My Youth Experience
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a young man finds himself in a relationship with two older women. the story recounts the begining and the events of their relationship.

As I sat in the park watching my son play catch with our dog, I couldn't help myself remember what happened many years ago, The memory was revoked inside me by an old lady approaching my son when he fell and hurt his knee, this situation has happened before, exactly 12 years ago.

The difference is that it was I having a race with my buddies through our street, when I fell off my bike in front of Mrs. John's house. They laughed at dilemma of being stuck under my bike and probably sprang something in my legs they left me there and stormed away to their houses. My major concern for the time was my bike, as it was my parents' gift for the summer and I only tried it today and here it is wrecked above me.

I was shouting for help while inwardly thinking how I was going to explain my mess of a bike and muddy clothes and worst of all if I had broken something in my body. Mrs. John who came out running from her backyard answered my shouting and came to see what this noise was all about. Seeing her shut me up but another thing sprang into my head, surely she was going to call dad and inform him about my misdeeds and probably say that my shouting caused her to mess something up herself.

Stupid as I was, I didn't figure out that my father will know sooner or later but I asked her to help me anyway. She approached me and made several trials to lift the bike. In a few minutes she had me standing and checked that all my limbs were still fine. Seeing no real damage done to me, she looked kindly at me. I was going to thank her when she surprised me by looking sideways into the street.

I was intrigued by her actions but thought nothing strange of it; she made sure the street was almost empty and told me to pick up the bike and follow her into her house. Once inside she made me dump the bike in a side of her living room and told me to take off my clothes. I looked at her with chocked eyes and she didn't utter a word.

I reasoned with myself concluding that her request came out of her typical fussing and trussing about her furniture. So I took off my t-shirt, shorts and shoes. I was busy with figuring out where to put my muddy clothes when she made a low high toned whistle. Although my 19 yrs. Old body wasn't that much of a sight but she seemed taken away with it.

I stood straight and faced her to get surprised with her hands wandering all over me causing my whole body to tense and I was standing like a stiff log. What was boy supposed to do when an old lady touches him in a very weird way?

Getting enough handfuls of my body she went to bring in a first aid kit and gently cleaned my cuts, through her work she asked about my parents. She said that they were out of her sight around our neighbourhood lately, I responded that mom was away on some work trip and dad is the one taking care of us at the time so he doesn't have enough time to go out anywhere between me and his work and now our house.

She thought it was splendid; I looked at with quizzing eyes but didn't comment or ask her why she thought so. She finished dressing my wounds and we sat facing each other silently for a while. I think it is time for me to learn what caused you all this mess, she said while smiling at my discomfort. I explained what happened, I told her that I was playing with some friends and crashed into the ground with my bike, of course I had the sense to leave the race part out of my story.

Pity, she simply added then asked for dad's number to call him. I freaked out and couldn't speak; I guess she understood the amount of trouble I'll be in. she came and sat down beside me on her living room couch to calm me down and explained that dad was probably worried sick about me by now and we should call to ease his worries, And that any further delay will simply produce more anger on his side.

I saw the reason in her request but still was afraid from the consequences of calling my father and informing him of my accident, destroyed brand new bike and the troubles I gave Mrs. John. She laughed softly at my childish concerns and told me not to worry about any of this, she will take good care of me.

I finally gave the number and watched dreadfully as she called him, Mrs. John turned to be a wondrous negotiator. She fully convinced dad that the whole thing wasn't entirely my fault, described the situation in way producing the most minimal damage possible for me.

He asked to speak with me, and I assured him everything she said was the truth. But before I could finish with him she took the phone off my hands and explained that I was ok now but needed some care. She told him that she knew how demanding his job is and she knew my mother was currently away. And she offered him to let me stay with her for the time being to take care of me in exchange for keeping her company, as she was alone in the house and performing some work for her.

Dad of course was thrilled with the idea, as he was- as any guy- having trouble with the housework and dealing with a reckless teenage boy (according to him). She asked me, and I was all for it, I knew she was an excellent cook and on top of that staying with her will redeem me of a well earned punishment form my father.

