The New Guy In The Office
Chapter 1: Mary

Caution: This Cheating Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow,

Desc: Cheating Wife Sex Story: Chapter 1: Mary - The new guy in the office got the girl's attention.

I don't know what it is with me, but I have a thing for married women. Put me in a room full of good-looking women with one of them being married and I'll home in on her every time. She wouldn't even have to be the best looking woman in the room, it wouldn't matter at all. I'd still be drawn to her like iron filings to a magnet.

I hadn't been in my new job one full day when I saw a fantastic, tight little ass. It was on a woman who was bent at the waist struggling with a stuck file drawer. I had promised myself that I was going to be a good boy at this new job and stay away from the ladies for at least long enough to get my feet on the ground, but something drew me to this one and I hurried over to help her out. When I got to her I saw that my internal radar was on the money again; the woman had wedding rings on her left hand. I got the drawer open for her and introduced myself.

I found out that her name was Sonia and that she had been with the company almost a year. She asked me if I had met many of the other people in the office I said no and then she told me that they all usually stopped for a drink after work. She suggested that if I stopped with them that night I could meet and get to know almost everyone at once. I told her that sounded like a good idea and she gave me the name of the place and told me how to get there.

There were four men and five women from the company at the bar when I got there. I was introduced and I ordered a drink and settled in to meet my new co-workers. They seemed like a pretty decent bunch, but what registered most with me was that three of the women, including Sonia were married.

As is the case in almost every work place there is always one guy who settles in next to you and starts to give you the low down on everybody. I found out that I should never, not ever, loan money to John or bet on anything with Harry.

"He has all of these legitimate sounding sucker bets and he loves to catch people with them."

I learned that Steve was an all right guy away from work, but at work was a total asshole with a penchant for taking credit for the work of others.

"Well, that leaves you Josh, among the men that is. What is the skinny on you?"

"Ole Josh is just an all around nice guy although I have been told that I drink a tad too much."

"Okay, that covers the guys here, what about the ladies?"

"I'd better tell you about Alice first since she will be the first to leave. She's engaged to be married to a stock broker and I sure hope that either the guy is very open minded or Alice is just trying to sow her wild oats before walking down the aisle."

"A touch on the easy side?"

"Very. There she goes now" and he pointed and I saw Alice and Steve heading for the parking lot.

"If Steve isn't enough for her she'll be back."

"Back seat romance?"


I filed Alice away for the future — after she got married.

"What's the book on the redhead with the big tits?"

"That's Betsy. Married, three kids, likes to tease, but kisses under the mistletoe at the company Christmas party is as far as she goes."

No, I thought, I don't want to wait ten months just to get a kiss, but I did like her tits. I figured that Betsy would be the first one I would go after.

"What about the two blondes that look like twins?"

"The one with glasses is Mary and she's single. Most everybody thinks she is a lez. The other one is Matty and she's married, two kids, and as far as anyone knows she is a straight arrow. Last, but by no means least, there is sexy Sonia. Just recently married and the sweetest girl you would ever want to know. Now, what's your story?"

"Not much to tell. Single, never married, and I have a hard time holding a job."

"Why is that?"

"I've lost my last three jobs due to outraged and jealous husbands and boyfriends. I just can't seem to leave their ladies alone. I've promised myself it is going to be different here."

That was just so much bullshit of course, but if Josh was so open with me he would probably tell the others what he'd gotten from me and it would hurt to 'prime the pump' for the ladies.

Sonia was the one I really wanted, but being newly married it would take too much time — time that would be better spent on Matty or Betsy. Apparently Josh wasted no time in spreading the word about me. The first sign that he had came three days later when everyone from work stopped for drinks again. Alice came up to me, "Hey new guy, how about a dance?"

"Can't turn down a pretty lady, now can I?"

We moved out onto the floor and she said, "The grapevine says that you are a bit of a "bad boy."

"From what I've seen in here you are my female counterpart."

"Does that give you any ideas?"

"Not really. I've promised myself that I'm going to reform. I'm not going to lose this job for the same reason that I lost the last three."

"I heard that it was because of jealous and irate husbands and boyfriends."

"No, not the boyfriends, although they did squawk some, it was the husbands. Imagine getting mad just because your wife had an affair with another man. It just boggles the mind."

"I don't get how it could cost you your job? Unless you were doing them on their desks during office hours."

"The first one was because one of the ladies was the bosses wife. The next two were because I was a "disruptive influence in the work place." What happened at one was a couple of husbands compared notes at the company Christmas party, arrived at the same conclusion, and decided to pay me a visit. The second one was basically the same only he came after me in the office during working hours."

"Poor baby. They hurt you bad?"

"I survived but the jobs didn't."

"So you are going to stay away from the married women, but the single girls are fair game, right?"


"I'm single."

"Yes, but you are also engaged to be married. I've promised myself no girls unless they are single and don't have a relationship with another man."

"You might want to reconsider that position. I give great head and have a nice, tight ass."

"I'll keep that in mind if I ever fall off the wagon."

She gave me a smile and a look that said, "We'll see about that."

