Will and Carrie
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Rotedrachen

Western Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Will Robinson has been an EMT, history teacher, and an electrical engineer. A history and western buff, he finds himself sent to an alternative time line, along with companion, to a place comparable to 1860's western America. Will their knowledge be enough?

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Historical   Group Sex   Harem   Safe Sex   Oral Sex  


Will didn't remember the sky ever looking quite like it did now. He didn't worry much about it, other than to think it was a good thing he was inside. He figured it meant there was one hell of a storm brewing.

There had been some doozies in the year he had been in the cabin. With the sky looking such an ugly shade of purple/red/black, this looked to be the worst one he'd seen yet.

He had just got a fire going and had put some coffee on, when there was a knock on his door. This was a new experience, since he hadn't ever seen a soul anywhere near the cabin. Figuring it had to be some hunter or lost camper who had been caught in the weather, he hurried to open the door.

He wasn't in so much of a hurry that he didn't pick up a weapon, though.

'Can't be too careful, out here in the middle of nowhere, ' he thought to himself, before the ever present follow up of 'why bother' intruded.

That thought had been with him since he had arrived in the mountains.

He opened the door to find a very wet person dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans. It looked to be a young girl of sixteen or so. He quickly set the pistol down, and hurried her inside. The storm had started, and it was a frog drowner.

His visitor was soaked to the skin and was shivering something fierce. Draped over her shoulder was an empty game bag. She was also carrying what looked to be a well cared for antique rifle. Unless he was mistaken, it was a Winchester Yellowboy, or a damned fine replica of one.

She quickly set the rifle down and turned to him. She pulled her long, wet hair out of her eyes.

"Sorry to barge in uninvited, but I didn't have much choice."

She extended her hand, and as Will took it she said, "I'm Carrie Fischer... and please, no jokes!"

Will chuckled and said, "I'll bite my tongue," even though a vision of her in a harem outfit flitted through his mind.

"Will Robinson, and I'd appreciate the same courtesy. We've both probably heard it all, anyway."

They looked at each other and cracked up at the same time. Will stopped when he saw her shiver again. It may have been warm in the cabin, but she was soaked.

As he hurried to grab a towel he told her, "You need to get dried off and warmed up. Nothin' but a catfish would be dumb enough to stay out there in that storm. You're more than welcome to ride it out, right here. I don't get much company, so I surely won't mind."

He hesitated as he handed her a cup of hot coffee but it had to be said, "You really need to get out of those wet things, but I'm afraid I'm not quite your size."

That was a bit of an understatement since she seemed to be 5' 5" or so. Will was 6' 4" and a whole lot wider.

She blushed and said she didn't go hunting with a change of clothes but agreed he was right.

"I Can't afford to get sick," she sighed. "Things are bad enough already. Can I maybe borrow anything that will work until these dry? I could hang 'em by that fireplace until they do."

She almost dropped her cup when he suggested she use the dryer, instead. Looking around, she noticed something for the first time.

"You've got electricity! How'd you get it? There ain't no power lines up here at all!"

He explained how he made his own by putting in a water-wheel powered turbine, using the spring fed creek behind the house. He got a fresh shirt out of his closet. Out of a drawer, he got a pair of shorts that had an elastic waistband. He pointed her to the bathroom.

"There's plenty of hot water for a shower to warm you up. Feel free to use anything you see in there."

She thanked him profusely as she disappeared into the bathroom. Will refilled his coffee and relaxed at the table while she was busy. His cabin might seem rough on the outside, but he'd worked hard to make it comfortable. He'd done it as a way to kill time when the headaches weren't too bad, more than anything else. The place was out in the middle of nowhere... Carson Hill, California, in Calaveras County, to be exact. It suited him.

He couldn't resist checking out the rifle she had carried in. When he realized it wasn't a cheap replica, he got out his cleaning kit. He lovingly dried, oiled and cleaned it. He took his time about, it but was done before he heard the sound of the hair dryer in the bathroom. He checked his watch and was surprised to discover that an hour had passed.

The storm was much worse, now. Even the sturdy cabin shook from the force of the thunder. Through the windows he could see that the lightning made it appear like it was noon, even though it was late enough for it to be getting dark, by now.

Will tried hard not to stare as he filled her cup when she emerged from the bathroom, but it wasn't easy. Carrie sat across from him and accepted it.

Thanking him, she said, "I know we haven't run into one another before, but I live 'bout five miles east of here. I do the huntin' for the family most times, 'specially when it's time to take in the corn. Ever'body else gets too busy."

When she got no response, she added, "How 'bout you? We thought somebody might have moved back in here, but I ain't never seen you 'round, and I'm up here a lot."

Will didn't care to share his personal problems with a stranger so he gave her an edited version.

"My grandpa left me this place a while back. When I felt like it was time to retire, I packed up and moved in. I don't get too far away unless it's to hunt. Fishin's good enough, right out back, and I've got a big freezer in the barn. I don't even need to hunt that often. Only time I go to town is for coffee, and other things I can't grow or make myself."

She looked at him oddly and said, "I don't mean to be nosy, but you don't look much older than me. How could you retire that young, are you rich or something? And if you are, why the heck would you live out here like a hermit?"

Will didn't understand why but for some reason he told her something that only he and his doctors in Sioux City knew. He told her how five years ago when his parents were driving him to the airport for his last semester of college, they were hit broadside by a pickup truck piloted by a drunk driver who had run a red light. Both of his parents were on the side the truck hit, and the little Camry hadn't stood a chance.

Will had been on the passenger side and received only a concussion and a fractured wrist. Due to the head injury, a cat scan was done, and a tumor had been discovered. He'd had migraines for years, but had never been to a doctor about them. Unfortunately, it wouldn't have helped. The growth was in an area they couldn't operate on without killing him.

