Valentine's Suprise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman worries that her relationship is on the rocks... until she visits a shop with more in the changing rooms than she bargained for. Her boyfriend is in for a BIG Valentine's suprise.

Maria glanced at the red and black silk basque in the window of the lingerie shop and knew she had to do something. She and Rob had been together for two years, but their relationship was getting stale. Since he'd moved into her flat 8 months ago, the fun had stopped. No more intimate meals for two, no more clubbing until the small hours, no more hand-holding in the supermarket. Even the lovemaking had stopped. She couldn't remember the last night of passion they'd spent together.

Rob spent most of his evenings tapping away upstairs on his pc. When she asked him what he was doing, he'd say he was tidying up some report or other for work, or that he was playing on-line poker. She knew Rob worked hard — you don't get to be a successful lawyer at the age of 27 unless you put the hours in — but she expected him to give some of his time to her. She was feeling neglected.

Maria stopped in front of the lingerie shop window and gazed at the displays. The shop mannequins, both male and female, were bedecked in red and black underwear of all shapes, sizes and textures. Red roses and boxes of chocolates completed the sensual scene.

'That's it!' Maria thought to herself. 'Valentines day — how could I forget?'

It was 10th February and many of the shops on the Pennington Road were valentine-themed. The lingerie shop stood next door to the opticians, with a selection of trendy frames suspended on wires next to dangling foot-high cardboard red hearts. The chocolatiers further along displayed a selection of rich truffles, pralines and crèmes arranged on heart-shaped red silk cushions. Even the chemist had a big poster in the window inviting customers to 'keep your heart healthy this valentine's day — get your blood pressure checked.'

While Maria gazed at the lingerie shop display, she felt herself becoming increasingly self-conscious. Here she was, a young woman standing alone on a busy shopping street, gazing wistfully at the erotic underwear on show. Blushing slightly, she felt a heady rush of excitement.

'Why not?' she said to herself. 'Why shouldn't I wear this stuff? I'm a woman aren't I? Damn it!'

And she pushed open the shop door.

The first thing that she noticed was the warmth of the shop. It had been a very cold February, with most days hardly creeping above 5 degrees, so she was pleased to be enveloped in a blanket of warm air.

She looked around her and let her eyes become accustomed to the subdued lighting in the shop. The first thing she saw was a large, metal display shelf with all sorts of vibrators lined up. She flushed as she realised what she was looking at and turned to look in the opposite direction.

A mannequin wearing a pvc cat suit stood in one corner, it's face covered by a leather mask. She looked to the side of this and saw row upon row of female underwear. Pink thongs and green lacy bras, red satin shorts and black pvc basques, orange babydolls and magenta suspenders. The colours took her breath away as she stood and took in the sight and, and... the smell.

She realised there was a very heavy, musky, sensual aroma in the shop. It reminded her of something but she couldn't quite remember what. It was a bit like patchouli, but then maybe more like a musky perfume. Or ylang ylang, it smelt a bit like that.

'Oriental love nectar — our best selling aphrodisiac incense'

Maria started at the voice that seemed to be whispering in her ear. She quickly turned around and found herself looking straight into the eyes of a rather good looking, if a bit hippyish, man. His dark, wavy hair reached his collar and he had at least two day's growth of beard.

Maria could not stop from staring in his piercing eyes. They were a bright blue — bluer than she though eyes should be — certainly bluer than somebody with such dark hair should have.

The man smiled, revealing perfect white teeth, and held out his hand to her.

'I'm Leo, the manager. Pleased to meet you'

Maria took his hand in hers and realised how soft and warm his hand was. She felt him squeeze her hand every so slightly as he gently shook it, then he stood there holding her hand, smiling at her. Eventually he let go of her hand and instead ran his fingers down slowly down a deep crimson velvet basque which hung on a rail beside him.

'This' he said with emphasis 'would suit you'.

He lifted the hanger from the rail, held it out at arms length and appraised it with his eyes. He then looked to Maria and smiled warmly.

'Perfect for you'.

