Watching My Wife Being Fucked
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Cheating, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The day I caught my wife fucking another man was in some ways the worst day of my life, and also the best.

The day I caught my wife fucking another man was in some ways the worst day of my life, and also the best. The mixed emotions of rage and erotic excitement were almost more than I could stand. I had come home early and found my wife of 3 years going at it on the couch in our family room with a young guy; he looked like the yard guy from what I could tell. My pretty 25 year old wife was bent over the couch and the young buck's hard cock was filling her tight cunt to the balls on every stroke. His hands were cupping my wife's firm tits, twisting and pulling her hard pink nipples as he fucked her. My wife's dark hair was matted with sweat, and I could see the pure pleasure on her face as the young stud fulfilled her desires with his big cock.

My own cock was rock hard in my suit pants. I was a few year's older than my wife, which meant almost 10 years older than the young stud fucking her. He was tall, muscular, and endowed with a cock a least half again as big as mine. My wife was in perfect shape, her slim hips, tight ass, and full firm tits more than enough to draw the eye of a young man. I was more than a little soft from too much work and not enough exercise. I should have been pissed but something about watching the ecstasy on my wife's face and the powerful fucking action of the young guy made this the sexiest porno I had ever seen.

I unzipped and pulled out my cock and started to jack off as I watched him pulled his long, wet cock out of my wife's twat and sit down on the couch, pulling her onto his and impaling her with his cock. She started to moan even louder as she bounced up and down on his hardness. His hands continued to work her nipples as she slipped a hand down to masturbate her clit while he fucked her. She started to cum a few seconds later, a loud moan, louder than I had ever heard her, escaped her lips as she reached orgasm impaled on his dong. He jerked his hips driving his cock deeper into her as she climaxed and she kept screaming and moaning louder as she got off. My own cock started spurting at that moment as my own orgasm gripped me. Watching my wife get off was the biggest turn on I had felt in a long while. Our sex life had become somewhat predictable if not downright boring. I could see that now as I watched my wife being skewered by the cock of a younger man.

He flipped her over and started to really pound her then, her legs over his shoulders, taking his cock as deep as possible in her wet pussy. "Fuck, I'm cumming he moaned as he pulled out of her cunt and started to jack his load all over her taut stomach and firm tits like he was some kind of porn star. My wife rubbed his sticky goo all over her tits; pulling her hard, pink nipples as he ejaculated all over her nice firm tits.

I zipped up and went back out the door wiping the sticky cum on my hand on the bushes by the front stoop. I opened the front door, much more loudly this time headed towards the room where my wife had been enjoying her illicit tryst just moments before. "Steve, is that you?" I heard her call in a strained voice.

"Yeah, I'm home a little early today." I purposely walked slowly down the hallway towards the kitchen/family room area. I could imagine the frantic actions of the two of them getting cleaned up and dressed in a hurry.

"I had an appointment out this way and didn't see the point in heading back to the office." I turned the corner in time to see my wife back into her bikini, and pool cover. The young stud was dressed too, though he was sweating like a beast of burden. I looked at him for a moment and I could see him turn red under my gaze. I enjoyed the feeling of power that it gave me, even though he had just been fucking my wife. My wife ended this little stare down by saying, "Steve this is Jared, he cuts the grass for us."

"Good to meet you," I said nodding at him. I did not want to shake his cum covered hand, the one that he had just used to jack his load all over my wife's sexy tits. I wondered what my wife had used to wipe his jizz off of her tits and I noticed a towel over by the couch that was no doubt soaked with his cum. She watched my gaze and I enjoyed seeing squirm as she worried about me finding the cum soaked towel.

Jared got the hell out the door saying, "See you next week Ann." He nodded to me and was gone.

My wife was so nervous it was almost comical. I moved closer to her and gave her a big kiss. My cock was a hard pole in my slacks and I said, "As long as I am home a little early how about we fuck. You look sexy as hell in your bikini and I think I would like to take you right now."

