Interracial Lust Out of Control
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ann, a married white woman, finds her secret sexual fantasy to have a black lover has become overwhelming and she finally decides to see if it can be a reality.

Ann had tried to deny the burning inner desires but they were finally becoming so strong that she had to let them come to the surface so she could once and for all time deal with them. Ann wanted to find out what it was like to have sex with a horny hard-bodied and well-endowed black man and she wanted that to be followed up by her taking on as many horny black studs as she could handle in one evening. She was determined to cross that seemingly "forbidden line" of fucking interracially and then she'd worry about how to go about having a bunch of sexy black studs all doing her in one evening.

Ann finally decided at the end of one work week that before Monday arrived again, she would have gotten her first taste ever of a hard sexy black cock. She was determined not to let her weekend pass without accomplishing that goal. One thing she had to do in order to make that happen was come up with some reasonable excuse to give her husband about why she would be out of the house for several hours. Ann never even gave any thought to how she'd explain her appearance and the aroma of having just been fucked whenever she came back home again. It was funny how hormones and a horny pussy took over and all rational thought left completely.

Ann made her excuses and then she headed out on what was supposed to be a girl's night out with some of her girlfriends but was going to be her first exploratory venture into the world of lusty sex with a black cock. Ann wasn't really sure how to even begin finding a horny black stud who'd be a good candidate for an evening of unbridled interracial sex with her. She finally decided to go to one of the dance clubs in town and when she got inside and had a drink brought to her, she soon saw that there were several couples and single people milling around looking for others to hook up with for the night. Ann quickly saw that there were definitely several very attractive and apparently well endowed black men there because she noticed easily that many of the black guys strolling around had rather large bulges in the crotch of their tight pants. She noticed quickly that this seemed to be a bar that catered to just what she was looking for -- well-endowed black studs who were looking for a sexy and very horny white woman to hook up with for a few hours of lusty sex. That was just what Ann had in mind.

Ann finally set her sights on a rather good looking and taller well-built black man who seemed to notice her, too. Ann didn't know whether to be overt and go over to the black stud who she'd decided she wanted to have take her away that night and fulfill her interracial fantasies but she sat for a moment and before she decided, she looked up and saw that he was walking over to where she was sitting. Ann felt her heart jump as she realized that this sexy young black man apparently wanted to meet her and do whatever he could manage to get her to go along with as much as she wanted it. She felt herself growing horny and her pussy getting wet from just anticipating this sexy hottie coming to her table.

Not only did Ann's pussy grow wet as she saw the sexy black man walk over but she couldn't help but notice the size of the package in between his legs. This young black stud must have quite a large and already semi-aroused cock from the size of the bulge in his tightly fitting crotch. Then, Ann noticed as the black stud approached that he stopped for a moment and acted like he was trying to adjust the large bulge of hard cock inside his pants but she caught the obvious, he was also showcasing exactly what he had for her arousal and pleasure, too.

The black man walked up to Ann and he positioned himself closely enough that she could pick up the scent of some very sexy cologne he had on. "Hi, Momma, how are you tonight?" Rodney White said as he stood closely against Ann and then he bent over and looked her in the eyes as he sensed her receptiveness to his approach.

"Hi, I'm fine. How are you?" Ann stammered as she realized that now that a sexy man was actually paying attention to her, it was much more nerve-wracking than she'd have imagined.

"May I join you?" Rodney asked as he quickly joined Ann when she moved over to give him a place to sit there beside her. Rodney quickly moved close to Ann and began to chat her up. She noticed how comfortable he made her feel and she felt herself wanting him to offer to go off with her somewhere and seduce her. Ann felt herself beginning to imagine how sexy it would be for Rodney to take her and leave the club with her hand in his to go anywhere nearby to fuck her. She wanted that, she wanted to know what it was like to be stripped naked and then sexually exploited by a horny muscular well-hung black stud. She wanted to know if it was as erotic and as sensual to have a hard black cock inside her mouth and in her pussy as some of her female friends said it was. She wanted to know for herself what it was like to lose herself in a very lusty, sweaty and all-out sexual liaison with a black stud. Ann hoped that Rodney would be the man to help her realize that fantasy and turn it into the beginning of a very sexy interracial fantasy come true for her.

Ann turned sideways and looked Rodney in the eyes. She could see the fire of lusty interest in her already burning there. Without saying anything, Rodney reached down, and cupped Ann's left breast through her top. Her breath caught as she got the clear physical message Rodney was trying to give her. She was totally receptive to his intimate touch and she wanted much much more from him and now. Ann felt the heat of Rodney's large hand cupping her breast. She let him squeeze and play with her hard nipple through her bra and top. Her pussy was growing very wet in arousal as she played with her.

Rodney then took the next step, "Ann, you really make me hot. Would you come with me and let's go find something private where you and I can enjoy each other alone without being interrupted?"

"Yes, Rodney, can we leave now?" Ann said as she felt her heart leap at realizing she was now only a short time from actually having her sexual fantasy come true. Rodney didn't even answer her question; he rose from their booth, grabbed her by the hand and they walked out of the club to his car. A sexy tall black man with the hand of a sexy young white woman in his as he seemed very proud that he was leaving with a willing and hot piece of white pussy and two very shapely legs.

Rodney drove Ann to a nearby hotel and he went in and booked a room for the evening and then he and Ann headed to the elevator and took it to the 12th floor where their room was located. Once the elevator door shut behind them, Rodney turned and immediately pulled Ann into his arms and he closed his soft moist lips over hers and began to kiss her lustily as he let his hand slide down over the roundedness of her asscheeks underneath her clothes.

