Family's Traditional Wedding
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, Grand Parent, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John is told about the family's traditional marriage. He finds out who his wife to be is. His grandmother, Lucy

John Williams pulled at his collar. He couldn't believe it was his own wedding day. He made the wedding announcement only two months prior to this date. He paced in the back room of the church for twenty minutes. He couldn't believe it was happening to him. He loved his bride. He loved her for so long that he couldn't count the days or years.

John walked around the small room. He was aware of the age difference between them but he still loved her. The rush on the marriage was the family's idea, not his.

The door opened and John thought it was the minister but it was his mother, Beth Anne. She walked inside of the room. John greeted his mother with a kiss on the cheek. " Hello mother."

" John, you look really nervous. Don't be. She isn't nervous at all. She looks so beautiful in her wedding gown. I just saw her in front of the church with my sister. I haven't seen her so pretty before in my life." Beth Anne told her son.

As his mother spoke, John looked at his mother's outfit. She was wearing a pink dress which showed a lot of leg. White stockings are on her legs and pink high heels on her feet. The shoes have a four inch heel.

She wasn't just the groom's mother; she was the maid of honor for the wedding. She smiled to her son and told him that everything was going to be ok.

Beth Anne departed to go and line up with the bridal party. John waited for his best man, Larry to arrive. Larry was running around doing some last minute errands with the church personnel.

The door opened and Larry pulled his head around the door. " They are ready for us. Are you ready for your wedding, buddy?"

The minister came out just as the music began. Everyone turned their attentions towards the back of the church. Two hundred pairs of eyes watched as the two flower girls started the procession. His little nieces are wearing sea green dresses. The next out was his sister, Joan. She is the mother of the flower girls. The next is his aunt, Jane. All the bridesmaids are dressed in the sea green dresses like the flower girls.

The music changed and the attention was on Beth Anne as she walked down the center aisle. John smiled at his mother. Beth Ann stood at the end and kissed John on the cheek. "Again good luck."

The doors opened and the guests watched as the bride stepped out. Everyone smiled at the sixty-year old Lucy stepping out of the back. John was proud all of the sudden standing there. He smiled as Lucy, his grandmother dressed in a white wedding gown walked down towards the front. He couldn't believe this was happening to him.

John closed his eyes looking back on how this happened...

John arrived at his grandmother's house after receiving a phone call from his mother for a meeting. John arrived at the house and was ushered into the den by his mother.

" What's going on? What's so important to bring me a hundred miles? I have many things going on at work"

Beth Ann sat down next to her mother. She placed her hand on her mother's knee, almost on the thigh. " I will tell him for you."

Lucy smiled and nodded her head. She crossed her legs.

John noticed how smooth and clear her legs look for a sixty year old woman. John didn't understand why he was looking at his grandmother's leg like that. She is his grandmother.

John nodded his head. " So what is this about?"

" This." John's mother replied and kissed her mother on the lips making out with her like lesbians. They are French kissing each other. Tom spoke softly. " What the hell is this?"

The girls broke off their kissing and smiled to Tom. Lucy spoke up. " Don't get scared. It is a family thing."

" A family thing?" John repeated.

Beth Ann turned back to her son. " It has been happening for many generations and it is your time to join."

" My time?" John asked. He is still staring at them with disbelief.

" Yes. We need you to marry your grandmother. She has been waiting for this time to come for many years." Beth Ann told him.

John stared at his grandmother. She was very close to tears. John couldn't believe what they told him. He looked over to his mother. He couldn't believe they were hiding it from him. He started to realize now why he was having feelings like that. He had some strong urges towards other female family members. John moved himself down to his knee and looked up at Lucy's teary face. " Will you marry me?"

Lucy started to cry at John's question. " I will marry you. Thank you so much."

John smiled to her. " Can I watch you two kiss each other again?"

" Anything for you, my wife to be." Lucy replied and turned back to her daughter and started to kiss her again.

John watched the two stared to kiss again. Their lips clamping down on each other. Their tongues playing together inside of each of their mouths. The mother and daughter kissed for awhile.

Lucy broke the kiss and asked John. " Do you want to kiss your mother?"

John grew hard quickly. He nodded his head.

Beth Ann walked back over to Tom. She sat down next to John. She tilted her head and started to kiss him on the lips. He felt her tongue tasting his lips. He slowly opens his mouth for her.

John and his mother were lip lock. John played with Beth Ann's tongue. He really enjoyed kissing his mother. He was enjoying the surprise that she was good at it.

John pulled away to get some air. He started to shake as it was feeling too good. He couldn't believe how good she was at kissing. She is twenty years older than him and it was so good.

John pulled his lips off of his mother. " That was the greatest."

" Thank you. Now kiss your mother." Beth Ann told him.

John moved himself over to his wife to be and sat down. He looked into her eyes and he saw that she wanted him. " I love you."

" Me too." She replied and then kissed him on the lips. Her lips were so smooth as she pressed them against his. Her tongue slowly darted into his mouth. He was French kissing his own grandmother and it was great.

He rested his hand on her breast and felt the firmness of her breast. He heard his mother speak up. " He is feeling those new enhanced breasts, Mother."

John couldn't believe his ears. His grandmother had plastic surgery done to her breasts. He couldn't wait to see how they look on her.

Lucy broke off the kiss and answered. " I know but it feels so good there."

John couldn't believe he was doing that. He smiled at the naughty thoughts of having his grandmother as his bride.