Maria swallowed loudly and looked at the Basque. It was beautiful. It was mainly made of velvet, but a panel in the front was sheer mesh, which would obviously allow the breasts to show through to some extent.

'Why not try it on?'

'I'm, er, I'm here to get something for my boyfriend' Maria stuttered, at once cursing herself for mentioning that she had a boyfriend.

'Oh, something for him, eh?' Leo said and raised his eyebrows with a slightly mocking and flirtatious air, as if he didn't quite believe her or was challenging her.

'Well, what sort of thing are you looking for for your, erm, boyfriend?' he asked, sweeping his arm in a wide arc around the shop.

'Something directly for him? Like a thong? Or maybe a butt plug? Or something indirectly, like that lovely basque for him to enjoy on you?'

'I, I was thinking more about a book, or a video or something' she stammered, feeling very self-conscious and uncomfortable to be talking about such an intimate area of her life with a complete stranger.

'Books, videos! My dear, you have come to the right place' Leo called over his shoulder as he moved to the back of the shop and pushed aside a heavy russet damask curtain. Maria could see past his body into the room at the back of the shop. It contained floor to ceiling bookshelves covered with every kind of magazine, book, video, DVD and CD. She moved forward into the room as Leo stood aside to let her through, his arm keeping back the heavy curtain.

Once she was in the room, he moved in after her, and let the curtain fall back across the doorway with a theatrical sweep.

'and what sort of thing is he interested in?'

'Just, er, general stuff' Maria absently replied, looking around the displays with her lips slightly parted. She still felt scared to be alone with this man, but could also feel herself getting a little bit excited. She became very aware of her body as she moved around the shelves, occasionally lifting a hand up to stroke the cover of a video box, or to move a magazine slightly so that she could see what it contained.

The array of bodies was overwhelming to her. She'd never really paid any attention to pornography before. She'd had a younger brother who used to stash away men's magazines, but they were very tame — Playboy or Hustler. Pretty young girls showing their breasts and maybe a candid shot of their pussies. But this was much more explicit and Maria felt initially repelled, yet attracted and excited at the same time.

She realised Leo was tidying up the shelves on the other side of the room — probably on purpose so that she could browse alone. At that point, she heard somebody open the door into the main shop and Leo moved in response.

'Ah, another customer!' he exclaimed, drawing back the damask curtain. 'I'll leave you to browse'

Alone in the room, Maria felt even more excited. Not knowing where to start, she looked around and saw a shelf labelled 'hetero'. 'Good a place as any' she thought and made her way over. One of the magazines caught her eye. It was called 'Rodger' and had a picture on the front of a couple doggy-style, the man big, muscular and tattooed with his large cock halfway in the woman's pink pussy lips. She flicked the magazine open and saw more photos of these two models. In one, the woman was lying down on a sofa and the man was kneeling over her, his cock not only in her mouth but right down her throat. Flicking a few pages forward, she saw a different couple, this time a very dark skinned latin woman with a deep red pussy and large, brown nipples, lying over the edge of a bed and being entered by a black man with the most enormous cock she had ever seen, standing by the bed.

Maria felt her own pussy begin to tingle and start to get wet and she knew that before too long, she'd have to find somewhere for her to masturbate.

Noise from the shop brought her back to her senses. Leo was saying 'goodbye' to somebody and she heard the sounds of the till shutting.

The next thing she knew, he was back standing beside her.

'Um, Rodger. Good choice. Nice models. They do a vid as well you know — want to see it?'

Maria nodded as Leo found out the video, which had the same latin woman on the front cover. This time she was alone, lying on a bed with her legs spread wide and one of her fingers inserted into her pussy.

'I'll have them both' Maria said, stealing a smile at Leo, who was standing very close, maybe too close.

Leo took the magazine and the video through to the till in the shop and started ringing them up.