The prognosis was terminal. Rather than go through chemo, and spend the time left to him in misery, he decided to move here. At least here, he could enjoy what was left of of his life. According to the oncologist, that was six more months, at the most.

Carrie looked down at her cup and asked how old he was. When Will told her he was thirty-three, she shook her head and sighed.

"At least you got more time than me, even though I wouldn't want to go through what you did before you found out. They figure I've got about the same amount of time left before I croak, maybe less."

She then told him about contracting Rheumatic Fever, and how it had caused severe damage to her heart, both to the muscle and valves. The chances of a good donor match were slim, due to her blood/tissue type. She was resigned to not having much time left.

"Kinda sucks," she added. "I'm fourteen years old, and probably won't see fifteen. I used to run all over the countryside. Now this is farther than I usually go. I can't hardly walk up a hill without resting halfway up, to catch my breath. I wouldn't have come here, but when I saw the storm coming, I was closer to this place than home. I guess we're kind of kindred spirits in a way. Hell, maybe it was fate!"

Just as she finished, there was a huge crash of thunder, and the entire cabin seemed to jump off the foundation just before everything went black for them both.

Will came to first and noticed Carrie's head lying on the table just as his had been. He reached over and gently shook her arm and was gratified to see her stirring. She slowly straightened and rolled her shoulders.

"What the hell happened," she wondered out loud. "How long was I out? I feel as stiff as a board, almost like I've been in the same position for hours!"

Will didn't know how long, but he felt the same way. He looked at his watch.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "It was around six PM on the twenty-third last time I looked. If this watch is right, it's now eleven PM on the twenty-fourth! At least the storm stopped but your folks will be worried sick about you. Too bad we can't get phones around here. Hell, even cell phones don't work this far out in the boonies."

Carrie agreed, and excused herself to use the facilities. It was a good thing she was quick. Will was dancing in place when she came out. After taking care of the necessities, food was definitely next on the agenda.

Working together, they cooked up some bacon and eggs. Will had baked his own bread, and while Carrie toasted up some, Will got the fire going again. He had baseboard heat, but he always preferred the fireplace. He was more than a little distracted by the scenery.

Somehow he hadn't noticed the fact that Carrie hadn't worn the shorts he gave her and was clad in only the shirt he had given her. It had been small on him. While large on her, the tails barely covered her butt cheeks. The girl had great legs. Being a leg man, Will was very uncomfortable by the time he managed to tear his eyes away.

'Pervert, she's only fourteen years old, even if she doesn't look like it!' he thought to himself.

He wasn't fast enough and she caught him staring when she turned toward the table.

She blushed, and sheepishly said, "Sorry. The shorts kept falling down, so I skipped 'em. My clothes are probably dry now. I'll change if it bothers you."

Will gulped and blushed almost as deeply as Carrie had.

"I'm the one who should apologize. I couldn't help but stare. You're a very beautiful young lady."

There was a period of uncomfortable silence; before she gave him a big, but sad, smile.

She replied, "Thank you. Besides my mom, you're the fist person that's ever said that to me. Somehow from a handsome older guy, it means a lot more to me. If you don't mind, I'd like to keep wearing this for now."

Will laughed and said, "I don't think any guy in his right mind would argue. The scenery in here is somehow a lot nicer than the view outside."

She put the plates on the table. Will felt even warmer when she kissed his cheek, and wiped her eyes before hugging him.

"I'd have visited a lot sooner, if I knew you could dish the compliments out like that."

After eating, Will excused himself to take care of the critters. They had already gone much too long without care, because of the storm and its results. He was lost in his musings on the way to the barn but after doing the feeding and milking, he almost dropped the pail on the way to the chicken coop.

Even by just the outside lights, he could tell something was wrong. The trees all looked larger and the surrounding forest was denser than he remembered. It just didn't feel the same. He shook it off as daydreaming (at midnight?) and finished his chores. After entering the cabin, he put the milk in the cooler. He'd deal with it in the morning. Even after the forced "nap" he was tired and felt strange.

He looked for Carrie, and found her in his bed. He had planned on offering it to her anyway and started to get his sleeping bag out to use as a pallet when she asked him what he was doing.

He explained and was both shocked and apprehensive when she scolded him.

"If anybody sleeps on the floor, it's gonna be me. I'm not taking your bed away from you, but I wouldn't mind sharin' it."

Will shook his head and explained, "I don't think that's a good idea, Carrie. That bed's a bit of a snug fit for two people, especially when one of them could get shot for sharing it."

Her smile outshone the light from the lamp when she said, "Ain't nobody gonna do no shootin' and besides that, I really would like to find out what it's like to sleep next to a guy that isn't related to me."

After a bit more half-hearted argument Will finally gave in. He even acceded to her demand that he strip down to his boxers, before getting in.

He hadn't been kidding when he said it was a snug fit. The bed was a double and Carrie made it smaller by snuggling up to him as soon as he got settled.

"Mmm, this is nice," she murmured.

She gave him a little peck on the lips. That surprised the hell out of him. It felt very nice, though. Before long, they were both asleep.

Will dozed off, wondering why he hadn't had a headache since this girl showed up on his doorstep. He hadn't had to take any of the painkillers, and that hadn't occurred on any day in the last six months. He also had the best dreams since before the accident that night.

However, it was somewhat of a nightmare in the morning. Will about shit the bed, when he woke up. Somehow, during the night, things had arranged themselves in somewhat of an awkward position. The fact that she was spooned against his front wouldn't have been so bad but that was about all that was good about it. He didn't know how it had happened, but her shirt seemed to have disappeared during the night.

He could tell, because his left hand was full of a very firm and shapely teenaged tittie. That wasn't even the worst thing. Her shirt wasn't the only clothing issue. Somehow his dick had managed to find its way to freedom, and was trapped between those lovely young thighs. It was feeling a mite moist down there, too. Will was faced with a dilemma.

