Ngorro Strikes
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Coercion, Interracial, Black Male, White Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An African businessman moves on a white family when the wife and mother keeps declining his lecherous attentions.

The unusual sound of police sirens broke the peaceful quiet of Greendale. One of the most exclusive suburbs of Harare it was not used to the sound of police sirens. Greater surprise was the sight of three police cars racing down the tree lined avenues. Working police cars were rare in Harare! It was a powerful connected individual who was able to demand the use of these vehicles! Behind the police cars trundled a police cage and a lorry filled with members of the dreaded riot squad. A number of unmarked cars trailed along behind.

Africans stared and trembled until they passed by. A sense of relief was followed by morbid curiosity as to who the unlucky victims were going to be. African necks craned and surprise soon overcame their fear as the vehicles screamed to a halt outside one of the high walled villas that usually belonged to wealthy whites.

Screams erupted as the huge security gates were cut open with bolt cutters and screaming riot police roared as they rushed inside.

Africans quickly gathered to watch the events. They feared the riot police but seeing them at work on someone else was great fun!

Joseph Yoruba strolled confidently through the cast iron gates. His men were creating merry hell. To one side he could see an African being severely beaten. Probably the African gardener employed by the white family. He disregarded the violence and strolled down the driveway looking at the hacienda style villa covered with the purple blossom of an overhanging bougainvillea tree.

Joseph was a Major in the Central Intelligence Organisation, or the CIO for short. In Zimbabwe that give him the powers of a minor deity over the lives of those around him, and those he came into contact with. Powers that he was happy to use to his own advantage as well as to the advantage of the state that employed him.

And why not? The state had not paid him for six months. This he deemed a minor matter as his earnings over the last six months from drugs, prostitution, and extortion had earned him over Z$350,000, untaxed, of course! He in turn ensured his own men were paid from his earnings.

Inside the house he could hear female screams and the outraged shouts of a white man. He grinned. White men always seemed to think they were superior, and important. This white man was going to learn the folly of opposing the will of his African boss. At which point he looked around wondering where Ngorro Luba was. He doubted his African friend would want to miss the fun.

At that moment Ngorro lumbered through the gates, like one of his own overworked puffing lorries. At fifty four years old Ngorro did not carry his seventeen stone weight with any degree of comfort. Sweat poured from his forehead, as he cursed the heat. He slapped down his jacket, but the best efforts of one of the best Saville Row tailors could hide the bulk that was more fat than muscle.

Ngorro prided himself that his wealth could buy him anything he needed. He had not stinted himself, and the price of over indulgence showed. No amount of money would buy him back a slim waist, or good health. He huffed and puffed as he walked down the driveway to join Joseph.

"Shall we go in?"

Ngorro nodded in reply to Joseph's enquiry and they headed through the front door. Ngorro tut tutted at the damaged done to the door. He would deduct the cost from the salary of Alexander Parsons, the American accountant he had employed to manage the business accounts. Alexander was a competent accountant, and honest.

Too honest for his own good, Ngorro mused. It had taken Ngorro several months to entrap him, wasted months from Ngorro's point of view. But now the waiting was over. As they stepped through the door Ngorro grimaced in distaste at the sight of a second African lying in the hallway with several bleeding gashes to his head. Did the riot squad have to be so heavy handed? These were after all his own African employees! Still it had probably scared the daylights out of the Parsons family and that would be to the good.

Inside the villa Alexander Parsons stood quivering in the grip of two big strong strapping members of the riot squad. His bloodied features showed that he had been foolish and tried to resist. Three other Africans held his squirming, struggling wife. Laura Parsons was a remarkable woman in Ngorro's eyes and his lust for her had gone unsatisfied for an intolerable six months. She was a dark haired woman, with a well-rounded figure.

Ngorro's persistent advances had been just as persistently, if politely, denied! Her husband had even protested when Ngorro had fondled those full round curves at the company picnic. Around the room detectives working for Joseph and the CIO were pulling open drawers and searching thoroughly and with little care. The sounds of breaking wood, and tearing cloth filled the room.

The Africans holding Laura Parsons had quite deliberately placed her a few feet in front of her husband. One had grasped her dark hair in his fist and pulled it back hard, and the tears in her eyes could be seen trickling down her cheeks. The Africans holding her were unmoved. Their focus was on the large firm breasts pushed into particular prominence by the way they were holding her head sharply back. One of the Africans stood in front of her grinning at her husband Alexander.