'I think you should try on the basque' he called through to Maria as she came out the back of the shop. 'Extra present for him'

Maria thought about this and realised that maybe the basque would be a good idea after all. Maybe Rob needed to see more of her sexual side. Having made her mind up, she walked across to where the basque hung and took it down. She had a look at the label and saw that it was a 8/10 and too small for her. She looked at the other basques hanging on the rail until she found an identical one in her size — 12/14. She held it up in front of herself and saw that it would not only be tight around her chest, but very low cut in front.

'The changing rooms are over there' Leo said, nodding to a curtained off area in the opposite corner of the room'.

Taking the basque with her, Maria turned towards the changing rooms.

'Hold on a minute' Leo called. 'Try these on with it' He tossed her a lacy thong in the same colour as the basque.

She caught the thong and pulled back the curtain to enter the first changing room.

She was quite surprised that it was such a big room and more like a bathroom than a changing room. It had black shiny marble tiles on the floor and mirrors on three sides. A sink, loo and bidet were lined up on one side and a pile of fluffy black towels lay on a chrome chair next to the bidet.

Maria slowly unbuttoned her black rain coat and lay it over the chrome chair. Next she took off her cotton long sleeved t-shirt and lay that down too. Pulling her t-shirt over her head, she looked down and realised that her old, loose fitting bra had ridden up over her breasts. She quickly pulled off the t-shirt and unfastened the bra at the back. That too was tossed onto the chair.

Catching sight of herself in one of the mirrored walls, she stopped a moment to admire her shape. At only 25, her 38C breasts were still very pert and full, and she knew they were one of her best features. She put her hands up to them and stroked each of them from the top, down over the nipple, and all the way underneath. She continued stroking her hands down her belly until she stopped at the waistband to her jeans. She undid the top button and pulled down the zipper. Slipping her thumbs into the top of the waistband, she pulled the jeans down over her hips and let them rest on top of her boots. She sat down on the loo to unzip her boots and then pulled off her jeans. Her socks came next and finally, she stood up and faced herself in a mirror. She smiled at herself and then slowly pulled her yellow cotton pants down over her hips and let them fall to her ankles. She smiled to herself again as she stepped out of them and picked them up, noticing they were slightly wet at the gusset.

She picked up the thong Leo had thrown to her, but hesitated before pulling it on. Her pussy was still very sticky and she didn't want to soil the thong if she wasn't going to buy it. She looked around, wondering what to do and noticed the bidet. Perfect!

She hovered over the bidet and turned it on. The jet of cold water made her squirm, but she soon got used to the sensation and started to move her hips slightly so the water squirted onto the right spot.

Thinking she'd cleaned herself enough, she grabbed one of the black fluffy towels from underneath the pile of clothes on the chrome chair and gently stroked herself dry.

She sighed as she realised the towel was so soft that it felt very, very good on her clitoris. She stood there for some time, stroking herself with the towel, until she heard Leo call from the shop.

'Are you dressed yet?'

She heard him walking closer to the changing room and she panicked.

'No, nearly. Won't be long'

She gave herself one final wipe with the towel and then pulled the thong on. It fit her perfectly, the small triangle of crimson material covering her shaven pussy and the back thong nestling gently but deeply in her arse cheeks. She admired herself in the mirror and posed first to the right and to the left, enjoying the sight.

She then picked up the basque and looked over it to see how it fastened, relieved that the hooks and eyes were at the side, not the back, where it would have been impossible for her to fasten them. She slipped it around her body and started to fasten it at the side. She felt her breasts pushed together by the strictures of the material and grew excited as she watched her cleavage swell as the basque got tighter and tighter.

Having finished, she adjusted the fit slightly and whistled to herself. How could Rob resist her in this? She looked, well, she looked very, very sexy. She admired her firm, flat stomach and the glimpses of her breasts in the sheer panel at the front of the basque. She admired the way her breasts swelled above the material and wobbled slightly as she breathed in and out. She pulled the basque down a little so that the very tops of her nipples were just visible above the material line.

'Can I see?' Leo called from outside the curtain.

'Eh, yeah, yes, hold on' she called back, pulling the basque up again to cover her nipples and adjusting the thong. She walked towards the curtain and pulled it back.