She squirmed away out of my grasp, "I'm all sweaty from lying out in the sun. Let me take a shower and then we can. She gave me a big smile as she said, "Just let me get cleaned up a bit and I will make it worth your while."

"I don't think so," I said to her and I pushed her back up against the couch. "In fact why don't you bend over the couch right her and I will give it to you from behind. Come on this will be fun."

"Really just let me get cleaned up a bit and then I will suck you off, or do whatever you want."

I turned her around and forced her over so her ass was right up against my crotch. I reached up and pull her bikini top over and started to grope at her nice, firm tits. My wife's tits were one of her best features as they are nice and firm with almost no droop, and her big pink nipples always seemed to be erect. She does not have huge tits, maybe a B cup, but they were perfect. She also would get very turned on just by touching her nipples and today was no exception.

She kept trying to get me away from her as she said, "Come on Steve. I will be right back just let me get the sweat off of me."

I ignored her request as I forced her down over the couch and pulled her small bikini bottoms down uncovering her wet puffy cunt lips. I unzipped and pushed my hard cock up against her wet sex. My sluttish wife quit fighting me at that point and pushed back against my cock. I shoved forward and buried my cock inside her tight pussy. She was totally lubricated so I was able to start pounding away on her right away. She was fucking me right back, shoving her hips back against me as I fucked her as hard and fast as I could.

Luckily I had already popped a load or I would have cum in about a minute of frantic fucking. As it was I knew it would not take long. "Damn you are really wet and excited. This must be really turning you on," I said to her as I kept fucking her.

She responded right back, "Yeah, Steve fuck me with your big cock. Shove it in me. Make me cum with your big cock."

I said back to her, "You like to fuck me. You like when I shove my cock in your tight cunt. Does my cock get you off?

"Fuck yes, baby. Give it go me. Fuck me hard; fuck me harder with your big cock."

Then I hit her with the surprise, "Does my cock feel as good as Jared's cock? He looked pretty big; do you like his big cock too?"

She froze under me and I could almost hear the wheels turning in her head. "What are you talking about," she said finally.

I did not buy her bullshit as I followed right up with, "Yeah I watched you getting it from him. You were just like this and he was fucking you with his big cock. He has a real big cock, you must have enjoyed it? I watched you cum on his big cock. Then he jacked his fucking load all over your tits."

She had tried denial, now she switched to anger as she said in an angry tone, "Steve you have to be wrong, I don't know what you are thinking but you have to be wrong. Get the fuck off of me, let's talk about this."

I was not about to let her up, I kept fucking her slowly as I said, "So if I go check out that towel right now it won't be covered with his jizz, the jizz that you wiped off of your tits?"

Bargaining was next for her as she said, "Steve please it was just one time. It just happened. I still love you, I just was weak. I will do whatever you want if you just forget it. Please don't do anything rash."

I pulled my cock out of her wet cunt and I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down to her knees in front of my hard pecker. "Now suck me off bitch," I commanded her.

Ann wasted no time in wrapping her mouth around my cock. She was a good cock sucker; she always had been more than willing. I thrust my hips forward and back, fucking her mouth as she sucked on my cock. I could feel my orgasm starting and I pulled out of her mouth and held her by the hair with one hand as I jacked off my cock with the other. I started to cum seconds later and the first long sting of jizz hit her in the eye and then I coated her face with the rest. My last few shots splattered down on her tits, dripping from her stiff pink nipples. I shoved my half hard cock back into her mouth again and made her suck me clean. She never had minded eating cum; she would swallow my load whenever I wanted her too.

She finally said to me as she released my cock, "So what are you going to do? Are you going to leave me?"

"I should you lying slut, but there is one problem. Watching you being fucked by that young, big cock stud really turned me on. For some reason I like watching you, but I am still pissed. To tell you the truth I am not sure how I feel about it. Why did you do it and how many times have you done it before? Tell me the truth her or I will be really pissed."