"Think you can stop me white man?"

The African laughed. It was not a pleasant laugh. The riot squad were well picked for instilling terror. Then his hands rose up and fondled those full womanly breasts. Alexander struggled in his guards grasp. Laura whimpered and held herself still.

The African grinned. His grasp was not hard and bruising. His hands cupped the full breasts and weighed their fullness. Then he caressed them gently; his dark hands were surprisingly soft, and Laura bit her lip.

"Hey white man. How long will it take your wife to become excited from my fondling?"

Alexander bit back his response, He was only too well aware that these men were just as free with their blows as this one was being with his wife.

"Five minutes!" called the one holding her hair! "Z$10 dollars on five minutes!"

His fellow on the far side took in the tears and determination in her eyes.

"Ten minutes! I bet ten minutes!"

The room was filled with the sound of African voices calling in alternative bets, and a crowd was gathering to see who would win.


Joseph stepped through the growing crowd. The African fondling Laura's breasts stepped back. There was no rancour on his face. He knew who was in charge, and that obedience to orders was best done without any show of reluctance. As he stepped back past Alexander he whispered in his ear.

"Next time, next time, Joseph is too busy to be around all the time." Alexander shuddered and sought to pull away but the two Africans holding his arms held him firm. The African who had fondled his wife leaned closer.

"Don't worry I will make sure she enjoys it!"

He glanced back at Laura, before looking into Alexander's eyes.

"It may take time, but she will enjoy it in the end!"

The look of despair in Alexander's eyes gave him great joy!

"Alexander, I have found evidence that you have been doctoring the accounts of my company." Ngorro stated.

"I'm paid to adjust your accounts! I'm your accountant for goodness sake!"

Alexander stared at Ngorro. This man he had seen be totally ruthless to his African employees had always been polite and courteous to him.

"But not to accept bribes, to facilitate payments to creditors!"

"I have never done anything like that!"

Ngorro nodded to Joseph who barked an order.

"Take him away!"

The two riot police holding Alexander Parsons had lifted him off his feet, before walking off with him.

"No! Leave him be!" Laura screamed.

"Where are you taking me?" Shouted Alexander.

"You are going to jail Alexander Parsons!"

"But I haven't done anything wrong!" he called over his shoulder as the two Riot Squad members hauled him away.

"He hasn't done anything!" Laura called, pulling at the burly Africans holding her steady between them.

"You can release her," Ngorro ordered.

Laura tried to follow her husband but there were more Riot squad members who firmly blocked her passage blocked the door. She pushed feebly at them.

"Let her go with him," Ngorro ordered.

He turned to Joseph, after looking around the villa.

"Call off your dogs. We'll let them stew for a while."

Joseph nodded and barked a few orders. Ngorro kept an eye on them all leaving not wanting any gratuitous damage done to his property, before following Joseph out and ensuring the villa's doors and gate were securely locked. As a last point he slipped a letter addressed to Mrs. Parsons and family through their letterbox.

The next two days were a nightmare for the Parsons family. She had followed her husband down to the Zimbabwe police station and seen him charged with accepting bribes, and theft from his employer's business, conspiracy to aid others financially. Alexander's voluble protests were simply dismissed out of hand by the police officers.

She had called the American Embassy who had been less than helpful. America had little interest in Zimbabwe a country in which no American companies had an interest, and even less influence with its government and institutions. An embassy official had turned up, only to declare that all the correct procedures had been followed, as far as they could tell, and there was nothing he could do before Monday when the Courts opened. Laura had felt like hitting the man!

She had tried to telephone the offices of Zimbabwean lawyers who, it seemed, had all closed for the weekend. She had spoken to friends who had advised her to contact Alexander's employer who could do something they were sure. When she explained desperately that it was her husband's boss who had filed the charges, she had been met with embarrassed silence.

They were old African hands and knew what it meant when an African boss cracked down on a white employee with a pretty wife, or pretty daughters. They had seen it all before! The Harare gossip and speculation at this latest news spread so fast that it seemed jungle drums were beating out the news across the city.

When on Saturday morning Laura Parsons rushed down to the jail to take her husband some breakfast her husband looked tired and gaunt. He was being held in a holding cell with thirty other prisoners of both sexes. In the darkness of the cell the sounds and smells of sexual activity had disrupted the night and Alex had not managed to get much sleep. None of the women had resisted overtures during the night from the male prisoners, and he had been nauseated to hear a group of men laugh and chuckle as they held down one of the smaller weaker men.