I was very grateful to Mrs. John and decided to put on my best behaviour to please her with me and this should prolong my stay with her. However I was having some strange feelings regarding her, because I far as I knew old ladies don't go this well with teenage boys. They might share some chatter and the boys do all sorts of work for them and only get minimum wage. But this lady actually invited and fought for me to stay with her, there must be a catch somewhere in this thing. Despite all my ideas and theories this arrangement suits me pretty much, and it beats the hell out of things at our house during this time so who am I to complain.

Mrs. John came back and led me upstairs; she was its time for a bath, this confirmed my prior suspicions about her fussiness. We entered what appeared to be her bedroom and she directed me to go through a door on the side reaching the bathroom and set a hot water bath. I did as I was told and waited for her inside the elegant and very well kept room; meanwhile I heard her rummaging through some drawers back inside her room.

Finally she appeared before me wearing a bathrobe tightly circling her body, I was taken aback for a while. I never thought Mrs. John could've looked this attractive, the robe showed me the true curves and size of her amazingly stretched female body. I heard rumours that women get all chubby and disproportioned at a certain time of their lives. But the vision of her standing there removes every single fable someone weaved on ladies this age. Surely she wasn't as hot as girls my age but somehow this didn't deter me from admiring her frame.

I was preparing to exit the bathroom, as I thought she wants to take a bath herself but she stopped me and told me to take off my remaining clothing. At the time I was left in underpants and socks, and I wasn't willing to lose them. Apparently she had different thought as she took hold of my arm and pushed me suddenly into the tub. I don't understand how did she do that, after all she is a fragile old lady and I am a 19-year-Old boy. Surely my body mass wasn't possibly easy for her to conquer. But I recalled how she lifted the bike earlier and considered that she only pushed me, and didn't carry me into the tub was physically possible. But the fact she didn't stop there blew mind off, she stood at the edge of the tub untied her robe and dropped it on the floor. I was staring right at her pubic hair level; she lifted one leg and stepped into the tub followed by the other one.

She stood there towering over me and let me ogle at her nudity for a while. Then she gently pushed me to one corner and sat in the water, looking at me she said that baths in this house must be taken in the nude and that my clothes has to go. I got up and told her I will not stand this treatment and leave, she started to laugh at me. I looked at her and she pointed at my groin, there was weenie standing at his full attention due to her display of charms.

Little Mike (that's my name) says differently, she exclaimed. And you will get used to this as long as you want to stay in this house young love, she added. Or else some serious bum whipping must be in place. What!!!, I shouted at her. I won't be spanked you can't do that.

You bet I can, your dad gave me permission to use whatever possible punishment with you and I plan on doing so if you don't agree to my house rules. She said I thought to myself, if I leave now she will sure put me I a hell with dad, even deeper than the one I'm already in so I'd better what she wants to get myself out of this mess. So I took off my socks, followed by my underpants through her sharp gazing at my privates.

She seemed to be pleased with me now as she held me by the hand and pulled me closer to her. Now that's what I am talking about, she exclaimed as she took hold of my rigid member and stroked it a bit. Young men sure are pleasurably well hung these areas nowadays. Although her talk got goose pumps flying al over my skin but I didn't move a single muscle to get away. I guess that she sensed this and took things further to her pleasure.

She wetted a washcloth and moved it all over my body with her soft hand soothing the areas of my skin the cloth has recently passed Over. My upper torso and legs were done when she swung me around to do my backside. I felt the cloth tickle the sensitive area around my anus getting weenie to writhe and produce little white drops off its mushroom head.

I was being driven crazy with her touch over my bum cheeks, she soaped the area and then rinsed over and over again with hot water for several minutes. Weenie almost spurted its full load and I was all squirms and moans when her voice woke me from my feelings.

