Model Engineer
Chapter 1: The invitation

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The invitation - A British model engineer on a trip to the States meets a bitchy disabled woman. After an initial fight they get on well together.

"I think I will do that," Tom Peders exclaimed to himself as he read the email from his Stateside friend, Chuck Walters.

Hi Tom

Why don't you bring that heap of polished brass you call a fire engine over to our show? You can stay with us for a couple of weeks and have a tour round. If you can stay till the 24th, we might persuade you to give a talk to our local group. We sure would be pleased to meet you after all these years.


Tom and Chuck had corresponded first by snail mail and now electronically for many years. They had never met but had become good enough friends to make derogatory remarks about each other's work. 'That heap of polished brass you call a fire engine' was actually an exquisitely crafted model of a Shand-Mason steam powered fire engine c1890 that had won a silver medal at the last Model Engineer Exhibition in London.

"I think I will do that," Tom repeated, "There's nothing to stop me now I've been made redundant and they gave me redundancy pay equivalent to over one year's salary so I don't really need to work for a bit. I've plenty in my savings accounts to last me a while if I live like I've been doing for the past few years." The engineering firm where Tom worked for the last twenty years, ever since he left school at 15 had been taken over by a big multinational company which had closed the tool making section and transferred it abroad. "It's the end of September so the high season fares should have gone down."

Two weeks later, Tom found himself at Gatwick Airport trying to explain the contents of the polished wooden box after it had passed through the Xray machine. He had decided the parts were too fragile to let the box pass through with the cargo hold luggage and it was small enough at about fourteen inches long to go as hand luggage. Fortunately he had made the box so the sides folded down when four toggle clasps were opened. He also had the copy of The Model Engineer that described the making of the engine. After fifteen minutes of explanation, it seemed the officers were more interested in the model than in it being a security risk.

It was a similar if somewhat different scenario when he arrived at Dulles Airport, Washington DC. After standing in line for ages to get through immigration, he finally arrived at the desk to be greeted by a rather sour woman who questioned him aggressively concerning the fact he had only $100 in cash, no travellers cheques and only one credit card. Half convincing her he wasn't going to be staying over his allotted time she then turned to the purpose of his visit. "You've brought a model engine to exhibit in a show here in Washington and yet you say on this form the value is £200, that is only $300. Surely any exhibit in a high profile show is going to be worth more than that?"

"That was the cost of materials," Tom replied, "I put my own time in and don't charge myself for the pleasure."

"But you might easily sell it for a lot more?"

"I wouldn't sell it Ma'am. I've put too much of my time and effort into making it to want to sell it."

"But you could easily sell it," the officer insisted.

"Ma'am, why would I want to do that? All I would get was money. Everyone has that. It's common stuff. No one in the world has a fire engine like mine. It's unique. I will not be selling it."

"How else are you going to pay for your nineteen day stay?" Tom tried to convince her that he was staying with friends and he wouldn't be needing that much money and in any case he had a credit card but the woman just seemed to lose patience and reached under the table to ring for assistance. Another woman officer came and from her appearance seemed senior to the desk officer. Tom was lead away to an office.

"I am Captain Karen Bradley. I'm sorry we have had to detain you but it seems you may be bringing a valuable item into the country and could sell it here. If that happened Uncle Sam would want his cut." Karen smiled at him.

"At least she seems more pleasant," thought Tom as he went into the spiel again about the purpose of his visit and how under no circumstances would the engine be sold.

Karen had him open the box and gasped at the sight. She had never seen a model as beautiful. "This had got to be worth $20,000 dollars of anybody's money," she said, "But I can see why you wouldn't want to sell it". There was a pause, and then more questions, this time on the model and what it represented and how it was made. Tom didn't mind showing her but it was now over two hours since the plane had landed and Chuck would be waiting and he hadn't even picked up the remainder of his luggage yet. Putting this to Karen, she apologised made a phone call and went on, "Mr. Peders, your arrival has been announced so your friends will know you are here. Now back to business. I should ask for a bond for $20,000 from you to allow you into the country with this. You would get that bond money back when you left with it but I guess it would be difficult for you to raise that amount. I see you are staying in the Bluewaters Lake area which is not too far away, if I set the bond at $1,000 will your credit card stand that?" Tom nodded. Karen went on, "If I set it at that low figure would you agree to give a talk to the Potomac Women's Guild on Thursday week?"

"I will if I can get there, it depends on what Chuck is doing."

"That's no problem, I or someone will pick you up."

Eventually Tom was able to get through immigration and customs and meet Chuck. Like Tom, Chuck was down to earth and the pair laughed and joked all the way to Chuck's house. This was far larger than Tom's place but not as grand as many of the places they passed en route. Mary, Chuck's wife, was much more of a socialite. Her face was well made up and she was neatly and correctly dressed. Tom guessed she was one for keeping up appearances. Nevertheless she was friendly and polite and Tom soon sat down to a huge meal. Jet lag and his biological clock overcame him soon after.

Next morning, Tom was up early having slept only a few hours. Slipping down to Chuck's workshop he looked at some of the equipment and magazines for a couple of hours before Chuck appeared and they went through it together. Later at breakfast Mary reminded Chuck of the family reunion on Saturday.

"Sorry to spring this on you Tom," Chuck said, "It's been planned for while. Mostly it's Mary's family as I am an only child but she is one of ten, all girls, and they like to get together every now and then. We've rented an area in the park for a cook-out so we hope for good weather otherwise everyone will cram in here. Could be fifty or more people. If you don't want to come, you can stay here but if the day is nice, then you'll find the park is a pleasant place to be. There's a lake that's about two miles long and the park itself is about ten miles by five so you should find plenty to see and do if our family is not your cup of tea. From what you have said in your letters, I gather you are not much into partying."

Tom agreed to go with the flow and mix as best he could. "I forgot to tell you last night that I have been asked to give a talk to the Potomac Women's Guild on Thursday week." He went on to explain the circumstances.

Chuck laughed, "You watch yourself there buddy. They are mostly widows and singles and will have the pants off you in no time." Mary chided her husband but didn't contradict him.

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