He was grateful for the food brought in by Laura, but embarrassed for her to see him in this state. They talked together in quiet whispers. Alex was acutely concious of how some of the other prisoners stared at his pretty blonde wife. Her thirty-eight years did not detract from a full and well cared for curvy figure. She had not thought to 'dress down' for her visit to the African jail, and her stylish manner highlighted her womanly qualities.

They discussed what to do and who to talk to. It depressed Laura. She had already spoken to most of the men her husband suggested but did not want to lower his spirits by telling him so. She left promising to do what she could, while inside she seethed and cursed Ngorro Luba, her husband's devious boss. She was convinced her husband was innocent, but to go and ask Ngorro ran the risk of those lecherous eyes and his wandering hands. She knew what Ngorro wanted from her, and the thought knotted her insides and created a tension she had not known in years. She would not let that bastard win!

She spent the whole day visiting people. Cajoling and wheedling, eventually insulting and shouting at any and all she could think of who might be able to help in any way. As she left the American Embassy after her third interview with different officials the wife of the ambassador walked her back to her car. The woman was tentative, embarrassed. It was six o'clock and Laura had to get back to the prison to give Alex an evening meal. As Laura made to open her car door the ambassador's wife placed a restraining hand on her arm.


Laura looked at her.

"You need to speak to Mr. Luba, persuade him to drop the charges."

"He's a bastard. I'm sure he has set up Alex. I'll not go pleading to him."

"It will be the only way, Laura."

"The bastard! You don't know him. He's an evil lecherous old goat!"

The ambassador's wife breath caught in her throat, and Laura looked up noticing the discomfort.

"Oh I know Ngorro Luba. Know enough to advise you not to wear knickers when you plead for your husband's release!"

The ambassador's wife released Laura's arm, and turned abruptly and walked away. Laura looked after the departing woman. She had sensed the woman's discomfort. Her words had come as no surprise. She knew what Ngorro Luba wanted, but still denied that it had to happen that way.

The ambassador's wife walked away, keeping her steps firm to avoid the sudden weakness. Laura had sussed Ngorro correctly. He was a lecherous old goat... with a fat cock! She stopped as a hot flush suffused her loins as lurid guilty memories surfaced. She looked up at the windows of her husband's office blazing with light. Dinner was not planned before eight, and the embassy staff would have that in hand.

She turned and walked into the garden. There were places where the garden was not well lit and she was sure what she would find in that darkness. The embassy was well staffed with African gardeners. Guilt and need were a scary combination and a nervous thrill passed through her.

On Sunday morning Laura headed down to the jail with her husband's breakfast. She had spent the night reassuring her daughter's Jacky and Hayley. Hayley was too young to understand properly but Jacky had looked thoughtful. Laura had avoided meeting her eyes. At the jail Laura was shocked at the sight if her husband. His clothes were torn. His eyes red and full, she would have sworn he had been crying. His face was gaunt. Sitting nearby were a group of African prisoners openly ogling her. She glared at one but he just grinned and rubbed his crotch.

"What's happened? Is something wrong?"

Alex struggled to retain his composure. He wanted to blurt it all out but shame and embarrassment overcame him.

"Hey whitey! That your wife?"

Alex flushed, and ignored the taunting African.

"You can get visiting rights you know! Why don't you invite your wife to spend the night with you."

Anger welled inside Alex, but he was scared as well, bruised and probably bleeding. They had come for him in the night. Surprised that a white man should spend two nights in jail, confident that he must have no protector, they had come for him and held him down. Made him do things, things that had nauseated him, disgusted him. It had dismayed him that his body should react as it had. He looked across at Laura.

"You must leave this country!"

Startled Laura looked at him.

"I mean it you should leave before it is too late. It was a mistake to come here!"

"Pull yourself together, darling. I will talk to solicitors tomorrow they will get you out."

"Tomorrow... tomorrow... too late." Laura heard him muttering too himself.

"Later I will bring Jacky and Hayley to see you. They will cheer you up."

"Nooo! No honey. You mustn't bring them here!"

He glanced furtively at the taunting African prisoners.

"Please honey, trust me don't bring them here! Tell them anything but keep them away."

Laura was seriously worried now and though she tried to hide it, she realised something had happened. She looked at those prisoners nearby. They grinned when they saw her looking, evil and hunger in their eyes.