Leo drew in his breath and then let it out in a long, slow whistle.

'Man, is your boyfriend lucky or what?'

She felt his eyes moving over her body — taking in her rising and falling cleavage and the tempting glimpses of her curves through the sheer panel. His eyes moved down to her stomach and then to the smooth lines of her pubic mound and thighs.

Suddenly Leo drew back from the curtain and walked away.

'I'll ring it up for you — is it card or cash?' he called.

Maria felt disappointed. She's wasn't quite sure why, but she felt quite deflated as she stood there.

'You stupid woman' she told herself. 'It's just a sale to him. He probably flirts with everybody that comes in, just to get them to buy something.'

She felt angry with herself as she quickly took off the thong and basque and changed back into her own clothes. Grabbing the items from the chair and picking up her handbag, she made her way to the counter when Leo was standing, packing the video and magazine into a brown paper bag.

'That's £92.50' Leo said without looking up at her. Maria fumbled in her handbag and found her purse, opening it to find her Visa card.

'You want me to pack those?' Leo asked, nodding at the basque and thong she had laid on the counter.

'Ur, yes please, yes' she said, to embarrassed to look at him and all the time fiddling with her purse.

She found the card and pushed it across the counter towards him. Having completed the transaction, she punched in her pin number and felt herself colouring as they waited for the card to be accepted.

She breathed a sigh of relief once the machine churned into life and the card reader told her to remove her card.

Leo grabbed the card out of the reader before she could reach it and stood holding it out to her, smiling provocatively.

'It has been a complete pleasure' he said, winking at her.


'I mean it. If you ever want anything else, you know where I am'

'Thanks' Maria stuttered, realising he was flirting with her, and quickly picked up the carrier bag and walked towards the shop door.

'Lucky, lucky boyfriend' Alex called after her and she heard him laugh gently as she closed the door behind her.

She made her way back to her flat via her local off licence, where she picked up two bottles of Pinot Grigio for that evening. She was going to cook a risotto and thought the wine would go perfectly with it. As she reached her flat, daylight was beginning to fade and she could see Rob was home by the light in his study window. He rarely went into the office on Saturdays, but spent most of the day working upstairs at home.

Maria opened the door to her flat and pushed it open. It was quiet, apart from the tap, tapping of computer keyboard keys coming from Rob's study.

'Hi' she called out, walking down the hallway and into the kitchen, flicking the light switch as she went.

'Hi' he called back. 'Alright?'

'Yeah, fine' Maria answered, putting her shopping down on the kitchen table and making for the fridge.

'Got all you needed?'

'Yeah, yeah' she replied, pulling out an already-opened bottle of wine and reaching for a large wine glass to pour it in.

She heard him scrape his chair on the floorboards as he got up from his computer desk and she panicked. What if he wanted to see what she'd bought?

She looked at the kitchen table and wondered if he'd be interested enough to peek inside the black and gold carrier back which contained his valentine's presents. And her basque.

But she needn't have worried. She heard the loo flush and Rob walking back across the floorboards to his pc again.

Sighing, she took another swig of the wine and decided to unpack the day's shopping. The wine went into the fridge and the ingredients for the risotto were put on top of the kitchen dresser. She picked up the black and silver carrier and took it into the bedroom, where she hid it at the bottom of her chest of drawers, underneath several pairs of exercise leggings and sweatshirts.

'You be ready to eat at about seven?' she called to Rob, taking a pan from the cupboard to start making the risotto and switching on the small flatscreen TV above the kitchen workservice.

'Fine' Rob replied, 'yeah'.

And Maria, knowing that would be the last communication they'd have until seven, started to make the risotto.

At five to seven, Maria took the lid off the sauté pan and checked on the risotto. A waft of saffron-scented steam surrounded her face and she breathed in deeply.

'Rob, it's ready' she called.

She busied herself with grating some parmesan cheese and ripping up some basil leaves and setting the kitchen table.

Ten minutes passed.

'Rob? Are you there? It's ready!'