He might get by with removing his hand without getting caught but the other appendage would be a challenge.

'Oh well, first things first, ' he thought.

He slowly tried to extract his hand. He had moved it less than an inch before she put it right back where it was.

She softly said, "It took me half the night to get things just the way they are, and I'd appreciate it if you could let me enjoy it for a while longer."

He felt her shiver when he whispered in her ear "I was afraid I had done it in my sleep. You don't know how devious the subconscious mind of a horny guy is, especially when he's sleeping with a beautiful woman."

Carrie might have been content to doze off again until he kissed her neck. That seemed to flip a switch or something, because before he could blink Will was on his back with a naked female on top of him, and a very nice set of lips pressed to his own. There was no way he could do anything other than respond. The kiss quickly got more intense.

When Will felt her tongue tentatively brush his lips his was glad to join it. He almost balked when he felt her wrap her hand around the largest and most painful erection of his life. He came even closer to protesting, when he realized where she was putting it. All of his objections evaporated as he entered her. It was the most amazing experience he had ever had.

Carrie moaned into his mouth as she slowly impaled herself. She was thankful that years of horseback riding had long ago eliminated her hymen, and even more thankful that she had started to take the pill last year to help regulate her cycle. When she hit bottom, so did Will.

She felt him bump her cervix. She moaned as she arched her back, thinking it couldn't possibly get any better. Then her lover's hands latched onto the breasts she had conveniently presented to him. She felt his hands start exploring her body, and she quickly re-evaluated her conclusion.

She started moving. The faster she moved, the better it seemed to feel. When she felt Will's hands on her ass, guiding her, she let him. She discovered just how good it could feel when her little button started getting bumped in a most interesting way.

She couldn't help it! She screamed as she exploded, and screamed even harder as she exploded again. She felt that big thing inside her seem to get even bigger. It started pulsating as Will lost it.

She collapsed on top of him, and started raining kisses over his face and chest.

Almost incoherently she babbled, "Thank you! Oh, yes! That was amazing! Thank you so much!"

Will was torn between two feelings. On one hand, that was the most amazing sexual experience of his life. He admittedly had little to compare it to but suspected it couldn't get much better. On the other hand, he was horrified! He had just fucked a fourteen-year-old girl. Not only that, but he was still very hard, and he was buried to the balls in that young pussy.

'Fuck it, ' he thought' 'I can't do much jail time, can I? Hell, I wouldn't even make it to trial before I croaked.'

With that settled in his mind, he rolled them over. He watched her eyes get bigger, as he started again. Her surprise didn't last long, before she matched his rhythm like she was born to it. This wasn't the fast and furious kind of fucking that she had launched into. Will made love to her slowly. He worshipped every part of her young body that he could reach with hands or tongue.

Their eyes were locked together when they moaned their release the second time. When Carrie came, she took Will along with her. He rolled them on their side, still connected, and kissed her. He felt himself finally shrink enough to emerge from her glorious twat with an audible "plop".

He came back to reality and lowered his gaze as he moaned, "I'm so sorry!"

"I'm not," she told him. "This may be the only time this happens to me in my life! The only thing I'm sorry about, is that I didn't come over here sooner! I can't figure out why I'm still alive, though. My heart was going a mile a minute, and the doc said that any excitement would probably kill me. I never even got out of breath except a couple of times, and I think that was normal. In fact, I feel better now, than I ever have in my life," she added quizzically.

They held each other even tighter, as he told her about his ever-present headaches disappearing as well. Carrie's growling stomach interrupted their musings, and they decided to have breakfast. Carrie volunteered to do all the cooking, while he tended the animals.

After he returned, they ate and talked about their lives. Will had gone back to college to study engineering after he became disillusioned with his first career as a history teacher. He was an avid outdoorsman and gun fanatic, even going so far as tying his own flies and making his own ammunition.

Carrie was the middle child of three. Her other siblings were brothers and needed to work on their place for them to survive. This was how she had been elected to provide meat for the family. She had done quite well at it, and was visibly proud of the fact.

Will finally couldn't wait any longer and broached the subject he had dreaded. "Carrie, about this morning..."

She held up her hand and said, "I understand. I won't say I'm sorry, because I'm not. But I promise I won't bother you anymore. I know the last thing you need is some clingy little tramp hanging around when you could find a lot better in town just dying to jump your bones."

Of all the responses he had expected, that wasn't one of them. He choked on his coffee and it was a while before he could talk. When he did speak, he was royally pissed.

"I don't want to ever hear you call yourself names when I'm around. What happened this morning was very special to me. It was probably the best thing I will ever experience in my life. As for any woman in town, we both know you're kidding me. Even if you weren't, none of them could hold a candle to you!"

After his outburst she was quiet for all of two seconds before she ran around the table and landed in his lap before unleashing a very intense kiss on him. He would have popped a woody, even if she hadn't been dressed in the same flannel as yesterday.

Resisting the urge to ravish her where they sat, he persuaded her to get dressed. After separating the cream from the milk, and cleaning up, he managed to convince her it was time to get home. She perked up a little, when he suggested they saddle a couple of horses and ride back.

As they were getting ready she lamented the lack of meat. She hadn't had a chance to hunt before the storm came up, and she hated to return empty handed, because it had never happened before. Will solved the problem by grabbing a haunch of venison from the freezer to take along.

Both of them knew something was very wrong, even before they got to the tree line. It was hard to pinpoint, but to Will it looked like everything outside of his clearing was different.

Finally, Carrie reined the gelding in she was riding and turned to Will.

"What the hell is going on here?" she asked. "I walked in here on a trail, and I'm positive it was right there!"

Will looked around and confessed that he had thought things looked different since after the storm but blew it off.