"Honey. I am going to get you out of here. I will do it by tonight trust me!"

"No hope... too late... too late."

Laura watched as he hid his face in his hands.

'I will' she resolved! 'I will have Alex out of this jail by tonight!'

The early evening grew dark quickly in Harare. Jacky and Hayley Parsons had not had a good day. They had fretted and asked each other questions neither could answer. Their father was in jail, and their mother's hurried visit to prepare daddy's lunch had alarmed them. She had snapped at them before looking guilty and shamefaced over it. She had ignored their questions, brushed them aside, she had been unable to answer them. Doubt and fear had entered her life. Then she had rushed off again, leaving them alone and non the wiser.

When the doorbell rang the two startled teenagers rushed to the door. Throwing it open they were shocked to find their father's boss Ngorro Luba standing outside. A burly bodyguard accompanied him and she could see another strange African out by the shining Mercedes now parked in their dive.

"May I come in?" he asked politely.

"What do you want?" Jacky asked him warily.

"To speak with your mother. Is she in?"


"Then I will come in and wait."

"You can't!"

"You do realise that I own this property, and with your father in jail I can hardly be expected to leave you all in here!"

"Daddy hasn't done anything wrong."

"We'll let the Courts decide that young lady, though it may take months... "

Jacky bit her lip. Her natural instinct was to scream and kick at this man, but she knew that it would not help, that this man somehow was the key to her father's release from jail. She opened the door wider, before turning and walking away. Ngorro grinned and entered the villa. His eyes followed the retreating girls, young women really. He followed their strides as they walked ahead of him into the lounge and he enjoyed the short skirts and shapely legs. Ngorro liked looking at women's legs, at slim waists, full breasts, wide eyes and trembling soft lips. Not that he was a man who looked for long. Warm female flesh in his hands was sweeter than any amount of looking.

His gaze centred on Jacky's long shapely legs. She was wearing in his view an indecently short skirt that must have been six inches above her knees. An African woman would not wear such a short skirt, not unless she was standing under a streetlight late at night! White women seemed to give little regard to such matters. Not that Ngorro minded. The young woman's thighs were very full and shapely. He could easily imagine how little effort it was going to take to slide that skirt higher.

The fact that Jacky was a natural blonde emphasised the colour of her legs, a touch of tan did little to hide that her skin was rich, and full. He could easily see the soft skin of her inner thighs and his cock lurched at thought of how good it will feel to run his pudgy fingers in teasing circles up along that sweet flesh. He would love to run his tongue over that soft silkiness and taste the fresh succulent skin, to feel its the warmth on his tongue, to feel the young woman tremble as his tongue licked, circled and lapped as it slowly heading higher, to hold her as she shuddered and shook, trying not to become aroused and failing.

Ngorro considered himself a master of the lingual arts. This older daughter he was sure would be sweet and tasty delight, especially when she finally lost control and those shapely, lightly tanned white thighs clamped tightly around his head.

Women always lost control when he licked them, even if he had to tie them down first, he wasn't a brute after all! One of his greatest thrills to have a white woman experience a mind-bending orgasm as his tongue worked her, then rise and mount her while looking into the eyes of her shocked, and if he was lucky, distraught husband. There was no greater delight to Ngorro to mount a willing and excited white woman or girl in front of her husband or father. The look of an anguish in a father's eyes as he witnessed a loving, cared for, well brought up daughter excitedly spreading her thighs to allow Ngorro's seventeen stone bulk settle between her legs was a sweet delight.

Harare was full of strutting African males, with good looks and muscles and so it give Ngorro particular satisfaction to make a white female so sexually aroused that they forgot his age and obesity, and once he had thrust his cock up them the thickness of his cock seemed to draw them back. It was hilarious to see the look of disbelief on the face of husbands when they realised their pretty wife was not giving it up to a strutting black buck, but was eagerly offering it up to an overweight fifty four year old African with a pot belly.

Now he followed Jacky and Hayley into the lounge and sat in a comfortable chair near a patio entrance to the garden. Jacky and Hayley sat opposite him on a two seat sofa, while his bodyguard checked out the kitchen and searched the villa. As Jacky sat her short skirt rose higher, belatedly she sought to pull it down a bit and failed. She looked across at Mr. Luba hoping he had not noticed.