Rob didn't reply.

Putting the lid back onto the sauté pan, she wondered what was keeping him.

'Rob? ROB?'

There was silence.

Maria began to feel that something wasn't quite right. Why wasn't he responding? He hadn't gone out, she'd have heard him. Was he ignoring her on purpose?

'Maybe he's got headphones on' she thought and made her way through to his study to check.

As she pushed open the study door, she saw Rob sat in front of his computer, framed by the light from the screen. He was sitting very, very still and watching a video, with the sound turned low.

Maria's heart lurched and her face quickly flushed. Somehow the scene on the computer screen seemed familiar. The colours, the faces, the situation... Then the realisation came to her. She was watching a video of herself in the changing room at the lingerie shop. She had been videod undressing, washing herself in the bidet, and changing into the basque and thong.

The video continued on, now showing her pulling the basque material down to expose the top of her nipples.

Rob made no move and didn't make any sign that he was aware of her standing behind him.

Maria stood and watched, not sure what to do.

'Rob, I erm, I can explain' she said, laying a hand on his shoulder. She stood back slightly, expecting him to swing around and shout at her.

As she looked down, she was surprised to see that Rob had his fly undone and a very erect cock in his hand.

'This is just great' he said, not taking his eyes off the screen. 'Why didn't you tell me. This is just great'.

He seemed to be in a trance, watching the video of Maria admiring her body in the basque, and holding his erect cock in his hand.

'But how did you get that?' Maria asked, relaxing a little. 'How the hell did you get it?'

'Er, well, it's on er, this website' Rob stuttered, obviously embarrassed. He clicked a link and the home page of the website appeared.

Hidden Cams — watch these hot chicks, they don't know they're being filmed!

Below the title was a series of small, thumbnail pictures of stills taken from lots of other videos. She recognised the same changing room that she had been videod in, but showing lots of different women getting changed and using the facilities.

'But, how did you find this?' she asked, still bewildered.

'It was on the website. I recognised you from the pic'.

'Yes, but why this site? How did you know it would be there?'

'I didn't'

Maria let the information sink in.

'You mean, you were looking at this site anyway, and you just happened to see me?'

Rob nodded and as Maria looked down at him, she realised he had started to stroke his cock.

'Is this what you do up here every night — visit porn sites?' she asked.

'Sometimes' he answered, building up a steady rhythm now as he rubbed his cock more vigorously.

'But how could you?' she asked, feeling herself get upset.

'What the hell do you mean?' Rob shouted suddenly, standing up and facing her, his cock swollen and proud in front of him. 'You're the one who's starring in a bloody video touching herself up'

Maria stuttered and felt herself near to tears.

'But I didn't know I was being filmed' she shouted back, beginning to cry now.

'So that makes it OK does it? Eh? Did you shag him? Did you shag the manager?'

'No, no, of course I didn't'


Maria looked startled and gave him a quizzical look.

'What do you mean, 'shame'?'

'That would have been really horny' Rob replied. 'if you're going to get into this stuff, at least see get it right' he sneered, sitting down.

'You mean you're telling me this turns you on — seeing me doing that?'

'What do you think?' he replied sarcastically, nodding towards his cock.

'And it'd turn you on if I actually shagged the manager on film?' she asked incredulously.

'Yup, sure would' he said, clicking another thumbnail on the homepage and bringing up a video in the same changing room, but this time a small, blonde woman was naked in there — and Leo was standing behind her spanking her arse cheeks and then bending her over to enter her from behind while she held onto the chrome chair.

Maria gasped, but felt herself intrigued by this, by the small blonde woman's ecstasy and Leo's large, thick cock thrusting in and out of her while he occasionally slapped her backside. She felt herself beginning to become aroused and became very aware of her nipples hardening and pussy beginning to tingle.

'OK, I'll do it then' Maria said defiantly and walked out of the study.

The next morning, she prayed the shop would be open. It was Sunday morning and she knew there was a chance it would be shut. She almost held her breath as she walked up Pennington Road, her heart pounding in her chest and her head feeling slightly dizzy.