"This cinches it, though" he said. "This is where the trail starts that heads your way, and then on over to Columbia. I'd almost bet the wagon trail to the south towards New Melones is gone, too. Can't say as I understand it, but even the damned trees don't look the same. We'll head east towards Coyote Creek, and find your folks. Maybe they know what's going on here."

That was the plan, but it didn't look much better when they got there. If Will had led them where he thought he had, the creek wasn't nearly as wide as it should have been. It was more as it would have been before the dam for Lake Melones had been built. They were still confused when Carrie's place came into view... or at least, where it should have been.

Hearing her gasp, Will turned to her. She was as white as a ghost.

She croaked, "That ain't my house, Will. I saw an old tintype my grandfather had. This place burned down in 1852. They rebuilt the house twice, since then. When I left it, it was an old 2 story frame house with a tin roof, not a two room cabin!"

They both took a minute to calm down, before Will suggested they see if anybody was home, and maybe find some things out. He cautioned her not to volunteer anything, and she gave him one of those 'I'm not that stupid' looks, before voicing the thought.

They announced themselves as they entered the yard, to avoid spooking anyone who might be inside. They saw the door open up a crack.

What sounded like a woman's voice, spoke over the top of a gun barrel, saying, "Who are you, and what do you want?"

Will nodded to Carrie, and she got the hint

"We live a few miles from here," she said. "Since we're kinda neighbors, we thought we should stop by and introduce ourselves."

Carrie whispered "I would have dropped a load right here, if I had recognized her. My family always kept good records of our history. There's a portrait, a tintype, or a picture of everybody, since way before a Fischer sailed to these shores. She doesn't look familiar to me, so she must not be related."

The woman looked them up and down before nodding and saying "Light 'n' set. Ain't often we git company in these parts. Hattie McDonald be the name, who ya'll be?"

Will beat Carrie to it by announcing them as Will and Carrie Robinson. He hoped he hadn't overstepped but one look at her smile proved that Carrie didn't seem to mind a bit.

Hattie invited them in the house and sat them at the table. Getting information was difficult. How do you ask what year it is, without looking stupid? It took a couple of hours before they managed to find out what they needed to know. Most of their efforts were spent in not crying.

Getting Hattie to talk wasn't hard at all. They guessed it was because she was lonely out here. Eventually, they said they had to be getting home, but they left the venison behind. Hattie thanked them, and seemed to take it reluctantly. She confessed that they were a "mite low", and her husband and son were on a trip for supplies.

They were too stunned to say much on the way back. Hattie liked to talk, all right. They had learned things they didn't want to hear. All the names for towns Hattie used were wrong, for one thing. Hattie had mentioned two years ago as being "432 years since the founding", whatever that was. That was actually the easiest thing to swallow.

Hattie had lamented that her husband was only a good enough provider to support one wife but was happy he didn't beat her too much. It seemed that where or whenever they were, women were more like property than anything else, plus they outnumbered the men five to one.

Gold and silver were still the preferred means of currency but barter was widely used. She mentioned this in passing, saying she was almost glad no ore had been found around this area to bring in bad people.

Another odd thing was that they had a bunch of Gods, instead of just one. It seemed eerily similar to the Greek pantheon Will had taught in history class. Everything they heard just heaped strangeness upon strangeness!

They unsaddled the horses as soon as they got to the cabin. After rubbing them down, Carrie helped him with the chores before they headed inside. Carrie stopped in the doorway and Will almost ran over her, but managed to catch himself on the doorframe.

Before he could get upright he was wrapped in a hug, and being kissed with a passion he had never experienced before. Even earlier that morning, it hadn't been as intense.

She finally let him come up for air and purred, "Don't you think you should carry your wife over the threshold, husband?"

He had a fleeting thought of "danger, Will Robinson, danger!" but scooped her up in his arms, anyway. He quickly realized that in her mind, his introduction of them as Will and Carrie Robinson, meant that she now considered them to be man and wife. The consummation of the marriage was even more wonderful than the brief courtship.

Except for tending to the animals, they didn't emerge until the following day. Curiosity finally overcame their newly sated lust. however, they wanted to investigate the town of Olione that Hattie had mentioned. It seemed to be in the same place where the town of Melones had once been, before the lake had submerged it in their time. They hoped to get some kind of an idea just what had happened to them.

They abandoned any thought of taking the wagon, immediately. Will had been right about the road being gone. If they wanted to use the wagon, they'd have to make a new road. They decided that not having any trail or path to their cabin might be a good idea, at least for a while.

Carrie gave him a strange look when he detoured but didn't say anything. Will wouldn't admit it, but he was curious. This detour was why he'd brought his burro, Jughead. Will had hitched a small two-wheeled cart to the cantankerous creature and had told Carrie it was for supplies. He only had to pause a couple of times to get his bearings, before finally stopping. Twenty minutes of searching and he was done for the moment.

The old historical marker had only been off by around fifty feet. It had been billed as the second largest nugget ever discovered, and weighed in at 160 pounds. There were a lot of smaller nuggets right on the surface, all over the place.

Carrie just stopped and stared.

"I didn't even think about this," she commented, "but I'm glad you did. I kind of wondered how the heck we were going to survive, since I'm pretty sure any money you might have is useless, in this place."

Will shrugged and replied, "I kind of hoped that since a lot of things seem similar, this would be here. Since Hattie said there was no gold around here, I thought it might not have been found yet. I guess being a history buff is good for something, after all. Think we can get this sucker on the cart?"

It took a while, but eventually they managed to muscle it on to the small two-wheeler. Will pulled out two canvas sacks and handed one to Carrie. She didn't need any instructions as to what to do with it. They started gathering the loose nuggets. In less than an hour, both bags were as full as they felt the little cart could handle.

These weren't small sacks, either. They had previously held twenty-five pounds of flour. They had to make numerous trips to the cart because after a few minutes the bags had to be left in the cart, and the nuggets carried to them. The bags were just too heavy to carry. When they headed back to the cabin, Will estimated they had over five hundred pounds of gold.

