Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, BiSexual, TransGender, Hermaphrodite, Horror, Vampires, Incest, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Humiliation, Sadistic, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Pregnancy, Body Modification,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Detective Cassi Taylor is on the trail of a most unusual vampire. Or is it the other way around?

The cocktail party was the usual mix of the affluent and the striving-to-be-affluent, the women in elegant dresses and the men in their tuxes resembling uncomfortable penguins, standing in groups and chatting about absolutely nothing important. The mansion was elegant, the wine from an exclusive cellar and hors d'oeuvres provided by the finest of caterers. Servants moved from group to group serving drinks while a stringed ensemble played lightly in the background.

Kathy Fleming stood among a group of admiring men as she always did. At twenty-seven she was the most delicious piece of eye candy in the room. Long blonde hair and soft features with a slightly upturned nose which complemented the sparkle in her cobalt blue eyes. Her figure was to kill for and the center of attention of every man in the room. Yes, Kathy was vivacious -- Kathy was charming -- Kathy was beautiful and -- Kathy was a golddigger. She admitted it and it was a running source of humor between the sensuous blonde and her husband Russell. Russell Fleming, fifty-nine, had inherited an industrial empire and then, to his credit, had expanded that empire and increased its wealth by a factor of three. He had discovered Kathy dancing in an off broadway production, wined and dined her and within a month had asked her to marry him. She was at first reluctant. Russell was a great deal older than she and hardly handsome, but when he had showered her with expensive jewelry and a new Porshe and she discovered just how much Russell Fleming was really worth, her decision was a foregone conclusion. They were married a few weeks later, honeymooned on an around the world trip and settled into a lifestyle of jetsetting, five luxurious homes on three continents and a private sixty-five foot yacht aboard which they spent a great deal of each summer cruising the world's oceans and visiting exotic ports of call.

Despite marrying Russell for his money, Kathy had become a model wife. Even though she loved, but was not in love with her husband, she had grown to admire and respect him. She and Russell had become quite the philanthropists donating impressive amounts to various charities and causes. Kathy now did volunteer work at one of the major hospitals and sat on the board of directors of two children's charities. Russell never tired of telling her how proud of her he was, how she had remade herself into an unselfish, caring person who was making a positive difference in the lives of so many.

Another thing about which Kathy could have been proud was the fact that she had remained faithful to her husband. Oh, there had been plenty of chances to stray. A woman as beautiful as she was constantly reminded of her desirability by the number of propositions she received from admirers, both male and female. Despite the number and frequency of those come-ons (some from extremely handsome men and beautiful young women) she had taken her marriage vows seriously and turned them all down. Her love life might not be all it could be, but she had grown to truly care for Russell and would never do anything to hurt him. She was happy. She was content. Maybe life wasn't perfect, but she had learned to take pleasure from bringing pleasure to others. That was enough. Russell had taught her that, and she loved him for it.

She smiled indulgently as each man in the group tried to impress her with his wit or an amusing story. None were of the least interest to her but they were friends of Russell and she felt obligated to endure their awkward, almost comical attempts to garner her approval.

Kathy was ready to excuse herself and find Russell who had disappeared with an old hunting buddy who he hadn't seen in years, when she felt an inexplicable and overwhelming urge to look toward the front entrance. Her eyes strayed from the group of admirers and were immediately riveted to those of the woman who had just entered. The woman was tall, approaching six feet and statuesque, the body-clinging dress revealing melon sized breasts, tiny waist and curvaceous hips and legs. Her age was indeterminate. Kathy thought perhaps fiftyish. But despite the hour glass figure and sensual dress which exposed as much as even a modicum of taste would allow, it was the woman's eyes which caught and held Kathy's. The face was long and angular, lips pouting in self assurance and definitely transmitting a code which took no effort to decipher. But those eyes, black orbs into which Kathy felt she was being pulled even from across the room, held the young wife spellbound.

The woman smiled, almost a smirk, and Kathy again felt an invisible yet irresistible urge as if she was being summoned. She tried to shake it off, concentrate on the conversation of the men around her, yet could not. She tried breaking eye contact, but that too was denied her as the power sweeping over her increased and she felt a compulsion to obey.

She had at first simply been intrigued by the magnetism of the strange woman. Now, however, there was a trace of fear as she tried to move away, turn her back, yet found herself instead, excusing herself from the group of men and beginning to make her way toward the mesmerizing creature who simply smiled and waited.

