Mary, Fred And The Gangster
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The crime boss kidnaps the DA's wife and sets up a blackmail scheme. Will he still be brought to justice?

It was, Fred Sawyer thought, an almost perfect day. George Goode, the District Attorney, had announced his retirement for health reasons and Fred, as senior assistant DA had been appointed interim DA to fill out the last six months of Goode's term of office. Several hours on the phone with some very influential people had secured his party's endorsement for the upcoming election and all Fred needed now was to get his name out in front of the public to establish name recognition and a reputation as a crime fighter. And, by the grace of God, he'd had that too. A key witness had come forward and his testimony put the final touch on Fred's six month long investigation on Carlo "Boom Boom" Mantelli. Mantelli, reputed to be the local crime boss, had his fingers in every illegal activity on the books, from the numbers racket to drugs, but that was all small stuff and even though Fred had all the evidence he needed to convict Mantelli of complicity in those crimes, Fred was going for the biggie - murder one. His witness could positively tie the noose around Mantelli's neck for the murder of Samuel Atkins, one of his associates who had turned on him and was going to go before the grand jury. Mantelli's nick name, "Boom Boom", was earned when he was a hit man for the mob and his signature was two shots to the back of the victims head - the same way Atkins had died - and Fred now had a witness who had seen the shooting. When he went in front of the grand jury with what he had Fred was assured of a month of headlines, and with a conviction on Mantelli Fred would be a shoe in for being the next DA. And after that? Who knows, maybe even governor.

The house was strangely silent when Fed arrived at home, but then he remembered that this was the night his sixteen-year-old daughter Sally was spending the night with one of her friends. His wife Mary probably still wasn't home from dropping Sally off. He grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and was headed for the family room when he heard the automatic garage door opener start to operate. Fred headed for the door to the attached garage to see if Mary needed any help bringing things in. He opened the door and looked out into the garage to see Mary sitting in her car. When she made no move to get out he became concerned and went out to her and opened the car door. Mary sat there, staring straight ahead at nothing, and crying. She looked a mess; hair matted with something and white blotches all over her face and neck. Fred helped her from the car and asked her what was wrong, but she pulled away from him and ran into the house. He followed her as she ran up the steps toward the upstairs bedroom and he walked into the room to find her ripping off her clothes. As she uncovered her body Fred saw more of the white blotches and when she was naked he saw that her normally dark blonde pubic hairs were a matted white mess. With a sinking feeling in his stomach he knew he was looking at a woman who had just been fucked, and from the visual evidence, more than once - a lot more.

Mary was still crying as she headed for the shower, but then she stopped and turned to him, "In my purse" she said as she pointed to it, and then she stepped into the shower and turned on the water.

Fred picked up her purse and found a manila envelope with his name on it. Inside there was videotape and a small white envelope with the words "Watch the tape before you read this" printed on it. He started to open the envelope, but then stopped himself; it might be important that he do the one before the other. He took the tape to his home office in the den and put it in the VCR. The screen lit up and he was looking at Mary coming toward her car from the supermarket. Just as she reached the door a van pulled up next to her and two masked men came out the side door of the van, grabbed Mary, and pulled her inside. The screen faded to black and then lit up again and Fred found that he was looking at the inside of a fairly large room with a single light bulb suspended from the ceiling and a large bare mattress lying on the floor. Nothing happened for a few moments and then a door at the far end of the room opened and several men wearing ski masks came in and started removing their clothes. Then two more men came in with a woman between them - it was Mary! She was blindfolded, gagged, and her hands were tied. Mary struggled as the two men started to undress her and two more men came over to help. Against four men Mary's struggles were hopeless, but still she fought them. Once she was naked she was pushed down on the mattress and two men held her shoulders pinned to the mattress while another two took her legs and pulled them apart. A fifth man, hard cock jutting out in front of him, knelt between Mary's legs and started to push his cock against the opening of her pussy. Mary twisted and turned trying to avoid the inevitable, but the man slowly drove himself inside her. The man started fucking Mary with slow strokes, as if he planned on making it last a long time. He took ten minutes before he started to fuck her harder and faster.