John watched as Lucy stopped next to him. He looked down at her wedding attire. The white wedding gown was down to her ankles. Her sleeves are long and drops down to her wrist. She had white stockings on her legs, and white high heel pumps with four inch heels on her feet. He wondered how she could walk in them.

She smiled and showed the thick red lipstick on her lips. Her face was made up and looking beautiful. She gave her hand to his. They turned to the minister.

John said ' I do.' At the right time and Lucy matched him with her own. " I do."

After thirty minutes, the minister proudly announced. " You may kiss the bride."

John lowered himself and kissed her red ruby lips. His mouth stays there for a few moments. He likes kissing her on the lips. His grandmother was trying to slip the tongue. John allowed the tongue into his mouth. He really enjoys it. She is a good kisser.

They turned to the clapping crowd. They walked down the aisle as husband and wife. They did the receiving line and pictures of them in the church with everyone in the bridal party.

The photographs were taken in the gardens behind the church. The bridal party had fun as the photographer took many pictures of the whole wedding party.

John and Lucy sat on a stone bench for a few photographs. Lucy and the girls did a few photos. John and his best man did a few also. John and Lucy sat and watched the photographer take a few of Beth Ann and Larry. Lucy spoke up. " They look like a cute couple."

" You think?" John replied with a laugh. He never thought of his best friend and his single mother.

" Oh yes." Lucy replied and then kissed him.

They were off to the reception at a private club on the river.

John never realized how expensive this was until they mentioned the private club they are going to have the wedding reception. The tradition called for the works apparently.

The DJ announced them as they entered the room. They danced their first dance together as husband and wife.

Lucy spoke to John as they danced. " Thank you for doing this for me. I'm truly honored to have a grandson like you."

" I'm the one who should be honored to be married to a beautiful woman like you." Tom smiled back to her.

Lucy blushed and they kissed again.

The dance ended and the disc jockey asked them to the four tier wedding cake. They did the traditional cutting of the cake followed by the feeding of the groom which she gently did it. Tom made sure it was messy as he smeared the cake over her mouth and then kissed her deeply. The guests all cheered.

John and Lucy walked around to each of the tables and talked to the guests. Everyone at the reception was family and understood what the tradition is. Some of them married to other family members also.

The dinner was great and the cake was perfect. The DJ announced it was the time for the tossing of the bouquet. John was surprised that Lucy was doing this. She is such a private person. He couldn't see her doing it. They walked to the chair that was placed in the middle of the dance floor.

Beth Ann helped Lucy sit into the chair. Lucy crossed her legs. John got down onto one knee in front of Lucy. He slowly pulled the gown up and into her lap. He exposed her legs to him and everybody else in the hall.

John watched as Lucy moved her foot in a circle. He knew she has a sexy pair of ankles. He was a leg man. He bent down and quickly kissed her ankle.

While he was placing his lips on her nylon covered ankle, he saw something. He couldn't believe what he is seeing. He raised up and asked. " Did I see what I saw?"

" What did you see?" Lucy smiled and looked up to Beth Ann standing next to her holding her hand. Beth Ann giggled.

" No underpants and it looked shaven?" John stared at her.

Lucy nodded her head. "Yes."

John got hard as he ran his hand deep into her skirt and up her leg. He found the thin blue lacy garter high on Lucy's thigh. John pulled the garter down her leg and even over her high heel shoes.

John held the lacy garter in his fingers as he watched the men gather for the throwing. He didn't know who the lucky guy should be. He walked over to Lucy. " Who should I throw to?"

" Larry." She replied.

John knew she had good choice. He knew where he was standing and turned and threw the garter into the group of men. John turned to see Larry jumping and getting the lacy garter with one hand. He smiled as he held it.

Lucy stood up and waited for the single ladies line up. She turned and threw the flowers over her head into Beth Ann's hands. The girls moaned at Beth Ann's victory.

John and Lucy brought Beth Ann to the chair and helped her into the chair. John and Lucy held her hands as Larry knelt in front of Beth Ann.

Larry lifted her gown and watched her cross her long dancer's legs. He took a hold of her foot and slipped the lacy garter over the shoe and up her leg. The people cheered as his hand continued up and higher on her thigh. Beth Ann sighed slightly

" Is he doing what I think he is doing?" John asked his new wife about his own mother. He is figuring that she didn't have panties on.

" Yes. He's taking a quick rub of your mother's clit." Lucy replied and kissed him.

John broke off the kiss and watched Beth Ann turn her head and sigh. "Oh my."

" They will be great tonight." Lucy commented as Larry withdrew his hands from under her skirt.

" What is tonight?" John asked.

" You don't know about the honeymoon?" Larry asked him.

" I know I am going with her. What's up with you? Are you going?" John looked very confused at his best friend.

Larry smiled and informed him that he is going with Beth Anne. They made arrangement to go with the lucky couple. He couldn't believe that his mother was going with him. He wondered if his mother and Larry had something going on the side before all this. " Are you and my mother fucking around? I don't care but I want to know."

" Almost." Larry told John.

" Almost? What do you mean?" John asked.

Larry explained that he and Beth Anne didn't have sex yet. He said that they only touched each other and kissed. He was planning on something more soon. He was ready for his mother. John handed him a drink. His friend is going to have his mother.

John watched his bride saying thank you to the guests as the time was there, where a limousine was going to take them to the mountain resort in the neighboring state. They were going to spend the rest of the weekend in the mountains.

John and the three entered the car to the resort with the rear window saying " Just Married."

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