Now, now boy you must wait for a while before your full pleasure arrives. After saying this she got out of the tub and dressed again in her robe. Let's go outside and I'll tell you the work needing to be done, she said. I gingerly moved out of the tub and wrapped myself in a towel and followed her out of the bathroom where I saw her laying out some clothes for me to wear, they were a bit large but better than the towel or my muddy clothes at any time.

She left the room while I finished, and I was faced with a tough matter at my hands. Although the pants were large but they got tiny at the groin area of the fabric leaving me the tricky job of encasing my hard weenie into the tight space available for it. I successfully buttoned the top of the pants but when I pulled up the zip weenie lost it and wetted the whole area.

Now what to do, she couldn't possibly give me more clothes and mine were already a mess. So I went outside to see her and she was standing in her backyard, I looked sideways and the coast looked clear and she made a gesture for me to come out. What a huge mistake!!!!!! Outside was another lady, someone I merely knew as a strange old woman who moved in last year with her husband. People say that she has a daughter in a boarding school abroad but we never got any chance to get to know them.

The lady simply went wild when she saw my obviously soiled pants Mrs. John too was ecstatic about it. They made me take off the pants right there in the open backyard promising me a replacement by the other lady who went by the name of Mrs. Pete.

True to her word she brought me a replacement but I had to walk through an open area between the two houses to collect it. The ladies then had brief discussion on how they wanted their gardens taken care of while I got dressed and collected my shoes.

They informed me of their decision and made sure I understood every detail of what they need in their gardens, then they left to let me begin working. Without being told I made a trip to their tool sheds and got all I needed fot the job and started to outline the work I had to do. The gardens didn't look bad at all and thanks to mom I was really skilled in gardening so the whole thing only took the remaining hours before dark.

During which I saw them leave to run some errands as they said, I was actually beginning to like those ladies especially Mrs. John so I added a few extras onto their gardens.

I finished the job and went to sit in Mrs. John's house till they got back, I was expecting some serious was coming my way as pay for the works I did and decided to use it combined with some savings to replace the bike I had destroyed earlier today.

I sat in her place drinking some soda I dug out of her fridge; again the old ladies surprised me. A honk went off like mad outside in the street, I completely ignored it but it kept on going. I heard some of neighbourhood folks arguing and decided to go out and watch.

I saw both of the lovely ladies standing on the back of a pickup truck carrying what looked like an exact replica of my torn apart bike. Mrs. Pete called at me to come and help them off this thing; I was bout to tell her what got you there in the first place but thought better than saying that. After helping them down and taking the bike off the truck as well, the truck moved away leaving the three of us standing there with them holding me in a very tight hug and showering my face with kisses that looked pretty innocent to onlookers.

They had enough in a few very long moments for me, and turned to take a look at their gardens. I must have did an incredibly good job as they both pulled me into Mrs. John's house and dropped down all the blinds. Then they approached me each from one side and gently but very animally groped me.

I felt old cold knuckles digging in my skin, Mrs. Pete stripped me out of my shirt and let out a loud shriek similar to the one Mrs. John had generated when she first saw my partly indecent torso. She pushed me down onto a couch and sat backwards on my lap with her face very close to my bare chest.

Exactly how old are you Mike?, she asked with lust filled eyes and fingers playing with my nipples.

I am 19 Mrs. Pete, I dutifully answered

Mrs. John sat on the couch next to me and whispered into my ears, There is no need for formality here boy, the lady is Paty and I am Barb. And we will greatly appreciate it if you address us with those names. Now dear there are some conditions that you need to understand, she added. Paty and I are both married and crazy about our husbands and families but there are some desires such as sex that are never satisfied. As you can tell we are what's called 'Mature Ladies', we're both past our fifties and there is no need to be more exact.

You are a young man of 19 and can help in satisfying us to the hilt. Our husbands are still sexy and horny but they are less able to satisfy us right now, may be they were enough in our younger years but not for now. So, you are not the main dish, but simply an encore when they are not available and right now they both happen to be away on business and we are quite restless with our needs.

What we ask of you is to be available as our odd lover and perhaps our handy man around the house. Is that alright with you honey.

