What's Left To Talk About?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My own sequel to nici's story, "Something We Have To Talk About". I show my version of the ending and what Jonathan would realistically do about Susan's ultimatum and infidelity.

Susan's abrupt announcement that she was going to spend the night with her lover, Rich, was truly the last straw for Jonathan. He was so furious and hurt that he didn't give a damn whether or not he was able to keep a house anymore. He had to leave, for his own sanity's sake! That night, he packed everything and left a note for Susan and the children. It was very short.

Dear family,

I have not deserted you. However, I cannot tolerate how I am treated in my own house by my wife of 25 years. When I am informed that I must accept a cuckold situation in the name of helping some manipulative outsider, that I have nothing to offer a woman (from my own wife's lips, no less- very odd words for a woman who claims to love me), and that she will expect me to consider what she does with him to be "none of my business", I feel that there isn't much left to talk about. You want me to ask why, Susan? Why does why even matter? Why should the question "why" even count now? Neither why, whom, where, when, or how matters as much as the what of it.

That "what" is that you're unfaithful. You broke your wedding vows to me to "forsake all others", the only conditions under which I also agreed to "forsake all others". Do you actually think that I can "forsake all others" when I know that you won't? Furthermore, do you really expect me to "love, cherish, and protect" you, while you make it clear that you will not "love, honor, and obey" me? Were those words only binding on me in your mind when we spoke them? If I had thought so, I would never have spoken them.

To make matters worse, you seem to think me unreasonable and even hurtful for objecting to such unfair and cruel treatment at your hands, including giving to another man what you have denied to me. Well, I do not share your view. Nor will I let fears of being "taken to the cleaners" by my selfish whore of a wife, who flaunts her adultery as if it were a badge of honor, deter me from my new path. I am divorcing you. There will no counseling. There will be no more talk of reconciliation. Our differences are, to use legalese that your paralegal lover will grasp, "irreconcilable". You said that we had "something to talk about". We talked about it, alright, ad nauseum. What's left to talk about?

Your soon-to-be ex-husband,

P.S. Oh, and I'm fighting you for custody of the children. I have also made copies of this letter for the benefit of the court, so they will know my reasons. Since the children have no doubt read this too, it will hard for you to pretend that it doesn't exist. I imagine that the court will consider their views on where they wish to live, and I can only assume that they won't necessarily view your compassion on Rich to be a good reason to stay with you, especially since you are so cold toward me. I'll be going for sole custody, with you only getting visitation rights. Best to start out with a firmer line in negotiations, don't you think?

P.S.S. By the way, I plan to find a woman who will put me ahead of some third party and not cheat on me. I don't know how long that will take, given your low opinion of my potential as a lover and husband. However, I imagine that not every woman is as shallow as yourself. I shall have great fun testing that theory. You said that you'll put yourself ahead of me. Well, that's nothing new. You've always thought of everyone else ahead of me, especially yourself. I'm about to return the favor and think of myself for a change.

Susan read the letter with more than a little alarm when she returned that morning. Thankfully, the kids had been out for the night with extended family. He had chosen his moment of escape well. She now realized that her words had been a bit provocative and extreme, even if they expressed her thoughts. To her mindset, she was only doing what was best for all three of them: her, Jonathan, and Rich. A more selfish woman would surely have just left a blue-collar hick like Jonathan, right? Then again, was he a hick? Could a hick have written so eloquently about his rage and jealousy, as well as his refusal to wear a cuckold's horns?

That was another thought. It had never really occurred to Susan that she had turned Jonathan into an unknowing cuckold, nor that she was trying to turn him into a willing one last night. She had never really gotten into alternative lifestyles of any sort. This affair had not been planned when it started, after all. She had once been proudly faithful and monogamous. Without realizing it, she had humiliated her husband of 25 years and put him into a situation that he had given a rather blunt, but accurate name. Was it necessary to describe it in such stark terms, though?

