The Bastard (Unrestrained)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slavery,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - By Popular demand, a version of 'The Bastard and the Ghost Bitch' without the Ghost Bitch. Dan is a misogynistic mind controller with no morals. And this time there is no one to stop him.

Dan stared at Mindy's exposed cleavage, enjoying the view. He didn't know what was more erotic, her buxom hourglass figure, the fact that his leering at it was making her extremely horny or the knowledge that she was confused and irritated at her level of arousal.

He finally decided that the greatest turn-on was that he had caused it.

Mindy was his immediate supervisor. She had previously dressed very conservatively but lately the hems of her skirts were rising as fast as her necklines were dropping. She had also taken to wearing sexy lingerie under her business attire, something she had never worn before, even in private.

Her thick auburn hair had always been worn up off the neck in a very professional looking bun. Now she was wearing it down so her long wavy locks cascaded over her shoulders and down her back.

He had caused these things as well.

As the result of a head injury suffered in a car accident a little over a year ago Dan had telepathic powers. During his recovery in the hospital he noticed that he was 'hearing' thoughts of those around him and through careful trial and error had found that he could direct the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of others.

He had always found Mindy to be very attractive but had been continually disappointed by her wardrobe selections. He had not only fixed that but was successfully redirecting her sexual desires his way. He was so caught up in those thoughts that he barely remembered that she was currently chewing him out because of his poor work product.

"Look, Dan," she said soothingly, "I know you have had a terrible loss, but we do have to complete these projects. If you need more time off I can arrange it, but if you are going to be here, then I need you to be productive."

"It's just hard to focus, Mindy," Dan replied, "why don't you come to my place this weekend. If we work together then I'm sure we can get this right back on schedule."

Mindy felt a rush of excitement at the thought of spending the weekend alone with Dan but she knew that such a relationship with a subordinate was taboo by company policy and could lead to all sorts of personal and legal complications. She did, however, allow herself a few moments distraction as she pictured Dan's nude form above her, thrusting deeply into her as she writhed in pleasure.

Pulling herself out of her daydream she almost came as she met Dan's eyes.

"O... okay... I guess we can do that." Mindy wanted to get back to her office because she knew her face was very flushed at the moment. "I'll be at your house at noon on Saturday."

Walking away, Mindy reflected her history with Dan.

Dan was already working here when she started six years ago. He had joined the firm over four years before her, right out of college. It had been Dan that had taken her under his wing and taught her the ropes. He could be a little creepy but she had learned as much as she could from him and by using that as a starting point she had expanded her knowledge and turned this job into a very successful career. She had done well enough that with only four years on the job she had been offered the promotion to department supervisor. She always felt she had Dan to thank for that which is why she felt terrible about the death of his wife.

Dan had married his high school sweetheart right after he graduated college and began working here. Three months ago she had been murdered in a car jacking gone awry and ever since Mindy had been having the oddest thoughts and daydreams which made her feel a bit of guilt on top of every thing else.

She had never thought of Dan in a sexual way before. In fact she used to find him a bit repugnant. But ever since his wife died - no, it had been a bit before that - she had been finding herself more and more attracted to him.

At thirty years old, Mindy was still single though not through any lack of offers. She simply wasn't interested in a relationship at this time. She dated often and had a healthy sex life. That is, until she began to fantasize about Dan. Since then, she'd had no dates and found herself masturbating frequently, always with a picture of Dan in her head. She resolved to keep it as fantasy only and told herself that nothing would happen this weekend.

Dan enjoyed the extra sway Mindy unconsciously put into her hips as she walked away from his desk. He could hardly wait until this weekend. The waiting had been excruciating even though there had been plenty of sex. With his powers he'd had rousing sex every night since he got out of the hospital - and not once with that cow he used to call his wife.

He had married Barbara because he felt he couldn't do any better. He knew he wasn't good looking and though she had carried a few extra pounds in high school she was pretty enough. She had been a little chunky but still pretty when they had gotten married. In the ten years since she had gained over a hundred pounds, and her face had stopped being pretty after the first fifty.

After the accident he had been considering a divorce. With his powers the settlement was sure to go his way. He had gone so far as to look through his papers for the name and number of a lawyer he had used before when he came across her life insurance.

He had almost forgotten about it. It was worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars - enough to finish off the mortgage erase all their debt and leave him with little in savings. Not enough to quit his job but with his powers he wasn't working anyway. He had each of his co-workers doing a little of his work; all he had to do was compile it all.

But, how to do it? If he had telekinesis he could arrange an accident, but he didn't. Barb would have to be someone's victim. His mind reading was strictly one on one so it had taken quite a while to find the right person. With everything else he had going, looking for an appropriate thug took a back burner but he finally came across a couple of punks who were more than likely going to prison anyway.

