The Ladies' Society
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After rereading Erotica Author's "The Sermon" I got the idea for this story which owes much to Noe & Barreiro's "The Convent of Hell" and the "Hilda" comic series by Kovacq. It starts slowly, but soon gets up a head of steam.

Fiona Clansman parked her car and dashed into the school. It was Parent's Evening and she was running late. Although her two offspring, Russell (Russ) 17, and Elizabeth (Lizzie) 16, had no academic issues that needed addressing, Fiona felt that they, she and her husband Edward (Ted) had to show support for their children with the staff of the school. Ted was unavailable (working late again) and so Fiona had yet again to fly another one solo.

As she rushed through the foyer, she caught a glimpse of the Principal, Ms. Grange and for a moment, she thought she saw a greenish light in her eyes almost like a cat in the dark. As she was late and needed to get to Mrs Lambert's office for her first appointment, she did not think too much about it, but the impression of those shining eyes had been irrevocably burnt into her subconscious.

As the evening wore on and she moved from each appointment to the next, those eyes, particularly their luminescence began to haunt her thoughts. She was stunned to realise she was sexually aroused and her panties were soaked. Now, Fiona Clansman did not consider herself a highly sexed individual, indeed her husband had long since given up reminding her of that fact. She was not an easy woman to arouse and the current state of her vagina was surprising given she had not been in a sexual situation. The more she recalled those eyes, the more excited she became.

Why has another woman apparently wound her up like this. 'I'm not a lesbian' she thought as she waited for her last appointment to receive her. 'I did have an adolescent crush on one of my teachers' she mused, 'and Sheila Tarrant and I petted quite heavily at university, but I'm a married woman now. They don't dabble in such vices.'

"Mrs. Clansman, Mrs. Clansman, earth to Mrs. Clansman?" The last teacher to see her brought out of her reverie.

"Oh I do apologise, I was miles away" she laughed.

"I noticed, please come in. Before we start, Ms. Grange asked if you would call by her office before you leave. I believe it is about Russell's options for college. Now, about his sister,..."

The mention of Ms. Grange's name and the thought of being alone with her induced a spontaneous minor orgasm into the body of a woman who had yet to experience such pleasure. "Mrs. Clansman, are you alright, you look very flushed?"

"Ah, erm, I think so" and thinking on her feet spluttered, "you will have this coming to you eventually, dammed hot flushes!"

"Surely you're not that old Mrs. Clansman?"

"We all have it at different ages dear, I've hit them earlier than most."

The teacher seemed to be mollified. "Well if you are sure you are OK. The school medical facility is available if you need it."

"Thank you, yes. Now, you were saying?"

As she made her way to Ms. Grange's office after a thundering subconscious debate with her better judgement, her better judgement had never given the sort of pleasure and excitement she was feeling now, she was getting ever more excited. As she stopped outside the Principal's door, she climaxed again. The swoon she felt forced her to reach out for the wall to steady herself. Her nickers were a sodden mess, she could smell her arousal which seem to reinforce it and her panty-hose was wet through, almost to her knees. Thank heavens she had worn a long heavy skirt.

She knocked on the door. Ms. Grange opened it almost immediately. "Come on in, it is Mrs Clansman is it not?"


"Sit down dear lady." Fiona sat in one of the two chairs in front of the Principal's desk. "Would you like some tea?"

"Tea would be nice, black, no sugar." Fiona took in the woman as she busied herself making the tea. She was statuesque, about five-ten or eleven and a superb figure — 'one to die for' mused Fiona — dressed in a grey trouser suit and black blouse. The shoes she wore must have had four inch heels. She handed Fiona the cup of tea and took the seat next to her.

"This is not about Russell's options, that is for another time. While you have been in this school tonight, you have been sexually aroused haven't you?"

Fiona was shocked at Ms. Grange's forthrightness and her awareness of her predicament. "Ah, em, oh, y-y-yes" she whispered, not knowing who would hear if she spoke up. "How did you know?"

"Stand up and look in that mirror" Fiona did as bid and Ms. Grange stood at her shoulder. "Look at my eyes." Fiona could not resist and again the luminous green light was evident.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a second source of the same light. In her own eyes. "Oh shit" she gasped, "what is doing that?" The light in her tormentor's eyes drew her own back. Her libido was now a runaway juggernaut. "Oh God, I just orgasmed again. Never before, ever have I had sensations like this running through my body."

"Sit back down" Ms. Grange commanded and guided her back to her chair. When they were both seated, she continued. "What you have got is a genetic, er, how can I put this, er, anomaly. You are descended — through the female line — from a quasi religious sisterhood. Your mother had it and Elizabeth will have it also."

"But how come I've never noticed it before? Mother did not have cat's eyes, nor does Lizzie." Fiona was a little frightened now.

"Because you had not been called as I called you this evening" smiled the Principal.

"Why tonight, why am I called anyway?"

"Because we need another sister for our group."

"Group, what group? What do they do?"

"What I am going to tell you now is of the utmost secrecy. To protect ourselves, you have been given a preparation in that tea that will erase this discussion from your memory." Now Fiona was frightened and stood to leave. "It will not harm you. If you wish to take this further, we will talk again."

"How will I know if I want to talk again?"

You will not forget your arousal or orgasms you experienced tonight, nor the cat's eyes." She laughed at Fiona's description. "You will return, because you will want that pleasure again. With us you will be able to have it in buckets."

"Will I?" Fiona was becoming enamoured with the possibilities.