Kathy noticed the woman looked at no one else and herself seemed almost invisible to all others at the party. As strikingly beautiful as she was, no one, man or woman, approached her. Even the servants bypassed her as they circulated among the guests. Kathy was feeling the first signs of panic as her legs continued to carry her directly toward the woman though she was availing herself of every ounce of resistance she could muster. She willed herself to stop, turn and run, scream if necessary, yet there was no change in her silent odyssey across the crowded room.

Yet another cause of concern for Kathy was that the closer she got to the woman the more her resistance weakened and she found herself wanting to obey the subliminal commands which were getting more powerful, in fact so powerful Kathy felt as if she were caught in a whirlpool pulling her irreversibly toward an unknown abyss.

Beads of perspiration stood on Kathy's forehead as she, at last, neared the object of her fascination and torment. The woman's outline seemed to glow and it occurred to Kathy that perhaps her tormentor emitted some form of aura which indeed rendered her non existent to all others in the room.

At last Kathy stood within arms length, bathed in the eminence of this siren whose call, inaudible though it might be, was indeed irresistible. The industrialist's wife almost swayed in the power she felt surging around and through her. The fear was gone now, replaced by an acceptance of her subservience and sensual attraction to this mysterious creature.

"Who... who are you?" Kathy breathed.

"You may call me Leonora," came back the voice, icy, dominant.

"What do you want?"

A wicked smile appeared on Leonora's lips as her eyes roamed over Kathy's body. "I should think that would be obvious." The older woman nodded to the elegant stairway, her voice commanding. "Upstairs, second door on the left. Two minutes."


"Two minutes," came the voice laced with impatience.

Kathy stood spellbound as she watched the woman ascend the stairs, turn and eye her a final time and disappear down the second floor hallway.

Kathy's mind reeled. Who was this woman, this Leonora? Why did she seem to hold such power and why did she want her? Did she mean what Kathy thought she meant. Surely she couldn't have meant...

The young wife shook her head as if to clear it of such thoughts and especially to shake off the spell or whatever it was that seemed to hold her within its grip. Yet when she tried to turn away, find Russell, she could not. Her eyes remained fixed upon the stairway and Kathy suddenly realized her panties were soaking wet. Her heart was racing and her breathing labored. An image of Leonora flashed through Kathy's mind. She had watched the older woman climb the stairway and glimpsed her shapely leg and thigh through a slit in the dress which had almost reached the waist of the seductress. She gasped slightly as her nipples stiffened and she felt herself become sexually aroused. This was even more puzzling since Kathy was neither lesbian nor bisexual. True she had been hit upon a few times by women, some of them quite lovely, but she had rebuffed them all, not only because of her desire to remain faithful to Russell, but also because she had never experienced any desires towards females. Yet, now, in a crowded room full of people she was as turned on as she had ever been in her life. What was it about that woman? So commanding, so forceful, so -- desirable?

Despite her efforts to the contrary Kathy found herself moving inexorably toward the stairway. Desperately she sought to ask for help, but as she passed by several of the guests her eyes remained on the stairway and she felt an anticipation building within her.

The first step on the stairway was taken slowly as she fought the power and desire of Leonora. However as one foot rose above the other and each step was attained, her pace quickened. By the time she had gained the second floor landing she was hurrying with a sexual urgency she had never before experienced.

She stepped quickly past the first door and halted briefly at the second. A final trace of resistance surfaced only to be swept away as a feather in a windstorm. She felt as if her heart would jump from her chest as she quickly looked around to make sure no one else was aware of her presence. Then slowly she turned the knob and opened the door.

"Come in, Katherine," came the emotionless voice.

She did so, closing the door after her. The room was lit by only a single candle. Leonora stood in the middle of the room, her eyes glistening in the candlelight.

"I don't understand..." began the blonde.

"It's quite simple, really. I have chosen you."

"Chosen me? For what?

"You mean you don't yet know? My dear little Katherine, I'm going to fuck you."

Her gasp was audible and seemed to amuse her older companion.

"But... but... my husband."

"Is otherwise occupied."

"But, I'm not les..."

"That, my dear, hardly matters. I'm about to give you the fuck of your life."

"No, I... that is, I..."

"You want it, Kathy and we both know it. You're wet, aren't you?

The blonde knew it was true, could only avert her eyes in guilt. She tried again to break free of the invisible force compelling her not only to obey, but to want to obey.

"You're hot for me Kathy, aren't you?