The rest was simple. He made sure all parties were at the right place at the right time with the right inclinations, and they had shot Barb in the head just like he planned. It was perfect - and he was miles away when it happened.

The punks were sitting in jail. In return for pleading guilty, the death penalty had been taken off the table, but during sentencing Dan had influenced the judge and those two would never get out. He had rid himself of that cow, greatly improved his financial situation and rid society of two assholes. He considered that a win for all sides.

Without a mortgage and other bills. Dan had a lot of discretionary income and as a recent 'widower' he had even scored some sympathy sex without using his powers. But he still used them so that he could tag women far out of his league.

He sat at his desk forming a game plan for Mindy. By Saturday she was going to be so hot for him that she was likely to rape him the minute she walked through the door. He chuckled inwardly at that, oh yes, he would have her so worked up. she would have no choice but to beg him to fuck her - and he intended for her to beg.

The bitch had controlled his life for long enough. She would be his, body and mind. He was going to make her his slave.

He had already made it impossible to for her to have sex with any other guy while at the same time cranking up her libido. Starting tonight the masturbation wouldn't help any more either. She would be allowed no more orgasms until his cock was buried in her hot little snatch.

Served her right. Nagging him about his work product only three months after his wife had been murdered. That slut really seemed to love that she was his boss. When the supervisor position opened up two years ago he had twice as much experience as Mindy, but she got the job. It wasn't fair since he had taught her everything she knew. He had used the pretext of mentoring her as an excuse to get close to her and several times he had been able to catch a glimpse of her bra-encased tits down her shirt. He thought of all the time he had spent on her and she had taken what he taught her and betrayed him by going after the job that should have been his. Dan had never been so humiliated in his life. He was certain all their colleagues were laughing at him behind his back, he almost caught them at it a few times but they always lied and claimed someone had just told a joke or some other bullshit like that. He just knew that Mindy, like all pretty women, had just used her looks and feminine wiles to get the promotion. What a bitch.

Just for the hell of it he reached out with his mind and turned up her lust-o-meter a couple of clicks. He watched with amusement as she came out of her office and headed for the bathroom.

She sat in the bathroom fingering herself furiously to no avail. She tried to think of men that excited her. Men she had slept with in the past, men she had fantasized about. No matter who she tried thinking about, he always became Dan. Her attraction to him was very confusing to her. She remembered that for the longest time she didn't think he was at all handsome. Actually she had always considered him homely at best. Looking at him now she couldn't imagine feeling that way about him. When she looked at him now she saw a gorgeous hunk of man who could make her pussy drip just by walking into the room.

But more than that he was just wonderful to be around. He was kind and generous to a fault. He always said the sweetest things and she felt terrible about having to talk to him about missing a deadline. It was so hard to believe that she once thought that he was creepy and unpleasant. Sure he may complain a lot but he had been dealt such a lousy hand in life, who could blame him. She really didn't care that he always ran his eyes slowly over her body whenever he thought she wasn't looking. It may have been a bit disconcerting at first but she knew she had a nice figure and if he liked looking at her, well that was quite a compliment coming from a striking man like Dan.

Her finger traced her slick lips as she pictured what Dan might look like without his clothes on. Thinking about his thick cock, her tempo increased as the tingling of delight spread out from her pussy to engulf her whole body. And yet, she couldn't push herself over the edge.

The excitement rose higher and still she was denied release. She finally gave up out of frustration and slunk back to her office ashamed of herself for doing such a thing on company time.

When Dan saw her go back to her office with a very frustrated look on her face he had to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

The whole thing had gotten his motor running pretty good so he summoned Beth, the cute twenty-year-old, blond haired, blue-eyed summer intern. Beth had gotten his attention soon after her internship started and after he had made her forget all about that church she had been so enamored with, he had popped her cherry and then conditioned her to believe that she was doing quite a service for the firm by keeping Dan's spirits up (as well as his cock) after his 'tragedy.' All Dan had to do was call her extension and she would pass by his desk and suggest that they meet in the supply room.

This time, as he arrived he saw she already had her panties off and her shirt unbuttoned revealing her pert tits. They were nice and firm but what he really liked was the soft golden hair around her tight little cunt.

"You looked a little down," she said with a wicked grin, "will this help cheer you up?"

Without a word he knelt down and started licking at her sweet pussy. He always loved eating pussy and Beth's was fresh, sweet and hot, not to mention tight. He imagined what Mindy's pussy would taste like. But there was plenty of time for her this weekend, though he couldn't entirely banish her from his head while he concentrated on the sexy young co-ed writhing on his tongue. His cock quickly grew hard and he quickly stood and slid easily into her wet, tight snatch.

