The Paramedic
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The life and lust of a female paramedic.

Lucy Whiston lay in the road. She couldn't quite remember how or why she was in the road but it was obvious from the hard cold surface and the traffic roaring by only a few feet from her head, that she was. Over the cacophony of road noise, she could also hear someone talking to her.

"Can you hear me? Don't try to move, lay quite still. Have you got any pain?" Lucy slowly opened her eyes and slowly focussed on the young woman crouching over her. She had a concerned yet friendly look on her face. "You've had an accident, been knocked off your bike. Don't worry, you're in good hands, just lie still for me sweetheart." Lucy felt the woman's hands roaming her body, up and down, under her head and back. "What's your name sweetheart?" Lucy tried to raise her head.

"No keep still for me, just stay still, you're in no danger. Can you tell me your name?"

Lucy lowered her head. "Lucy. Lucy Whiston. What's happened?"

"Hello Lucy. I'm Pauline, I'm a paramedic. I'm afraid you've had a tumble from your bike and had a knock to your head." It started to come back to her now, like the light of dawn filtering through lace curtains. She'd been happily cycling around Hammersmith Broadway on her way home to her flat and Benji her ginger cat, and then nothing.

"It hurts, my ankle. It hurts."

"OK sweety, let me have a look." Lucy felt a sharp pain shoot up her leg as Pauline lifted her foot.

"Sorry about that. It might be broken. We'll get you in the ambulance and whisk you off to hospital. Let the doctors have a look at you."

Pauline and her colleague slid a backboard under her to keep her spine in line and stop her from moving and a red blanket was thrown over her. A black and red rucksack lay propped against some nearby railings, Pauline guessing this belonged to Lucy, grabbed it and showed it to the casualty.

"This yours sweetie?"

Lucy nodded and Pauline placed the bag in the ambulance.

Then Lucy was hoisted aloft and slid in to the back of the ambulance and Pauline stayed in the back with her while her male partner drove.

Pauline chatted to her all the way to the hospital and did her utmost to keep her spirits up but the throbbing from her ankle managed to overcome Pauline's best efforts. As she sat by her side, patting her hand and trying to reassure her patient, Pauline surveyed the young woman lying beside her. Lucy, she thought was probably in her early twenties. Rather short, about five one or two at the most and somewhat overweight. Under the thickly woven red blanket, it was difficult to see her shape but Pauline had already noticed Lucy's boobs.

They were large, very large. Lucy also had a large arse to go with them. She and her colleague, Kevin, had had a bit of a struggle lifting her in to the ambulance. Lucy was no lightweight. Despite the pain registering on her face, Pauline thought Lucy to be quite pretty, her shoulder length brown hair making a natural frame to her cute features.

Lucy looked at her, "What about my bike?" Pauline patted her hand again. "Don't worry, the police have your address, we looked in your purse. They'll look after it and get it back to you later. It's all OK, nothing bent or broken. Hopefully we can say the same about you. The Police are having a word with the van driver who hit you."

Even with the pain in her ankle, Lucy managed a smile, a smile that melted Pauline's heart.

At the hospital, it was all clinical efficiency. Lucy was carried from the ambulance bay in to the Accident and Emergency wards. There, she was placed on a bed and a swarm of medics surrounded her. Lucy thought that this was a bit OTT for a possibly broken ankle, but it was because she had lost consciousness that the doctors were concerned. After a thorough examination, X-rays and being probed and questioned, Lucy was finally left to rest. The X-ray of her ankle showed no broken bones, it was a nasty sprain injury, nothing more. Now, Lucy lay in a curtained cubicle, her clothes removed and wearing a flimsy white cotton gown. Despite her near nakedness the A&E ward was warm and she felt comfortably cosy in her little room. As she lay semi-dozing, the throbbing in her ankle subdued by painkillers, she heard a voice call from outside. "Knock knock, anyone at home?"

Slightly confused, Lucy "Hello?" The curtain parted and Pauline came in, closing the drapes behind her.

'Hi Lucy. Thought I'd just stop by and check on you before I go off duty. Are you OK?" Lucy smiled, that lovely smile that Pauline liked so much.

"Yes I'm fine thanks to you. Nothing broken."

"Yes I've had a word with the docs. They're happy enough for you to go home tomorrow. They want to keep you in overnight for observation, make sure that bang on the head didn't dislodge too many screws." Again Pauline was treated to one of Lucy's captivating smiles. Pauline's gaze was soon travelling down from Lucy's smiling face, the thin cotton gown was far more revealing of Lucy's body than when she'd been fully clothed. The rise in the gown where her huge boobs were nestled on her moving chest, gave evidence of their size and shape. Lucy's nipples were poking up through the material. Pauline's level of arousal went up a point or two.

"I see they've strapped your ankle. Is it still painful?"