His gaze however was locked on Jacky's legs and she realised he was able to look between them! She crossed her legs, protecting her private parts from his lecherous gaze, but her action exposed a long length of shapely upper thigh. She glanced at Mr. Luba and was shaken by the naked lust exposed on his face!

Hayley wondered if Jacky had gone mad. She was squirming and moving around in embarrassment at Mr. Luba's openly displayed lust. Hayley was fascinated by this play. Why wasn't her older sister comfortable under Mr. Luba's scrutiny? Didn't she realise all that jigging around was just making Mr Luba more interested in her? Then the thought came to her that perhaps Jacky was deliberately seeking to keep his attention on her! She frowned. It was only since coming to Africa that Hayley had realised how much men were attracted to her. She had finally understood one of her old friends' comments about her boyfriend being an octopus. When an African groped her it was never as simple as slapping their hands away. Even when her father was with her she still got touched and fondled. Many simply wanted to stroke her silken hair, or touch her skin as if to check it was real. Others would reach straight between her legs as though it was the most normal thing in the world. Her father would bustle around like a sheepdog, while Africans circled like hyenas looking for a delicious meal. She giggled at the thought.

Jacky and Mr. Luba turned to look at her. Hayley stared back at Jacky, as if to say. 'Why look at me?' She glanced across at Mr. Luba and noticed he was looking at her. She shifted her position, lifting her legs up on to the sofa before tucking them in. She knew this showed off her coltish legs at their best. She glanced at Mr. Luba and a thrill went through her when she saw that a hungry look was being directed at her. It still surprised her that grown men would stare at her, but she loved the attention, and was happy to tease them, so she sat back on her heels, while sitting up straight. She knew the effect this had. Her tee-shirt tightened around her newly developed breasts, and they really stuck out when she sat on her heels.

She glanced at Mr Luba and was delighted to see him sitting forward and staring at her breasts. Lust shone from him as he leaned towards her from his armchair.

"Hayley, go to bed!" Jacky's voice was sharply demanding.

Hayley stared at her in anger and some surprise! It was not like Jacky to speak to her like that!

"I will not!"

"You will do as you're told."

"You can't tell me to go to bed! Who do you think you are?"

"Hayley, I am telling you to go to bed!"

"You just want to spoil my fun!"

"This is not a game Hayley. Daddy is in jail because of what this man, his boss, has said about him!"

The words struck home, Hayley had forgotten Mr. Luba was responsible, so what was he doing here? She turned to look at him only to see him staring back at her. There was a grin on his face, a feral grin as he licked his lips and stared at her. Suddenly the realisation came to her that this man might be evil. She turned and looked at him more closely. He didn't look evil!

"Hayley, trust me on this and go to your room, please."

Hayley looked back at Jacky, it was so unusual for her to be polite! She caught the serious fey mood behind Jacky's eyes.

"Oh well..." she stood up and walked past Jacky and headed for the corridor to the bedrooms.

Jacky watched Mr. Luba look at her sister's curvy bottom and lithe legs as she passed him. Hayley gave a little wriggle of that bottom, before glancing over her shoulder at him to see the effect on Mr Luba. Mr Luba noted the spark of laughter in the eyes of the tomboy as she glanced back at him before turning away this time with an easy sway of her hips! He grinned, a teasing minx like that would be great fun to have around.

"Mr. Luba. I am not sure why you have come here today."

Jacky sought to distract him from her sister.

"I have come to check my property is being looked after. You should not be surprised that I want to make such checks, after the disgraceful way your father had betrayed my trust and confidence in him!"

"I don't believe my father has done anything wrong!"

"Of course, you don't; you're his darling daughter! You love him. Perfectly natural that you think that way, but I am a businessman and I must look at facts and evidence before me."

"There is real evidence!"

"Of course, you think I do this for fun and sport? I need an accountant to run my business, and I am now deprived of one! It will cost me time and money to replace your father."

"I just can't believe he has done anything wrong!"

"Young lady, such loyalty is all very well, but you must face facts; the evidence is straightforward. Your father will go to jail for several years."


"Yes years, he has committed a serious fraud." Jacky struggled to contain her emotions, at the thought of her father being in jail for several years. Tears struggled at the edge of her eyes.

"You will all have to go home of course. I will need this villa for my new accountant."

"But we can't leave him here alone."

"There will be little alternative, you won't be able to work, and I have already stopped his salary. There will be no more money to pay for anything. You will all have to go home!"

"But I don't want to go home and leave Daddy in jail!"