Surely, this was different from the usual situation of adultery? She was acting out of understanding for a needy man, not with the intent of being cruel to her husband. However, without seeing what she had leapt into, Susan had in the process of helping Rich, dramatically angered and shamed her husband. She had essentially tried to emasculate the man, take away his dignity, and take over the marriage. Was that her real intention all along, and if so, was this simply a pretext?

What was worse was that the children might well see some form of this letter when they came. If she hid it, she'd still have to explain Jonathan's departure. Furthermore, given his postscript, she deemed it likely that he had made copies for them too, in case she had discarded this one. She had never thought him so persistent.

Well, she was still firm in her intentions. There was no backing out. It was still necessary, but she had to minimize the damage and see if she could win Jonathan back. It was no part of her plans to lose her husband, while helping Rich. However, how could she handle it? Well, angry speeches and lectures, such as last night's, wouldn't help. She would simply hurt him again, and then he would hurt her again, as he had last night. Maybe she was partly at fault for his hostility, given her own attitude last night. No man liked to be bossed around by his wife, or at least no man like Jonathan. She had forgotten what kind of man she had: he was no wimp by nature. He wouldn't tolerate such abuse.

Still, this was a unique circumstance, not normal infidelity, no matter how wrong her methods. Two wrongs didn't make a right, correct? So, she would not put up with a revenge affair. However, she had to retake the moral high ground and not do it angrily. She had to plead with him to understand. She had to beg his forgiveness for her past deceit and harsh words of hypocritical indignation at his suggestion. Then she had to urge him not to set out to hurt her by sleeping with other women for sheer revenge. She had to let him see that his motives would not be as justified as hers.

Most of all, she had to convince him that this was not a permanent double standard, so not really a double standard at all. It was a special case, an exception to the vows of marriage. That's how she had always deemed it. Only if she worded it right would she convince him to stay and not leave her. No more self-righteous anger or threats of financial ruin would be used. She would try to charm her way back into his arms. Surely, she would get him back with honey, rather than the proverbial vinegar that she had unwisely used last night.

She also had to reassure him that he was an attractive man. Clearly, her attacks on him had made him question his own sex appeal. What would she feel if he had done that to her? What if he had used vicious words to prevent her from having a revenge affair for his own act of compassion toward a lonely woman? Also, she had to present it that way. She would make it that she would understand if he had shown such empathy and had a love affair as a result. She had only spoken harshly because she found the idea of him taking revenge that way and using sex for that purpose to be repulsive. Maybe then he would know that there was no hypocrisy on her part.

Having convinced herself of this course of action, Susan set to work on finding Jonathan. She also thought that perhaps she should meet with Rich and get him to meet the man, once he was calmer. Perhaps if he met him, he wouldn't view him as a threat. He would understand why she had done so much for the man and wouldn't worry about minor details over sex acts that she had reluctantly enjoyed with Rich (though admittedly, she had enjoyed them- she just didn't dare try them with Jonathan afterward, for fear of awaking suspicion in him). It wouldn't hurt now if she promised to try them with Jonathan, so he didn't feel left out or betrayed, their marriage less important than her affair with Rich. That was, evidently, how he felt, right or wrong. She had to correct that painful feeling in him, persuade him that it wasn't true.

She was no longer shocked, either, that he didn't ask her why. Evidently, it wasn't because he didn't love her. It was because he was a hard-nosed, practical man who cared about concrete things more than emotional issues or excuses. She had hoped that he would ask, so she could explain it to him and make him understand what she felt, but had she really felt that at the time? Would she really have given him the same exemption that she asked from him in such a case? He would have reason to doubt it, given how she had put him down and threatened divorce, basically saying that any affair of his would be an insult to her on grounds of his ugliness. That wasn't really how she felt, was it, so why did she say that? She wanted to believe that she only wanted to discourage him from getting back at her in anger, from doing something to hurt her as she had hurt him. It was a protective instinct, a self-defense mechanism.

A rather nervous and shaky Susan dialed up Jonathan's old friend, Len MacDougal, a retired Teamster, originally from Nova Scotia. He was retired now and hadn't spoken to either of them in a few months.

"Hello, Susan? You seem a bit upset about something, Sue. What is the matter?"

