Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a work of my imagination and my daydreams. It tells the story of a happily married young couple and the ruse that was used to lure them into swinging

"I'm close," she gasped into my ear. And that was it

"Me, too. My toes are curling," I managed to say. I could feel the pressure building to a point that couldn't be sustained. I could feel her vagina suddenly go dry and her body trembled and I knew that she was climaxing. There were never many outward signs when she came. He eyes closed and she would shiver and let out a little "oh" and that would be about it. There were never any screams or shouts of "Yes. Yes. Fuck me deep. I'm cumming!!!" No ass rising off the mattress to meet my thrusts. Just "oh" and that was it.

She would assure me that she had orgasms and wasn't faking it. She appeared to be satisfied and never complained about our lovemaking. I chose to believe her for the sake of my ego. I tried to vary my techniques and I spent a considerable amount of time on foreplay in an effort to elicit some greater passionate response. But, nothing seemed to make any difference and eventually I accepted the fact that this "oh" was it.

Evie and I had been married for 6 years. It seemed that she showed more passion and physicality when we were dating. She was French and we had met overseas when I was in the Navy. She was, and still is, a pretty, petite thing. She has a pretty round face and a lovely, well-proportioned body. She was slim and had firm perfectly proportioned breasts with well-defined nipples that would stiffen at my touch. But, for me, the selling point was her fantastic ass. Oh, how I loved those firm, round cheeks.

When we started dating, her eyes would get all misty as she stepped off the bus and spotted me. She would run into my arms and press herself against me. She would grind her pelvis against mine and would dry hump me in front of everyone at the bus stop, while her mouth pressed against mine and her tongue explored the inside of my mouth. By the time we pulled apart, I would have to keep her close in front of me as we walked through the city in order to cover my obvious arousal.

We would find a cheap movie theater and seat ourselves in the least occupied part of the dingy cinema. We weren't there for the movie. I didn't speak much of the language, anyway. Evie did, but she also spoke a delightfully accented English.

We would begin passionate kisses and my eager hands would trace the contours of her delightful body. I would press her lovely breasts through the confines of her blouse and bra and she would press herself into my hands. Soon the blouse would be unbuttoned and the bra opened and I could feel her cool, alabaster breasts in my hot hands. I could feel her nipples harden as my fingers brushed against them. I would take the little pink, hard nub between my thumb and forefinger and gently roll it. She would moan and her hand would begin to open the fly on my trousers. I would moan as I felt her fingers work through my jockey shorts and grasp my hardening penis. Her small hand wrapped around my cock and she stroked it as it grew to its maximum size. I ran my hand down her skirt until I reached the hem and then I would reverse direction and my hand would work up her thighs. Her legs would part to allow me access to my goal. My fingers would touch the fabric of her panties and I would press my palm against her hard mons. I could feel a damp spot growing as I pressed the cotton fabric between her vulva. She would twist and push herself against my hand. Then I would work my fingers under the leg seam of her panties and I would thrill to the feel of her curly pubic hair, through which I would run my fingers. Soon, my middle finger would be tracing the warm, wet valley of her pussy. I could feel her pussy lips, swollen and wet, begin to part, allowing me to feel the velvet of her inner skin and the hardening bud of her clitoris. As soon as she felt the electricity of her clit being rubbed, she would groan and press upwards to increase the pressure. My long finger would slide back down that velvet valley until it was poised at the entrance to Nirvana. I would slowly, very slowly, slide my finger into her. I could feel the texture of the muscled walls of her vagina slowly give way until my finger was buried to the last knuckle. I liked to run my finger around the walls of her vagina, feeling her oozing liquid lubricate the entire passage. Then I would slide my finger slowly in and out, touching and feeling every intimate part of her personal and very private being.

She would lift her lovely ass off of the theater seat as I removed her panties. After that, my hands could really caress and rub and slide in and out until she could stand it no longer. There would be the now familiar shudder and the gasped "oh" and her pussy would get dry and she would collapse back into her seat.

"Did you cum?" I would ask.

"Oh, yes," she would tell me.

That would be the extent of our lovemaking. I would never get to orgasm. After I brought her back to her bus stop, I would take another bus back to the base, where I would jerk-off and then shower.

Except once, when after she had cum, I asked her to masturbate me in the dark gloom of the theater. I should have brought a condom, but I didn't. So, as she stroked and rubbed my turgid dick, I pulled out a handkerchief and with a grunt, shot my hot semen into the cloth.

We came close to having intercourse on several occasions, but always pulled back before my cock entered her waiting pussy. She was unhappily married to another American sailor, at the time. While we had no illusions about our adulterous behavior, we somehow felt that by not actually fucking, we weren't breaking any social or religious taboos. Ahhh, how we delude ourselves in the folly of our youth.

All too soon, her career navy husband got orders to return to the States. She went with him in order to try to repair their ailing marriage, far removed from my influence. But, by the time I was discharged and returned to the US, she and her husband were separated and divorce proceeding were underway. We were married as soon as the divorce was finalized and on our wedding night, my penis finally found its' home in the deep recess of her willing body.

Our sex life seemed fine, but what did I know? I wasn't terribly experienced. This was an era just before the sexual revolution. Good girls didn't let you go all the way and bad girls never seemed to be around when I needed them. I had experienced a few women in my youth, who were pretty much as inexperienced as I and our fumbling efforts to gratify our lust were strictly physical and not altogether satisfying. Most of my copulating experiences while I was overseas were with readily available prostitutes. Again, that was just commercial lust. It emptied my scrotum but left an emptiness that I couldn't explain.