Usually he would tickle her pleasure center while he fucked her so she would get some enjoyment as well, but he was so excited at the thought of fucking Mindy that he skipped that this time and rapidly pummeled her hot little pussy until he felt his orgasm building.

"Oh yeah... that's good... I'm gonna cum."

"Give it to me baby," Beth encouraged.

Moments later he was shooting his load deep inside her. He gave a bit of thought about the lack of birth control but quickly dismissed it. In the event she did get pregnant it would be very simple to make her forget they ever had sex and some other poor bastard would end up on the hook.

When he was done, he zipped up and left the room without a word. He was far too distracted to waste time with this flighty little slut.

He was still horny from thinking about Mindy all day so on his way home he snagged a hottie from a grocery store and fucked her in his living room while her toddler wailed in a car seat out in the driveway. He made her stay long enough to fry him a steak, steam some veggies and bake a potato. He had her suck his flagging cock as he ate and consequently got nice and hard during his meal so he fucked her on the table for desert. He let her go with all the memories of their tryst intact except she now believed that it was all her idea. He caught her panic as she tried to figure how she would explain to her husband why she was so late and didn't have the groceries she was supposed to pick up today, so just for fun, he implanted a command which would make her try and have sex with her husband as soon as she got home. She wouldn't attempt to clean up first and if her husband noticed her pussy was full of Dan's cum, well the cheating bitch rightly deserved whatever happened to her. When it occurred to him that her husband might try and eat her out first, he laughed out loud.

Saturday came and Dan woke up at six; unable to go back to sleep he made coffee and tried to go about his normal routine but he was distracted by the thought of Mindy and the revenge he would be getting. He hadn't even brought home any pussy the previous night because he wanted to have plenty of cum to give that bitch. He was gonna fuck her as many times as he could.

When the doorbell finally rang about quarter to twelve he nearly ran to the door to let her in.

Mindy stood on the porch her mind whirling. She was still resolute in her decision not to start anything with Dan but she also knew she was kidding herself. For days now her mind had been continuously assailed with erotic fantasies involving Dan. Her pussy had been burning for release and she had been unable to coax even the smallest orgasm out of it. She needed him desperately.

When he opened the door her knees went weak and it was all she could do to not throw herself at him.

God! What would he think of her? His wife had been gone only three months. Better they just get to work so Dan won't be so pressed at the office.

"Where can I put this stuff?" She asked as calmly as she could, indicating the armful of documents she had brought with her.

"Over there on the table." Dan pointed her to the dining room - actually a dining area - and watched her shapely ass as she walked over to it and set down the bundle.

He just stood there by the door watching as she sorted the documents out, back to him and bent over the table.

Mindy winced. What was she doing? She had intended to sit down to sort through the stacks but here she was sticking her ass in his face and hoping he liked it.

As Dan watched, his cock began to swell, but he was going to wait for her to make the first move. He tweaked her libido another notch into the red zone.

The rush of sexual excitement and anticipation that suddenly ran through her made her squirm ever so slightly - which caused her ass to waggle just a bit.

Seeing her tight round little ass sway like that and knowing he would soon be holding it in his sweaty palms while driving his cock into her hot little twat made Dan gasp in eager expectation.

Mindy turned around and saw what she took to be a shocked look on Dan's face.

"Are you alright?" She asked him with genuine concern. She concluded that her forwardness and inappropriate behavior must have gone over the line.

Dan caught his breath. He wanted to keep up the charade for as long as possible so he would let her continuing thinking along the lines she had been.

He took a few deep breaths trying to relax and composed himself.

"I'm okay, just... no one's been here since... well... you know. Would you like something to drink?"

He headed for the kitchen to get some drinks and to allow the smile he had been suppressing a little freedom.

While Dan was in the kitchen Mindy undid a few more buttons on her shirt. She had not worn a bra since her large tits were firm enough to not need one and she knew the effect her unrestrained ample cleavage had on men. She felt her face flush and was again ashamed at what she was doing.

Dan retuned from the kitchen and immediately noticed the extra skin on display.

God, she was sexy. Her body was remarkable. The narrow waist, the firm round tits and the perfect flare of her hips. He was really going to enjoy fucking her.

"This really shouldn't take too long if we get right at it." Mindy said aware of the leering eyes examining every inch of her. She remembered a time when such a look, especially by someone like Dan, would have offended her. Now, however, it turned her on to know that Dan found her so desirable.

She reached for a document she had purposefully placed just out of reach knowing that it would give him a really good shot of her tits and another surge of excitement coursed quickly through her body.

Dan stared unabashedly at the soft swell of her breast through the open shirt, catching a glimpse of an erect nipple and felt his erection strain painfully against his pants. He sat down and placed the drinks before him. He started sorting documents from his stack to the ones she had made.

