Life Goes On, Another Story
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2007 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The life of Russ and some of the stuff he had to deal with. This story could fall into a half dozen different catagories. I don't want to give to much away.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Tear Jerker   Cheating  


Life sure can get complicated. I'm not quite sure where to even begin. Let's see, my name is Russ Morgan. I joined the service when I graduated from high school at age eighteen. I was stationed in South Vietnam as part of a peace keeping group for over seventeen years. When it was time to be transferred back to the states, I had a problem. You see, while I was stationed overseas I had sex with a number of Asian women. Let's face it, I was a young GI and liked sex.

My problem was I got one of the women pregnant my second year there. We weren't in love or anything like that. In fact I paid her to have sex with me. It was pretty common, and of course, pretty cheap. My son was born and we were both tested for a DNA match. He was my son and I helped support him and even helped Kim at times, that was my friend's name - Jin Dae Kim; I called her Kim. Of course, after my son was born I didn't have to pay her for sex anymore since I did help support them.

My son was a big part of my life. He went to an American school in Vietnam on our base. Kim and I were good friends and equally shared time with our son. He learned both of our cultures and could speak both languages fluently.

Even though Kim and I remained friends and shared in the raising of our son, we weren't exclusive. We each had our own lives. About every two years when I took a leave from the service, I would take my son, Dae Kim Morgan - that's what we named him - to the States with me for about a month. My parents loved him. He was a good looking boy and very smart. The 'smart' he must have gotten from his mother. It sure wasn't from me.

He was a normal size child, meaning he wasn't small like his mother. She was only 4' 10" and weighed about ninety pounds soaking wet. I was glad he got his size from me. I tried to teach him whatever I could but when it came to smarts, he could almost have taught me.

We would tour a different part of the United States every time he came with me. As he got older he would tell me that someday he would like to move here and go to school. He wanted to either be in the military, like his father, or be a pilot. He loved airplanes.

I was closing in on eighteen years in the service and was going to finish off my career in the States. I would be transferring to a base for my remaining two years. I talked with Dae who was by then going on seventeen. He wanted to go to the States with me.

The time came to go back to the states. My son was a U.S. citizen but my friend Kim wasn't.

"I want go to states with you," said Kim in her best English speaking voice.

"I'll see what I can do, Kim."

I was told by the State Department the only way that Kim could come to the States was if we got married. We were very good friends but we didn't love each other. All we had in common was the raising of our son and we had sex once in awhile.

Dae wanted to go to America too but also wanted to be with his mother.

I had a talk with Kim.

"Kim, you can't come to the States unless we are married. We live two completely different life styles. It wouldn't work out. I love you like a little sister except for the sex but we weren't meant to get married. I'm sorry."

She had tears in her eyes, and that brought tears to my eyes.

"I marry you, you take me to America. We be family," begged Kim. "I do whatever you say. You be my husband, my boss, I listen to you. Please take me, Russ, I make good wife. I give you sex all the time, no charge. Please take me with you."

I wasn't sure what to do. I told Kim that I would get back with her on the matter. A lot of her family had been killed during the conflict, so she really didn't have much family left. I cared for her but we weren't in love.

I decided to hell with it. I explained to Kim that we could get married and she could come to the United States. I told her that we had to have some ground rules if we were to be husband and wife.

"I do anything, whatever you say, Russ. You take me to America," cried Kim.

"Kim, I'm a proud man and you will not be able to sleep - have sex - with anyone else."

"Okay, okay, I only fucky you, that's okay," said Kim.

She always made me laugh. Sex to her was a business. She told me that it didn't mean a lot to her except for the money she needed to help survive. People have to understand that life in Vietnam was very different than it is in the States. The countryside was as beautiful as you can see, but the cities were people trying to survive.

I continued, "When we get to the States, we will be and live like a family. You will have to study and get your citizenship. We'll even find a job for you to learn a skill or something. If you meet someone and want out of the marriage, the same goes for me; we will get divorced. Do not cheat on me. I will treat you good. Do we understand each other?"

She jumped up in my arms and kissed me. She was so tiny and I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her. She was about a foot off the ground as my hand immediately went to her tiny ass and I squeezed her butt and slid my finger between her thighs and gripped her pussy.

I was getting hard on the spot. The one thing my little Asian girl could do was get me hard instantly.

"You need fucky," she said to me.

I let her down and pulled down my trousers like I've done a hundred times. She quickly took off her jeans and as I sat on the couch she got up on my cock and rode me hard. I had both of my hands on her tiny ass and shot a load deep within her.

She gave me her usual smile. I didn't know if she came or not. She was a good faker, but she did come once in awhile. She kissed me and climbed off my lap, jammed some tissue between her legs and off she went to the bathroom.

So we got married and, when I transferred back to the States, Kim and Dae came with me. It was odd in a way. It was a marriage of understanding and respect. Dae knew about our arrangement but was just glad his mother was allowed to come to the States with us.

We lived in base housing since we only had about a year and a half to go. Dae attended high school in the nearby city and was one of the more popular students. Because of his travels with me and the smarts of his mother, he was very well liked. A couple of students decided to test his fighting ability. It was a grave mistake as he knocked them on their asses. He was the son of a military man and he told them he was proud of it.

Kim started at the local school to learn about citizenship. While she was there she started taking a course in basket weaving. When she came home and told me about the basket weaving class, I had to hold back my laughter.