"Jonathan wants a divorce," she stammered.

"Why on God's earth would he want to divorce a pretty thing like you? Do I need to straighten him out?"

"Well, I can't really blame him, though that's tempting. I've been having an affair, and I just told him about it."

"And he can't forgive you and go to counseling? I mean, that's not too smart of you to cheat on Jonathan. I don't know what would possess you to do that, Susan. He's always treated you well. Has he been working too much? You should both go to counseling, anyway, in either case," Len urged her.

"Well, I, um... uh... ," Susan stuttered, reluctant to tell the worst.

What had possessed her to call him, aside from the hope that he might locate Jonathan? Would Len understand her point of view? It might be a good acid test for a third, impartial perspective. After all, he was close to both of them.

"Len, it's partially my fault. I haven't ended the affair and I told him that I wouldn't yet. I assured him that it would end in time, however. I just thought that he would ask me why, then I would tell him, and he would understand. It was just originally a pity fuck for the other man, but it's turned into a love affair... ," Susan got that far before Len cut her off.

"In God's name, woman, what the hell were you thinking? You've all but clipped his balls and handed them to him! Don't tell me that you also told him that if he tried to divorce you, you'd ruin him financially! You know Jonathan! He's as stubborn as either of us! Threatening him puts his back against the wall and then he fights like an injured badger!

"For Pete's sake, what are they telling women in Cosmo these days? Or was that something you picked up from Oprah? You don't sound like the Susan I know. The Susan Freemont I know cares about more than just herself. You sound like one of those people who thinks that her partner and the rest of the world should revolve around her. I'm very disappointed in you, Susan. I thought that you had more sense than that. If you don't get a grip on yourself, you're going to lose a damned good man!" Len tried to talk some sense into Susan.

"I can see what you mean, but can you find Jonathan for me and tell him that I want to straighten this out?"

"If I see him right now, I'll tell him to run in the other direction, Sue. You're normally a good woman, but until you get your head back on straight, you won't do anyone any good. Drop the other man, Sue, while you still have a chance, lassie."

That sealed it in Susan's mind about Len. He only called her "lassie", a Scots term inherited from his forebears, when he was truly dismayed at her conduct and wanted to give her good advice. Well, that was a flop. He saw it Jonathan's way, which just confirmed that most men thought Jonathan rather the injured spouse.

"Well, I'm sorry that I let you down, Len. If you see it that way, perhaps I've been looking at this wrong. Yours is only the second viewpoint to consider this improper, but it is the fourth that knows that I'm married to Jonathan. I guess that my colleagues might disapprove too if they knew that I had an affair. They just think that I'm dating Rich."

"Well, I imagine that most men would see it my way, if they knew the truth, yes. Susan, give him up! He's just telling you what you want to hear, in order to keep getting into your pants. Men with sob stories are usually snake-oil types. Believe me. I've seen their type come and go, charming the ladies and cuckolding their husbands. They use your own empathy against you. I had always liked and respected you, Sue, but I don't at the moment. You'll have to get you head back on straight first," Len rather bluntly explained to his friend's wife. The phone clicked, as a confused Susan hung up.

If he was bit more articulate than most former Teamsters, it was due to having gone to college a couple of years after his retirement. He'd wanted to learn a few years while he still had time and chase a few, much younger female classmates. Being long divorced and never married, of course, he was perfectly free to do so. Obviously, he avoided married or attached women, sticking to a handful of single women who didn't mind a much older friend with benefits.

What he had never told Susan, but had told Jonathan, was that his own wife had betrayed him in a somewhat similar way as Susan, several years back. He had divorced her after about the same length of marriage and never forgiven her. He wanted to spare Susan the same consequence and loss, before Jonathan had no sane choice but to dump her for the loser that she had become.