"Most of the research is done," he told her, "we just have to put everything together, write a synopsis and a couple of recommendations. Then we'll be ready to start phase three."

As he spoke Mindy could take it no longer and came around to stand behind him. She reached for her drink and her tits pushed firmly against his shoulder. His cock jumped.

He drank in her scent as she leaned over him and turned his head slightly so her full breasts pushed against the side of his face.

The friction of his cheek against her nipple caused sparks of delight to shoot through Mindy's yearning body.

She let out a gasp and wrapped her arm around his head, burying his head deep in her cleavage. Between the guilt over taking such advantage of a man so vulnerable, and the unyielding and overpowering need to have her way with him she was confused and felt helpless.

She felt his face turn again, this time pushing the fabric of her shirt off one of her tits. His tongue explored the sensitive flesh of her breast and it eventually found its way to the nipple. He finished unbuttoning her shirt and his hand came up and cupped a firm globe as he sucked. He shifted and his other arm went around her waist. It was all she could do to remain standing.

Dan's cock was so hard it hurt. As he stood she slid her shirt down her arms and it hit the floor.

He set her on the table and stuck his face between her swollen breasts, using his thumbs to roll her nipples against his cheeks as he lightly kneaded the resilient flesh.

"Ohhh..." she let out a long moan and wrapped her legs around his waist grinding her pussy into him.

He came up and stared into her sensuous green eyes while he pressed his throbbing cock against her twat. In a flurry of activity the clothing that separated the two sexual organs was gone and his cock was lying up against her scalding pussy.

He wanted to eat her before he fucked her so he sat down and marveled at how tiny and perfect she was. A small patch of soft hair, the same hue as on her head, was trimmed into a heart just above her clit.

He ran his tongue up her slit and elicited another moan as she shuddered. He was not surprised to find that she was already very wet. He couldn't get enough of this pussy. It was hot, sweet and tight. He explored every inch of it. Licking around the soft folds, nibbling her clit, plunging his tongue inside as far as he could. He lapped up her sweet nectar as fast as she produced it. He felt her pleasure cycle up higher and higher but knew she couldn't cum until he had his cock inside her.

Her ecstatic gyrations grew more fevered and finally he stood with his raging pole poised at the hot dripping lips.

This was the moment he had been waiting for. As further revenge, before he took her, he would strip away all the suggestions and beliefs he had implanted over the past few months, except for one.

She would know everything he had done to her including her orgasmic restrictions.

Though she would still need his cock in order to cum, and she would need that release desperately (another adjustment to her libido would ensure that) her opinion of him would return to one of repulsion and loathing.

This time was just the first taste. With this set up, she would have to repeatedly humiliate herself by begging him to screw her and give her release. He wondered how long she would be able to resist her primal urges before she came crawling back to him.

But she would have to plead with him to impale her this first time. He would stand over her, his cock enticingly at her entrance and be in complete control of her.

He prepared the mental commands and then, knowing she wouldn't be looking at him so lovingly in a moment, he sent them.

He felt her stiffen but she didn't pull her dripping steamy snatch away from his throbbing member. The new commands had taken effect and her eyes had gone from loving lust to disgusted rage.

"You fucker... Well... What are you waiting for you son-of-a-bitch?" she challenged, "Go ahead and fuck me!" She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to pull him into her.

Her level of arousal was so high that her body literally shook with desire. She hated this asshole but since only his cock would satisfy her need - so be it. She didn't know how he had done this to her but in her current state there would be no denying her need so she would fuck him this time and later she would try to figure out how to undo whatever it was.

She gyrated her hips and felt his engorged dick pushing against her. It stimulated her pussy increasing her desire but she needed him inside her so she could cum.

Dan felt himself swell with power. For a brief moment he had a minor twinge of guilt but he had felt those before; fucking this hot piece of trim and being in control of the bitch who used to control him would be all he needed to assuage those feelings.

"C'mon fucker," she commanded, "Put it in God Damn It!"

Her words and her tone snapped Dan out of his reverie. He was supposed to be in charge here.

He wrapped his hands around her slim waist, the thumbs touching easily, and sneered down at her.

"You'll get it when you've earned it, Bitch."

He looked down, and his gazed traveled from her shapely legs disappearing behind his back, past her narrow waist to the swell of her chest topped by those firm wondrous nipples. He lingered a bit on those and then up to her gorgeous face and the thick auburn hair flowing across the table. As he watched she reached down and grabbed the edge of the table and tried to force her quivering quim around his swollen member.

He pulled his hips back and laughed at her.

"Oh no you don't. I said you have to earn it. Tell me how much you need me."

"Okay, I need you. Now fuck me."