Ngorro shrugged his shoulders and yawned. He looked about the room, as though curious about the contents. Jacky's thoughts were racing. She had thought it would all work out. Now the reality hit home. She was confused. It was hard to believe her father had done anything wrong! Her mother had accused Ngorro of being an evil man. She had seen the way her had looked at her pretty sister, and she shuddered. She had to do something to save Daddy.

"Surely you can just forgive him? You need an accountant, and he is a good accountant." Ngorro nodded.

"He is, but I could never trust him again."

"Is there anything I can do to change your mind? I could come and work for you."

Ngorro grinned as he shook his head.

"What is there you could do for me? Do you have a degree? A qualification? Work experience?"

He shook his head.

"No girl, I doubt if there is anything you would willingly do for me that would help my company."

"Please I would do anything you wanted, run errands, answer the phone. I'd work hard, and do anything you said, if only you will drop the charges, and let my father go free!"

"Young lady, I really don't think you are up to it. You have no skills, no experience, and all the things you describe I can employ an African to do for Z$400 a month."

Jacky leaned forward; she knew she was very pretty, now she looked at Ngorro, surely he would think she was pretty? She had to get her father out of jail. She widened her eyes as she had practised in front of the mirror.

"I don't think you understand." She swallowed. "When I said I would do anything I really meant it!"

Ngorro looked across at the young woman. She smiled at him. He wondered how much effort it took.

"Look young lady. I don't play games. There is something you could do for me, working for me, but I don't think you are up to it!"

"I am. I assure you I am. Just give me a chance."

"Come over here Jacky."

Jacky stood. She nervously pulled down her short skirt. It was fine for shocking her parents, but in front of Ngorro its shortness was embarrassing. His eyes were on her legs. She thought they were perfect, but to have a man, a black man, stare at them in that manner made her nervous.


She set off across the room. It was not far really, but it seemed a long way with this man looking at her legs like that. She quietened her nerves. She was doing this for her father.

She stopped in front of Ngorro, who remained seated. He looked up at her. She met his gaze then nervously looked away.

"So," he said, "we shall we see if you are 'up to it'?"

His hands rose and gripped her bare upper thighs. Jacky's heart jumped as warm male hands grasped her legs. The warmth of the hands surprised her. She shivered and looked down at Ngorro. He was looking at her legs, then his hands moved, stroking and caressing. A tingling sensation flowed from the man's hands, which lightly and slowly moved up and down the outside of her thighs. She struggled to contain the emotional surge that seemed to be overtaking her as a black African man fondled and stroked her shapely full thighs. She started trembling and Ngorro grinned and looked up at her.

"You like the feel of my hands on you don't you?"

He enjoyed the confusion on the teenager's face.

"It's alright," he said. "When God made women for men, he ensured that women would like to be touched by men. Thus he made a paradise for us both."

Jacky's eyes widened. She had never heard this particular version of the creation story before!

Ngorro's hands circled around her thighs, and rose higher. Jacky stood there before this man, trembling at the unusual sensations his hands were creating. Her nipples had hardened. Her heart was racing. Unnoticed her lips had parted and she was panting. Not that Ngorro had missed her growing arousal. He considered himself a master at the art of female arousal. His wealth and power had delivered many women into his hands. He did not care if fear, or worry drove them to him. He knew that once his hands started their work, then they would get them aroused.

He knew he was not by appearance the ideal mate for many women, and so it delighted him even more when such women became so aroused that they were eager for him to mount them. He was even more delighted when white men realised their womenfolk actually wanted his carnal attention. That certainly seemed to confuse them.

His thoughts returned to the charming and shapely young woman in front of him. Her thighs were nicely soft to the touch, as he ran his hand up the back of her legs he could feel her tremble. He loved to feel a woman's growing arousal. This young lady was doing this to save her father, but he would soon have thoughts of her father far from her mind.

"Jacky... if you come to work for me then I will expect you to be around when I have important guests and clients."

Jacky nodded.

"You must understand that these will be very powerful and influential men. Men who will have the power to sign contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars, men I have to keep happy."

Jacky nodded.

"Such men may do things you are not used to, such as what I am about to do." Jacky looked down at him with some alarm. What was he going to do? Ngorro leaned forward slightly, and then his hands rose higher, slipped beneath her panties and cupped her bottom. His hands enfolded the curves of her bottom then lightly squeezed. A shocking sensation shot from her loins. It was as though she had experiences a small electric shock, and her pussy pulsed and throbbed. She looked up above and behind Ngorro staring blankly at the wall as those pudgy hands moulded and squeezed the full round softness of her derriere. The feeling radiating out from her loins nearly made her rise onto her toes. They just kept moving, touching, and carousing and setting her nerves tingling and pulsing.