"No it's OK thanks, Pauline. It's a lot better." Pauline smiled at Lucy's use of her name. Not only had she remembered it, but she'd also just used it and in doing so had moved a to level of familiarity that pleased and encouraged her.

"I'm worried about my cat, Benji. He hasn't been fed."

"No need to worry Lucy. I'll tell you what. Give me your keys and I'll pop round and feed him, make sure every thing is OK. Then I'll come back in tomorrow, before my shift starts and give the keys back. OK?"

Lucy hesitated; giving a stranger her home keys was not a good idea. But Pauline wasn't any old stranger; she was a paramedic and had rescued her from danger.

"I think my stuff is in the locker there." Pauline opened the bedside cabinet where Lucy's clothes were neatly piled, with the rucksack in the lower compartment, and found her purse inside a zipped pocket. In the purse she found the door keys. Putting the purse back, Pauline noticed Lucy's bra under her jeans and jumper. Taking her time to replace the purse, Pauline pulled the bra out so that she could read the label; 36DD. Pauline felt dampness form in her knickers. Turning to Lucy, the keys in her hand, Pauline was surprised to find Lucy staring at her. While her back had been turned, Lucy had taken the opportunity to study her. She was a good few years older than herself, perhaps thirty or thirty two. Her short almost boyish fair hair crowned a not unpleasant face. Not beautiful, but not plain either, just nice, thought Lucy. The tight fitting one-piece green paramedic's uniform did nothing to hide Pauline's shape. It was a very nice shape. Pauline was taller than her, who wasn't? About five, five or six and slimly built. The emerald trouser suit clung closely to her body showing off her curves. There was a prominent bulge in the chest area that promised a decent pair of boobs, and Pauline's bum was firm and shapely. Lucy had to admit to herself that she had taken quite a fancy to her heroine.

Pauline grinned at her, "OK then. I'll pop off and sort Benji out. You have a rest and a good night's sleep and I'll see you tomorrow with your keys. I'll bring you in some fresh clothes too, OK?" Pauline was tempted to kiss Lucy on the forehead; in fact she was tempted to do a lot more than that. She had the desire burning inside her to rip all her clothes off, tear that silly gown from Lucy's body and get on the bed and fuck her. Instead, she held her hand again and then just waved goodbye from the doorway. Left alone again, Lucy settled down for some sleep. Her thoughts however, were populated with images and fantasies involving Pauline, involving sex with her. Later, she would dream of those fantasies, dreams that would have excited her beyond reason if she were awake. But in the morning, she was destined not to remember them. She would have forgotten how she'd conjured up scenes of depravity and lewdness, images of sexual abandonment.

With the coming of the dawn, she would not recollect how she'd created debauched scenes where she had rolled naked in the road with Pauline's nude body entwined with hers as a crowd of onlookers circled them cheering, chanting and egging them on. "Go on Lucy fuck her, fuck her, fuck her. Give it to her Pauline, suck her pussy, lick her clit. Suck her tits, suck her tits, suck her tits..."

Pauline had gone to her car in the hospital car park. She cursed; she'd forgotten Lucy's address. She used her mobile phone to call the police station to get the address. She then drove directly to Lucy's flat, just a couple of miles the other side of Hammersmith Broadway. Being a member of the London Ambulance Service, Pauline knew her way around this part of the city.

She pulled up at the address and used Lucy's keys to let herself in to number 23, the second floor flat.

Passing through a small entrance hall, Pauline encountered Benji. He had immediately jumped down from the sofa at the sound of keys in the door. He now wove his way around Pauline's legs purring and mewing at her.

'Cats, ' she thought wryly, 'So loving and affectionate, especially to anyone that feeds them.' With Benji at her feet, threatening to trip her at every step, she made her way to what she hoped was the kitchen. As she entered, she instantly noticed the litter tray and the smell coming from it, Benji had been a busy boy. Under the sink, the bowl still containing Lucy's unwashed breakfast things, Pauline found a pack of bin liners and some fresh cat litter. Holding the stinking tray at arms length, she poured the contents in to a bin liner and sealed it tight, keeping the smell from escaping. She dropped it in to the flip top waste bin. With fresh litter in the tray, Pauline looked for the cat food; Benji was still mewing at her to hurry up. In the food cupboard she found several tins and opened one, scooping the contents in to Benji's bowl. The soggy mass had barely hit the bottom of the blue plastic dish before Benji was wolfing it down. She also topped up his water dish.

Looking around she decided to do the dishes, and spent a few minutes washing plates and tidying up the worktop. Satisfied that she had done enough in the kitchen and that Benji was once again a happy and well-fed cat, she moved in to the lounge. It was modestly furnished with a mottled brown and cream carpet and complementing cream curtains. The sofa and matching armchair was a hideous dark green colour. The walls were a plain magnolia with a few prints hanging here and there. This room was of less interest to her than Lucy's bedroom, which was where she went next.

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