"You still don't get it, do you? I'm in control now. You don't tell me what to do, I tell you. You ask me... no... you beg me for what you want. From now on it is you who will be humiliated, not me."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, almost crying, her need and frustration was so great.

"Tell me how sexy my body is, tell me how handsome I am, tell me how big my cock is and most important, tell me how much you love me. And you better make me believe all of it."

As he spoke he rubbed his rock hard cock against her slippery snatch. The heat coming from it was incredible, and he couldn't wait to be buried deeply inside this snug cock sheath.

Her demeanor changed almost instantly, but he still noticed a flash of animosity in her eyes. Good, he wanted her to hate him, to hate what she was doing. He considered that as just a little bit of spice added to an already delicious meal.

Her emotions roiled within her, God how she hated this son-of-a-bitch. He wanted her to act, so she would. He might control her body but her mind was her own once more and she intended to keep it that way. She would have to give him what he wanted so that he wouldn't enslave her mind like he did before.

"Okay, stud," she breathed hoarsely, "You make me so hot. I need your body... I need your big cock inside my tiny pussy."

"Are you my personal slut?'

She would say whatever it took to get him to fuck her, "I am now and will always be your slut. I will suck your beautiful cock whenever you want. I am yours to fuck whenever the mood strikes you. My pussy... my whole body is yours. Please, Master, I love you... I need you desperately. Fuck me now." The way the corner of his mouth turned up at the word 'Master' told her she had been right to use it.

He prepared another set of commands as the final step in her subjugation. Not only would she be perpetually horny with his cock being her only form of release, when he fucked her this first time she would have the most incredible orgasm of her entire life.

It was the icing on the cake. She would be disgusted and ashamed at her wanton behavior towards someone she completely loathed, but sex with him would be the most incredible pleasure imaginable, as well as the only pleasure she would ever be allowed,

She would come to hate herself as much as she hated him, and yet she would still beg him to take her body in whatever ways he chose.

He readied a command that would almost overwhelm her pleasure center as his throbbing rod slid into her. Another command would ensure that she would ride out the intense pleasure without fainting.

He lined his aching cock up with the dripping opening to her tiny twat and pushed forward as he sent the commands and drove all the way into her with one quick thrust.

"AHHHHHH!" screamed Mindy as his cock caused her body to shudder and quake with the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. "Shit! Unghhhhhh! Oh God... Oh God..." The blissful waves rolled over her again and again. Her sight went dim and little sparks of light flickered in her peripheral vision. The pleasure was so powerful that she teetered on the edge of unconsciousness but managed to avoid it.

His cock was buried deeply into the beautiful and seductive Mindy lying on the table before him. He watched her shaking and moaning in orgasm. It seemed to take forever but he didn't mind. Her pussy was amazingly tight and the way it was convulsing around his cock was just as good as if he was driving into her with all his might.

He marveled at the tableau before him. He had been dreaming of this moment for six years and to have this woman writhing and cumming on his cock even though she hated him was almost as exciting as the snug throbbing pussy stimulating his cock.

Actually it was more than he could take and he felt his orgasm building even as she was beginning the long glide down from hers. It only took a few strokes into her steamy sex and his cum shot out of him in scalding jets firing deeply into her sexy body. He again thought of the lack of protection but this time he actually hoped that he might eventually impregnate this little bitch. As he finished pumping his seed into Mindy he thrilled at the idea of her raising his child - something that would be a daily reminder of his subjugation of her - a reminder that would last long after he was done playing with her. He was so lost in his daydream that he didn't notice the look of dismay on Mindy's face.

"Is that it? Is that all I get?" Even as she said this, Mindy was filled with self-loathing. She didn't want this bastard touching her but here she was disappointed that he had cum so quickly.

Again he sneered at her. His cock was slowly beginning to deflate and her slick tight pussy threatened to push it out. He stepped back and sat down.

"It's my fun that's important here you stupid bitch. You should be licking my toes in gratitude for letting you have any pleasure at all. If you want more then maybe you should try and get me hard again. You better have the right attitude too." He made sure that her need was overpowering as he taunted her.

She slid off the table and knelt before him in confusion. He wanted her to suck him back to hardness, but she never did that before. She always thought it was disgusting. She wanted to get up and run out of the house, but she couldn't, she needed more.

"Let me help you with that, baby." She cooed as she took his cock in her hand. "Mindy will fix this right up." She gently stroked the soft flesh and was rewarded by a gasp of pleasure.

She was disgusted with herself as she took his flagging cock into her mouth. She tasted the mix of their fluids on it as she tried to suck it back to firmness. It took a long time and his sighs and moans of delight were interspersed with malevolent chuckling.