"Well honey, will you mind if my guests and friends want to touch you like this?"

"No," her words came out in a croak, and Ngorro laughed inwardly.

He lurched forward and pushed himself to his feet in front of her. At no time did his hands leave the soft warmth of her delightful bottom. He pulled her close to his bulk.

"You know my guests might expect a lot more than just a fondle of her bottom... don't you?"

There was a slight hesitation. Then her throat squeezed out a 'yes'. He released her bottom, and reluctantly stepped back, his hands sliding across her body before he seized her hands in his he raised them.

"Ok honey. I want you to show me those breasts. Are they real?"

Jacky flushed. She has been blessed, or cursed she was not sure which, with large full breasts. He released her hands, and she reached up to unfasten the buttons oh her blouse. She released the first button, and then paused as she wondered what on earth she was doing.

"Don't stop and think honey, just do it, your father is counting on you!"

His words remanded her that there was more to this than the lust of this larger, overweight African and the exciting sensations he could create. Startled, she realised she was indeed excited by his touch! Her fingers fumbled through the remaining buttons and she pulled open her blouse. His eyes were on, but he remained still, observant. She realised she had something else to do and with a sigh of frustration she reached up and flipped her bra up and over her breasts. She was not inclined to struggle with the clip behind her back. She thrust out her breasts proudly.

'There, let him stare at these, ' she thought.

Then she looked across at him. His eyes seemed to be bulging and a bead of sweat had broken out across his forehead. His jowls were quivering, and his tongue licked out across suddenly dry lips. She realised she was staring at a man obsessed with lust, and her spine tingled sharply. A growl seemed to burst from Ngorro and he seized her and pushed her shoulders backwards. This pushed her breasts up higher. Then his head dipped and his mouth sucked her nipple within.

Her legs buckled as heat and excitement overcame her when she experienced for the first time a hot greedy mouth sucking on one of her nipples. She nearly fell backwards, but Ngorro was there, a hand circling her waist and holding her up even as his tongue swirled around her nipple. His mouth seemed to suck her nipple within, and the strain and pull on the sensitive nib sent sensations shooting across her chest, and down into her loins. Her stomach lurched and butterflies flew. She hardly noticed that his free hand had moved to the inside of her thighs and was sliding up under her short skirt.

Ngorro pulled his mouth free. There was no mistaking the sheer lust on this African man's face. Then his gaze drifted to the other untouched pink nipple. His eyes flashed and his head dipped again, and her other nipple was greedily absorbed. At the same moment his pudgy hand between her legs rose and cupped her vulva. Stars seemed to flash in Jacky's eyes as his hand squeezed between her legs. His fingers were moving and sliding in the wet heat between her legs, while his tongue lathered across her other nipple in rapid, circling motions that made her dizzy with the feel of it.

Her legs gave way but Ngorro expecting this, had an arm around her waist and held her slumping body effortlessly. His lips, mouth, and teeth worried the pink, excited nipple, while his pudgy hands easily swept aside her skimpy panties and delved inside to enjoy the wet heat between her legs. Her shapely legs flopped apart as his hand explored and caressed. He grinned to himself, confident that he could now do as he wished this exciting morsel of white womanhood.

He lowered her to a rug that covered part of the wooden parquet floor. The girl slumped down as he lowered her and made no effort to resist as he pushed her blouse off her creamy white shoulders. The teenager's skin was blemish free and his hands ran over her shoulders and lightly down her arms as he pushed the blouse off. Then he unhooked the already loosened bra and drew it over her head. The girl was panting and looking at him with confusion. Her eyes were wide and he could sense her surprise and bewilderment.

He looked down at her remarkable full breasts, and reached out to cup one of them. It was warm and felt good in his hand. He squeezed it lightly, not too roughly, and then ran his palm over her still wet and erect nipple. He grinned when Jacky bit her lip and closed her eyes. She was a hot filly and his business contacts would love riding her before indulging in some of their kinkier tastes. He reached across to fondle her other breasts and was delighted to feel the young woman press her breast into his fondling hand.

Oh yes, she was ripe and hot!