Now that I was having regular sex and with someone whom I loved, there was more emotional fulfillment and I thought that I was doing well. I did a lot of reading, including a lot of porn and I tried to learn how to satisfy my partner. She would put up with a certain amount of experimentation, but there were limits. Not that I was into bondage or masochism or anything really kinky. We were fine with different positions and the missionary became a starting point. She loved it when I would withdraw from her pussy and roll her over and take her from behind. But God forbid that I accidentally pressed the tip of my cock against her puckered anus. She would explode in anger, calling me a pervert and threaten to curtail further sex. I would explain that it was accidental. Both those holes were so damned close together. Not that I might have minded trying some anal sex. It did sound like something that I would enjoy. But, she felt that it was perverted and would have none of it. The same thing went for oral sex. She loved it when I used my lips and tongue on her breasts and pussy and would sometimes climax that way. And climax a second time when I fucked her. But, when it came to fellatio, that was a horse of a different color. She wouldn't take me too deeply. She would lick around the crown of my prick and take me in about a third of the way. I am about average in length and maybe just a little thicker than most. But, as soon as she felt my cock go deeper, she would start to gag. She also warned me that I had better not cum in her mouth because she was disgusted at the thought of her having to deal with my hot sticky cream on her tongue and in her mouth. She didn't even like the taste and feel of my salty, oily pre-orgasmic lubrication.

"If you ever come in my mouth, it'll be the last time your cock ever gets in there," she would tell me in her charming accent. Well, how could I go against her wishes when they were so sweetly presented? Besides, I figured that a third of a cock in her mouth was better than no cock at all.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah.

"I'm close," she gasped into my ear. And that was it

"Me, too. My toes are curling," I managed to say. I could feel the pressure building to a point that couldn't be sustained. I could feel her vagina suddenly go dry and her body trembled and I knew that she was climaxing. There were never many outward signs when she came. He eyes closed and she would shiver and let out a little "oh" and that would be about it.

Now that I knew that she had come, I was able to relax and let the knowledge that I would be able to experience my own orgasm sink in. Evie allowed me to keep pumping my swollen dick into her pussy. I could feel the tingling start around my ankles and work up my thighs. I pumped faster and harder. I could hear my stomach smacking against her flat, firm belly. I could feel my swaying balls slapping against the cheeks of her ass as I rammed deeper and faster and... I was right on the edge. One more thrust and I wouldn't be able to hold back the inevitable flood of cum. Again I drew almost all the way out of her and slammed my oily, pistoning meat back into her cunt.

"Ungh, unh, aggghhh, snort." I sound like a boar hog in rut when I cum. I felt my prostate empty and sperm and ejaculate mix in my plumbing. I could feel the muscles spasming and contracting, forcing all of my cum out of my body, into hers, with great spurts. I could feel its effect inside of her vagina as her tunnel grew wet, hot and slippery. The spasms and pulsations diminished as the last of my fluids dribbled from the tip of my penis into her flooded vagina.

I hovered over her still body, trying to catch my breath. I took care to rest my weight on my arms to avoid crushing her under my 220 pound body. I am 6 feet, three inches. She is 5 feet, two inches and weighed about 110. I had to keep that difference in mind during our love making lest I become the huge bull walrus rutting with the much smaller cow only to find that he is fucking a corpse because she succumbed under his huge body and weight.

Eventually, I would roll off and lie beside her, my now deflating cock making trails of stringy semen on my thigh. The curly hair of her pussy was damp and matted and she was also seeping our combined fluids from between her red and swollen labia. She arose and went into the shower to remove the traces of our passion, while I lay in bed awhile longer, reliving those fantastic sensations.

I thought that we had a pretty good thing going there. I mean, I wasn't making love every day, any more. But, it was often enough to keep me satisfied. Oh, sure, I suppose that I did desire to know what it would feel like to have my cock completely encased in her mouth. And I certainly yearned to be able to cum in her mouth. And once, just once, I wanted to be able to slide my meat into her perfect ass and experience what I understood to be the wonderful sensation of cumming in that tight, warm opening. But, even lacking that, I knew that I was making love to a beautiful, adorable, desirable woman that any man would give one of his testicles to have.

We had three young children, at this point in time. And without much money budgeted for baby sitters, you can imagine that we didn't get out much. At least, not together. Unless it was a G-rated movie that we could all go to, or a family affair to which we could bring the kids, we just didn't have much opportunity to go out together. Sometimes I would go out and meet some of the guys for a beer in the evening. And sometimes Evie would meet some of her gal friends for a movie, or shopping. Sometimes Ev would go over to Jack and Peggy's for the evening, just to get out of the house and away from the kids.

Jack was my best friend. We had been buddies since grade school. He was a year ahead of me, but we stayed pals all through school. We were separated during my four years in the Navy. During that time he married a young gal from Florida. When I returned from overseas and married Evie, the gals became part of the friendship and we enjoyed each other's company.

Jack and I had been pretty tight in our youth. In fact, he was a partner in the only homosexual experience in my life.

When we were beginning our puberty years, we used to have a lot of discussions about women (women? Haha. Let's say, girls.) Back then there was no sex education in school. Eventually, my father took me aside for the "birds and the bees" talk. And, that's what it was. A talk about procreation involving birds and bees. Towards the end he threw in, "And the same thing applies to people, too." So, what ever I needed to learn about sex was gleaned from the streets.