Of course it was alright with me and the ladies were thrilled with this fact, that they decided to give me a try at once. Strangely enough my pants were off in a second, and they got off the couch and stood before me. Patty spoke first,

In our search for sexual pleasure, the first stop was enjoying each other, and I don't believe you saw two ladies go at it with each other before honey.

I nodded my agreement, they looked at each other and I saw their eyes filled with lust and their hands snaking into the body of their partners. Barb was moaning in no time as patty's finger found her breasts. She was mauling them roughly through her clothes and causing the nipples to stand through the material of barb's top.

The attack was re-targeted by barb taking hold of patty's shirt and removing it through her head. To my pleasure patty wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts sprang in the air, barb pushed her onto a settee and feverishly nursed on her mammies.

Weenie was beyond himself with the action and I couldn't stop myself from getting up and standing beside them for a better- unobstructed view. Patty was moaning and reaching for her pussy to fondle it, barb was quick with holding her partner's hand and dove between patty's widespread legs herself.

She pulled patty's skirt to her waist and frigged her panty clad pussy while patty was still moaning but now held both her nipples and pulled violently at them. Barb called me and I stood behind her facing patty's splayed goods. She held the panties and slid them off patty's body to reveal her hairy pussy. I gasped to the sight and watched while barb opened the lips of her lover's vagina and revealed to me the internal flesh of this old lady's pussy, it was pink, wet and very tender when she allowed me to touch it. But my exploration was abruptly terminated with barb removing my hand and replacing it with her tongue.

I watched how she stabbed the beautiful pink flesh with her tongue eliciting enjoyable loud moans from patty, she gently licked ad sucked the wrinkled skin into her mouth and nibbled on the hiding place of her clit, Which amazingly surfaced as a result of the constant attack too its shield. Barb took hold of it between her teeth and teased the little nub with rapid motions from her tongue until patty finally surrendered with a loud shriek and laid back in the settee to rest.

Barb looked at me with sharp eyes, did you catch this mister. She asked me.

Yes barb, I did but it appeared too intense. Almost painful I might think. I replied.

Oh no boy, it's never painful when you are considerate, just that when women are particularly horny they sometimes enjoy a bit of rough play that's all. She explained.

Now lets have fun of our own boy. She added while looking almost savagely at me.

Barb pushed me back onto the couch and sat beside me, on impulse I jumped on her face and exchanged our very first love kiss. With our mouths intertwined and tongues dancing around with each other I started to pull at her clothes. My hands first fell onto her buttoned blouse. I clumsily fidgeted with her buttons but was only awarded with undoing only the bottom two.

So I released myself from the kiss and concentrated on the new assignment. I was standing on top of her and undoing one button at a time from the top downwards, in no time her breasts greeted my gaze. Although I have previously seen them in the bathroom but this time I gave them more serious inspection.

They were like large melons with thick aureole at the end, I hand weighed them and was delighted with the fact that they overflowed my palms. Barb was really enjoying my attention to her breasts and encouraged me to suckle them, thinking it was probably meaningless. I carelessly licked her nipples alternating between the left and right breasts, this got her moans loud and I actually enjoyed their taste and texture. Thinking that licking her nipples felt like that, I went for suckling. It was simply amazing, I felt her skin form goose pumps where my lips held her sensitive nipple, and so I reached for more inside my mouth and set myself into serious nursing from her. I wasn't aware that patty was up and approaching my ass at the same time.

So while I was happily sucking away at her breasts I felt hands on my buttocks, spilling out barb's cleavage from my mouth I screamed out my surprise. Patty didn't flinch and kept her wandering hands on my ass cheeks; I turned my head and looked at her. She gave me a stay in your business look and my head returned to its original positions in barb's chest.

My mind was distracted with patty's fingers playing in my lower back; they kept on wiggling around all over the place till she found my ass hole. The nudging of her forefinger at my hole was absolutely shocking, I never imagined anyone touching me there for sex. But she didn't seem to mind, and softly wiggled her finger step-wisely into my hole.

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