Susan didn't want to give up on Rich, however, as much sense as that might make; she was too deeply involved with him, even if she did respect and understand Len's viewpoint. She decided to try to reach Wendy Ingram, a lawyer who lived in the same neighborhood as Jonathan and her. They'd met a few times at the supermarket, the small convenience store near their block, and the mall. Wendy was mostly an ambulance chaser, working for a small, but aggressive practice that had made a bundle lately. However, she might be persuaded to take Susan's case, if she needed. Susan only hoped that this would be a last resort. Still, she needed to call and find out beforehand. She could have used Rich's firm, perhaps, but she didn't want word of her marriage and possible divorce reaching them.

"Thal, Meiner, and Associates, this is Wendy Ingram. To whom am I speaking?" the attorney's crisp voice answered.

"This is Susan Freemont. I am calling in case I might need your services in the event of a divorce. Do you have time for an appointment?" Susan announced.

"You're not Jonathan's wife, by any chance?"

"Yes, that's right. I am calling in case he goes ahead with his plan to divorce to me."

"Well, I hate to tell you, Susan, but it's too late for that. Jonathan is here right now, in the middle of a consultation. That creates a conflict of interest, which means that I can't represent you. I can refer you to another attorney, however. Sorry, but your husband beat you to the punch and my legal ethics forbid me to represent or even consult with both parties in a divorce case.

"Still, you might wish to confer with me this afternoon, as he is actually prepared to be quite generous with you under the circumstances. True, he is filing on the grounds of infidelity, it seems. However, he has cooled down since he showed up this morning. He's willing to go for joint-custody, with no one paying alimony. Since you'd both have the children equally, child-support wouldn't an issue, either. He's in a much more civil mood, though he does say that divorce is inevitable now. He's adamant about wanting a divorce. Given what he has told me, I frankly understand why. I'd be out for blood myself, if I were him and my spouse did something like that to me," Wendy noted.

"Oh, alright! I'll meet with you and Jonathan at your office. I can't promise to be enthusiastic about his proposal, but I'll take a look at it. However, I do want a chance to plead with him one more time not to leave me."

"He says that he'll listen, but he won't promise that it will change his mind."

"So be it. I'll arrive at, say, 11:30?"

"He agrees to that."

"Tell him that I said 'thank you'," Susan hung up.

Her bluff had failed. Jonathan now wanted a divorce himself, in fact seeming convinced that it was best for him. That was the last thing that she had intended. Everything had backfired horribly.

When she arrived at the meeting, Jonathan was there, alright. He had a weary look on his face, as if he just wanted to get this whole ordeal over with and start again. Susan saw no evidence of passion or love for her, and when she tried to kiss him, he backed away from her. That hurt worse than anything else that he had said or done to her.

After they outlined the terms of the settlement Jonathan proposed through Wendy, Susan simply told him that she would sign if he listened to her and still wanted a divorce. She just wanted one last moment to speak on her behalf.

"The condemned prisoner gets a last word, right?" she pleaded with a rather bad joke.

"Very well. Say what you think. However, we will not be alone. Everyone that you can to say, you can say with Wendy present," Jonathan insisted.

"Alright. I'm not happy about that, but I accept it. Jonathan, I want you to know that I do care very much for you. I didn't mean what I said about taking you to the cleaners. I was bluffing, as you could tell. We both spoke in anger last night, and I let it get to me. I still wouldn't accept a revenge affair, but only because I deem an affair only justified by accident or mistaken identity, not by vengeance. I wouldn't divorce you, however. I would be pissed and probably wouldn't sleep with you for a week or so, but I didn't mean that bit about divorcing you. Nor did I mean what I said in the heat of the moment, about you having nothing to offer. Nor am I trying to control the marriage. You were also right when you said that it was your business what I did with the other man. My cheating wasn't justified. It was wrong. Your letter and what Len had to say this morning really cut to me. They cut deep, Jonathan. I understand where you come from.

"However, surely you agree that if I continued this affair with your blessing, it wouldn't be cheating anymore, right? Please, don't divorce me over this. I promise to give you a lifetime of fidelity when it ends and never cheat on you, or even ask permission for another affair. I just want to let this one conclude naturally, on its own. I'll even agree to restrictions and limits. I won't deprive you of anything. I'll do anything in bed with you that I've done with him, and I'll tell you in advance what that has been. All that you have to do is ask me. Please, however, don't leave me or make me give up. I would do the same for you, if the situation were reversed. No matter how angry I'd be over your adultery, I'd allow you to complete it before demanding a return to complete fidelity on your part. As you can tell, I'm desperate here. I don't want to give you up," Susan begged him.