I was surprised at what happened next. The following day I was sitting in the break room eating lunch when Sonia came up and asked me if she could join me. I motioned to the chair opposite and she sat down.

"Did you know that you are the subject of almost every conversation in this place today?"

"No I wasn't. What is it all about?"

"You said no to Alice. No guy has ever said no to Alice."

"She just isn't my type."

"Oh? And just what is your type?"

I had the feeling that though just recently married and probably not interested in me she was expecting me to flatter her by saying, "Some one like you." Instead I said, "Some one like Betsy or Matty."

"What's so special about them?"

"They are both married and I like ladies who are experienced."

I could almost read her mind — "Hey! I'm married, what's wrong with me?"

"Is that it? Just that they are married and experienced?"

"No, being married means the odds are good that if they play around they won't be looking for any emotional entanglements. No emotional entanglements is my motto."

"So I guess I can tell Mary not to get her hopes up?"

She saw the expression on my face, "You have been listening to Josh?"

"Well, yeah, he did fill me in on every one here."

"And he told you that Mary was a lesbian, right?"

"Yeah, he did."

"That's probably because she hasn't dated anyone who works here and she shot him down bad last time he tried."

"And you think she is interested in me?"

"She can't seem to take her eyes off you when you are where she can see you."

"Well I wouldn't rule her out, but again, I'm against emotional entanglements, especially in the work place."

"And you don't get those with married women?"

"No, not usually. Most married women aren't going to abandon their families over a fling. All they want is a change up from the old daily routine."

"So who are you going after first, Betsy or Matty?"

"Whoa up girl. I'm new here and it isn't likely that I'm going after anybody. Although Matty does have a certain appeal."

"I thought you said that Betsy was more your type."

"According to Jos..."

"Hey, he was wrong about Mary."

"You saying that if I go for it it should be Betsy? You think she would be more receptive?"

"Good grief, how did we get on this topic anyway?"

Just like a woman — start the conversation, steer it and then try to push it back on you. The one thing I was sure of was that everything I had said to Sonia would be known by Mary, Matty and Betsy before they went home that night.

The next time we stopped after work I contented myself with watching and just sipping my beer. Alice made a trip to the parking lot with Josh, came back in and an hour later went out to the lot again with John. Sonia came over and sat down with me and saw me watching Alice and John.

"That could have been you if you weren't so picky."

I shrugged and said, "I am what I am."

"I played some slow songs on the jukebox; come and dance with me" and she took my hand and pulled me out of my chair. Sonia was a very nice armful and she surprised me by moving in close. The result was predictable and when my hard cock poked into her leg she drew back, looked at me, and then moved in close again. Over her shoulder I saw both Matty and Betsy watching us and I wondered if it were just coincidence. I danced two slow songs with Sonia and then we went back to the table. Just before she sat down she kissed my cheek and said, "Thanks for the compliment." Matty and Betsy heard her and I saw them exchange a quick glance.

A week went by before I stopped after work for drinks again. During that week, with the exception of Alice, the other four women were constantly stopping by my cubicle during work or joining me on coffee breaks or during lunch. It was just social calls on the parts of Mary, Matty and Betsy although it did seem they were a lot more sociable since I'd had my talk with Sonia. Sonia's visits seemed to be more along the lines of sounding me out on Mary, Matty and Betsy and to keep me up to date on office gossip.

That night at the bar I settled in to sip my beer, watch and formulate a plan on making my first serious attempt to score one of the ladies. I'd no sooner taken my seat than Matty came over and asked me to dance. I was surprised when she moved in close and even more surprised when she said, "A little birdie tells me that you lost your last job because you liked to play around with married women. True?"

"Are you asking as a married women who likes to play around or just out of idle curiosity?"

She stepped back, looked at me and then moved back in close. "That was an oopsy, wasn't it? No matter what my answer is to your question I have planted a seed, haven't I?"

"I guess it would be safe to say that your question has sparked my curiosity, but the answer to your first question is yes, it is true."


"Because most married women are safe,"

"How is that?"

"Mostly they are looking to take a break from the day to day monotony of their lives and they are not interested in anything long term."

"And you are not a long term kind of guy?"

"No I'm not."

"Interesting" she said as the music stopped and we walked back to join the others.

I was on my third beer when Betsy came over and grabbed my hand and pulled me up out of my chair and led me to the dance floor. Not one word, just grab and go. As soon as we were on the floor I asked, "And to what do I owe the honor?"

"I'm interested in you and it didn't look like you were ever going to ask me to dance so I came and got you."

"You, a married woman, interested in me? Pray tell why?"

"It's a girl thing. From what I hear you have a reputation and to a girl that is like being a magnet. We just have to find out if it is true."

"I'll tell you my story if you'll tell me yours. The book on you is that you love to tease the boys, get them all horny, and then run away laughing."

"True to some degree, but also false to some degree."

"You going to explain that?"

"I leave them horny, but I don't tease and run away laughing. I can't help it that my body turns guys on and that once they get turned on they think it is up to me to take care of their problem. I don't run away laughing, I just leave them with their problem."