As she approached the shop, she felt herself getting excited with anticipation. There were lights on. She smiled to herself as she pushed open the door and inhaled the aroma of the Oriental Love Nectar.

Leo stood behind the counter, handing over some change to a young woman, who smiled up at his provocatively. Maria wondered if she had just been given the changing room treatment and made a note to keep an eye out for her on the website later.

When he looked up, Leo caught Maria's eye and smiled at her.

'Hello there, back again?' he said, flirtatiously.

'Yeah, remembered something else I wanted' Maria answered, flushing, but looking him boldly in the eye.

'Well, I'll have to see what I can help you with' he said, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

The woman he had been serving threw a withering glance at Maria as she turned and made her way out of the shop. Leo followed her and as soon as she had left, he pushed the door shut and turned the lock.

Standing with his back to the door, he smiled at Maria again.

'What would you like to try on this time?' she asked.

'Well, how about... ' she looked around until something caught her eye 'how about that?' she asked, pointing at a black lace, see-through body suit with peep holes for the breasts, pussy and arse.

'Let me guess' Leo said, looking at the rail and searching through the body suits, 'a size 14?'

'That'll do' she replied, taking the size 14 suit from him as he held it out to her.

'I think you know where the changing rooms are' he said and followed her as she crossed the shop floor.

Once inside the changing room, she looked around to try and locate the camera. She eventually saw a small, silver box in the corner and smiled at it. She was enjoying this.

Firstly, she very slowly took off her jacket and threw it over the chair. She then slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it provocatively over her shoulders. She wasn't wearing a bra and purposefully brushed her breasts with her fingers as she parted her blouse.

Next, she bent down to pick up the blouse, and gave the camera a shot of her arse, bared by the short skirt she was wearing. She hadn't put any knickers on and imagined the view the camera was getting of her pussy and arse. Enjoying the feeling of displaying herself, she reached behind her and slowly ran a finger down the crack in her arse and then slowly pushed it into her pussy.

'Are you changed yet?' Leo asked from the shop.

'Not quite' Maria giggled, straightening up, undoing her short skirt and letting it fall to the floor.

Completely naked, she stood in front of the camera and ran her hands down her body, lingering around her nipples and crotch.

'Does it fit?' Leo called.

'Patience' she called back, smiling to herself in anticipation.

She pulled the black lace body suit on and thought to herself how delicious it felt to be tightly squeezed in by the lace, but to have her breasts swinging free. She admired herself in the mirror, momentarily forgetting about the camera and smiling to herself.

The curtain was drawn back and Leo stood in the doorway. He let out the same low whistle she had heard before and came towards her. Maria arched her back and proudly thrust her breasts at him. He bent down and very gently licked her left nipple. He then moved his head across and licked her right nipple, this time catching it in his teeth and biting down on it.

Maria caught her breath with the shock of the action, but relaxed as he circled her nipple with his tongue.

He pulled away long enough to take off his t-shirt, then brought his hands up and massaged her breasts, occasionally tweaking her nipples. He never took his eyes off her face and was smiling at her, teasingly.

'How's that?' he asked, taking his hands down and removing his jeans and boxers. His cock stood out proudly from his body, glistening already at the head.

'That's good' Maria replied, running a finger along the top of his cock. 'But it could be better'.

She knelt down in front of him and slowly licked his cock from top to bottom. She then kissed the tip and put her hand up to fondle his balls. She felt him stiffen and let out a sigh, so she then closed her mouth over the end of his cock and sucked as she moved the cock in and out of her mouth.

After a minute or so, she stopped and licked the underside of his cock, then sucked on one of his balls while she cupped the other one in her hand.