"Leaving aside for the moment the fact that you talked about me to Len and what he said to you, I can't believe this! You might have changed your attitude a bit here, Susan, but it's too little, too late. After admitting that you were in the wrong, you want me to stay with you, be faithful to you, and let you 'complete' your affair with Rich for the foreseeable! I can't do that, Susan! Even if I were the sort to swing, which is not morally wrong in itself, but is not something that I am comfortable with due to my upbringing, I certainly wouldn't agree to a double standard that allows you to have another partner, while I don't. What's more, I wouldn't agree to you continuing an affair with the very man who cuckolded me for the past year! When it comes down to it, while your proposal is an improvement over last night's, it's still unacceptable! Even if I were willing to share you, I can't share you with that man! Never, Susan, never!"

"I didn't mean swinging, dear. This would just be an exception to the rule. I'd understand if you did the same under similar circumstances, though I would hope that you would be more honest with me than I have been with you."

"Still not acceptable, Susan. If you talked to Len, as you say, he almost certainly would have told you that I'd say that, too. You know him. And he knows me! I don't believe for a second that he'd advise you to say what you just did."

"No, he didn't advise. He urged me to drop Rich."

"He was right. You had your last chance to keep me, and that was to drop Rich immediately. You didn't. It's over, Susan. What's more, I don't believe that you'd so understanding in the same situation. I think that you'd be every bit as furious as I am now. You've blown it, Sue. I want a divorce. For once, honor your word and agree to it. And, for the record, my words couldn't possibly have hurt you more than yours hurt me."

"You're right, Jonathan. I'm sorry. I can't promise to drop him now. I did agree to your terms. Just so you know, however, I won't marry him or move in with him. As soon as he and I are done, I intend to wait for you to take me back. I don't know how long that will take, but I'll wait until I know that there is no chance for us."

"What do you mean, 'no chance for us'? You mean if I remarry?" Jonathan demanded.

"No, I mean if that I will wait until I see something that convinces me that you won't take me back. That will take something more than marriage. It will take a clear signal."

"Susan, if and when I should remarry, that will be a clear signal. Unlike some people, I keep my vows. Now, will you sign the divorce or not?" Jonathan stated with a little venom.

"Yes, I will. Just bear in mind what I said. I am truly in love with you and devoted to you," Susan responded, as she signed the paperwork giving them a much quicker divorce than she had previously threatened.

"Yeah, so devoted that you can't give up Rich yet, even after he's cost you me. I'm impressed," Jonathan sarcastically commented.

"Sorry, but I love two men. That's how it is with me. I might lose both of you, but I can't dump either of you. It will have to be your doing, not mine. Same with him," Susan cried, as she left the law office.

Wendy had kept mostly silent during that whole discussion, but she couldn't keep silent anymore.

"Well, the bitch has had her say, Jonathan. We're through with her. It will be final in a month and you'll be totally free."

"'We' are through with her? What does that mean?"

"Revenge, Jonathan. I was Rich's mistress before he met Susan. He dumped me for her, the SOB. Evidently, I was too 'cold' for him, after meeting her. He lost interest in me after meeting your 'warm' wife. Why do you think I took the case 'pro bono'? Now, if you want to celebrate our new freedom, I know a nice hotel suite for two that I rent now and then. I could have accepted if he hadn't dumped me. The damn fool had about 9 girlfriends and decided that I was his least interesting and most high maintenance one, so he dropped me. That's what he got for being too greedy, I suppose. A sensible man would have stuck to 3 or 4," Wendy smirked.

"What about your husband?" Jonathan asked.