Dan watched the gorgeous Mindy trying to bring his dead soldier back to life. She was finally his. No matter what he did to or with her she would always come crawling back. He caught the waves of distress and hate coming off of her and that is what caused the chuckling she had heard.

Dan felt more powerful that he had ever felt in his entire life. He was having his cock sucked by a stunning woman who would rather bite it off so strong was her hatred, but he had no worries. She wouldn't do that; she needed that cock right where it was.

The feelings of power, Mindy's beauty and her talented ministrations soon had him at full staff. She looked up at him, a mixture of abhorrence and a desperate need for his approval.

"Can I fuck you now?" she pleaded.

"I'm sorry, to whom were you speaking?" he said with a grin.

"You, of course." She answered with trepidation, wondering what game he was playing now.

"You were willing to address me appropriately earlier. What's the matter? Don't you need it that much anymore." He ensured that as he spoke, she did indeed need it that much.

She thought for a few seconds, and then it dawned on her. He expected her to call him master. She was overwhelmed with frustration. She fully intended to free herself from whatever he had done to her. But what if she couldn't? The unnatural desire he imposed upon her was far more than just an itch she couldn't scratch. It was a painful yearning, a vast burning emptiness that consumed her completely. She couldn't risk losing the only respite from that feeling so for the time being she would have to agree with whatever he imposed upon her. She suppressed the bile that threatened to rise, and as rage welled up within her she controlled herself and managed to say, "I'm sorry, master, I forgot myself for a moment, it won't happen again."

"Good, so now you may fuck me. But remember, my pleasure is the important thing, if you want to be able to come back."

She quickly straddled him and felt sparks of delight ignite throughout her body as her slick twat slowly engulfed him.

Dan was beside himself with lusty joy. He'd had a hundred lap dances with a girl in just such a position, but never with his cock inside her, and of course none of them looked as good as Mindy. He admired her copious twins bouncing inches from his own chest and began to exuberantly fondle them; squeezing and kneading them in all the ways he had dreamed of doing back when fucking this knockout was just an impossible fantasy.

Mindy found his attention to her breasts painful but it didn't stop the rush of sensual gratification that flowed from her heated sex as it pressed in on his throbbing cock.

She had one orgasm, then another while she tried to ensure that this would be pleasurable enough for him so he would allow her to return. She used her muscles to squeeze her pussy tighter, providing as much stimulation as she could and as she felt her third orgasm building she saw that he was growing close to one of his own.

Dan was thrilled and amazed at the remarkable musculature she was using to make her pussy clasp and squeeze his rigid tool. He watched while she came several times, each time making him more and more excited. He was stunned that she had him this hard and so close to cumming so quickly after his last one. When she began her third one he knew that his wasn't far behind.

Her cries were so wanton and sensual and her pussy clamped down on him so firmly that it sent him right over the edge and once again his seed sprayed into her twitching twat. She was riding the smooth afterglow of her orgasm with her chin on his shoulder and he embraced her tightly, pulling her firm breasts into him as he enjoyed his own afterglow.

She felt the repugnance return as the bliss faded and then his hand tapped her back.

"I want to stand up now." He said tiredly.

She climbed off of him and waited with their combined fluids running down her leg as he stood up gesturing at the documents on the table.

"Now you will finish this and then prepare my dinner. There's chicken in the refrigerator and you will find other stuff in there as well as the freezer and pantry. You decide how you are going to cook the chicken and what to prepare with it. But you better hope I like it. I'm going to take a nap, wake me at five for supper."

With that, he turned his back on her and made for the bedroom. She watched the back of his head and wanted to smash it. Maybe if he were dead whatever spell he had cast would go away and she would return to normal. Far too risky, if she didn't, she would really be stuck. With that in mind she restrained herself until he had closed the bedroom door.

She started going through the project documents and working on the summary. With each piece of paper she handled her anger grew. By the time she moved into the kitchen she was almost dizzy from rage.

She donned a handy apron and searched the kitchen trying to decide what to make then came to the conclusion that since he lived alone anything he had brought into the house would be something he would like.

She baked the chicken and added steamed green beans and mashed potatoes. Dinner rolls and canned gravy rounded out the meal. If he didn't like it then fuck him, she thought, if he sent her away and left her with nothing else to lose then she would kill him.

She made the final adjustment to the table setting stepping back to admire her work. There was only one place set and she really hoped that he hadn't intended her to eat with him. She had no appetite and was on the verge of puking as it was. She glanced at the clock and saw she had finished just in time.

"Dan." She said quietly, gently shaking him, "Dan, it's five o'clock, time for dinner."

He opened his eyes to see the lovely Mindy standing over him. Her soft voice and gentle touch were in stark contrast with the violent emotions boiling from her mind.