"OHhhhhhh, Rodney," Ann moaned into his mouth as she realized how he was actively working now to get her aroused and wanting him so badly that his job of sexually taking her would become that much easier. "I want you so much," Ann said as she vocalized the hot burning desire for Rodney to undress her and fuck her. She felt her nipples hard underneath her bra cups and she knew when Rodney felt of her tits he'd know how turned on she was, too. They got to their floor and Rodney quickly showed Ann to their hotel room. Once inside, he wasted no time at all. He reached down, picking Ann up and he walked straight over to the large king-sized bed and sat her on the edge of it. When Ann looked down at Rodney's crotch, she saw that the large bulge she'd seen earlier in the club was nothing to the bulk of the large lump of erect cock that she knew was inside his pants now. He was obviously very turned on and the size and hardness of his cock was clearly showing itself.

Ann bent forward and unzipped Rodney's pants, and then she unfastened his belt and pulled the front of his pants open and slipped them and his boxers down to reveal the large swollen head of his cock and the first inches of his cockshaft, too. Then she stepped off the bed where he'd placed her and she bent over, wrapping her hand around the largest and thickest aroused cock she'd ever seen and she started stroking Rodney's cock up and down as she prepared to give him a hot blowjob in preparation for their fuck together. Ann had never been with any black man, she'd certainly never touched and tasted or had contact with a hard horny black cock but Rodney's erection was so sexy and so erotic that she felt herself wanting to have it in her mouth and in her hands and his hot cum spurting strongly down into her throat.

Ann started sucking Rodney's cockhead and she pulled his pants and boxers further off and down onto his lower legs and then she had full access not only to his large cock but also his very large round balls which she was quite sure were full with cum. "Yeah, baby, that's good, do it, girl, yeah, suck my horny cock, Ann," Rodney encouraged Ann as he looked down and loved the sight of this horny white babe wanting his hard black meat and his hot white cumload. He pushed his pants further down while Ann worked his cock, and he loved the feel of her hand stroking his hard meat and her wet hot mouth surrounding the head of his hardon. He loved that she seemed to be readily able to take several inches of his hard cock in her mouth and he let her stroke him and knead his balls before he lifted her to her feet and placed her back up on the side of the king-sized bed.

"Ann, have you ever been fucked by a black cock before tonight?" Rodney asked as he stood in front of his soon-to-be white lover and stroked his large thick black cock into fuller erection and hardness. "Have you ever felt what it's like to be filled with a hot sexy black man's cock, baby?"

"No, Rodney, I never have," Ann admitted as she hoped that Rodney was telling her indirectly that she was going to find this an experience she'd never forget. She had the right idea when she thought back to that moment before Rodney mounted her and fucked her for the very first time.

"Good, because I think you're in for a treat, Ann," Rodney said as he stroked his hard cock up and down a few more times and then he bent over, spread Ann's shapely white thighs and bent down to start eating her pussy. He quickly buried his face in her already very wet and aroused pussy and he quickly had Ann moaning as she loved the hot lustiness Rodney was using with her. She wanted him to make her cum, she wanted him to fuck her and bring her off over and over. She wanted everything this well-hung sexy black stud could do to her.

Rodney licked and sucked Ann's pussy until he felt her hands on the back of his head pulling his loving mouth even tighter against her hot pussy. Then, he heard her moaning in climax as he brought her off to a first orgasm. Then, having made sure Ann got her first cum, Rodney stood up and he dipped his fingers in the wetness of Ann's pussy and then lubed the head of his hardon and guided the lubricated cockhead straight into her waiting pussy.

Ann felt the head of Rodney's black cock touch her wet pussy lips and then she felt the sensation of his large thick black cockhead spreading her pussy as he mounted her and began to thrust inside. "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss, take me, Rodney, take me, baby," Ann moaned and she spread her thighs even further apart to give him the best access to fully get his black fucking cock inside her and start to give her what she'd been wanting so badly.

"Damn, Ann, you feel so good, baby," Rodney said as he thrust half his black cock into Ann's pussy and then pulled out slightly and thrust in again until he felt his large round balls smacking sexily against her naked white ass. "Yeah, baby, spread your legs and take it all, girl," Rodney encouraged Ann as he could see that she was thoroughly loving having him fuck her.

"Yes, Rodney, yes, yes, fuck me, you sexy man, fuck me good and hard," Ann moaned. She felt Rodney's thick cock thoroughly filling her horny cunt and she reached up, cupping both of her naked tits and playing with her hard nipples as she was satisfied to let Rodney fuck her for their first time together.

Rodney began to really throw a hot lusty fuck into his newest wife lover and he could tell that she was truly loving having her first black lover. He grabbed Ann by the waist and held her firmly there as he fucked her and then he felt her beginning to try moving with him in a fucking rhythm that was feeling even better for her. Then, he moved his hands up over her lower belly and then he brushed her hands away from her naked breasts and covered them with his large black hands as he titillated and caressed her nipples and breasts as he could tell that she was approaching another orgasm resulting from their fuck together. That really set Rodney off and he started whamming his black cock in and out, in and out and when he heard Ann moaning in climax again, he pulled his cock out of her horny pussy abruptly and then used his large black hand wrapped around his cock to wank his meat back and forth until he started to ejaculate. He felt the first hot spurt of his cum shoot from his cock's juice hole and he aimed the cum wad directly onto Ann's heaving breasts, and after his second cum shot spurted onto her upper chest, he slid his cockhead back inside Ann's tight wet pussy lips and he thrust his large thick cock fully inside her and then held it deep there while his balls spurted out four more large wads of hot jism.

Ann lay underneath Rodney's spurting dick, moaning from the hotness of his large thick black cock fucking her and cumming all over her tits and then deep back inside her clasping pussy.

Ann had made her black lover fantasy a reality and now she couldn't wait for Rodney to fuck her a second time that night and give it to her again.

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