"He's a little kinkier than you, dear. As long as he knows that it's just sex, it's fine with him. Think he's not busy with some hooker right now? We have a deal, he and I. Marriage is good for business and sex, that's all. We both get laid more married than we do single, so we decided that our infidelities shouldn't lead to divorce. In fact, our sex life is better now."

"Well, as tempting as that sounds, I'll have to take a rain check on it. I have some matters to deal with, including family to explain things to. I thank you for the help," Jonathan informed her, not too eager to jump into bed with a woman who acted too much like Susan, though he didn't say that to her face.

The only difference was that Susan was more selfish and deceptive about it. Jonathan couldn't bring himself to be part of an open marriage, even as the other man. Sharing a woman just wasn't for him.

The next few weeks were very awkward, as Jonathan found a new place to stay. Per the agreement, Susan got the house, while Jonathan took the truck. He also began working out a great deal, when he could. Susan's attempts to take back her words didn't change the fact that they undercut his ego and he now felt that he had to reclaim his manhood. That included a manly physique.

Susan was on eggshells around Jonathan a lot of times, so the tension only got worse toward the end. Conversation was limited to the most urgent issues. As little as possible about the divorce and Jonathan's departure was mentioned. Susan understand by now that she had forfeited any right to expect a future with him. She still didn't know why she had been so harsh and callous toward him the other night. She would never forgive herself for that, as well as her affair.

Despite that, with her marriage ending, Susan had no reason to end her affair with Rich in her mind. She had to salvage something for herself. She even began to think that perhaps she could make it work with Rich, long-term, if she couldn't have Jonathan. Why not try, at least? Sure, she had told Jonathan that she was devoted to him, and she would probably take him back on any terms, but she shouldn't hold her breath for that, should she? The odds favored her needing a new man, so why not Rich? She had thrown everything else away for him, aside from the kids, so it made sense to see if they had a future together.

Her hopes were dashed rather quickly, when it became evident that Rich wasn't interested in marrying her. In fact, he was quite busy with another woman when she went to discuss it with him. Susan had never really thought about Rich with other women, but he had never promised her fidelity. Nor had she bothered to ask it of him. She had no right to expect it, which she knew right off the bat. Still, she felt disappointed.

The disappointment grew when she bravely brought up the subject of marriage anyway, in the hopes of starting over. She thought that perhaps he might give up his other woman for her. She was wrong, of course, not that he was an evil man for that. She understood as much. After all, how could he sure that she would be faithful to him, when she had betrayed her husband with him? Even so, it was clear that his obsession with her was an act, and on that score, she felt deceived. He wasn't going to be suicidal if he lost her. He had other women, possibly several, lined up to satisfy his needs.

"Sorry, babe, but let's face facts. I like ladies. You're still in love with Jonathan. You just had an affair with me, that's all. You still love him, and I can't live my life waiting for you to leave me whenever he decides to forgive you, if he should. It's too much suspense, Susan. Besides, I'm not cut out for just being with one girl," Rich told her.

"Then, why the hell did you give me that BS about Jonathan not being able to find someone else and needing to be faithful to me, while I was unfaithful to him with you?" Susan angrily demanded to know.

"That was a useful thing for us. I figured that it might fun for both of us to see if he'd buy it. Frankly, though, I'm not surprised that he didn't. In fact, I respect him for refusing to do so. I know that I would have reacted much the same way in his shoes," Rich chuckled, thinking that this woman was clearly taking things too seriously.

"And that business of being able to take him to the cleaners?"

"That was a bluff. Yes, this is a no-fault divorce state, but almost every state is these days. It doesn't mean that judges won't look askance at infidelity on either spouse's part. Look, I needed a ruse to keep you. If that mean that you had to find a way to keep Jonathan too, all the better. It would prevent silly ideas like the one that you just had. The last I need is to have to marry one of my girlfriends."

"What about the suicide threat?" Susan thundered, now furious.

"That was another ruse, but it worked. You fell for it. All that you needed is an ethical excuse to supersede your wedding vows in your mind, and I gave you one. Otherwise, I'd have lost you much earlier."