"Okay. My story is that I love the ladies. The ladies I happen to love usually belong to someone else. And, as for your body creating problems — it has — and you might want to consider not dancing so close to me."

She cocked her head to the side, "Most men would have done the opposite and pulled me closer."

"I'm not most men. Besides, I'm trying to behave. I don't need to lose this job the way I lost the last three."

"You might not have a choice in whether or not you get to behave."

"Why is that?"

"Word is that a couple of girls at work have their eye on you."

The music stopped and we went back to the table

A half-hour passed by and I noticed that no one had asked Mary to dance that evening so the next time the music started I asked her.

"I'm surprised," she said as I took her in my arms. "Office rumor has it that you only go for the married women."

"Is office rumor always true?"

"Well, since you came to work with us you turned down a sure thing in Alice and you have only danced with married women."

"Office rumor has it that you are a lesbian. Does that make it true?"

"You have been talking to Josh I take it."

I shrugged.

"Anything you get from Josh should be taken with a grain of salt. I've not dated anyone from the office because with the exception of Josh they are all married. I've not dated Josh because I just don't want to and so to him I guess that means I'm gay."

"Want to prove him wrong and at the same time show that office rumors aren't worth beans?"

"How do I do that?"

"Dinner and dancing tomorrow?

"Sure, why not."

"You certainly have a flair for stirring the pot."

Sonia had come into my cubicle and had sat down on the edge of my desk. "How so?" I asked.

"Mary told every one that the two of you are going out on a date tonight, true?"

"Yes indeed, why?"

"Because now Matty and Betsy are pissed at her. It seems that the two of them have an interest in you and since your stated preference is married women they thought you were theirs."

"How would they know my preferences?"

"Why sweetie, I told them of course. Don't you know that for a woman the only thing that takes precedence over shopping is gossip?"

"That means that you are the one stirring the pot, not me."

"True, but I couldn't do it without you."

"Okay then, if it is a game what am I supposed to do next?"

"Doesn't matter. I can work with whatever you do."

"For a newly married innocent young housewife you certainly have an evil streak."

"You got it mostly right."


"What you said. You had it right except for the innocent part."

She got up and walked away leaving me staring at her back and wondering.

My date with Mary did not go at all the way I expected. Dinner was fine, the conversation witty and scintillating and the dancing was close and at times erotic. The surprise came when I took her home. I walked her to her door, told her that I'd had a nice time and that I hoped that we could do it again.

"Are you saying that the night is over?"

"Are you saying that it isn't?"

She grabbed my tie and pulled me down and kissed me. When she broke the kiss she said, "Wasn't part of this date supposed to be showing that I'm not a lesbian? Well you can't prove it out here on the front porch."

She turned, unlocked and then opened her door, stepped inside and then turned and waited to see what I would do.

Mary was not a lesbian!

Mary might have been bisexual, but she was not a lesbian. She led me to her living room couch and had me sit down and then she knelt in front of me, unzipped my fly and then worked my rapidly hardening cock out into the open. She looked up at me and smiled as she stroked me until she got a drop of pre-cum in my pee hole and then she bent her head and licked it up. Her hands let go of my cock and moved down to caress my balls as her mouth swallowed me and the she sucked my cock like a wanton whore. It had been months since my last woman and Mary had me ready to explode in a very short time and I let her know that I was going to shoot and all she did was clamp her mouth tight around me and bob her head faster with the predictable results. She kept licking and sucking on me until I was totally limp.

"I like to get the first one out of the way. It makes the second one last a lot longer. Want to see my bedroom?"

After a strenuous romp followed by some very good sixty-nine and another strenuous romp Mary asked, "So, who are you going after first?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Yes you do sweetie. You are going after the married women. I'm strictly window dressing, something to fire them up, to piss them off. Each one of them wanted to be the first one you hit on and you know it. But I think you felt that you needed to do something to make one of them make the first move. From what Sonia tells everybody you have a major thing for married women so I'm your first and not them. Now they are thinking, "He's got a thing for married women, but he goes after Mary instead of me. Why did he go after a single girl instead of me? Is something wrong with me? Well damn it, there isn't! I'll show him." All I was supposed to be was a dinner date to stir them up and you hadn't planned on my dragging you inside. Have I got it right?"

I leaned on an elbow and looked down at her, "You give me way too much credit for deviousness, but I do like the way you think."

"So which one do we go after first?"


"Absolutely sweetie. I'm having fun tonight and I want to do it again. So I'm going to help you get all three of them and the price for that help is more of what we are doing tonight."

"Three of them? I was only looking at Matty and Betsy."

"Sonia wants you sweetie. It is killing her that you haven't taken a shot at her all ready. If I had to make a bet on it I'd bet that she'll be the first one to make a "come on" type gesture when I spread the word about what a great fuck you are."

"You think so?"

"Depends on you sweetie, do we have a deal?"

"I'd be silly to say no."

"Back to my question then. Who do you want first? That is who I'll tell about my fantastic night with you."

"Which isn't over yet?"

"God I hope not."

"Then why not tell them all."

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