The decision to put off the trip to town was an easy one. After several more trips to gather the obvious surface color, the day was pretty much shot. They decided to put the trip off until morning. It would be beyond stupid to carry all the gold with them. They decided to take just a few nuggets, when they went. A story was invented to explain why they had the gold, to discourage people from poking around the cabin.

They were going to say that they were from Gorga, which seemed to be the same as Georgia in their reality. Hattie had mentioned the gold strike, there. Their story was that their claim had played out, so they decided to get away from that rowdy place and settle somewhere peaceful. With any luck, it would be a long time before they had to reveal the "monster rock". After finally getting their take stored in the root cellar, they were exhausted, and went straight to sleep.

Will woke up alone, but found Carrie easily enough. She was in what used to be the second bedroom, before he stored the furniture in the barn. She looked at him when he came in, and shook her head.

"What are you, some kind of arms dealer or something? I don't even know what some of this stuff is!"

He explained that it was a hobby that had somehow gotten out of control. Will was kind of an 'impulse buyer' and had frequent 'impulses'. It had started with the western firearms that his grandpa had begun collecting. His dad had continued with that collection, and had added some military surplus. Will had carried on the tradition, admirably, in the short time he had been involved.

The room was absolutely full of everything. From muskets, to the new Barrett .50 caliber semi-automatic sniper rifle, complete with 10X20 zoom scope, it was all there, and more than one was illegal as hell.

He also loved to practice with all of them, and that was the reason for his gunsmith setup in the barn. That barn was something to behold. It was easily five times the size of the cabin, and the livestock took up only a small portion of it. The visible barn area didn't even count the fact that there was a full basement. Will liked to keep busy.

Carrie picked up an old Thompson sub-machine gun, and laughed.

"Unbelievable!" she said. Then she suddenly looked serious as she said, "I hope we never need any of this, but it would probably be a good idea if we carried something not too obvious whenever we go anywhere though. If this period in time is anything like what I'm thinking the comparable one in our time was, we might need it."

Will hoped she was wrong, but somehow doubted it. After dealing with the animals and having breakfast they perused the selection and chose something they hoped was appropriate. Will strapped on his matched set of Smith and Wesson 544's in "quick draw" holsters. They were chambered for .44-40 so he added a Winchester '92.

Carrie was taking her Yellowboy for a saddle gun, but after hearing what Hattie had said about how women were treated in this time/place she chose a small .32 Colt revolver as a hideout.

Next was the dilemma of clothes for her. Will was a bit short of period clothes, especially for women. The jeans were bad enough but there was no way to hide the pistol.

After some thought, Will had an idea. If it was still there it might work, he thought.

Above the unused second floor of the cabin, was an attic. This had been his grandmas' private storage area, and when he was younger, she had had him carry some things up there to store.

It took two hours to find what they were looking for, and might have taken longer if it hadn't been labeled 'Will's cowboy clothes'. His grandpa had really been into the 'old west' thing, and his grandma had indulged her husband shamelessly. Will always had his suspicions that she was secretly as much of an enthusiast as his grandpa.

Every summer Will spent out here with them, until they had died when he was in his late teens, she had bought him new clothes. She was a wonderful lady, but never threw anything useful away. It used to bug gramps, but Will was sure thankful, now.

Before long, Carrie was decked out in a period costume, complete with a vest to hide a shoulder rig for the .32. Will had worn it when he was twelve, but it fit Carrie well enough. The jeans were replaced by cotton trousers, and the flannel shirt by a dark blue linen shirt. The vest was thin cowhide, and almost matched the hat.

Carrie got a good laugh out of the fact that Will actually had four outfits that fit him. She also appreciated the hat, and proceeded to arrange her hair so it would be concealed. She headed back to the gunroom so she could grab the Colt Lightning reproduction, and a shoulder rig for herself. This was one gun Will was glad wasn't an original.

The Lightning had been the first double action revolver, and like most things that were the 'first of their kind', it had been extremely finicky and unreliable. The repro didn't have that problem It had proven to be a pretty decent little weapon.

By the time they were ready, it was after four, and too late to go. They decided to make sure they could actually hit something. Will wasn't too concerned because he had been shooting since he was old enough to hold a gun, but had some concerns about Carrie.

He needn't have worried. She not only matched him with the long gun, she came damn close to out shooting him with the pistol! It seems she had been shooting since she was six. She did admit that the Lightning was better and more accurate than the old 38 she was used to, though.

After they did the chores and ate, Carrie announced that she wasn't tired.

Will was almost scared of the look in her eyes when she continued, saying, "But I'm gonna be... and so are you!"

She was right, but they did talk some between her introduction to her first experience of being eaten, and the wild lovemaking that followed.

One subject was birth control. She may have been on the pill but those were "somewhen" else at the moment. She stopped that discussion in its tracks.

"If it happens, it happens. I ain't giving this up, period!"

Will wasn't going to argue, but suggested they do some investigating into alternatives to see if any existed. There was a lot they didn't know about the situation they were in. Another problem was the gold rush that was sure to happen, eventually. Were they going to stay where they were, and put up with all the lawlessness that was sure to occur, or would they move?

He let Carrie make that decision as well, and she decided very quickly.

"I don't want to move," she said. "You've got electricity."

Will was sold, but reminded her that there was only so much he could fix. He did have fluorescents installed in all the fixtures, and a good supply of spares. But eventually they would wear out and he couldn't make more.

He could probably fix anything but the windings on the generator, but if they went, it was doubtful he could deal with it. If that happened they'd be down to the back-up generator with only a week's worth of fuel, and the solar panels. Eventually, the solar panels would fail, too.