Her eyes came up to be captured once again by the mysterious and powerful orbs of her seductress. Kathy wanted to deny Leonora's boast, but inside she knew it was true. Never before had she been the least attracted to even the most beautiful of women, but the strange attraction she had felt the first moment she laid eyes on Leonora had not only grown stronger but was now becoming irresistible. Her heart was pounding, her breathing irregular and her legs and hips began an involuntary grinding which only served to heighten the sensual desire she was feeling for this woman she had never laid eyes upon until just minutes ago.

"Come closer, Katherine," came the seductive command.

"No, I..."

But Kathy felt herself moving nearer to her source of torment.

"Show me your breasts, Kathy."

Even though she shook her head negatively, Kathy's hands betrayed her by unzipping her dress and pulling it to her waist. She tried with all the determination she had left to keep her hands at her sides, but slowly, inexorably the hands again were traitors and the bra was unsnapped allowing it to fall from her, exposing her near perfect breasts.

"Your nipples are hard, Kathy," came the leering observation as Leonora's hands came up to fondle the luscious mounds.

"Pleeeeease," Kathy gasped. "I can't... Oooooooh."

"Kiss me you little cunt," breathed Leonora.

The nearness of the woman, teamed with the power of Leonora's seductive aura, had robbed Kathy of her strength, her will and her ability to resist. The blonde was beside herself with desire, both sexual and the need to surrender to the will of her seductress.

Their lips met in a fiery embrace, the older woman's tongue probing to penetrate Kathy's tender and obedient lips. The young wife squirmed in eagerness as Leonora wrapped her arms strongly around the younger woman and pulled her hard against her. Kathy moaned as she opened her lips allowing the long and powerful tongue to penetrate her mouth. The kisses continued, dropping to neck, throat and finally breasts.

Kathy was now in full surrender, whining as Leonora's teeth bit and sucked on nipples turned hard as granite.

"On your knees, cunt," whispered Leonora and Kathy, because of the tightness of her dress, shed it completely and, in nothing but panties, stockings and high heels, knelt before her new mistress. A single gesture of Leonora's finger and Kathy lifted the dress of the object of her servitude. She gasped, however, as in addition to a pouting vagina she was met with a male appendage as well. And not just any male appendage. The penis was a full fourteen inches long and nearly as thick as Kathy's arm. Most intriguing was that near the base of the shaft was a circular growth, some two inches in diameter and resembling the sucker of an octopus.

As momentarily startled as Kathy was, she was still mindless with desire and so when Leonora commanded, "suck it, cunt!" she complied instantly and enthusiastically.

Kathy was not inexperienced in performing fellatio but while she had always considered Russell to be reasonably well endowed, she had never in her life encountered a penis of such length and girth. Her mouth was stretched to the absolute limit to admit the huge shaft and while she tried deep throating, her throat was nowhere near large enough to admit the ax handle she was attempting to stimulate with her tongue. Nevertheless, she felt it stiffen and increase in size as the erection grew to full size.

"Hmmmm, not bad for such a small mouth," observed Leonora. "Are you ready, Kathy? Are you ready for me to ream that little cunt of yours?"

"Yes, Yes, pleeease!" cried the mindless blonde.

"Then get those panties off and stand against the wall. I like to take my cunts standing up."

The silk panties came down and off immediately and Kathy pressed her back against the wall, her arms open in invitation and supplication.

"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before! Now spread them!" hissed the older woman.

Kathy complied as their bodies merged in another embrace.

"Now take it, cunt!" breathed Leonora as the oversized penis made contact with Kathy's soaking wet labial lips.

"Yes!... YES!... OH GOD, YESSSSSS!" she screamed into Leonora's mouth which covered hers and stifled any sound which might be overheard by someone in the hall.

Kathy had never experienced anything like the shaft which was about to impale her, but her passion was so great and she so mindless with desire her legs spread widely to admit the monstrous penis.

A powerful thrust by Leonora and Kathy's vagina, already stretched to the limit, surrendered to the invasion. Her orgasm was instantaneous. Kathy screamed again, this time in ecstasy, but again her cries were muffled by the kiss of the older woman. Another thrust and another four inches were inside the crazed woman who broke free for but a moment to whisper through her pain and rapture, "I've never had ANYTHING like this -- NEVER! Ohhhhhhhh..." as another orgasm consumed her and her body quivered uncontrollably.

Another thrust and then another and Leonora was completely within the hapless wife.

"I've got a surprise for you," whispered the temptress, "something even better!"