We used to play basketball up the street with a few guys, one of whom was a few years older and much more experienced. He told us about jackin' off and how good it felt. He told us to get our little peckers hard and start rubbing. Once you got it to feel good you would climax. I asked when you would know if you climaxed. He said that I would know because there was no other feeling in the world like that one. It helped, he said, if we would imagine our dicks being inside of a woman. Well, shit! I didn't have too good a handle on the anatomy of a woman, so where was inside? I had seen my younger sister in the bath, as a child and I knew that she was missing the things that hung between my legs. I guess women had a hole to pee out of but that had to be too small to contain a stiff cock, even one as small as my immature weenie. So, that left the ass. That seemed logical. I wasn't sure how that opening connected to the female reproductive organs but the thought of my pecker being inside of a girl was stimulating enough for me to try it. Anyway, I wasn't the least bit interested in reproduction. I just couldn't wait to experience that feeling of climaxing.

So, I went home and hurried to the basement where I knew that I would have some privacy. I dropped my pants and grabbed my cock, which was already in a state of arousal from the anticipation. And, I started stroking. I stroked and I stroked, and I imagined my prick up the ass of Theresa, the older blond sexpot who lived up the street. She was 18 and had real breasts. Oh, I saw those beauties in my mind's eye and I stroked and stroked. My arm got tired and the skin on my dick was red and sore and nothing felt like what I had anticipated.

At the next day's game, we compared notes. Each of us had gone home and masturbated. Everyone was ecstatic about how good it felt when they came. Except me. As embarrassed as I was to have failed my assignment, I spoke up and asked what I had done wrong.

"Ya didn't give it enough time." Was the answer from our mentor. "Ya keep on doin' it, you'll cum."

I went home and did it. And did it and did it. Suddenly, there was a tingling sensation that started somewhere around my ankles. And the more I did it, the higher the tingling sensation rose in my legs. And it got stronger and stronger. I kept jerking and the sensation grew in my groin. It was unbelievable. I jerked faster and suddenly there was a rush of feeling that spread from my genitals throughout my body. It pulsed and throbbed and I was cumming and cumming. It seemed to last forever. My legs grew rubbery but I didn't want the feeling to end. I couldn't believe that such a wonderful sensation had been there for God knows how long, and I hadn't known enough to take advantage of it.

Of course, I was so young and stupid, I didn't question the fact that while there was all of the sensations of ejaculation, there was no ejaculate. My immature testes hadn't begun the production of sperm, yet. I was shooting dry loads. But, the experience started me off on a long history of self-gratification. And, I am here to tell you, that you don't go blind from it. Fortunately.

I had a smile on my face, the next day at our basketball game.

My friend, Jack, and I would compare notes and talk about the wonders of sex and we would go through the list of women that we knew. Well, girls in school, anyway.

"Do ya think she does it?"

"Yeah, I bet she does and I'll bet she loves it, too."

Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. Twelve and thirteen year old girls didn't "do it" in those days. At least none of the ones in our small circle of female acquaintances.

Now, sex was the main topic of our conversations. One summer night, we were "camped out" in Jack's backyard. He had a small, two-man shelter tent and we were going to sleep in it. It was warm and we had no need for sleeping bags. We just spread some blankets on the canvas floor of the tent, and by the light of a candle, we stripped down to our undershorts and prepared for bed. We started talking about sex and what it would be like to actually make love to a real girl. Like maybe Theresa, with the big tits and the nice ass. The more we talked, the hornier we got. Soon our cocks were hard and poking out of our shorts. We started stroking. Our shorts ended up at our feet as we lay back, talking and masturbating.

"Let me fuck you in the ass," Jack said.

"No way! You're not sticking that thing up my ass," I protested.

"Nah. Let me just rub it up the crack," he asked.

While Jack and I were pretty tight, I had no desire to have sex with him. That wasn't a turn on for me. I'd rather have Theresa, any day, thank you very much. But, Jack persuaded me so I rolled over on my belly. He climbed up behind me and I could feel his stiff meat searching for the cleft between the cheeks of my ass. It found the valley and he began humping his hips forward and back. I could feel his stiff bone running back and forth across my ass crack. It didn't do anything for me and I had no desire to reciprocate. But, he was my pal, so I just lay there, submissively, with my chin resting in my hands as he fucked me.

His momentum picked up speed. He grunted twice and I felt something warm and wet hit me between the shoulder blades and some more down on the small of my back. I had no idea what it was, at the time.

"What did you do? Piss on me?" I demanded as I rubbed the wetness off with my shorts. He didn't answer. He rolled off me and we never spoke of it again. It would be a year before I started producing semen and only then did I realize what that warm, wet stuff was that Jack shot all over my back.

To this day, Jack and I have never broached the matter and I have never had a similar experience.

Now, it is many years later. Jack and I are each married and our friendship, while not as intimate, has endured through the years and now includes our wives. And soon, because of that, my life and Evie's would soon change, irrevocably.