Carrie must have had a lot of confidence in him, because she just smiled and said, "I saw your shop out there. I'll bet anything, that you could fix whatever breaks. Hell, you could invent electricity and light bulbs, if they don't already have 'em here!"

She had a point.

There was no stopping them in the morning. The chores were done by six and they saddled up. Will was dubious about Carrie passing as a boy but didn't say anything. Boys just aren't shaped like that, though. Even clothes that were a little baggy couldn't hide a figure like hers!

While they worked, both discussed what they had found out so far. Carrie turned out to be quite a science fiction buff, and seemed convinced they had somehow been sent to a 'parallel universe'. Will didn't have a clue, and refused to speculate.

Their first impression of the town wasn't too good. It was smaller than any town either of them had ever seen, but it did seem to have the necessities. There was a mercantile, a saloon, an apothecary, a dentist/barber, a gunsmith, a bank, and a hotel that looked more like a large inn.

They hit the mercantile first, and managed to find some more clothes to fit Carrie before stocking up on flour, corn meal, and other needs. Will didn't see any baking powder but there was baking soda so he got extra. He made wine as a hobby, Since baking powder was just baking soda with cream of tartar, he'd just have to make his own.

The proprietor was happy to take a nugget, and seemed to buy their story of why they had them. He mentioned that they might want to cash their other nuggets in at the bank. It sounded like a plan, so they went there next. The people at the bank got excited about the gold at first. The manager peppered them with questions.

He seemed depressed with their answers, but bought it, along with the gold. It seemed strange to trade gold for gold; but that, and some silver, is what they got.

That was also what the money was called. There were golds, silvers (ten to a gold), and coppers (twenty to a silver). They cashed in enough nuggets to get fifty golds and fifty silvers, with a few coppers thrown in, before heading back to the mercantile for a couple of money belts. The coins were both bulky, and heavy.

Next was the gunsmith. They were both curious about what was in use here but it was a truly unimpressive sight. Everything seemed to be cap and ball. There wasn't a gun in the place that fired cartridges. They did pick up a couple of things, such as powder. Unfortunately, it was black powder, not smokeless, but it was all he had.

For laughs, they decided to check out the saloon. Will stifled a chuckle when they went through actual 'bat wing' doors into a "B" western flick. There was even a piano in the corner. They stood at the bar, and Will ordered whiskey for himself, and a beer for Carrie.

They each took a sip, and managed not to barf. They traded and tasted again. The beer tasted like horse piss, and the whiskey like it had been aged a week, at the most (imagine varnish with a kick, and you'd be close). When they left, the drinks were sitting on the bar, mostly unfinished.

As soon as they were out the door, Carry remarked "I need to find a pile of horse shit"

Will was curious enough to ask why.

"To get that taste out of my mouth," she answered with a grimace "I may be young but I actually like good whiskey and even cheap beer ain't bad. That stuff would make prohibition unnecessary."

Will agreed, but let her in on a secret.

"I've got some drinkables at the house. Making beer is a hobby of mine," he informed her. "There are two batches of ale and three of lager in the basement. I've got the makin's for a few more, and this country would probably grow decent hops and barley.

" I've got a pretty good idea how to make malt, too. If we can find some decent oak barrels, I could make whiskey. It would be five years, at least, before it was smooth, though. 'Shine I could do as soon as I got a still together. I think there's a bunch of copper tubing left over from running the plumbing lines. If they do find gold, we could clean up by openin' a saloon. It sure would ruin that guy."

After gathering Jughead and the cart, they picked up their purchases and headed home. They hadn't gone far before Will startled Carrie.

"What the... I don't fuckin' believe this!"

She turned in the direction he was looking, and got just as mad. It looked like a slave auction was taking place in front of the hotel. Will pointed his horse that way, and Carrie followed beside him. It looked like it was almost over already. There were three oriental women on the boardwalk, and a small crowd in the street.

The fellow in charge was in front of the women and was berating the crowd. "Come on gents!" he bellowed. "Let's get serious here! These chinks are worth at least five golds apiece, and I ain't got one gold fer a bid, yet!"

Carrie looked at him but Will was already raising his hand.

"I'll give you one apiece!" he yelled.

The asshole smiled and said "I got one gold! Can I get a silver atop that?"

He quickly lost his smile when there weren't any takers.

"C'mon! Y'all know this kind is hard workin', an' a hoot in the sack on top o' that! Surely y'all ain't gonna let this stranger outbid ya?"

The crowd was still silent, and he gave up with a 'lemon sucking' expression on his face.

"Sold to the dude on th' hoss. Cash on the barrelhead or no deal, though!"

Will still had some coins in his vest pocket. He got them out on his way to the steps. The buffoon was wailing about being robbed. Will remained silent, and just motioned his purchases forward. Now he just had to figure out what to do with them.

The oldest appeared to be in her twenties. The other two were around Carrie's age. They were all in tight dresses, and there was no way they were going to ride in them. Carrie dismounted, and suggested another trip to the mercantile, after pointing out the obvious to Will.

Luckily, the girls knew some English. They found out that the girls' families had sold them for a silver each. They looked scared, but resigned to their fate. They said little, until they discovered that they were expected to wear pants. The oldest seemed horrified at the thought, but the other two thought it was funny, at least until they found out why.

It appeared that none of them had ever been on a horse, and they weren't too pleased that they soon would have the experience. Eventually they were outfitted, and mounted. Will hated to do it but Carrie understood when he put one behind her and two on Jughead. It turned out to be a good idea. The wrong people must have found out about the gold.

They were roughly three miles from town when two men stepped out of the bushes fifty feet in front of them. Will had seen the movement and stopped, turning his mount slightly sideways. Carrie had seen it too and stopped beside him.

The two rough and unkempt troublemakers didn't waste any time. They both had some really old looking flintlock pistols, but at the moment they were pointed downward.