"Look, Rich. I understand if you're not a one-woman man. Not everyone is. However, plenty of men are also not monogamously inclined and don't lie to women about it. Len MacDougal, for starters. He's honest enough to tell women that he's a lecher. Evidently, you're not. Both he and Jonathan are better men than you'll ever be. You knew that I prefer monogamous men, and you played the part. You never said anything, but you acted the role of a lovesick, hopelessly obsessed paramour. Goodbye, Rich. I can't believe that I threw away my marriage over a liar like you. You're so full of shit," Susan rebuked him.

"Now, now, sweetie. Don't go. Stick around. Jenny is very bi-curious. She'd love to taste you," Rich urged her.

"You damn fool! You think that because I was stupid enough to do other things for you that I didn't do for Jonathan, that I would have a threesome with you and another girl! If I did that with anyone now, it would be with him! It wouldn't be with you and some slut that you found, who's probably married too, given your track record. From now on, we're finished. I'll find someone else, so you just keep fucking that tramp! I don't give a damn about you anymore, since it's clear that to me that your sob story was just an act! You're just a filthy asshole who likes to sleep with other men's wives!" Susan slapped him, right before walking out on him.

Rich shrugged and resumed his tryst with Jenny, remembering to stay clear of Susan from now on. She might turn vengeful bitch at any point, after all. He didn't want any part of that business.

When Susan went home, she realized in a moment of solitude that she really was alone now. She had lost her husband because of her lover. She had lost her lover because of his other lover. She was a hypocrite and understood that much, but her main sorrow was pure lack of company. Where would she go to find a man? How could she replace Jonathan? He was irreplaceable, wasn't he?

She began downing a few drinks and muscle relaxers to drive it off her mind. The next thing that she knew, there were too many in her system and she woke up in a hospital bed. There were doctors and nurses all around her. They no doubt thought it a suicide attempt, when it was just an effort to kill the sadness. One gray-bearded doctor noticed that she was awake at last and approached her.

"Mrs. Freemont? I'm Dr. Josiah Rush. Are you able to hear me? You took an overdose of pills and alcohol, a very bad combination. Your husband thought quickly and called 911. We pumped your stomach, but you need to rest a bit. We might have to observe you for a while too, since you seemed to be engaged in a suicide attempt," the doctor explained.

"Actually, it was just an overdose. I went too far, trying to kill my sadness. I'm going through a divorce, Dr. Rush. It was my fault. I had an affair and now I've lost both my husband and my lover. Is Jonathan here?" Susan explained, quite embarrassed.

"Yes, I'm here, Susan," Jonathan answered, his voice not really any kinder than before, but still showing a bit of concern, "For God's sake, Susan! I know that you're depressed and lonely, but this is not the time to try to end it all. We have kids to think about, you know. Try to move on with your life."

"I know. I'm sorry. It wasn't a conscious suicide attempt, but I was upset. I'll try to let you, Jonathan. It just won't be easy. This isn't what I wanted, but it's the price of my actions. Goodbye, Jonathan. I imagine that by the time that I get out of the hospital, you'll be finished moving out. I'll miss you, honey," Susan's voice broke at last.

"I'll miss you too, but I can't go through that again. I can't take another chance of it happening again. The fact that you're capable of such things makes it impossible for me to trust you anymore. Goodbye, Susan. I'll see you when dealing with the kids, but that's it. We're finished. We're divorced now. Just find a new man and see if you can have a fresh start," Jonathan said, as he left the hospital room for good. He didn't see her again while she recovered.

This is the end of Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will involve Jonathan's new beginning with another woman, as well as a few adventures between his old marriage and his new romance. Chapter 3 will have Susan find a new man and start over, as well as touch base with Jonathan.

As you can see, I won't tell you everything, but I can promise you that there will be no reconciliation of the sort that restores a marriage. They've been through too much to repair things in such a case. Susan will have to accept the loss of her marriage and also the sight of Jonathan meeting a new woman. She'll have to find a new start for herself and try again to live according to her own standards of fidelity. As you can see, the end of her affair with Rich was written that way for her to get a taste of her own medicine.

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