This particular night, Ev felt the need to get out of the house, so I stayed home with the kids, and she went to visit Jack and Peggy. We weren't aware of it, but they had decided to catch up with the sexual revolution and spice up their sex lives. They started swinging. They weren't into mass orgies or any of that, but they found discrete couples who led otherwise normal lives except they liked to change partners. And Jack and Peg would find themselves in bed with different people from time to time. Sometimes they would pair up and go their separate ways. Other times they would form a foursome and would fuck in the same bed. It was a tremendous turn on for them and they soon sought to expand their selection of willing partners. A few weeks ago, amongst themselves, they discussed the possibility of recruiting Evie and me. I found out later that Jack had always lusted after my Evie's beautiful ass and fine figure. And Peg said that she always knew that I would be good in the sack. They talked about broaching the subject the next time the four of us were together. Peggy thought that I would go for it, but she just knew that Evie would never go along with the idea. Jack considered this and had to agree. So they thought up ways to trick us into going along. They finally agreed to a plan, the next time Ev came over to visit without me.

Well, tonight, Evie went over to visit without me. The evening started off just like many evenings that had preceded it. The three of them settled into comfortable chairs in their den. Only, instead of sitting with his wife, Jack sat next to Ev on the sofa. There was a fire going in the fireplace, and Jack served wine and a genial conversation began. The talk started with stories about our kids, and then about our homes, families, shopping and gradually it started getting a little racy. You know. Who was doing what with whom? What gossip was happening in each neighborhood?

Evie told them about the couple up the street whom she suspected of being involved in wife swapping.

"Well, Ev, there's a lot of that happening in these days of free and easy sex," said Peggy. "A lot more than you would imagine," she added with a wink.

The wink went right over Evie's head. "Well," she said, "I think that's disgusting."

Peg and Jack traded looks.

Jack asked, "What's so bad about wife swapping, as long as both parties agree? It could add a lot of excitement to a couple's sex life and it doesn't have to be considered such an evil thing as long as no one gets hurt."

"Oh, I don't know," countered Ev. "I wouldn't dream about having sex with anyone other than my husband, and I know that Dick feels the same way."

"How do you know?" Peggy asked.

"I just know. He would kill anyone who tried to sleep with me and I would divorce him if I ever found out that he was screwing around with another woman."

"Oh, Ev," said Peg. "You say that now but I'm not so sure that either of you would find it so horrible if you found yourselves fucking another couple. A nice couple. Maybe someone that you even knew. You remember, Ev. We once talked about what it would be like to feel a strange piece of meat in our vaginas one day. And you giggled and said that just talking about it made your uterus quiver."

"Mmmmm, yeah. I suppose. But, that was just talk. It's fun to fantasize but I wouldn't go further than that. Plus, Dick would never go along with sleeping with another woman or allowing me to sleep with another man. He just wouldn't."

"Don't be so sure, woman," said Jack. "Men's brains are in their scrotums. I know, because that's where mine is. No matter how principled a man might be, when he catches scent of a hot, willing pussy, all the principles go out the window."

"Not Dick," swore Evie.

"HA! Especially Dick. I've known him for years. He may have been straight arrow with you for these past years, but don't count on him passing up some ready pussy if it comes his way."

"No, no! Not my Dick."

"Oh, yes. Your Dick. Why I'll bet that Peg, here, can have him out of his shorts and into her cunt faster than you can imaging."


"Have some more wine, and let's run a little experiment," Jack suggested. "I'll bet that if Peg goes over to Dick's right now, that she can have him fucking her in less than an hour."

"He would never," protested Ev.

"Yeah. Well let's try it. Are you game, Peg?" asked Jack.

"You betcha," Peg responded. "How are we gonna do this?"

"OK. Here's the deal. Let's see," Jack figured. "It'll take you about fifteen minutes to drive to their house. It's 8:30 PM now. Fifteen minutes to get there is 8:45 PM. You have to get him fucking you by 9:45 PM... let's make it 10 PM. If 10 PM comes and you aren't screwing each other's brains out, you have to have Dick call here and talk with Ev and tell her that he resisted your feminine wiles."

"Then what," asked Peggy. "Suppose you don't hear from me by 10 PM? That means that I'm balling Dick and Evie loses. Then what?"

Jack had a ready answer. "Then Evie goes to bed with me. After all, if her husband is fucking my wife, then it's only right that I should be fucking her. What do you think, Ev?"

He looked right into her eyes, which were a little out of focus by all of this talk. She was obviously considering all of the ramifications. And, possibly... just possibly, just a little turned on by the thought that she might just have to go to bed with this good looking guy.

She shook her head to rid herself of that last, illicit thought. "Oh, this whole idea is silly. I don't know who you think we are, but whatever we are, we're not wife swappers. I'm just afraid that our friendship will be ended when Dick throws you out of the house, Peg."

Peg smiled at Jack. "Well, Ev, if you're so certain, then you have nothing to lose and if nothing else, you will have the knowledge that Dick is rock faithful to you and you'll never have to worry. I think you should take the challenge."

"OK. I will. But, I just want there to be an understanding. I want to be sure that no matter what happens; no matter who wins or loses; that we will always stay friends."

Jack gave a toothy smile to his wife. "OK, Baby. Get going and good luck. Drive carefully." He looked at Ev. "If we don't hear from Dick by 10 PM, it's you and me, Babe." He reached over and put his arms around Ev and she allowed him to pull her a little closer to him on the couch.

"Don't start pawing me yet, big fella," she warned, but with a soft smile. I don't want you all hard and horny, only to find out when Dick calls, that it's a cold shower or a hand job for you, tonight."

Peggy joined in the laughter as she slipped into a light coat and got her car keys from the hook by the door. "Ta ta," she said. "Wish me luck." And she slipped out of the house while Jack poured Evie another glass of wine and put some soft, seductive music on the stereo.

"We might as well enjoy ourselves while we wait for the outcome." And he sat even closer.