She had put an apron on over her naked body and he discovered that he liked the look and decided that whenever she was here she would dress in such a manner.

He was still naked when he followed her out to dinner. He enjoyed the view of the apron strings hanging down over her round little ass.

He ate in silence and when he was through he noticed that she looked as though she wanted to say something.

"What is it?" he asked dismissively.

"Well, Master," she began carefully, trying to disguise her animosity but doing a poor job of it. "I was just wondering when I would be allowed to leave. I mean, I didn't bring a toothbrush, a change of clothes or anything, so if I am expected to spend the night I should run home and get some things."

"You're not staying here tonight. In fact I'm not even going to tell you when to come back. That will be for you to decide, but when you do, you will be on your knees at the door, pleading to be let in. Of course if you don't want to come back you don't have to. I'll let you go soon, but you have something to do first."

"Will you be fucking me again?" The rush of excitement she felt at this prospect disgusted her.

He laughed at her, heightening her enmity. "I have to give you your rules. First, you will address me as Master whenever we are in private, whether here or at the office." The rush of hatred he felt at this thrilled him. The more she hated him the more humiliating it would be for her when she came begging back. "As for the office, I will become your assistant. You will explain to everyone that due to my skill and experience you will be relying upon me to guide you in your daily tasks."

"Second, as soon as you arrive here you will dress just like you are now. You will bring your own aprons and I expect you to find some sexy ones. Third, you won't be able to tell anyone, in any form of communication, what I have done to you. So your little plan of going to the police won't help. Last, whenever you are here you will fix my meals and clean up after them." He indicated the remains of his dinner on the table. "Get started."

Knowing what was coming greatly increased his anticipatory pleasure watching the sexy woman gather up the dishes and carry them into the kitchen. He waited until she had finished loading the dishwasher and had filled the sink to scrub the more stubborn baking dish, and then he went in, surreptitiously snagged some olive oil off the counter and moved in behind her, his cock already at full attention.

She felt his cock brushing her ass and one hand crept around under the apron to fondle her tit. She thought she knew what was next and found she was both repulsed and exhilarated. Much to her surprise she felt oil being poured between her buttocks. She tried to turn and face him but he pushed her firmly and roughly over the sink.

"Oh God," she whispered in terror, "No."

She felt his cock sliding up and down her crack getting well coated in the oil and then he began working it into her ass.

"No," she pleaded, "not there. I've never done it there. For God's sake, Dan, NOOO!"

He had pushed about halfway in while she begged and with a few small strokes he was all the way in. The pain was excruciating and there was no excitement as she'd had with his other attentions.

"Owwww! Please! No! It hurts, Dan. Please stop." She sobbed.

"It's supposed to hurt." He growled, "This is the last thing we will do, every time you come here so get used to it. It will hurt like this every time. It's the price you will pay for the pleasure I bring you."

The edge of the counter dug into her stomach and the dishwater grew cold and soaked her apron as he fucked her, but she didn't notice any of it. All she was aware of was the searing pain in her ass as he pummeled it mercilessly. Her humiliation was complete.

Dan loved it. As tight as her pussy was it couldn't compare with her ass. Even with the thick coating of oil he was having a hard time moving his cock in and out. He pounded into her for about ten minutes before he felt the beginnings of his orgasm. Quickening his tempo rapidly brought him over the edge and with a grunt he filled her ass with his thick cum. As soon as he finished he pulled out with a pop and watched her sink to the floor weeping.

"Finish cleaning up, get dressed and get the hell out." With that he went into his bathroom to clean himself off then returned to the living room and sat down on the sofa to watch TV.

At least he tried to watch TV; it was hard with that stupid bitch sobbing the whole time. She straightened up the kitchen, gathered up the work documents and pulled on her clothing. He savored the blessed silence once she was gone.

He half expected her to show up the next day but wasn't too surprised when she didn't. He wondered how long it would be before she came crawling back for a brief respite from her torture of desire. This would be the only time she was allowed to choose when she would return. He wanted her to return of her own volition the first time in order to confirm to her that she was helplessly in his control.

Monday at work she made the changes he had ordered her to make, but avoided him whenever possible. He waited every night to see if she would appear and when she didn't he called one of the women he had previously subjugated. He didn't care that some of them had a hard time coming up with a suitable excuse to give their husbands, and before a month was out, not as many of them had that problem to contend with.

Much to his surprise, she lasted far longer than he thought possible. Mindy put a good face on at work but he could easily sense her frustration.

It was five full weeks before he heard the light tapping on his door one Saturday morning. He had a good idea who it was but made himself move to the door slowly.

