The Nudist And His Pupil
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, InLaws, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tony tells us about his nudism and his pupil, who became his wife and encouraged his exhibitionistic behavior around her sister.

I've long been a home nudist. Even before I moved out of my parents' house, I used to enjoy lounging around in the nude, in the privacy of my bedroom - or throughout the house, if Mom, Dad and my sister happened to be out.

My nudity is also tied to an exhibitionist streak. I think the former actually led to the latter. Sure, I love to be nude because of the comfort aspects, but in certain situations I also get a charge out of being naked in front of others or if there's the possibility of others seeing me. Not everyone gives me this thrill but it does happen from time to time.

When I moved out of the house to go to college, some of my dorm roommates were a little taken aback - and even turned off - by my choice of clothes (or lack thereof) around my place. At the beginning of my junior year, I got a job working in a convenience store and worked long evening hours and most of one day a weekend to live in a small third-floor efficiency apartment off-campus.

The place consisted of little more than a modest living room, a small bedroom, a tiny bathroom and cramped kitchen, plus a small balcony barely large enough for a lounging chair and lawn chair, but I loved the freedom of a nude lifestyle. I would sleep naked and if I weren't going anywhere that day, I would remain naked after my morning shower. Then I would study, cook, watch TV, and talk on the phone and work and play at the computer, all the time wearing nothing but my birthday suit. In the afternoon the sun would hit full force on my balcony and I'd lay out there in the buff and read and tan. I also liked sitting outside naked and having a drink and a smoke late in the evening. Quite often I'd cap off the night with a long and lazy masturbation session and cum all over myself then go inside and jump in the shower.

I had a girlfriend at this time. We'd been together for almost a year. She was a little more conservative and uptight about my nudity. Not that she minded all the good screwing we'd get into but she usually threw on a T-shirt and her underwear when the fun was over. I stayed stark naked. She would tease me and call me perverted for being naked all the time. She thought it was obscene when I got erections while watching a movie or looking at online porn and got turned off when I stroked myself openly. I called her hypocritical because she knew that my strong sex drive simply spelled out more good sex for her. She always pretended to be annoyed with my nudity - until it led to another sex session. In time, she wasn't just pretending. Good sex or not, Sheila grew increasingly conservative the longer we stayed together.

I had a good friend named Rob who was used to my nudity and I stayed that way when he came over. I'd known Rob for many years (he moved to another state after we graduated) and he knew I wasn't coming onto him when I was naked. We grew up in the same neighborhood and we played together and were often at each other's houses. When we were at my house and in my room, I would often strip off. This was especially true at night, if he was sleeping over. I got naked in my room when he wasn't around. Why should his presence be any different, I reasoned? Rob used to laugh at me but he made a big joke out of it. I laughed along with him, but I enjoyed the comfort of being totally naked. I also began to experience for the first time the rush of being naked around others. Somehow, being the only one nude in a multi-person setting made it even more exciting.

Years later, Rob would come over to my apartment and I never felt obligated to dress for him. Sheila would get there sometimes and find us at the computer or watching TV, Rob dressed and me naked. She'd start with her usual prim and proper crap. "Eww! Get dressed, you perv!" she'd rant, then toss couch pillows and other stuff at me. I'd open my legs and grab my dick and wave it at her, which would crack Rob up and make Sheila angrier. Eventually, I'd make her sit down next to me and we'd talk or get back to the movie we were watching or whatever. Sheila would continue to pout, but I'd catch her sneaking glimpses at my phallus whenever she could. This would make me grow thicker and fuller down there, though never fully erect until Rob left.

Sometimes Sheila brought one of her girlfriends over. When she did, she would always remind me more than once that company was coming over for a movie night and that I should stay "decent" when I got home from work or school. "Yes, Mommy," I would tease. I wouldn't exactly put on tons of clothes during those nights, just a T-shirt and some shorts. I know they bulged up and I got a kick out of catching her girl friends crotch watching throughout the night. Of course, when I caught them doing so, I would get harder in my shorts and they would get tighter and my package grew more prominent. Fun times!

Another thing Sheila highly disapproved of was my large porn collection. This was way before DVDs and digital flick downloads and the like, but I still had a large collection of videotapes and several boxes of carefully organized magazines. Of course, I also had a lot of images saved on my computer and I was a meticulous archivist, always saving virtual copies on Zip disks, CDs and the like. (As I said, this was several years ago, before DVD burning, memory sticks and the like.)

When we first started dating, Sheila acted cool about the porn. She even enjoyed watching a video now and then. Sometimes she'd get home and find me naked and downloading porn. Although I didn't tug my phallus in front of her, she knew by its size and slickness that I'd been doing just that. In time, she really came to resent my porn habit, even though it never interfered with what I thought was a great sex life with her - in some ways, the best part of our relationship. Eventually, all the nagging turned me off and I started to keep my porno habit a lot more hidden around Sheila.

Besides working the convenience store during that time, another job I took to earn more money was tutoring students who needed help writing essays. (My specialty was Computers & Information Systems but I double-majored in English.) My apartment was only a few miles from campus, so I would meet these students at the library several times a week. Slowly, word spread that I was good at tutoring and I could help students click up a letter grade with regular sessions. By the end of my junior year, I had quite a number of regular "clients." I cut way back on my hours at the convenience store and kept my one-on-one writing workshops with students.