"When you return, if you want to of course, I will explain more to you. Make a provisional date in your diary now so that you will know we have an appointment here next Friday evening."

Fiona rummaged in her handbag and withdrew her pocket diary. With the little pencil that comes with them, she scribbled in Ms Grange. "What time?" she enquired.

"Will five in the evening be suitable?"

5pm She put her diary back and moved to the door. "Goodnight Ms Grange."

"Goodnight" The green light held her stood in the doorway, her arousal again rocketing upwards. "Do you want to orgasm again?"

"Oh yes, yes please."

"So polite" the light got more intense and Fiona came. The intensity stronger than the earlier ones such that she had to hold on to the door and wall to avoid collapsing on to the floor.

"I think you had better go now, my dear. Goodnight."

Fiona went straight to the ladies toilet and stripped of her panties and hose and stuffed them on her bag. She then tried to clean herself as best she could with school issue tissue. The contact of the tissue on her vulva made her gasp. What also made her gasp was that her clitoris appeared to have grown, then she remembered that it did when one was sexcited, but that big, it must be at least an inch high!

She composed herself as best she could and set off to her car. She was thankful that the parent's evening was winding down and those remaining were mainly staff busy tidying up. She got to her car an sat behind the wheel trying to remember what the Principal had been saying. Once she felt calm enough to drive home, she stared the engine, reversed out of her prking space and set off for home.

Ted's car was still not at home when she arrived. "I'll bet he's got some little floozy somewhere, probably one of the office sluts" she said under her breath as she made her way up to the front door. The cool air creeping up under her skirt as she walked and reaching her naked nether regions, was a new pleasant experience. It added to the afterglow of her earlier orgasms. Now that she felt reasonably in control of herself, the unavoidable mental analysis of the evening's events had started in her mind.

"I'm home" she shouted to whoever was in the house. "Has your father been in touch yet?"

Lizzie came out of the kitchen with a sombre look on her face, "Not verbally, but I found this behind the door earlier." She handed her mother a brown envelope with her name on it in Her father's handwriting.

Fiona held the envelope, half knowing what would be inside, but still reluctant to face up to the inevitable.

"Don't you think you had better open it Mummy" Lizzie urged. She and Russ were aware of their parents' marital problems and both were siding with their mother to whom they were closest. Ted had been a reluctant parent. She put her arm around her mother's shoulders and guided her into the family room.

They both sat down on the couch and Fiona stole herself to open the envelope and extract the single sheet of paper. She unfolded it and they started to read the hand written contents.

Dear Fiona

We both know that our relationship has developed a sterility that is driving us apart. I need, no I think we both need some space to think and assess what needs to be done. Be assured that there is no one else involved. I do love you, but it has become a love more of respect than passion. Passion has unfortunately become a stranger to us.

If you need to talk about this, but I don't believe you will at least initially, I still have the same mobile 'phone. I am staying with mother initially, until I can make more convenient arrangements.



Fiona stared at the letter, she had expected something to happen, it had to. They could not carry on as things were, but this letter was still a shock to her.

"I'd like to say that there was another woman, it would somehow, perversely make it easier, but knowing your dad there isn't. His sense of honour would not allow him to mislead us." Fiona started to sob.

Lizzie pulled her mother into her embrace. "Let it come out Mummy" she said, "you'll feel better afterwards."

Russ appeared at the door and his sister motioned to him to be quiet and pointed to the letter indicating that he should read it. Eventually Fiona calmed down and looked at them both. "I can't even rant and rave at him" she said quietly, "the bastard has..."

"MUMMY!" Lizzie admonished, "your language! You never swear like that."

"No I bloody well don't" she rejoined, "I've never had my husband walk out on me either."

They sat quietly for a while, all with their own thoughts. Fiona's were of a statuesque woman with green eyes, she could feel her vulva moistening again.

Russ interrupted her thoughts. "Can we ask how it went at school?"

"Oh God, I had completely forgotten!" Fiona gasped. "Oh it went OK as it always has done with you two. All your teachers Russ, kept going on about your college options. And your drama teacher Lizzie, thinks you are good enough for a good drama school, even RADA!" She looked lovingly at her beautiful daughter. "I think though that you need to consider that option very carefully. Acting is a precarious profession. 'Don't put your daughter on the stage Mrs Clansman' and all that." The brief Noel Coward refrain bringing a smile to all their faces. "Other than that, and that" she pointed to the letter, "all is well in our world."

"Mummy" Lizzie turned to her mother, "please think hard about why Daddy would go. If you have become incompatible, then end it amicably."

"Oh Lizzie" she took her daughter into her arms, "I love your dad in the same way he wrote that he loves me. We both have too much respect for one another to start an unseemly fight. I knew something like this was coming. It was the timing and the manner of it that surprised me. I had expected a 'dear John' letter from a love nest."

"We'll be there for you Mum" Russ said.

"I know Son" she smiled at him. She disentangled herself from Lizzie. "Now look, I don't want either of you to put the blame for this solely on Ted. It takes two to tango and I have got to come to terms with my own shortcomings. I think your Gran has a lot to answer for here and I am going to have a long talk with her at some point." For some reason, she was aware that she needed to see Ms. Granger again first. "Then I want to talk with you two to make sure that you don't fall unwittingly into the same trap your father and I have."

The three of them grouped into a huddle and held each other for comfort.

Eventually, Fiona broke the embrace. "Right, I am making a nightcap and then I'm going to bed. I'll see you both in the morning.

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