She quickly learned her basket weaving skill and found a job at a basket factory. I couldn't believe the money she made. They told her she was one of the quickest basket weavers they had and she was on piecework. I told her to keep her money and buy herself some nice things. We lived on base and had all the essentials we needed.

Dae graduated in the top five percent of his class and decided to enter the Air Force Academy. He said it covers everything for his future, both a pilot and a military man. His mother and I were so proud of him.

Kim took her citizenship test and she became a United States citizen. I was so happy for her. She worked hard and was finally receiving her just due. Since she was married to me she only had to live in the United States for three years before taking the test. It was barely past that date that she took her citizen test. A lifetime of heartache for her and now she had freedom and was a U.S. citizen.

When my retirement came, Kim and I rented an apartment till we could decide what we were going to do. I did electrical work as a contractor since I had all the training. One evening Kim came up to me and said we needed to talk. I had a feeling where this was going and I was right.

"Russ, I love you like brother. I owe you my life and do whatever you say. You told me not to fucky - I mean, not to have sex - with other men. I obey and did not do it. There is man at work from Vietnam that I like much. You said at beginning if I find man to tell you."

I was feeling kind of sad. Even though I wasn't madly in love with Kim, I guess I loved having her around for the last two years. She has been a good companion and almost like a servant even though I tried to treat her as an equal.

"Do you love this man, Kim? How does he feel about you? Tell me about him."

"He moved here fifteen year ago. He was on student visa but got citizenship like me and now stay here. He was married but wife die two year ago in car accident. He very nice man. He say he like me and I like him. We have a lot in common. He want to go out with me but I told him 'no, I have to talk to you'."

I wasn't sure what to do. I wanted to give her the freedom she deserved but what if it didn't work out and this guy left her. I didn't want to be a cuckold either. I told Kim that if she wanted to start dating that we could no longer be married.

"Where I live, Russ? You my best friend. I not know way around yet."

"Kim, I won't let anything happen to you. You are my best friend, my little sister. As a man, I can't just let you date men and have sex. Not in United States. I will apply for a dissolution of our marriage but you can stay here as long as you want as my friend. You can't have sex with men at the apartment; I won't let you do that."

"We both live here until I find that Henry and me stay together? His name is Henry Tjadi from Vietnam."

"Yes, we'll both live here. I'll move into Dae's room since he's gone. Our dissolution will only take a few months. Also, I want to meet this Henry. You tell him he has to meet me if he wants to date you."

"You not hurt him? He friend too."

"No, Kim, I won't hurt him unless he hurts you. I'm your protector."

She smiled at me, "You want fucky fucky tonight? I horny," smiled Kim.

We headed into the bedroom and I fucked my little friend every way I could. I sure was going to miss this part of our relationship. I held off as long as I could, hoping that she actually had an orgasm. She told me she had a couple and smiled at me.

I met Henry a couple of days later. He was about 5'6" around 140 pounds. I guess I intimidated him some. He told me about his life and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. I gave Kim permission to date him. It seemed so odd, telling my wife she could date a guy.

They dated and became very close, very fast. I guess because they had so much in common. Kim told me that Henry wanted to speak with me.

"Mr. Morgan, I would like permission to marry Kim. I will treat her with utmost respect and take good care of her," said Henry.

Now, this was truly odd. Our divorce was finalized less than a week ago and Henry wanted my permission to marry my ex-wife who still lived with me. Kim had told him she wouldn't marry him without my permission.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Kim was this tiny little woman whom I loved like a sister. I know that she wouldn't marry Henry without my blessing. She truly was that honorable of a woman.

I told Henry that I would talk it over with Kim and she would let him know. He was happy with that. After he left, Kim and I talked. She really did like Henry and we discussed her getting married, where they would live and any other issues that we thought about. She asked me if I would be the one to give her away at the wedding since she didn't have a father. I asked her if Dae could give her away and she said that Henry wanted to ask him to be best man.

I laughed and told her she had my blessing and, yes, I would give her away. She jumped into my arms and hugged me. I didn't let her feel my hard on this time.

I went to bed and I looked up and saw Kim standing there. She had on a pair of baby doll pajamas and looked sexy as hell. So tiny, yet pretty. She was still built and looked like a teenager even though she was only two years younger than me.

"Russ, this will be last time together. I told Henry, I be true to him after we get married, just like with you. Do whatever you want to me tonight. I will let myself go for you. You my best friend."

She came over and lay down next to me and I spent the night having sex with her. We did it all and left nothing to the imagination. Oral, anal, doggie style, but my favorite was her on top facing me. I watched her face while she rode me. I knew she was finally getting off when I felt her pussy grip my cock till I was drained.

It was the last time we were ever together. Walking her down the aisle as a bride brought tears to my eyes. Everyone from where she worked was there. Most seemed to be of Asian descent. Dae was happy for his mom as he stood there in his new uniform standing next to Henry.

After the wedding I went back to the apartment to figure out what I was going to do next. I decided to head back to my roots in Ohio. My son was now in the Air Force Academy and my ex-wife and friend finally found happiness with her own culture and as a U.S. citizen. Looking back, I think I made all the right choices. It really feels good to know I helped someone out. I guess that's why I volunteered to stay in Vietnam for such a long time. Only now I was out of the service, divorced, and rather a lonely person.

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