I just sat there for a couple of minutes, letting the silence rest between us. She finally answered me after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, "I guess I just like something new sometimes. I am not unhappy with what we have, I love you more than ever, but I like different men. I am so sorry; I guess that makes me evil."

"Hmm, so how many men have you done this with," I asked her. "When did you start doing this?"

She turned red again; I could feel myself getting pissed. "I asked you how many men have you fucked, or sucked while we have been married."

Her face showed fear and the power I had over her was more of a turn on than I expected. I could feel my cock getting hard again. I glowered at her and finally she started to talk, "I don't know."

I cut her off, "You don't know because you have fucked so many you can't keep track, or you don't know because you are a stupid slut?"

"Six, OK, six men."

"Name them," I demanded

"A couple of guys at work..."

"A couple of guys who?" I said back to her.

"Alan and Jason"

"Fuck that dickhead Jason?" You let him fuck you? Who else?"

"Ray next door, the pizza delivery guy, I don't know his name

"Well no shit," I said. "No wonder he looks disappointed every time I answer the door. And that dumbass Ray, how the fuck could you not be more selective than that? Who else?"

"The Mexican pool guy and Bob"

My fucking brother Bob?" I stared at her with an evil glare.

"Yes," she says finally.

"When the fuck did that happen?"

"When you were out of town a few months ago, I did not mean for it to happen. He came over to go out to dinner with me, we drank some wine, and it just happened. I mean I wanted him to do it with me, it was not his fault. I try to stop, I try not to think about it, but I always do. I am not sure why, I am sorry," and then she burst into tears.

My cock was a rock hard pole bobbing in my lap as I looked at my wife in a new way. She was begging me not to leave her, telling me that she loved me. I just looked at her, enjoying the power I had over her. I could not figure out why I was not just pissed off, instead I was turned on and pissed off, which was a very strange emotional combination.

Then she looked at me and said, "I won't do it again if you tell me not to. Maybe I can go see a shrink or something. Just tell me what to do and I will do it."

"First come over here and suck my cock. You telling me about what a slut you are has made my cock hard again."

She smiled at that, and quickly moved over close to me and began to suck my hard pecker. She was a good cocksucker; the best I had ever been with, which for me had only been two other women before I married her. I had been a faithful husband, I had not even considered straying on her in that she was such a hot, insatiable piece of ass and I loved her with all my heart. My new found lust for her serial infidelity maybe could be used to enhance our relationship instead of ending it.

"So here is the way it is going to be," I said to her as she deep throated my hard cock. "You can continue to fuck other men, but I get to watch, and I get to approve them before hand. I mean fucking Ray? That sorry piece of shit should not even be anywhere near a nice piece of ass like you. OH and if I want to fuck somebody else, some other hot chick you have to just deal with it. I get to do what I want."

I pulled her head off of my cock and looked her in the eye, "Got it? Those are the rules follow them or there will be consequences."

"Yeah, that's fine with me. I will do it however you want. I just want you to be happy, but if you fuck someone else I get to watch, or maybe even be there."

Yeah, I guess that will make me fucking happy I thought as I pushed her mouth back down on my hard cock. A fucking threesome, she said she would do a threesome with me. That could be very cool. I closed my eyes and thought about how sexy she had looked as that punk kid had been fucking her with his big cock. She had a look of total ecstasy on her face as she slammed his thick prick into over and over. The look on her face when she climaxed made me so excited I did not even stop to feel jealous about it.

"Fuck I'm going to cum I moaned as I pulled her face off of my hard cock. "I am going to blow my load in your face slut. You want my cum all over your face?"

"Yeah, yeah cum on my face," she moaned to me. "Cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cum."

I jacked my hard fast and it took only a few seconds for me to erupt in a huge spurt of jizz that splattered her nose and open mouth. I spurted a few more nice steams of cum across her eyes and into her mouth as she encouraged me to coat her cheating face with my cum load. As my orgasm ended I started thinking about how to put this new facet of my life to use.

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