focus on him, but I would bring it back as soon as I noticed it. I tried talking again and got another small croak for my trouble.

A nurse came to me and placed a sliver of ice at my lips, "Suck on these SLOWLY, it will put some moisture back that you have lost from..." she looked at the doctor, "everything that has happened."

I opened my mouth and a sliver started melting. It felt SOOOOO good, she placed another and I took that one also. I looked at her and tried to say thanks but it still came out as a croak. She seemed to know what I was trying to say to her.

She looked at me and smiled, "You're welcome," as she fed me another.

I could almost swallow now, she kept feeding me the ice slivers as I opened my mouth. She started to give me bigger pieces so they took a few moments to melt. I felt I could finally try to talk and looked to her again.

"Thank You!" It wasn't perfect, but she understood me, as she smiled and nodded.

I looked toward the doctor again and very slowly tried to enunciate my feelings, "Doctor, my head is killing me, it feels as if it splitting open."

He took a small flashlight from his pocket and started the blinding eyes tests we've all seen on TV, back and forth between my eyes. "Mr McKinney, you don't appear to have a concussion or any other injuries we can find with the exception of some minor electrical burns. There isn't any reason that we can determine for you to have been unconscious for the last 3 days since your accident."

Again I spoke slowly to make sure he could understand me, although it was getting better and easier after the ice slivers eased the way my throat felt. "Three days? I've been out for 3 days? What happened? I remember someone yelling and I started to turn and I saw a wire then nothing."

"Yes sir, that is our understanding of what happened. A bus hit a car, which hit a power pole. Evidently, as you were walking up the street the wire from the pole behind you fell and landed directly on you. It seems you were very wet and the power line used you to go to ground before the circuit breaker tripped and shut off."

"OK, could you tell me who the young woman is that was in here when I woke up before? She saw me looking at her and she took off as if she was on fire."

"You awoke earlier?"

"Yes, just as she told you a few moments ago, and like I said, she took off, and I kinda faded after that so I don't know what happened then."

"When she came back with the night nurse you were asleep or unconscious again. More likely the former. She told me you had awakened but I was under the impression that would not have been possible with the amount of medications that should have still been in in your system at the time. You should not have been able to do that then. Since she was so adamant that you had awakened I told them I would see you this morning on my rounds. Unlike a lot of hospitals we feel that it is better to have a relative or close friend stay with a patient if possible."

I started to protest that I didn't even know the woman when he held up his hand and continued.

"I know, we also couldn't find any next of kin information on you so we allowed her in due to extenuating circumstances."

"I don't understand, what you're talking about. What circumstances? Who is she?"

"According to her, she is the reason you almost died."

"WHAT? She wasn't anywhere near me when the wire fell on me." I cringed as I said it, my head feeling like it had split open again and someone was pouring lava over it.

"Since you're obviously feeling better except for what is also obviously a very severe headache, I'll have something brought for the pain and I'll send the lady in to explain herself. After we have taken care of the catheter and various other items you no longer seem to need. One other thing, you need to move around, even if it is only here in the room. With everything disconnected you will have much more freedom and the sooner you move about, take some food and go to the bathroom, the sooner you'll be able to get out of here. You can't be discharged until all of that happens."

"Okay Doc, I get the message. And thanks doctor, make it a double please. This is really bad."

"It isn't uncommon for a headache after having been in a coma for a few days BUT, if it continues for to long we need to investigate the possible causes."

"OK, and thanks again." I watched as he left the room, thinking and wondering what the hell is going on. I never get headaches, in fact I rarely get sick, but this one was bad enough to make up for 30 years of not having one. All at the same time.

The nurses returned to torture me some more. One gave me the meds the doctor had promised along with a cup of water. The one that had given me the ice pulled the privacy curtain around me and stood next to the bed looking down at me. "Sorry about this but it has to be done." She lifted the sheet and my 'Jonny' and started to remove the catheter. If you've never had one removed, thank what ever deities you pray to, if you have had the opportunity, I'm sorry, you know what I'm talking about. The IV's and monitors were disconnected but moved over to the side, out of the way. "We'll notify Miss O'Brien she can come in now." the nurse said as she pulled the curtain back and headed for the door.

Soon, the door started to open slowly and I could see the top of a beautiful head of red hair slowly enter the room as if she was very hesitant to enter.

"Excuse me, Mr. McKinney? May I talk to you for a moment, please?"

I watched her as she came further into the room. "Yes, of course, please come in. Why wouldn't I want you to come in? You have been keeping an eye on me apparently for some time. Please sit." She slowly sat in the chair that she had occupied the night before. "Now would you please tell me how it is that you believe you almost killed me?"

Her eyes took on the sheen of tears filling them as she looked at me, and then down to the floor, as the drops fell from her eyes to her blouse.

"I was driving the RV that caused you to be electrocuted." came from her in a barely heard whisper.

I thought for a moment, remembering the bus that was pushed into my car and the pole at an angle next to it. "Hmmm, seems to me I remember a bus on the street, it was kind of pushing my car into a pole."

"I killed your car too?" with that, she broke down into heaping sobs with her hands covering her face. I am sorry, so very sorry I hurt you."

Something is wrong, this girl, no, this woman should NOT be responding this way. Something else is going on and I really need to find out what it is. "I heard the doctor call you Miss O'Brien, is that right?"

She only nodded as she continued to cry into her hands.

"In that case Miss O'Brien, you should stop this crying, You are much to beautiful to be crying over my car, it was only a car. I wasn't electrocuted, I'm alive and here in front of you. So please go into the bathroom and take care of yourself so we can continue our conversation. Then we can introduce ourselves and see what else we need to take care of or talk about. Please?"

She kind of slowed down, looking up at me then quickly down again. Nodding her head, she stood and moved toward the bathroom, closing the door behind her. What the hell is this, why is she acting this way? Hopefully I'll be able to get some answers when she comes out.

After a few minutes she came out again and returned to the chair, but just as she was about to resume her seat again, she moved as close as she could to the bed and pulled the chair closer before she sat down. What the hell is this? If she was any closer she would be in my lap, which really wouldn't bother me any she was unbelievably beautiful. I looked at her and started to ask her when she started to stammer a bit.

"Miss O'Brien, I need to move around"

"Y... Y... You did get electrocuted you know. You did die."

What the fuck, Over!

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