Evie, still confident in the fidelity of her husband, thought it would be all right to play along. It would be fun to watch this pompous fool deflate when the phone rang. She put her hand on his thigh and parted her lips as she allowed him to kiss her soft mouth.

Of course, I was unaware of all of this. I only found out days afterward. Everything was going according to the plan that Jack and Peg had worked out. Peggy pulled into the Starbucks about a mile up the road and went in and ordered a double mocha latte. She settled into one of the comfortable lounge chairs and started reading a magazine that was on the nearby coffee table, while she sipped her coffee. At 9:30 PM, she went to the Lady's Room and applied fresh make-up. A squeeze from her purse sized cologne atomizer finished off the allure and she was back in the car. A few minutes later, she was in my driveway, switching off the engine. She let herself in the front door, using the keys that Evie had given her.

Clueless, I was laying in bed watching a Yankee game. The kids had been put to bed a couple of hours ago. I had checked on them when I got out of the shower and they were fast asleep. I kicked off the fresh shorts that I had put on in the bathroom and covered my naked body with the sheet. I was engrossed in a close ballgame and I never heard Peggy come in.

I saw the bedroom door slowly open. "Hi, Sugar. You home already?" I called out."

I guess I gasped in surprise when I saw who came through the door. "OH! Oh, Peggy. It's you. Is anything wrong? Where's Ev?"

"Ev's fine," she purred. "She's still visiting with Jack."

"Yeah. OK. But, why are you here?"

"Because, I want to visit with you," she answered.

"That's fine," I said. "I'm always glad to see you, Doll. But, this is a little weird. I mean, I'm not even dressed. In fact, under these covers I'm buck-naked. Why don't you go downstairs and put on some coffee while I get dressed and we can sit down there and visit."

Peggy slid onto the bed and sat beside me. Her finger traced down my bare chest. "Because, I want to visit you right here. Your nakedness doesn't bother me. In fact, it turns me on." She took the top edge of the sheet and slowly pulled it down across my body.

I grabbed it. "Jeez, Peg. What's happening here?"

"I want to make love to you," she cooed. "In fact, I've wanted to make love to you for a really long time. I want to feel your long body on top of me. I want to feel your hardness pressing into me."

I looked down and saw a tent starting to form in the cover sheet. I quickly lifted my knees to avoid any embarrassment.

"Oh, Peg. Listen. You are a very desirable and sexy woman. I would make love to you in a second if I weren't married. I love Evie and I couldn't cheat on her. She would never do anything like that to me."

Peg looked at the clock on the night table. It was 10 PM.

"Don't be so sure," she said, coming closer and looking right into my eyes.

What was she saying? Surely she couldn't be telling me that my Evie; my beloved wife, was screwing Jack? I closed my eyes and had a mental picture of his long thin cock disappearing into the fur lined vault of my wife's vagina. A strong mixture of lust and disbelief swept over me. No doubt, the very idea was an immense turn-on. But, I was overwhelmed with jealousy.

"Peggy, what the Hell are you saying? Is Jack fucking my wife?"

She looked at the clock. It was five after ten. "Yes. He is now."

After Peggy had left to come to my house, Jack and my wife had continued to snuggle on the couch. Evie had wanted to enjoy this little game, knowing that it would end with a phone call from me. In the meantime, she thought it would be fun to string Jack along and have a little excitement herself.

Jack poured some more wine for the two of them, making sure that Evie got larger portions. They sipped their wine and kissed. Evie allowed Jack's tongue to explore her mouth and she even reciprocated with her own tongue darting into his mouth. The wine started to dull her mind and soon without realizing it, Jack's hand was cupping her breasts and squeezing them gently through her clothes. When she realized what he was doing, she made no effort to stop him. His caresses felt good and would soon end. She even let his hands work their way under her sweater. He leaned her back against the couch and kissed her with a passion that she had forgotten. While she was lost in that kiss, he reached behind her and skillfully undid her bra. Now his fingers were kneading her stiffening nipples and she heard herself moan softly.

"My God! What's happening to me?" Evie's mind was a mix of confused thoughts and emotions. She had never let anyone touch her like this, unless she was married to him. This wasn't right. But, Jack was touching all of the right places. Her body was tingling with her own rising passion. His hand was rubbing her thigh and it was under her skirt, touching bare flesh. She tried to close her legs tightly together to prevent any further incursion, but when he firmly pressed them open again, she was helpless to resist. His fingers found the wet spot on her cotton panties. Oh, oh, ohhhhh. How could she be so wet? Her undergarment was soaked at the crotch. She opened her eyes and looked down to see Jack's hand under her skirt. She also noticed the huge tent in the crotch of his trousers. She knew that she wasn't the only one getting turned on.

Now his fingers were insinuating themselves under the thin cotton fabric of her panties. She thrilled at the feel of his hands on her firm mound. His fingers played with the curls of her pubic hair. She knew that she had to stop him now, before it was too late. Evie tried to take his hand in hers in an attempt to remove it from her steaming pussy. But, it was too late. Jack's middle finger ran along her wet lips and they parted giving him access to the treasures they hid. An electric jolt coursed through Evie's body and she moaned low and long as she felt his finger touch her sensitive clitoris. Her pelvis lifted and she ground herself against the marauding hand, wanting more, more, more.

"No, no," she thought. "Oh God, when is that phone going to ring?" She was growing hornier with every passing minute and she was afraid that even if Dick did call, she would have trouble disengaging herself from this situation.