He opened the door to find the voluptuous Mindy kneeling on his front porch. Her head hung down and she appeared completely dejected. There was a pink lacy apron in her right hand. He could sense no defiance, no rebellion. The hatred of him was still there but it was over shadowed by the other hatred he felt, the hatred of herself for being weak and returning. Other than that he could sense nothing else but the burning desire.

"I'm here, Master." She said softly. "May I come in and pleasure you?"

He backed up to give her room. "Crawl to me and kiss my feet and I'll think about it." He commanded.

Slowly, defeated, she did as he commanded. "Please, Master, allow me to stay. I'll be a good slave and do whatever you command."

She suppressed the gorge rising in her throat as she kissed his foot. She had tried to stay away. She had tried writing down what had transpired with the intention of sending it to the police but her hand had not cooperated. She had gone to the hypnotist that had helped her quit smoking a few years ago. She tried telling him what had happened but she stuttered and stammered so badly that he didn't understand any of it. So she simply told him to hypnotize her and remove any post-hypnotic suggestions that she might be carrying. It was to no avail; she had previously been an ideal hypnosis candidate, being easily put under. But now, no matter what he tried, it didn't work. Whatever Dan had done to her must prevent such things.

Finally she had simply decided that she wouldn't return no matter how bad it got. But the yearning and desire had just gotten worse every day until she could take it no more. She had attempted suicide two nights ago but whatever he had done to her prevented her from taking that way out. Last night she had gone to a bar and picked up the first guy to hit on her. He was handsome and sported a fairly big cock, but a cock that did nothing to ease her suffering. The fucking she had gotten excited her and stimulated her, but she had been unable to achieve any sort of release. So here she was, willing to take the ass fucking as long as she received some respite from the incessant need he had implanted in her. Kissing his foot was easy compared to what she knew would happen when he was done with her.

"Stand up." He ordered.

Slowly she climbed to her feet, her head still down.

"Stand up straight, pick up you head and look at me."

She did as he said and found herself looking into his eyes.

"Why are you here?"

"You know why."

"Listen you stupid fucking bitch, you know the drill. You tell me what I want to hear or you can turn around and leave."

She swallowed hard, "I'm here because you are my Master, because I love you and need you desperately. I am your slave, your slut, your whore, here to provide you with the pleasure and love that you deserve."

"That's better," he said approvingly. "Now we can begin."

Sunday afternoon he watched with amusement as she staggered out of the bathroom. He had suppressed her gagging while she cleaned him off still crying from the pain and humiliation, but as soon as she was done he left her to her own accords and she had sprinted for the toilet heaving violently.

"You did just fine this time. Good enough that I won't make you stay and cook my dinner."

"Thank you, Master." She managed, still nauseous. The depravity she had endured over the weekend had been horrendous but her last task had been the worst.

He stepped to her and put his arm around her feeling a fresh wave of revulsion that made him smile since she made no move to pull away.

"I'll see you tomorrow at work and I expect a cheerful greeting every morning. Now that you agree that you are mine I may even let you suck me off a few times. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Master." She replied through gritted teeth.

"I have an assignment for you so you won't get too bored at work. You know our hot little intern, Beth?"

"Yes." she answered in horror. She couldn't let him do this to her.

"When you return here next weekend, you will bring her with you or I won't let you in. If that happens, you won't be allowed to try and come back for one month."

Fine, she thought. I may suffer for another five weeks but I have to do what I can to spare that sweet innocent child.

"Of course you won't be allowed in until you do bring her with you." While he spoke he ensured that, though she might not want to, she would have no choice but to obey his order. "I recommend that you find some way of getting her to come with you next Saturday." He removed his arm from her shoulders and turned to sit in his recliner. "Now, get dressed and get out."

Mindy once again found herself staring at the back of his head in a murderous rage. There was a heavy lead crystal vase on the bookshelf a mere two feet from her hand. His skull would crack easily under the weight of it and the repeated blows she envisioned hammering down upon him would pulp his brains.

A red haze fell across her vision and her hand reached out for the vase. She gripped the narrow part near the base, her knuckles turning white. But she paused for a moment too long and she remembered the repercussions his death would surely have. Unable to end her own life she would have to live with the agony of this torturous yearning. She would no doubt be in prison since she wouldn't be able to explain her actions, and would go insane in just a few months. Even if someone noticed her derangement, no therapy would help, she would have no reprieve.

She released the vase, dressed as quickly as she could and left, crying all the way home at her weakness and inability to protect poor little Beth.

Dan watched TV with a smirk on his face. The silly bitch was actually going to kill him. Lucky for him he had sensed it and held her in place long enough to remind her just why she didn't want to do that. He found, oddly enough, that her actions didn't upset him. He had used humiliation and frustration to drive the power drunk bitch, who used to take such joy in ordering him about, to the point of murder and he considered that a win for him.

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