Office Skills
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Something is not quite right when Francine finds herself in her boss' office. Why is everything so strange?

"So, go ahead. Relax me."

I was aghast. This was my boss--my employer--and there was this leer in his eyes that made certain that there was no misconstruing his intentions. This went against all the norms of sexual propriety--this was outright sexual harassment.

Mr. Banks cleared his throat, as if to get my attention. "Come on, I have an important meeting in fifteen minutes, and I'm all tensed up. Relax me." His words were a command, not a request.

I tried to speak, but I couldn't. My mouth was open, but I didn't have any idea what to say. Well, I did have an idea. What I should have said was, "Mr. Banks, this is totally inappropriate. I'm going to human resources and am going to file a sexual harassment charge against you."

Unfortunately, all that I got out was, "Um... Mr. Banks..." Words failed me.

My boss widened his evil smile and slowly pushed his chair back from the desk. His head nodded slightly, and I could see that he was sitting with his legs apart, waiting for me to comply.

I couldn't help but stare. It was obvious what Mr. Banks wanted me to do, and the thought disgusted me. There was a bulge at the junction of his thighs, the hardness underneath was understood.

My mouth was dry and I was unable to utter a word. I was speechless. Nervously, my tongue stuck out and licked my lips, which brought an even wider grin to my boss as he misunderstood my intention.

"It looks delicious, doesn't it, honey?"

The words stung me as if they were a whip. Honey? I have always been Miss Jones to him, his prim and proper secretary. It was always a proper business relationship. My boss was married and he had children! Why was he acting this way?

"Hmmm," I moaned, and I shocked myself when I realized that I did it aloud. He heard me moan and saw me lick my lips, as if I was actually considering putting his vile manhood in my mouth.

"Cat's got your tongue, I see," Mr. Banks said, emitting a soft chuckle. "Come over around here and put that tongue to good use."

I felt faint, and my legs felt weak. I put my hand on his desk to steady myself, and my boss saw this and expertly took my hand as if I offered it to him. Without expending much effort, he slowly pulled me around the desk, and I followed meekly.

Once I was around to his side of the desk, my boss kept my hand in his. I pulled me closer toward him. I tried to resist.

"That's it, baby. Just a little bit closer."

As if I was in a trance, I followed along, unsure of myself. Mr. Banks pulled my hand down, and I was forced to bend my knees to follow. He put his right hand on my shoulder and pushed downward until I was on my knees.

"That should be more comfortable for you, Sugar."

I felt shame. I was kneeling at my boss' chair as if I was some prostitute waiting to please her customer.

Mr. Banks looked at me for a few silent minutes before he spoke. "You look undecided, Baby. While you're making up your mind, why don't you show me your tits?"

Making up my mind? I was doing no such thing! I was wondering why I followed my boss to his side of the desk and was kneeling in supplication in front of him. I was wondering why I couldn't speak, why I couldn't let him know that this was totally inappropriate.

I felt a slight coolness on my breasts, and they started to tingle. I realized that my blouse was open, and the front clasp of my bra was undone. I was holding the blouse and the sides of the bra, displaying my breasts to my employer.

Despite the knowledge of what I did, I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't close my hands over my bosom and hide my nakedness. I was putting myself on display!

"That's great. Lose the top. You're going to need your hands."

I felt myself pull my blouse from my shoulders with my bra coming along. Soon, I was naked from the waist up, on my knees at the foot of my boss!

"Now, take it out. Kiss it and make love to it. Make it know how much you want it."

Despite the fact that Mr. Banks didn't tell me what he meant by the word "it," I knew in my gut what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to unzip his trousers. He wanted me to pull them down along with his shorts. He wanted me to take his disgusting penis and kiss it all over. He wanted me to suck him off as if I was a filthy whore.

Words still didn't come to my mouth, although I was screaming in my mind. This couldn't be happening! This was a fucking nightmare. My feet were in quicksand and I was trying to run away, but I was getting nowhere. I was helpless... I was...