Fred had been so engrossed in what he was watching that he had not noticed a few things and now they were starting to register on him. There was no sound and Fred understood that to mean that there was no chance to get a voice print match from the tape. Next, he noticed that Mary had stopped struggling. She lay still as the man as the man pounded his cock into her and then Fed saw, almost imperceptibly, Mary's hips begin to move up toward the man fucking her. Suddenly, the man fucking her pulled out of her pussy, grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times and sprayed his cum all over Mary's tits. He moved out of the way and a second man moved between Mary's legs and as the second mans cock disappeared inside her it finally registered on Fred that all of the men were black. By the third man Mary's legs were no longer being held and she had her feet planted on the floor and she was pushing up at the cock that was driving down into her. Two more men fucked her and then her hands were untied. Soon Mary had her nails buried in the ass cheeks of the man fucking her and she was pulling him to her as hard as she could. Next her blindfold was removed. It was eerie Fred thought, to be sitting here watching all these men fuck my wife and to have it be so silent. As if on cue the audio came on, but it was only Mary's voice that could be heard, begging the man to fuck her harder.

It was obvious to Fred that this was being done with a specific purpose in mind, that it had been carefully planned. The men were under orders not to talk so only Mary could be heard; all of the men were pulling out of her and spilling their cum on her body so she wouldn't become pregnant, and there was no rough stuff that would leave bruises or marks of any kind. His attention was drawn back to the screen. Mary was on her elbows and knees with her head in the lap of one man, sucking his cock, while a second man was slowly working his cock into Mary's tight little ass. Mary loved being fucked anally and she sure wasn't protesting now.

The tape ran for two hours and twenty minutes and Fred watched as Mary was fucked in every conceivable position. At one time she had a man in her pussy, a man in her ass, a cock in her mouth, and she was stroking a fourth cock with her left hand. He watched as black cock after black cock spit cum on Mary's white body and while they may have been under orders not to cum inside her pussy several did cum in her mouth and Mary made a valiant attempt to swallow it all, and through the whole thing only Mary's voice could be heard, "Fuck me, fuck me" and "cum for me, cum for me baby." There were lots of "Oh god, oh god that fells good" and quite a few "Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes," but the one that turned Fred on the most, and yes, Fred was turned on -he'd had his cock out since the fifth man and had been stroking it - was what she said during the final few moments of the tape. She was alone on the mattress and her fingers were rapidly plunging in and out of her pussy and she was moaning, "Next, whose next? Somebody fuck me, please fuck me," and the tape went black.

"Pretty disgusting wasn't it," said a voice from behind him.

Fred turned to see Mary standing there. He looked at her for a moment and then said, "I guess it all depends on your point of view. I thought it was pretty damned erotic and I almost wish I had been there." He stood up and turned toward her and she saw his hard cock standing out. "You were asking 'whose next' and I believe that would be me."

He took her in his arms and pulled her down to the floor. Mary tried to push him away, "You can't want me after seeing that" she cried.

"After seeing that I want you more than ever," he said as his cock felt for her opening and began to slide inside.

She was so loose that he barely felt the sides of her pussy as he drove himself into her. God, he wondered, what would she feel like if they had all cum in her. Their love making was frenzied and Fred hoped that it would last a lot longer than it did, but he knew there would be many more times just as frenzied and mindless as this fuck had been - the tape would see to that.

It was only after they had relaxed in each other's arms that Fred remembered the white envelope. He opened it and read:

If nothing gets sent to the grand jury, this tape will never see the light of day.

It would be hard to get elected in this county if word got out that your wife

enjoys the attentions of blacks. There is also your daughter to consider. She

is very blonde, like your wife, and blondes do photograph well with blacks,

don't you think?


Fred passed the note to Mary. She read it and asked, "What are you going to do?"

He thought for a minute before saying, "He's right you know. If that tape gets out I couldn't get appointed dogcatcher, let alone win an elective office. I could still go after him. I could get you and Sally to a safe place and then take him down, but the tape would come out and half the people in the county would shun you. Your reputation would be shot and so would Sally's - guilt by association. On the other hand, if I do what he says and drop the matter and then run for office and win, he will own me because he still has the tape. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. I'm going to have to do a lot of hard thinking."

Mary reached out a hand and touched him, "I hate to add to your burden honey, but there is something else."

Fred looked at her and she said, "What happened today wasn't my fault and I fought it as best I could, but in the end I loved it and I want to do it again."

"What?" Fred asked, "Fuck black men?"

"No" Mary replied, "I don't care about the color, but I do want a lot of cocks. I'm sorry baby, but I'm afraid your little Mary is hooked on gangbangs."

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