She felt Leo pulling her away from his cock and roughly pushing her down onto the floor. He forced her legs apart and stared down at her pussy, which by now was glistening and wet. He put one finger out and gently flicked it across her clitoris. It felt so good she didn't want it to stop, but he quickly drew his finger away and plunged it into her. She gasped as his finger was quickly joined by another... and then another. He set up a steady rhythm of his fingers going in and out, in and out. Maria shut her eyes to enjoy the sensation. While one hand was fingering her, he brought his other up and rubbed the flat of his palm over her nipples, first one, then the other. Maria could feel herself getting near to orgasm and started to moan gently.

As soon as he heard her moan, he stopped and stood up.

Maria looked up at him, puzzled.

'Get up' he said.

She quickly stood and felt quite worried that she'd done something to offend him.

He pointed to the chair.

'Bend over that' he said, stroking his cock and looking very seriously at her.

Maria realised the chair was set up so that the camera would get the best shots of their actions. She walked across to the chair and slowly bent down over it, holding on to the back for support. She felt him behind her and was surprised to feel his breath on her arse. His tongue very gently licked first her right cheek and then her left, and then wiggled its way into her crack. She then felt a finger being inserted and tensed against it.

'Relax and it won't hurt' he said and continued to wiggle his finger inside her arse.

Maria tried to relax but felt apprehensive. She hadn't expected this and she certainly hadn't experienced it before. As she willed herself to relax, she began to feel some pleasure at the sensation. As if sensing this, Leo then pulled his finger out and slowly pushed and circled in his thumb. Maria gasped with the new sensations she felt and began to moan softly again.

'Rub yourself' Leo said from behind her. 'Go on, rub your clit'

She did as ordered and started to flick at her clit with her forefinger, every now and again dipping it into her pussy to get lubricated. This obviously excited Leo as he began breathing more heavily and making small grunting noises. After a few minutes, he pulled his thumb out of her arse and pulled back from her. Maria kept rubbing her clit. It felt so good she didn't want to stop.

She felt Leo move in close behind her again and felt him pulling apart her pussy lips. He made a small appreciative noise and pushed the tip of his cock into her. He slowly pushed it in further and further until he was fully inside her.

Maria pushed backwards to meet him and ground her backside into his groin. He grabbed hold of her arse cheeks with his hands and started fucking her slowly from behind, savouring the sight of his cock, now glistening with her cream, sliding in and out of her pussy. He got slightly faster and every now and again slapped her arse cheeks with his palms. Maria continued to rub her clit, feeling that she was going to come any moment.

The pounding of the cock got faster and faster and Maria could feel his balls bouncing off her hand as she furiously rubbed her now swollen clit.

Just as she was about to come, Leo pulled his cock out quickly and spurted all over her arse cheeks. Once he'd finished, he rubbed it in with both hands and then slapped her a few times, enjoying the wet slaps on her flesh. Maria orgasemed as he slapped her, screaming out and bucking her hips.

And as quickly as it had started, it ended. Leo quickly stood back from her and put his clothes back on, not looking at her at all and not speaking to her. Maria didn't know what she'd expected, but certainly not this. It felt like he was going to thank her and pay her.

Once he was dressed, he walked out of the changing room into the shop and she could hear him unlocking the door.

She smiled to herself and smiled up at the camera. She'd done what she wanted to do, so why worry?

She got dressed and quickly brushed her hair and put on some fresh lipstick. Making a quick check that she was properly dressed, she pushed aside the curtain and walked into the shop. Leo was already behind the counter, smiling at a woman who was looking at the window display and obviously trying to make up her mind whether to enter the shop or not.

'Do it' thought Maria. 'It'll be the making of you.

That night, Maria and Rob watched the video together that had been loaded onto the 'Hidden Cams' website, she wearing the basque and thong, and he occasionally flicking through the copy of Rodger she had bought.

Later, they watched the video again and Rob re-created the scene in the changing room with her.

Later on, they viewed some of other videos on the website together and Maria recognised the customer who had been in the shop before her that morning — and the woman who had been gazing at the window display afterwards. Leo had been busy.

That night, as they made love again for the third time, Rob asked Maria if she'd enjoyed herself with the manager in the shop.

'Not sure' she replied, smiling lazily and contentedly, 'I may have to go back and check again'

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