I saw the soft, velvety pink head of a penis in front of me, and I stared at it. It jerked slightly as I let out my breath through my nose, allowing the warm air touch it. I saw that my hands were holding the flaps of Mr. Banks' pants apart. I obviously took them down--when did I do that? The organ looked small... so cute... so alone.

Without thinking, I lowered my head and I kissed the tip. It jerked a little harder at the contact, and I moved my lips onto the shaft, giving tiny little kisses up an down.

"Use your tongue, you wanton slut!"

Immediately, my tongue darted out, and I got my first taste of my employer's organ. Its skin-salty taste was dancing on the tip of my tongue. My mouth was wetter now, and I could see trails of my saliva moving up and down the shaft as I continued kissing it. In the back of my mind, I knew that I should be upset at what my boss just called me, and I should be furious about being used for his sexual desires, but right now, it seemed important that I continue the sexual act, mindlessly fussing about his organ.

I moved backward a little, and saw that there was a tiny drop of dewy fluid at the tip. Before I could think, my tongue darted out and licked it, and it was quickly followed by my lips as I started to give his cock a French kiss.

Tasting my boss' excitement, I was spurred on. I sucked harder, and my lips widened as the head of Mr. Banks' cock entered my mouth. My tongue continued to bathe the tip and now the shaft, licking as well as it could in the crowded confines of my mouth. As I sucked, my face could feel his hips rising, thrusting more and more of his penis into my mouth until I was sure there was no more that I could take.

"You're a fine little cocksucker," Mr. Banks said soothingly. "Take it all, now."

Despite the fact that I could have sworn that I had as much of my employer's cock that would fit, I started sucking with a renewed vigor. The head of his cock touched the back of my throat and suddenly, I felt an urge to gag and vomit his prick back out. I panicked a bit, upset that I might soil myself and my boss.

Mr. Banks seemed unaware of my distress and took that very moment to give a harder push upward toward me. Without warning, the invading penis pushed through the back of my throat and with a start, another inch or two came into my mouth until my nose was in the top of his pubic hairs.

"Ooh. That feels wonderful. You are a good deep throating bitch, aren't you?"

Despite the fact that my boss just called me a dog, I felt a bit of pride in his words. Is this was what they referred to as deep throat? I felt in awe of myself; I never took a penis in my mouth before today, and here I was, giving deep throat like a big time porn star.

"Don't just sit there, move it in and out!"

Hearing the order from my boss, I started to move my head up, continuing to suck on the cock as it left my throat cavity. I took a couple of deep breaths through my nose, not realizing that I hadn't taken a breath since the monstrous invader passed my gag reflex.

Mr. Banks pumped slightly, and after a couple of thrusts, I got into the rhythm that he seemed to enjoy. I concentrated on the organ in my mouth, and took the opportunity to lick it with my tongue each time it exited my throat until the tip was the only thing remaining in my mouth.

I heard something heavy being placed on the desk, and I opened my eyes and looked up. Mr. Carly from accounting just put a large stack of papers on Mr. Banks' desk.

"Here's the ledger, Banks," Mr. Carley said.

"Oomph. Um... thanks..." Mr. Banks sounded as if he was breathless. I felt a bit of pride in knowing that I was affecting my boss that way.

"I see that Francine is working out well, huh?"

The mention of my name brought me a bit back to reality. The manager of accounting was in my boss' office while I was on my knees, topless, bobbing my head up and down on his dick as if I was some cheap whore.

"She's going to be... an... uh... up and... comer..."

Mr. Carley laughed. "I'll leave the two of you alone. Remember, you have a meeting in about five minutes. Don't be late."

Mr. Banks didn't answer, but I felt his cock twitch. Without considering what this may mean, I continued sucking and licking the tip, getting ready to suck him into my throat when his dick erupted, squirting his ejaculate into my unprepared mouth.

My first instinct was to spit it out, but Mr. Banks' cock was still inside, an effective plug. In addition, I knew that doing such a thing would get him all messy and unpresentable for his meeting. I closed my eyes again and did the only thing I could think of: I swallowed.

A second and then a third jet of semen followed the first, and I swallowed again and again, using my tongue to continue to tease the head of his cock in an attempt to coax out more of his seed. A few more drops dribbled, and I kept them on my tongue so I could assess the taste.

