Tree Line Motel
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Violent,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A sub lets her master control her. Discipline her and show her the depth that she needs to take herself.

Tree line Motel. Room 16. 8pm sharp. Do Not Be Late!

She read the text message for the fourth time. Wondering what he would have her do this time. Would she be beaten, tied-up, and fucked? Would he allow her to come? Would he allow her to suck his cock, and swallow his seed?

As she drove home she planned her attire and the depth of her submission. She knew she had been lacking in her abilities lately. He had punished her severely the last time they had met. If only she had followed his directions better she would have been able to sit down that following week.

When she pulled into her driveway she noticed a package on her doorstep, wrapped in plain brown paper. Automatically she knew, he had planned her evening completely. She didn't even have the choice of attire any longer. He had warned her that she would not have the power of thought but somehow she hadn't really believed it.

Opening her car door and walking to her front steps she contemplated her situation. She knew if she wished to continue serving him, she had to listen. She would have to give over her body and her mind to SIR. If she could do this all her future would belong to him until he tired of her. Her very essence screamed for her to fulfill her desires, to listen and follow what he had set down for her. Yet she was filled with fear and uncertainty. Could she handle the tasks he set for her? Could she live with the constant arousal serving him lead to, the constant arousal that was only satisfied if he desired it to be so.

Approaching the package she noticed SIR had written some thing on it. OPEN IMMEDIATELY! She knew he meant here, on her front stoop. Where anyone could see.

What if it contained something shocking, embarrassing, arousing? She asked herself time and time again. But, in the end she opened it.

On the very top was a letter addressed to her.

Dear Slut,

In this box are your outfit and your instructions for this evening. You are to take it to your room and unpack it. Follow each instruction as you come to it. Do not dally, as you are only 3 hours from your appointed time to be at the room.


Immediately she took the box to her room and began the process of submitting to her MASTER.

The next thing she found was a scrap of paper with the words shower and shave every inch of your body completely. Following his instructions she went to the bathroom and began to get the water to a suitable temperature.

Gathering her shaving equipment and undressing she stepped into the shower. She soaped and rinsed and exfoliated till she shined, and then she began the task of shaving her body. Beginning with her legs she worked up to her mound. Spreading her legs she worked a rich lather of cream between her legs and began to draw the razor from the back to the front, erasing any hair to be found. As she drew the razor forward she began to feel her state of mind slip towards arousal. She wanted to run her fingers over her clit and then between her slick lips, but knew it was forbidden to masturbate unless instructed to. After removing all traces of hair from her pussy and her anal area she quickly removed the hair under her arms and rinsed all the shaving cream residue from her body.

Stepping from the shower she toweled her body dry and worked a moisturizing cream into her skin. Being careful to avoid stimulating her core anymore then it already was. She carefully dried her hair and combed the massive tangles from the waist length brown locks.

Going back to the box she removed the next item. A shiny, silver bullet vibrator. It was self-explanatory what she was to do with it. So slipping it between her lips she wet it and then slid it into her waiting cunt. Since she had no other instructions, she did not turn it on. Then came the nipple clamps. They were gold in color and looked to be already tightened to the tightness he desired her to experience. So gathering first one nipple then the other she rolled and squeezed till they were aroused and hard. Grasping the ends of the clips she squeezed till they opened and arranged them on her turgid breasts. Releasing the ends till they were fully biting her flesh. She frowned as the pain registered in her mind, and smiled as the wetness slowly slipped down her thighs. The pain made her wetter then she already was.

Reaching into the box again, she found another note. Dress in the outfit provided and follow the instructions for your hair and makeup. You are to wear every item in this box.

She reached into the box and felt something very soft and silky. It was a pair of thigh high stockings. Red in color with a black seam that would run up the back of her legs once on. She put them on, smoothing them up her leg and being sure to get the seam in perfect alignment. Next came a red shelf bra. She began to put it on and realized it was a few sizes too small, making her 34c breasts spill out of the top. It barely covered her nipples and it pinched the clamps even harder against her. If she breathed to heavily, she would fall out and her clamps could catch on the bra.

Following the bra was a red thong, though it was sheer and looked very tiny also. She stepped into it one leg at a time and brought it up between her thighs to cover her sex. It would keep the bullet in her and not let it slip from her depths.

The directions for her hair and makeup were very detailed. Her hair was to be very wild and curled in large barrel curls. She was to tease it until it stood up and out from her face. Her makeup was more detailed. Her eye shadow was to be dark gray with her eyes rimmed in deep black eyeliner. Thick black mascara would finish her eyes. Her blush was to be red, and look like it was on a prostitutes face. Her nails and lips were to be deep blood red. She was to file her nails until they were smooth and boxy on the ends.

Then she was to be sure her perfume was thick and made her smell like the whore she was.

Her outfit over her lingerie was deep black and surprised her with its simplicity. But then she put it on. Her skirt was flared and only barely covered her thong. It was very low slung along her hips. The top to the outfit had thin inch wide straps, and covered barely more then the shelf bra. It was see thru and it came to just above her navel.

With this outfit anyone could tell she was fit and trim. Her legs had the look of a runner and as you followed them up you could tell her ass was tight, round and sat just perfectly atop her thighs. Her stomach was flat and taught. It looked like you could bounce a quarter off it. Her breasts sat high and round and her shoulders were perfectly sloped down from her long swan like neck.

When she reached into the box the next item to be removed was a collar. It was half-inch thick and red leather. It had a Gold D ring in it that she knew from previous experience should sit on the rear of her neck once it was snapped into place. She knew her SIR would be pleased when he saw her wearing the collar. Her shoes were next, 5-inch red leather heels. The heels were so thin they looked as if they would snap when she took her first step in them. The only saving grace was the strap that buckled around her slim ankles. This slut knew she looked desirable, and fuckable.

But would she please her MASTER when he saw her? Had she followed all the instructions as they were given? These thoughts ran thru her mind as she checked the time and realized she had less then half an hour to get to the room, and present herself appropriately.

Running down the steps, and out to her car she hurriedly started it and began the drive to her destiny. Turning on the radio an audiotape began.

It was HIS voice, telling her that she was to now turn the bullet on low and let it bring her to the edge of her orgasm then she was to turn it off. This was to be repeated three times before she got to the Tree line Motel. She turned on the egg shaped vibrator and felt the desire build to her peak. She wanted so desperately to go over the edge but shut it off just in time. The buzzing ball of energy hit every nerve ending in her tight dark passage every time she turned it on. Three times she repeated this agonizing exercise, until she pulled in to the parking lot.

Noticing she only had 2 minutes until she was late, she ran to the door marked 16 and dropped to her knees. Spreading them and sitting as straight as she could she pushed her breasts out and knocked quickly before placing her hands behind her neck.

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