He reached lower and stroked his hand along the inside of her full shapely thighs. There was no doubting her full womanhood as he enjoyed the silky softness of her inner skin. He watched the girl as she raised her hips slightly in silent invitation to him to fondle her private parts. Instead he ran his thick fingers in slow circles high on her thigh.

He watched as she bit her lip tighter and whimpered. It was a noise of sexual hunger and need, and he laughed. He reached up for that lovely pretty face, framed in vibrant blonde curls. His hand caressed her soft cheek and he lowered his head towards succulently looking soft lips.

Jacky's eyes flashed open as she sensed Ngorro's closeness. She looked up into his approaching face. He was an ugly brute. His cheeks were heavy jowls. He was old! Old enough to be a grandfather, the thought was shocking! His closeness blocked his heavy body, but she knew he was obese! She should be running away and screaming! Instead her nipples were hard aroused peaks. Liquid was seeping from her virgin pussy, and her skin where he had touched and fondled her was eager to be caressed again.

As his lips touched hers, her own lips parted and without thought she found she was eagerly sucking on the tongue that had slipped into her mouth. Ngorro enjoyed the way she was eagerly sucking his tongue into her mouth. He enjoyed the way her lips squeezed and tightened on his tongue and the way her own tongue caressed and duelled with his own. He suspected this girl was going to be a natural cocksucker! His friends would go berserk with lust to hold her blonde curls in their loins if her tongue and lips were just as agile around their cocks.

All this time he had been hankering after the full round curves of this girl's mother. Her parents had kept her away from company functions, and she had almost slipped his mind. At seventeen she was rather old for his tastes, but she would be a welcome taster in advance of his enjoyment of her younger sister. It would not stop his business clients from going bananas over her, particularly as she was such a light skinned pretty blond. He pulled his mouth free and looked down into her blue eyes. He noticed they were already lacking focus.

"I... Oh God... I don't know... I'm confused."

He reached down between the girl's legs and easily pushed aside her panties and stroked the wet heat.

"Oooooh... I don't know what to do."

"Just lie back honey, just lie back, leave it all to me."

Jacky looked up at him. He could see her confusion. It was not an uncommon reaction with inexperienced woman, indeed with many women who were shocked at how easily he excited them. At least there was no fear, or disgust on her face. He was hard on women who expressed disgust when he fondled them. Very hard, especially after they experienced an orgasm around his fat cock, and they all did!

Jacky settled back on her elbows, then she lay back. She looked up at Ngorro who was sliding off his smart jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. As his heavy body came into view she shivered at the layers of fat exposed. The man had several tyres of fat around his midriff. The man was gross. She felt she should feel sick or nauseated at the sight, but her body was tingling with the heat and strange sensations that this man created with his magical hands and soft caressing touch.

Her virgin pussy was a maelstrom of sensations. Pulsing and throbbing, liquid was running from her pussy into the crack between the cheeks of her bottom. She had never felt like this before, so she looked up at this African with awe rather than distaste. He reached over and pulled at her panties. She raised her hips, and for the first time in her life a man slid her panties off, a fifty-four year old black man!

She shivered, a sensation from her pussy shooting along and up her spine. Ngorro curled the skimpy wet panties in his hand and tossed it aside. Then he reached down, and curled his hand under one of her knees before he drew it aside. Jacky offered no resistance, as her legs were pulled apart. Ngorro moved around and between her legs. A light push and her other leg moved aside. He looked at the juicy peach exposed to his gaze and licked his lips.

He liked sucking fresh pussy.

This was unusually an American pussy. He had not encountered many American women and girls, though Joseph had mentioned there was a thriving market now for American females in the Sudan, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia. He shook the thought aside. He was not interested in politics. He just wanted to make money and enjoy pussy. He leaned forward and his hands grasped firm white thighs and held them apart. His head dipped lower and his tongue licked from top to bottom along the line of the peach. The girl jerked and wriggled in his grasp but he ignored her.

As he had suspected the action of his tongue had been like sun on a flower, and the peach had flowered open to reveal the soft wet succulent interior. He dipped his head again and slid his tongue inside, then upwards through the wet tasty sweetness.


Jacky had bounced her hips off the carpet as his tongue delved. She was trembling even more and looking down to the crouching African between her legs. Ngorro gripped the girl's legs tightly then he circled his tongue greedily around the exposed nubbin of the girl's clitoris.

"Aaaahhh God, what are... Ooooooh!"

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