"Damn, woman! You're some piece of work!"

I felt pride in my employer's praise. I pulled off the softening dick and looked up and smiled.

"Too bad I have that meeting in a couple of minutes." Mr. Banks, looked at the door to his office wistfully. There were people walking by--the door was open all the time I was on my knees blowing my boss!

"Um, Mr. Banks..."

My boss interrupted me. "Um, Sweets. After what we've just been through, I don't think you need to call me Mr. Banks any more."


"From now on, you can call me either 'Sir' or 'Master, '" my boss continued.

"Of course, Sir."

"Much better."

Master started to pull up his trousers, and I scurried over to help. He shouldn't have to do that work himself, not when he has me right here, ready and eager to help.

As I pulled up Master's pants, I ended up standing face to face with him. I couldn't help it, so I moved close to his face, ready to give him a little kiss.

"Stop it, slut," my boss admonished in a voice loud enough for everybody to hear. "Your breath smells like sperm! Go to the women's lounge and clean yourself up! If you're good, I'll take your pussy later."

"Yes, Master," I said meekly.

I was out the door and halfway to the lavatory when I realized that my blouse and bra were still on the floor of Master's office. I hesitated for a brief moment, wondering if I should go back and get my clothes. However, Master told me to clean up, and that was the most important thing now. He wanted me to be good--he said so himself.

I continued on my way to the lavatory, blushing furiously as I passed by male and female coworkers. I could feel their eyes burning holes into my back as I entered the facilities.

As I stood at the sink, I splashed a lot of water on my face, wetting most of my chest and stomach in the process. There wasn't anything for drinking water, so I cupped my hands and rinsed my mouth out as well as I could.

I barely recognized the red face of the lady in the mirror. Was that me? What was that flush covering most of my breasts?

I smiled, thinking about the taste of my Master's semen in my mouth. I would need more of it, as much of it as my Master would give me. I shouldn't be too greedy for it, though. That might turn him off. I shouldn't get too possessive--that's not my place. He is Master, and I am just his employee.

Frowning at the reflection in the mirror, I thought for a bit. No, "employee" isn't the right word. I'm an employee of the company, but I'm Master's... what? The last thing he called me was "Slut," wasn't it? I'm Master's slut.

The face in the mirror was smiling now. Slut. That was what I am.

I felt a tingle down below as I realized another thing Master told me before I left his office. If I was good, he'd take my pussy. The thought made me warm and tingly all over. I was about to put my hand up my skirt when I realized that perhaps I shouldn't. After all, Master said he was going to take it. I should leave it for him, and only him...

Something nagged at me in my mind, and I once again frowned at my face in the mirror. "Slut" wasn't the right word, after all. Master used it, so it may be right, but it wasn't who I am. A slut will let her body be used by anybody. That was not me!

My mind continued to dwell on what I was... what I had become. If he were Master, then I was but his...

The tingle I felt before was starting to grow. I could almost feel my body vibrating in anticipation. I knew what I was... but could I actually think it? Could I actually say it?

The vibration increased and increased. If this kept up, I'd have an orgasm at the sink in the ladies' room without even being touched... !

Slave. I felt a huge release wash over my body, and my knees buckled as I collapsed on the floor. I was Master's slave... with a lower case 's.' I was his property, his chattel.

After a long while, I picked myself up off the floor. My hair was messed up, and some of my makeup started to run from my attempted ablution earlier. I quickly got myself composed.

As I left the lavatory, I walked proudly, pulling my back in and pressing my breasts forward. I was no longer embarrassed by my nakedness. Each stare I got was an affirmation of their approval of my Master's property.

My blouse was waiting for me on my chair, along with a note. I didn't see my bra anywhere.

No underwear any more.


I smiled as I put on my blouse. It was a bit see through, and my nipples were still hard and quite visible through it.

Before I sat down to get back to work, I reached under my skirt and pulled down my hose and panties, putting them in a pile to be delivered to Master as soon as he got back from his meeting.

I couldn't wait for him to get back. He promised that he would take my pussy if I was good.

If anything, I would strive to be the best slave he ever had.

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