The one on the right boasted, "Pretty boy like you don't need no woman, much less three. And the little boy sho' don't, neither! We'll be nice this time an' jus' take 'em of ya' han's, 'long with any golds y' haint done spent!"

Will calmly replied, "I don't think so. I'll tell you what though... I'm feelin' generous today, also. Y'all drop them toys an' skeedaddle, an' I won't kill ya."

Their answer was a snarl, and the two started to lift their pistols. Even though theirs weren't holstered, they never got off a shot. Will took the one on the right, first. By the time he turned to the one to the left, it was too late. Carrie had hit hers in the same spot Will had nailed his. It seemed odd that they both chose the nose as a target.

Will dismounted and checked them out. A cursory examination proved they were dead. Their pistols were junk, so he left them. He found a few coppers on them and put one on each of their eyes, leaving them where they fell. Carrie looked at him strangely but he just shrugged, and headed off into the brush. Five minutes later he came back leading two decrepit looking mounts, and they continued on their way. The three girls had remained silent throughout the confrontation. They remained quiet, the rest of the way home.

The first sound they made after they arrived at the cabin was rather annoying. Carrie turned on the lights, and all three girls screamed as they bolted back out the door. It took some cajoling to get them back in, but eventually, it was done. Will left Carrie to deal with them while he unsaddled, groomed, fed, watered, and cleaned.

By the time he got back inside, it was dusk, and supper was ready. The newcomers didn't know what to make of chili. Will had started a batch in the crock-pot, before he and Carrie had left for town. The girls were hungry enough not to ask questions, though. Those came afterward.

Will finally got their names out of them, after a bit. The oldest was Lian, and the other two were Genji and Wei. Lian thought she was twenty-two, but she wasn't really sure. Genji was fifteen, and Wei was an astonishing twenty! The younger two were sisters, and Lian was their cousin. They had been sold in Frankville. From the description, Will thought that might be San Francisco.

After the basics, things got interesting.

Wei asked, "Master, which one us you fuck first?"

Carrie cracked up, but Will about choked on his coffee.

Before he managed to ask what she was talking about Lian said, "Wei, it is obvious that I should be first, because I am the oldest. Do not ask silly questions. Besides, the master may want the young one to have you first, since you are the smallest of us."

Now, Will got to laugh at Carries expense. She didn't appreciate it.

She stood and took off her vest and shirt before saying, "Sorry, ya'll, but I ain't equipped for it!"

Lian spluttered, "So sorry! Did not know, with clothes like man! How could you shoot man? You are woman!" Her perfect English seemed forgotten completely as she kept going, adding "So strange, you two! Magic light, strange weapon! You sorcerer?"

She finally wound down and Will took over

"Listen up, you three. You're going to see some strange things, here. You must never, ever, tell anybody about them. It isn't magic, but it is hard to explain. It's what we call science."

He started making it up as he went along, after that.

"We're inventors, you see. We made these things. But if folks found out about them, they would try to steal them, and to kill us. We must hide them to be safe."

He then ventured into the subject he would rather avoid. "Carrie is my wife. Where we come from, a man and woman only marry out of love. We don't believe in owning another person. Men and women have the same rights, also."

They had to stop there, as they tried to get the girls to understand what 'rights' were. They weren't sure they were believed, before Will gave up, and went on.

"Most men and women, where we come from, only have one mate. I will never force any of you to bed me. In fact if it ever does happen, Carrie would have to be the one who approves. I will never do that, unless my wife agrees."

Genji started to cry, and Carrie was looking a little misty eyed for some reason. She asked the Genji why she was upset.

"Master not like us! He think we ugly! Why else he won't fuck us?" she wailed.

Will decided to try another tactic.

"Genji, I think you are all very pretty, and very desirable. But those two conditions must be met. Carrie must agree, and it must be of your own free will. There is another thing I must ask you, if you don't mind."

Genji wiped her eyes and said, "You are the master, I cannot mind. I belong you!"

This was getting frustrating but he went on anyway "Do you know what you are asking me to do?"

She nodded "Yes. Master always fuck slave girl!"

He tried again "How many masters have you had?"

She looked confused and Lian answered, "You are our first master. I think I know what you are asking. It is a strong rule that the men who buy and sell slaves, must not fuck them. This is because slaves with child do not sell. Some men do not follow this rule, but for us, they did. None of us have ever been with a man."

Will just nodded, and asked Carrie to show them how the plumbing worked while he got some air. She seemed to understand as he headed for the barn. Will cleaned his revolver. Then he grabbed a box before filling it up with a few items in barn's basement, and heading back. Carrie was at the table cleaning her Colt. She perked up when he handed her a bottle.

He had bottled all of his beer in quart containers, with a flip top rubber cork. He had to show Carrie how to open hers. She hadn't had ale before, but decided she liked it a lot.

She had more than a little on her mind, too.

"Will" she began "I don't know that I've mentioned it yet, but I'm in love with you. I consider myself your wife, and I want to have your children, even if it kills me. I don't know what's happened to us, but our illnesses might not even be there anymore. I think whatever it was that put us here, somehow cured what was wrong with us. I've never felt healthier than I do right now.

"I also can't figure out why it didn't seem to bother either of us when we killed those men. That was something I wouldn't have believed I could ever do, but it seemed natural, somehow."

She paused and took a deep breath and slowly released it.

"I talked to the girls, and we have to keep them here, probably for their entire lives. If we turn them loose, they'll be slaves, or dead, in less than a week. The second choice would probably be better. I know this is going to sound strange, but you should make them your wives, too. It's the only way to keep them safe."

Will bristled, and blurted, "Carrie, I am not about to rape anyone, and I'm sure not about to own anyone. I love you, too. You are all I need, but if it will keep them safe they are welcome to stay for as long as they want."

