Ben Jacks Off and Shows Off
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Sister, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ben likes to jack off and finds out that jacking off in front of other people, like his sister is even a bigger turn on. The fact that he has a cock that just keeps growing and can ejaculate over and over just helps keep things moving along.

Ben's cock felt great as he slowly ran his hand up and down the hard shaft of his stiff erection. The fat head was flaring out and he was looking forward to an extended jack off session. He was in his room, his favorite porn scenes were playing across the computer screen. Ben liked to watch women masturbate as he jacked off. He especially liked to watch skinny girls with big natural tits masturbate. Something about their big tits shaking as they climaxed got him off every time.

The blond he was watching now, her name showed as Hope on the screen, was perfect for him. She was about 5' 2" or so and very thin except for her big grapefruit sized tits. He especially liked her big nipples and the way that she tugged and twisted the thick, pink pointed tips as she rubbed her clit with her other hand.

Hope was really going at it on the screen and she appeared to be close to climax. Her chest was flushed and her breath was coming in gasping heaves. Her pussy was soaking wet and he could hear the slurping sound her fingers made as she stroked her clit feverishly. Ben was jacking slowly, holding off his own orgasm to get off with the girl on his computer screen. His cock was wet with pre-cum and slid easily through his fist as he pumped himself.

Hope let out a loud moan of pleasure and said, "Fuck, yes I'm cumming. Fuck, fuck I'm there."

Ben pumped his cock quickly and brought himself to orgasm, his cock erupted in a long stream of jizz that spurted across the towel he had placed on the carpet for just such a reason. Hope's pussy was convulsing and Ben focused on her hard, crinkled nipples as she tugged and pulled them throughout her orgasm. He shot five or six long streams of jizz onto the towel and then slowly pumped his swelling cock as he watched Hope slowly stroke her sizzling pussy. He knew from watching this movie before that she was going to stroke herself up to a couple of more orgasm and Ben intended to match her stroke for stroke.

Ben was a rare man who could go time after time when jacking off or fucking. His cock just swelled a bit bigger after every orgasm and he could just keep going. His cock started off average size, maybe five or so inches, but by the end of a marathon session of six or seven orgasms he would have swelled to a nine inch monster that had doubled in circumference.

He was thinking about switching over to a different movie when a sense that he was not alone anymore tickled his mind. He spun around, flipping his gym shorts back up and over his hard cock and saw who had been watching him.

He realized that his sister Sue was standing there. "What the fuck are you doing? I thought you were at work."

Sue just leered at him and said, "I got off early. I didn't expect to come home and find you jacking off. Are you done now?"

"Just leave me the fuck alone. Jesus, shut the door and leave me alone. What the fuck is wrong with you."

She slinked closer to him, her eyes fixed on the bulge of his cock jutting out the front of his shorts. "Nothing is wrong with me, and obviously nothing is wrong with you. Does it always do that?"

"Do what?"

"You know get bigger after you get off. It was getting bigger after you, well you know came."

Ben tried to keep his patience, "Look just get out of here. I don't really think I should be talking with you about this. This is heading for the fucking weird zone if you know what I mean."

Sue was not going to take no for an answer, "I don't mind, really I don't. Are you going to keep going? Can I just watch you some more? I won't say anything."

"So what you want me to do it in front of you?"

Sue's eyes were alight with lust as she said, "Yes, let me watch you. I have never seen it close up."

"What are you going to do for me?" Ben finally asked her.

Sue finally seemed to realize that she was not ready to go too far as she said, "Well I am not going to let you touch me if that is what you are thinking. I just want to watch you. What do you care, you are going to do it anyway. I just want to watch."

Ben held his ground as he answered her, "Yeah I am going to do it anyway, but I want to get something out of it. I can do it with you watching or not. So again, what's in it for me?"

Sue stood in the doorway thinking, Ben could see her chewing on her bottom lip like she always did when she was thinking about something. Ben found it incredibly sexy, and he could feel his cock twitching with lust as he looked at his sister.

"How about if I let you see my tits?" She asked him finally.

Ben thought for a moment and said, "That will do it for today. Come on show them to me. I need to cum."

Ben's sister Sue was dark haired, with blue eyes and an athletic, lithe body that made her look taller than the 5' 6" she was. Her tits were small, but looked very firm and Ben was always sneaking looks at her when she was bending over, or wearing low cut tops. Ben knew that she wore padded bras that made her look bigger than she was. He had snuck into her room and jacked off on her bra a couple of times and was amazed at its thick padding.