"God, I can't imagine anything better than this," whined Kathy.

"Feel THIS!" said Leonora giving a massive thrust which brought the blonde completely off the floor, pinning her against the wall. Kathy grunted with the pain, but she had only begun to cry out when she felt something close around her engorged clitoris. She suddenly realized it was the sucker she had noticed on the huge shaft.

"What... ?"

"Shhhhhhh, just feel it, my little cunt!"

"Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhh, what are you doin... ieeeeeeeeeee!" cried the blonde as the most powerful orgasm yet tore through her.

"I've attached myself to your clit and now I'm going to feed while you have the fuck of your life!"

Kathy felt a prick of pain as the sucker began constricting until it brought blood. Kathy however was in total rapture as the sucker not only drained her blood, but stimulated her clitoris as never before and the young blonde was simply going from one orgasm to the next, helpless to do anything except climax again and again.

The woman had become putty in Leonora's hands. Pinned against the wall, her feet dangling inches from the floor as her life fluid was being drained, Kathy was totally helpless to resist in any way. Even if she had known she was being bled to death, she would not have, could not have resisted. She was now completely in Leonora's power and the older of the two knew what she wanted from this young and vibrant woman.

But as hot and sumptuous as Kathy's blood was, Leonora was disappointed. She had hoped this one might make a good pawn. Finding a pawn was never easy, but Leonora had now been hunting for weeks without success. Kathy had been promising as had so many others, but she had proven far too easy. In fact she had hardly used her aura at all and the young woman had succumbed almost effortlessly. No, a pawn must have resolve, her will would have to be strong if she was to serve her queen well. This woman, this Katherine, is intelligent enough, she thought, but far too weak to ever serve me -- and not particularly resourceful or cunning either. So she would provide a meal -- nourishment and nothing else and Leonora's hunt for a new pawn would continue while she looked for the ultimate -- a new queen to replace her.

Kathy orgasmed again. They were coming in multiples now and her body was in a continual state of spasm, shaking as if in the throes of a seizure, her eyes closed, her face contorted in both pain and ecstasy as the life slowly drained from her.

Leonora felt the resurgence of energy, her cheeks glowing, her entire body exhibiting a youthful zest she had not felt since feeding almost two weeks ago.

It was a shame, thought Leonora. The girl was beautiful and would make a willing whore-pawn, but besides her obvious weaknesses, the brood was already near maximum number and as her own time of departure neared it was more of an effort to maintain control of so many. So, she held the helpless woman against the wall, impaled by a member that was not only giving her the most exquisite of pleasures but killing her in the process. With each new orgasm blood spurted from Kathy's clitoris and was sucked into Leonora.

Kathy was weak now, not only from the orgasms, but more importantly from the loss of blood. Her body still shook with each new climax but the spasms were not as energetic as before.

Leonora broke the kiss and saw that the woman was nearing unconsciousness, her eyes glazed and her head began to loll from side to side.

"Kathy," whispered Leonora.

"Hmmm," answered the industrialist's wife, her fog weakened mind and tired eyes ready to close forever.

"Again, Kathy my little cunt. Cum again for me."

"... Can't... too... exhausted."

"Yes, my little cunt, you can and will. Then I'll ask no more of you."

The kiss was powerful, Leonora's hands roaming over the soft yet firm breasts and nipples. She increased the power of her aura to excite the young woman a final time. Kathy responded by moaning then whining as a final, monstrous climax shook her body from head to toe.

Leonora felt the body go limp. She stayed within the woman until she felt the heart flutter, race for a moment, then cease.

The aging queen stayed within her for a few more moments sucking every drop of life fluid from the dead woman. Then, Leonora slowly backed away allowing the lifeless body to slide down the wall into a heap at her feet.

Smoothing her dress and glancing in the large dresser mirror, Leonora pouted her lips, coaxed a stray hair back into place, then smiled with approval. She might be old and nearing the end of her reign, but she was still a sensuous woman with enough sex appeal to attract any woman she wanted.

Walking to the door and grasping the handle, she looked back to the near naked, lifeless form, eyes open and unseeing, breasts and nest uncovered, a grotesque doll which might have been thrown against the wall in a fit of anger. Leonora preferred to dispose of her meals where they would never bee found but rarely that was not possible. Oh well, this woman would simply be investigated and then relegated to an unsolved crime file.

"Goodbye Katherine. At least I lived up to my end of the bargain. You did get the fuck of your life."

With a slight smile she slipped from the room closing the door silently behind her.

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