Jack's finger was probing deeply into her wet tunnel. Now there were two fingers in there and she was writhing with desire.

"OHHHhhhhhh." His fingers slowly withdrew from her vagina. He was raising her skirt and removing her soaked panties. She was helpless to resist and lifted her ass so that he could slide them down her legs and off her ankles. He sat next to her and admired her now exposed hairy triangle. His fingers played across her mound and between her legs. Quite conscious of what she was doing, and amazed at her audacity, Evie reached down and grasped Jack's rock hard cock in her right hand and squeezed.

"Mmmmmm." Jack moaned at her touch and smiled his approval. She zipped his pants open and reached in with her hand, through the material of his pants and his shorts and she felt the smooth hardness of his penis under her fingers.

"Oh, oh, oh." She was burning with desire. Again, thoughts raced through her confused mind. "I have to stop. I HAVE to stop," she thought. "I can't do this. What would Dick think? I'm a good girl. A faithful wife. What's happening to me? Oh, God. This feels so good. His cock is so hard. It's like a steel rod. I can feel the veins on the sides of his cock standing out so stiff and so solid. Oh, damn. I want this thing inside of me."

Jack pulled away. His face slid lower across her lithe body. He lifted her sweater and found her exposed breasts. One hand squeezed her right breast and his mouth found the nipple on the left. Evie pressed herself against his mouth. His tongue circled her puckered nipple and he nipped very gently with his teeth.

"OOOOoooooohhhhhhhh, yesssssssss." She couldn't believe the sensations that were shooting through her entire body. She had never been so turned on in her entire life.

Jack's touch left her breasts and she wanted his hands and mouth back there. But, she gasped when she realized that his head was between her open thighs, and now he was licking the sensitive skin from her knees up to her... oh, God. She could feel his hot breath on her wet labia, and then his tongue. She spread her legs even wider. Oh, Lord, his tongue was flicking up and down her velvet valley and she pushed herself against his mouth. Evie grabbed Jack's head and guided his tongue to that magic place, that wonderful place that was now the center of her universe. His tongue pressed against her swollen clit and Evie came. She had no choice. There was nothing that she could do about it. His tongue lashed against her throbbing button and... Oh my God! She came and came and came. She was moaning and talking gibberish in two languages and she pumped her hips and groaned and came some more.

Finally. Finally the throbbing died down and her ass sank back to the cushions. She lay there, gasping for breath, holding Jack's head in he hands. She knew she wanted more. So, when Jack stood up and reached for her hand and said, "Come, Evie. It's past ten and he hasn't called," she rose willingly and followed him upstairs to the bedroom.

"Peggy, what the Hell are you saying? Is Jack fucking my wife?"

She looked at the clock. It was five after ten. "Yes. He is now."

"Why? How? How could she do this? Tell me what's going on?" I pleaded. My mind was spinning. Evie had never given me a moment's doubt concerning her fidelity. At parties, men were always salivating over her and hitting on her, openly and shamelessly. She enjoyed the attention and the effect that she had on men. But, she never gave them any indication that she was interested in their obscene proposals. Now, here was Peggy telling me that Ev was making love with Jack. I demanded an explanation. Peggy told me about the challenge that she and Jack placed before Evie. She told me everything, except for the part about stopping at Starbucks for a half an hour. Instead, she excused her late arrival on a dead car battery that was jumped by a passing Samaritan.

I looked at the clock on my night table. It was 11 minutes after 10.

"You said that the deadline for me to call was 10 PM?" I asked.


I lunged for the phone and punched in the numbers for Jack and Peggy's phone. I lay across the bed, with Peggy's hand on my bare butt, but I felt nothing. Nothing but the panic that I might be too late. I heard the phone ring. Once. Twice. Three times.

Finally there was a click and the connection was made. No one spoke on the other end. I waited. And, I listened. I could hear... what? Soft sounds. Mattress sounds coming at regular intervals. Then I heard moans. It sounded like Evie, but I had never heard those sounds coming from her. But, I knew. I knew that Ev was being fucked. A picture of the two of them copulating on the bed across town formed in my tortured head. I wanted to reach through the phone and tear Jack's heart out.

"EVIE! EVIE," I cried out.

I heard Jack's voice say, "It's for you," and all the while the rhythm of the mattress sounds kept up a steady cadence.

There was a pause. "Dick?" It was more a moan than a statement. There was silence. I could hear soft, wet, sucking sounds as his cock plunged in and out of my wife's cunt.

"Uhnn. Uhnnnn." Her breathing grew rapid and heavy. I heard her groan and whisper, "Ohhhhhh, I'm so close."

She said, "Why didn't you call? You didn't call?"

I heard the phone fall to the floor as it slipped from her hand. She was too preoccupied now to talk to me. The thumping of the bedsprings sounded like a drum as Jack drove my wife to a screaming climax.


There it was. The "oh." But, it wasn't the way that I usually heard it. This time I distinctly heard more than one and they certainly sounded a lot more passionate than what I was used to.

I placed the phone back on the cradle. I felt warm tears running down my face. My beloved wife had screamed her orgasm into another man's ears. And I had heard it all.

I sat on the edge of the bed, naked in body and soul. I held my head in my hands and tried to block out the obscene images that were running through my brain like a triple X rated movie.

Peggy's hand touched the bare flesh on my back and she made comforting circles with it.