Carrie walked over and plopped in his lap

"That won't work," she explained. "For starters, all three want to jump your bones. Yoy can forget about forcing them. If you don't sleep with them, they're liable to rape you. Think of it this way... Would you want to spend your entire life without a partner? Especially when someone you desired was having their brains boffed out every night, while you had to listen? It would be like a prison to them. If you really don't believe in slavery, you have to let them be free. I've thought about it. I'm willing to share, provided you agree."

Will just nodded before he kissed her.

When she stood up, Carrie yelled, "GIRLS!"

The three ladies emerged from the bathroom. All of them must have decided it was too warm in the house, because they left their clothes behind. They lined up as for inspection from the tallest to the shortest. All three passed with flying colors. Lian was the tallest at about 5'8" or so. She was had a very slender build, and had long black hair that reached to her waist. She was smaller on top than Carrie, but almost as delicious looking. Genji was next at about 5'5". Other than facial features and height, she could have been Lian's twin.

Wei was much shorter, probably less than 5' tall. Her breasts were much smaller than the other girls, but she was sporting a nice triangle of bush, down below. He was beginning to believe that she really was the second oldest. The sight of them had Will feeling frisky, so he asked why the other beauty in the room wasn't naked.

In less than a minute Carrie was between Lian and Genji, wearing nothing but a smile. She was a stark contrast to the others. Carrie and Lian were the same height, but that's where the similarity ended. Carrie's breasts were 36C whereas Lian was maybe a 34B if you were generous. Carrie's hips were also wider, and her hair was blond and shoulder length.

On impulse, Will moved in front of Wei and kissed her. She obviously had no idea what to do and was shocked silly but a few caresses in the proper places soon had her squirming and enthusiastic.

She was wide-eyed and breathless when he moved to Genji, but before he could begin, Carrie cleared her throat. She told him he should get naked, before he did anything else. She informed Will that he was not allowed to help, as they descended on him. In maybe thirty seconds, he was bare-assed. His clothes were folded, and he was in front of the lineup again, with three sets of eyes locked on his erection. Carrie was wearing a shit-eating grin.

Genji was not shy at all, and didn't want to stop when Will did. Carrie pried her off. Whatever it was that Carrie whispered in the girl's ear made Genji smile. Carrie was next, and Will thought he'd never get to Lian.

Carrie put his dick between her thighs and laid a colossal lip-lock on him while she proceeded to give herself a good pussy rubbing. She made sure she got her rocks off, before dismounting and gasping "next!" Lian must have gotten exited by the show, because Will's pecker ended up in the same place. It was a very hot and moist experience.

Lian didn't move as much, until Will got his hands on her ass. After that, she was almost as enthusiastic as Carrie. Eventually, it had the same result. Carrie caught the older girl as she almost fell down. The look in Lian's eyes almost made Will drill her on the spot.

Wei broke the tension when she pouted, saying, "No fair! Master was wearing clothes when he kiss me!"

Will figured, 'what the hell' and went to the front of the line. He picked her up by her butt cheeks. She latched on to him, and situated his dick where it had been on the others. She may have been smaller, but she wasn't any less wet down there. He had to stop her twice, when she tried to arrange it so he entered her, before she squealed her release.

Naturally that prompted a pout from Genji. She had been left hanging, since everyone but she and Will had gotten off. He shocked them all, when he dropped to his knees in front of her, and dove in. Less than five minutes later, Wei and Carrie caught Genji as she collapsed to the floor, in a screaming mass of jelly.

His 'boss' then informed him that tonight he was sleeping with her, and that tomorrow he was to make the other three of his wives happy, after re-arranging some furniture upstairs.

There were two queen size beds up there that she figured would fit in one room so they could all sleep together. Will asked if she thought he was super human or something, because three in one day was out of the realm of possibility.

She just smirked and pointed out that their second night he had managed five times.

"Tomorrow," she added, "you only need to manage four."

Will just groaned, and headed to bed. Carrie got the girls settled in their room upstairs.

When Carrie joined him, he quickly discovered that foreplay wasn't necessary. She practically swallowed him whole! As horny as he was, it wasn't long before he erupted. She kept going until he was hard again, then impaled herself before riding him like a bronc. In three strokes she started a very vocal orgasm which seemed to go on for hours before he joined her. He had just enough time to see the peeping pixies at the door before sleep took him.

Will was the last one up the next morning. The hen party in the kitchen was what woke him. He almost fell over, when he saw the giggling mass of naked females running all over the place.

When they noticed him, they all lined up in the same order as last night.

They all bowed, and Carrie said, "Good morning, Master! Your harem awaits you. How may we serve you?"

This started another round of giggling until Will clapped his hands once, loudly. It was like flipping a switch.

"Look," he said, "I hope this is a joke. My name is Will. I am no ones 'master'. I will love you and care for you, but I will never have any of you as slaves. If you stay with me. I will consider you my wives, but I will never think of you as property."

Three of them were in tears, and Carrie spoke up, "I'm sorry Will. I should have told you. I went over it with them last night. I think they almost believed me when I told them the same thing. We were just having some fun, and didn't mean it."

He kissed her and pinched her nude bottom.

When she squealed he said "OK, where's my breakfast, wench?"

She was trying to look angry as she rubbed her ass cheek, but the laughter of the others made it too difficult.

As soon as they finished eating, the 'new additions' scampered back up the stairs. When he asked, Carrie informed him that they were dusting and cleaning. He was not to interrupt them, because they had a surprise for him later.

She and Will kept busy with chores, and a tour of the things Carrie hadn't seen yet. Will got more than he bargained for, because she kept discovering things that needed to be carried to the cabin.

After that, she wanted to know about the different machines. How he made beer, how he was going to make the 'shine... Finally, after discovering his little blacksmith/gunsmith room, she wanted to know how he reloaded shells.

Both were exhausted by dinnertime, and were about to head back to the cabin. They were delayed, however.

It seems that the doorway was blocked by a giant!

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