They stood their looking at each other for a moment and then Ben broke the spell by pulling down his gym shorts letting his rock hard cock free to swing out in front of him. "Now show me your tits he said to his sister as he started to slowly jack off with his hand.

Sue eyes were fixed on his cock and she did nothing until Ben snapped at her, Come on Sue do your part. Show me your tits."

She pulled her tight Abercrombie t-shirt up and over her head leaving her standing there in her bra and short black skirt. Ben noticed how nice her legs looked and how her firm tight ass really filled out the skirt. Then she reached back and unsnapped the bra, letting it fall forward to reveal her firm tits to him. Her nipples were pink, with big nipples and small tight perfectly round areoles surrounding them. She reached up and rubbed her left nipple as she watched Ben pound his cock into his fist.

Fuck, your tits look great Ben moaned as he masturbated in front of his now topless sister. Fuck just looking at them makes me wants to cum."

Sue cupped her small breasts and asked him, "You don't think they are too small?"

"No, I don't," Ben Answered quickly. "Your fucking nipples are so big and stiff. It really turns me on. It is some much better than jacking off to a picture. Fuck I'm cumming," Ben moaned loudly as he jerked his cock into his fist and squeezed it tight as he shot his wad, shooting the long strings of cum on the same towel his had popped his nuts off on before.

Ben's eyes were fixed on his sister's big, stiff nipples as he got off and he asked her, "Does it feel good when you touch your nipples." He kept pumping his cock as he finished his orgasm and he could feel it swelling, growing larger as he jacked off.

"Yeah, it feels real good," Sue answered him as she brought her other hand up to twist and pluck at her swollen nipples. "It makes me feel all tingly down there. It makes me feel so fucking turned on."

She moved closer to Ben as he started to rapidly pound his cock again. His hand was rapidly moving up and down his thick vein covered shaft. His fat cock head was thick and huge and she could not believe that it would fit inside her, it was so big.

Fuck my cock feels so good. Fuck it turns me on to look at you. Do you get yourself off too? Tell me how you do it sis; tell me how you make yourself cum."

She avoided his question and said, "What are you thinking about right now. What do you think about when you jack off?"

"Uhhh fuck, I think about your nipples and how I would like to fuck your pussy. Fucking cum all over your tits, have you suck me off and let me cum in your mouth, or blow my load all over your face."

Sue had moved very close to Ben's big cock and she was mesmerized by the sight of his fat cock head pumping through his hand over and over as he fisted his hard cock. Fuck I'm going to cum again Ben moaned as she leaned even closer to his cock. Ben stood on his tip toes as he reached an intense orgasm, his first long stream of cum rocketed from his cock and blasted Sue right in the cheek.

She let out a squeal of surprise and sat back on the floor. Ben moved over her and jacked the rest of his load allover her face and tits as she watched him dumbfounded. Ben's cock felt so good he could hardly stand it. Cumming on his sister's tits was turning him on even more. He kept pumping his cock, enjoying the feel of it swelling and growing bigger as he continued to jack off.

He looked down and saw that Sue's skirt had ridden up as she fell back and her white panties were exposed. He could see a wet spot were her cunt has leaked. Ben realized that his sister was getting really turned on. She was playing with his sticky cum that coated her big, stiff nipples. Rubbing and teasing her nipples as she smeared his cum all over her small firm tits. He wondered if he could push her to do more for him.

"How many times can you do it?" Sue asked him breaking Ben out of his nasty line of thoughts.

"I go until my hand gets too tired to jack off with anymore. Usually six or seven times, something like that. By than my cock is so sensitive I can hardly stand to touch it. You look like you are getting pretty turned on yourself there," Ben commented drawing her eye to her wet white panties.

Sue stood up quickly covering her underwear again. "Let's just make this about you OK? I am showing you my tits and that is all you get. Just keep going, show me what you can do."

"You are such a fucking slutty tease. I ought to stop right now unless you show me your pussy," Ben threatened.

Sue blushed red but did not back down as she said, "You like my tits and I think you will keep going as long as you get to watch me play with my nipples." Sue teased her right nipple as she said this, pulling the thick pink nub out away from her firm tits. "You liked cumming on my tits and I think you want to do it again, don't you?"

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