"Dick. Dick," she said. "It happened. It doesn't make you a bad person. It doesn't make her a bad person. We are all human and that is what this little experiment set out to prove. Evie had hidden desires. We all do. And Ev finally acted on hers. Now, why don't you act on yours? You surely had thoughts of making love with other women? It's only natural. I know that I did, and when Jack and I decided to act on these human desires, we did it mutually so we never felt as though we were betraying one another. I know that if I am getting my brains fucked out by some other man, I don't feel guilty because I know that Jack is having his brains fucked out by some other woman. So relax, Dick. Take advantage of this situation. I want to make love with you. I'll do anything that you want. Use me. I'm here for you."

Her hands gently coaxed me to lie down on the bed. She turned me over so that I was lying on my stomach and her hands gently massaged my shoulders and back. All the while, her soft voice kept telling me that it was all right. She leaned over and softly kissed the back of my neck and she whispered encouragement into my ear. Slowly, I began to relax. Her voice and the soothing feel of her hands on my bare back and shoulders had a hypnotizing effect on me. The tortured images in my head began to fade. The jealous ache in the pit of my stomach eased off. I began to consider what she was saying.

Her fingers trailed lower down my back. By the time they reached the very bottom of my spine, all I could feel were the tips of her fingers just brushing the very tips of the fine hair that covered me there. Small electrical shocks ran through me at this soothing but erotic touch. Her fingers ran this way, across my buttocks, down to where my legs began. And then back up.

"Mmmmmmm." An involuntary and almost inaudible moan escaped from my lips. I was enjoying the soft touch of her fingers just lightly brushing against my body hair. Her fingers trailed down the cleft, between the fleshy globes of my ass. And then back up. She never tarried long in one place and I wanted her back between my cheeks, again. I shifted my legs a little further apart and she took the hint. Her fingers began their downward course, again. This time she went lower and I felt the shock as she brushed the hair on the back of my scrotum, which now lay open to her ministrations. Lightly, ever so lightly, she toyed with my sack and then back up the crack of my ass. This time she paused awhile and her fingers spread my cheeks and her middle finger found my puckered asshole and drew little circles around the edges. Without a conscious thought, my ass lifted toward her hand and I felt the increased pressure of her middle finger starting to press against my anus. This time I groaned aloud. I couldn't help it. With one hand, she held my cheeks apart. And with the other, she pressed her finger, hard against my opening and my sphincter relaxed and her finger popped in, up to the first joint. I had never had anything enter me before, except for rectal thermometers and enemas, when I was a kid. What a totally erotic and unexpected thrill I got, feeling Peggy's finger going deeper and deeper inside of me. Now she moved her finger in a circle, stretching me open and exposing more and more of my sensitive ass to her probing touch.

She leaned forward and lay across my body and her mouth brushed against my ear. "I heard her say, "Mmmmmm. I know that feels good. I love it when a man does that to me." And then her tongue was flicking in and out of my ear.

Slowly, she withdrew her finger. I pressed my ass closer to her hand, trying to forestall its removal from my rectum. But, her finger popped out and I collapsed back into the mattress. And now her fingers were back to my scrotum, tracing the outline of a testicle through the thin skin of my sack. Her fingers lifted my balls and she gently squeezed them until I could feel one of them being rolled between her fingers like a ripe olive in a bag of oil. She played with my balls, that way. First one. Then the other. And now both of them. They slid around inside of my scrotum like a child's marbles. They were her toys, now, and she cupped my balls in the palm of her hand and applied just the right amount of pressure. My penis was filling with blood and starting to grow. Her hand went from my balls to my cock and she started with the gentle rub of her fingers against the underside of my stiffening meat and then she wrapped her slim fingers around the base and began to rub back and forth. I could feel the loose skin of my not-yet stiff cock sliding back and forth across the meat underneath and my erection grew more rapidly.

And then I could no longer feel her. Her touch was gone. I felt the weight of her body lift from the bed and I rolled over on my back to see what she was doing. Peg was standing alongside the bed, quickly removing her clothes. Her sweater and bra were already off by the time I rolled over to look. And she was stepping out of her slacks and panties in the same motion. Now she stood, naked to my delighted eyes. Oh, I had imagined what she looked like, in my fantasies. And, when my sex life with Evie had taken a hiatus, I would think about Peg while I masturbated myself for some relief. But, I wasn't prepared for the vision that stood before me now.

Peggy was of medium height and very slim. Slim, not skinny. She had red, red hair and green eyes and a pretty oval face. Her shoulders tapered from her neck and her arms were slim and firm. There was no wasted, excess flesh on this woman. She had large breasts for a woman so thin and they stood out solid and inviting. Her light, pink nipples didn't have large areolas and they were stiff and puckered with desire. Her belly was flat. Flat, hard and well defined by muscles. That is such a turn-on for me. She had a tiny waist and sharply defined hips that curved outward from her waist. I had never seen a redhead in the flesh before. I stared at her light; almost blond bush. It gave off reddish highlights. She was watching me admire her and she spread her stance slightly. She had a pronounced mound, as do most slim women and I saw that the pubic hair that ran underneath, between her firm, round thighs was slightly darker around her labia, than the rest of her pussy. The hair was wet and curling as she oozed her passion from the depths of her body.

I wanted her. I wanted her desperately. I wanted her here and now.

I reached up and ran my hand across her firm belly. I felt the muscles under the taut skin, dance and tremble as she thrilled to my touch.

"Come to me, Peggy. Come into my bed and let me make love with you."