I had my share of male and female students during my senior year but there was one sophomore that I started tutoring at the beginning of spring semester that I really liked. Her name was Michele and she was a gorgeous brunette with formidable fun bags and a shapely figure. She was also the proverbial modest girl who's a hottie waiting to happen but who doesn't realize her own potential due to lack of self-confidence. She wore slender wire-framed glasses that always rested just a little crooked on her nose. She had her nose pierced and studded on one side, which showed me she was adventuresome to some extent or another, but she dressed rather frumpily, in oversized sweatshirts and looser pants and sneakers. Still, there was something about Michele that turned me on. Maybe it was her quiet demeanor and her little girl voice that reeked not only of innocence but of somebody hungry to let a more adventuresome spirit out.

Something made me decide to push the envelope with Michele. One day, when I knew my girlfriend Sheila was tied up with an all-day family function, I asked Michele to meet me at my apartment for her tutoring lesson. I told myself that I was not trying to set up a seduction (yeah, right) and that I would not be cheating on my girlfriend if I didn't end up doing THE deed with Michele (again, yeah, right). Well, things turned out both much safer - and yet more interesting - than I could have imagined.

I overslept that morning and woke up groggy. I shaved and jumped into the shower and toyed with my semi-thick penis as I soaped myself up. I was halfway through my shower when I heard the doorbell chime. No way, I thought. Even with sleeping late, I knew Michele wasn't due for another hour.

Or was she?

I grabbed a towel and ran to the door and peeped through the hole. There she was!

I answered the door with a "Sorry!"

She was immediately on her way to all shades of crimson. "No, I'm sorry, but you said swing by at 11."

"Did I?" I stepped back and let her in. "I really apologize. Let me go finish showering."

"I can come back."

"Don't be silly." I directed her to the living room. "Here's the TV remote. I won't be very long."

I held the towel around my waist. She was blushing and smiling and doing all she could to avoid looking at me, but I know she still admired my glistening chest and legs.

That put me in show-off mode. Like I said, even though I enjoyed the freedom of nude living, I also recognize that there's a strong streak of exhibitionist in me. I rarely gave in to these urges but every now and then: like the times when I was still living at my parents' home, sitting outside in the backyard at night, not wearing a stitch. Or on rare occasions at that house, walking from my bedroom to the bathroom and back in the buff when I knew my mom or little sister was around. Or sitting outside at night in my small apartment balcony smoking and drinking a cold brew and stroking myself to a naked orgasm.


Tutoring in the nude?

I wasn't THAT bold. But I decided to don a thin pair of silky jogging shorts without underwear and make that my only wardrobe for the session with Michele.

We sat at the table, side by side. I offered her a soda or beer. She declined both but accepted bottled water, which she sucked down in liberal gulps from time to time throughout the session.

I was excited to be sitting next to my student while wearing next to nothing. The more I thought about my state, the more I could feel that familiar delicious stirring in my loins. Very soon it was obvious I had a semi-erection underneath the thin fabric of my shorts. The legs were cut high. With a little maneuvering I could easily make my phallus fall out.

"I hope you don't mind the way I'm dressed," I said.

Michele smiled and shrugged. "No. Why?"

"It's just that I don't wear much more when I'm around here by myself."

I cast a sideways glance her way and watched her cheeks go pink.

"Hey, it's your place," she said in a small voice and shrugged her shoulders. "You could go around naked and be entitled."

"Wait! You've been peeking!"

"What?" She blushed, a deeper shade of pink and her smile fell.

"I have not!"

"Michele, I'm just kidding!"

"Oh," she said softly and then her pretty smile came back.

"You know I wouldn't do that."

"Of course! It's just what you said about my going around naked."

"What about it?"

"It's true."

"It is?"

I nodded. "I don't wear clothes when I'm home."

She squirmed in her seat, uncomfortable, yet it was obvious she was also intrigued. "Not ever?"

"Well, of course sometimes, like today. I mean, I'm not wearing much but I put something on if someone's not used to seeing me nude."

"You mean some people are used to seeing you without clothes? I mean besides your girlfriend?"

I shrugged.

"So like, you'd actually hang out naked with company?" Her eyes went round and she smiled.

"Well, sure, if it's my girlfriend that's here, or a couple of my best male friends."

She laughed. "And they don't care?"

I shrugged. "Like you said, it's my place, right?"

She nodded but the smile seldom left her face as we continued our session. And with all the nudity talk, I was now sporting a semi-erection and its thick contour was quite obvious through the thin material of my tight gray shorts. In fact, with a little squirming in the chair, I knew I could make my thick plum of a cock head peek out.

I decided not to do so this time. I didn't know if there'd be another opportunity, but I thought Michele was too sweet to show her everything all at once. The effect might scare her away for good.

We concluded our session, she paid me and I walked her to the door. Once, very quickly, I caught her staring at the obvious mound puffing up the front of my shorts. Then, as I opened the door for her, I decided to try to set another adventure up. "Would you like to meet here next time?"

She looked a little startled by the question. "Are you sure?"

I laughed. "It's up to you. I just thought it was less crowded than the library and we didn't have to worry about finding a privacy room or a quiet corner."

She nodded. "That's true. Are you okay with it?"

"Sure. And you?"

She nodded. "It's fine with me. See you same time next week?"

I nodded and we parted.

Then I shut the door and through the peephole watched her descend the stairs to the lower level. I didn't move to the couch or bedroom. I simply stripped out of my shorts, grabbed my now throbbing erection and tugged and tugged it to full hardness. It didn't take me long to pump it to a thick reddish hue with a very round purple head that soon sent several long creamy ropes splashing onto the inside of my door with such force that I collapsed and knelt in front of it.

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