She slid into bed alongside me and pressed her body against mine. I forgot all about Evie and Jack as our hands explored each other's body. My hands cupped her lovely, large breasts and I squeezed. I was afraid, that in my passion, I was squeezing too hard. But, she moaned and stuck her tongue deep down my throat. When I could, I reached my head lower and took one of those stone hard nipples in my mouth and sucked and sucked and then I pulled on them with my lips.

"Ohhhhh, Godddd, Diiiick. I could cum just like this," she groaned.

I licked my way down her flat hard belly and my chin and nose felt the soft curls of her bush. I was straddling her on all fours, with my head between her thighs and my cock was dangling just above her mouth. I had been so intent on pleasuring Peggy that the stiffness in my penis had abated and I was now sort of flaccid. When I began to run my tongue across her wet labia and I placed two fingers in her wet and open vagina, she gasped and pulled my butt down so that my cock was poised at her willing mouth. She sucked me in and immediately felt me stiffen and grow inside of her mouth. Her mouth opened wide and I felt my dick slide deep inside. Deeper than Ev would ever take me. I felt the spongy tip of my penis rub across the roof of her mouth and then slide down into her throat. I expected her to gag, but she didn't. Instead, she was able to run her tongue around my cock and I felt the muscles in her throat contract and expand as she swallowed the flow of pre-cum that was oozing freely from me. I humped my hips, sliding my hard, thick bone in and out of her sucking mouth, while I used my fingers to open her pussy to my hungry tongue.

She lost it when she felt my tongue licking hard against her clitoris. I heard a muffle gasp and then a moan, which was all that she could manage with her mouth filled edge to edge by my thick cock. Her ass bounced up and down on the mattress as she felt the throbbing spasms of a mighty orgasm come over her. And that was all I needed for my hot sperm to come rushing and boiling out of my cock and down her throat. I exploded and gushed my cum down her throat. I felt her try to swallow to keep up with the flood, but it was a losing battle. In order to keep from gagging, she had to back me out a bit, and open her lips to allow the excess to dribble out and down her chin. Gobs of my thick, white cum were dripping stringy trails across her chin and onto her throat and breast as I grunted and snorted my orgasm into her face.

Evie and Jack watched from the door to the bedroom. We hadn't heard them enter the house or come up the stairs. Ev leaned against the door to keep from collapsing on the floor. Her eyes were wide open and unbelieving as she watched her husband empty himself deep into the overflowing mouth of Jack's wife. She watched as Peggy moaned and thrashed, all the while keeping that spurting cock in her mouth while she came and came as my tongue found all of the tender soft places around her vagina and clit.

Then it was over. The throbbing and pulsing ebbed and the flow of bodily fluids ceased. Peggy and I remained locked together in our oral positions for a moment. My softening penis popped out of her mouth, with thin threads of my silvery cum still attaching it to her wet and glistening mouth. I rolled over on my back. And, then I saw them in the doorway.

This was something that I hadn't expected. But, there they were. Jack was watching us with a bemused smile on his face. Evie's eyes were wide open in disbelief. When she saw me looking her way, her knees started to shake and she slipped down to the floor with her back sliding down the doorframe. She raised her knees and buried her head in her arms. I could hear muffled sobs.

I wanted to go over to her and try to comfort her, but I was beyond understanding why she could feel this way. I mean, earlier this night I had heard her scream out her orgasm as Jack pumped her pussy full of his seed. So, what was this all about?

I swallowed hard. My mouth still tasted and felt like Peggy's pussy oils. My tongue was coated.

"Evie?" I asked, softly. "Why are you crying?"

"Because I just saw you with your head buried in her pussy while you obviously enjoyed shooting off in her mouth."

"But... but... ah, didn't I hear you enjoy a mighty climax with Jack just a short time earlier?" I asked.

She was quiet for a moment. Then she lifted her head and looked me straight in the eye. "But, you didn't call."

I suppose that this was going to be her raison d'etre. It would be her defense, no matter what proof I offered.

Evie went on. "You didn't have to make love to Peggy, you know."

"And you didn't have to make out with Jack."

"But, you didn't call."

Uh huh. We're back to that. I explained to her the story that Peggy had given me about being late because of her car battery going dead. But, as I explained it to Ev, I suddenly saw how improbable the story was. I realized that we had been duped by our friends, but I couldn't tell that to Ev.

I walked over and squatted next to her and placed my arm around her shoulder. I had a picture in my mind's eye of how ludicrous this must look. I was balls' ass naked and Peggy's cum still glistened on my mouth and face.

"Evie," I whispered in her ear. "I still love you and I think that you feel the same about me. Something has happened tonight that changes a lot of things. But our love for one another hasn't changed one little bit. I won't try to tell you that my roll in the bed with Peggy wasn't exciting and that I didn't enjoy it. And, I know that you enjoyed what you did with Jack. I heard it all quite clearly over the phone."

Ev's head was resting on my shoulder. I went on. "We can't change that, and we will probably go on to have even more sexual adventures now that this door has been opened for us. And we can enjoy that, knowing that there is nothing secretly going on. That we are both enjoying other lovers in full knowledge and consent between us. But, we will always be man and wife. We will always be there for each other. We will always go home together after we are done. And we will have better sex between us because we will be learning more and more and our inhibitions will be shed from us like a snake's skin."

I couldn't believe that I was speaking such hokum. I mean, I meant what I was saying, but it was coming out so corny.

I tried to kiss her mouth. She pulled back with a wry smile and said, "Get out!!! Don't try to kiss me with your cummy mouth. Go wash the goop off of your face and then try again."

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