A Night Worth Remembering
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Group Sex, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John and Kandy had a hot exciting sex life and not interested in wife swapping or swinging. Their Neighbors Jeff and Erin were more reserved and had a dull sex life and did not swing either. Both husbands would love it if their wives would broaden their horizons. However it seems like both women are afraid to try new things. This is their story of how an innocent back yard barbeque can turn into something the four of them least expected.

John and Kandy became friends with their neighbors Jeff and Erin shortly after they moved to the quaint Midwestern town. John and Kandy have a great sex life. They are not interested in wife swapping or swinging. Jeff and Erin are more reserved and are not into swinging. This is their story of how an innocent back yard barbeque can turn into something the four of them least expected.

John is fifty-four years old and works for an accounting firm. He stands six two, has a masculine figure, jet-black hair and blue-eyes that seem to look right through a person. His dick is seven inches long and his sexual drive is stronger than most males. When it comes to sex, he will try anything once, as long as its fun and no pain involved.

Kandy is fifty-five years old and a retired teacher. She stands five-five and has a shapely full figure, shoulder length red hair, seductive green-eyes, big breasts and a trimmed pussy. She loves sex, considers herself bi-sexual, and is as kinky as John is.

Their neighbor Jeff is fifty years of age and works for the local hospital. He stands five foot eleven, has a hefty but not fat figure, blond hair, blue eyes and a tanned body. He has a high sex drive. He has often fantasized about swinging to satisfy his desires. However, his wife Erin would not go for such a thing in a million years.

Erin is fifty years of age and works as a nurse in the same hospital where Jeff works. She stands five foot and has a lean body, shoulder length blonde hair, baby-blue eyes, medium sized breasts, and a shaved pussy. She is a devoted wife and mother. She would not think twice about swinging. Saying, "Swinging in my opinion is cheating and a great way to screw up a great marriage. I have all I ever want and need with Jeff so why swing?"

One day the women went shopping and John were sitting in Jeff's back yard drinking some beer and talking. Their conversation soon turned to sex. John spoke up and said, "Jeff, you know your wife Erin is one hot sexy babe, if you don't mind me saying so."

Jeff replied, "Oh I don't mind it, but don't let her hear you, she would swear you're trying to seduce her and send you home wearing that beer."

John then said, "Well what is wrong with saying she is a knockout? Don't tell me she is the type that cannot take a complement. Next thing you're going to tell me is she is boring in the bedroom."

Jeff replied, "I'm afraid so, she won't even have sex with me unless we are in bed with the door closed. I would love to see her do something spontaneous instead of the same old fuck routine. As it is John, she don't even want to listen to anything I suggest. If she knew we were talking about her and our sex life, I'd be sleeping on the damn sofa for a month."

John smirked and said, "Damn, that sucks! Hey, hand me another beer will you? Since she is not here and neither is Kandy that means we can talk about sex all we want, right?"

Jeff handed him a beer, then looked around to make sure they were alone and said, "Right. What do you want to talk about?"

John smiled and said, "What do you feel about watching porn, swinging and wife swapping? I would like to try then all in that order, but Kandy would have my balls nailed to the wall if I tried anything like that."

They continued talking and giving graphic sexy details about their wives. John mentioned that Kandy loved to fuck and she often climaxes many times. She also loves to suck cock and swallow his load. She also loves to try new positions, but her favorite is being fucked doggie style. He just cannot get her to try things that involved more then just the two of them.

Jeff then said, "Erin will suck my cock, but it takes a lot of coaxing and will not always swallow my load. However, she loves to have her pussy eaten. She will only do the ole missionary position and her on top of me."

"She wont fuck anywhere besides the bedroom and will only climax a couple of times, then call it a night. She is rather boring and very inhibited at times. I wanted her to let me fuck her in the ass while in the shower and she made a face and told me that made her feel dirty.

Jeff went on to say, "I would love to see Erin do something spontaneous, like give me a blow job while watching a porno flick. Nevertheless, I know that will not happen any time soon. Lately, I have been having fantasies about what it would be like to fuck Kandy. She is sure on hot sexy woman and I love her big breasts."

John then said, "Well your wife is one hot number. I had a dream one night that we were all alone, I was fucking her while in our hot tub, and she was screaming for more. I bet Kandy wondered why I woke her in the middle of the night just to fuck her. Damn she would kill me if she heard me talking about all this, so let's keep this between us."

Jeff then said, "Okay, you do the same with what I just told you. Hot damn, all this talk has given me one hell of a boner. I sure wish your wife was sucking my dick, but I know that will never happen."

John replied, "I hear you man. I am so fucking horny right now that I could fuck any woman who showed up here in the back yard."

Their conversation and their dicks dwindled abruptly as the women came into the back yard. They were all excited about what they had just purchase and decided the men should see everything. So everyone went into their own house and the backyard was quiet again.

However, in the back of Jeff's mind he grumbled, "Now what in the hell is more exciting then talking about sex, especially when it involves two very sexy women."

After that every time the couples got together, the men would go in the den and talk. Their conversation would turn to swinging and having sex with each other's wives. The women would sit in the kitchen gossiping and exchanging recipes. Sometimes, Kandy would walk to the den, hand the men a beer, and overhear some of the conversation. She would then voice her opinion on the subject, adding that someone always gets hurt. Then she ignored the men and walked back into the kitchen and continued talking with Erin.

When things got quiet again, the men's conversation once again turned to sex. The more the two men talked the more serious they got about the idea.

One day when they were talking, John said, "I just cannot stop thinking of ways to fuck Erin. It is affecting my work and my sleep. Then again, Jeff you and I both know Erin. If she knew what we were, talking about she would blow her stack and make us go home. I know Kandy would not go for it either."

Jeff replied, "I hear you. Yet, I have been doing the same thing. I have even been dreaming of ways that I can slide my dick into Kandy's pussy. If Erin heard us talking like this, she would probably slap us both."

John then said, "There has to be a way that we can all sit down and talk about broadening our sexual horizons. I cannot think of a way right now, but between the two of us, we should be able to figure out how we can pull this off."

Jeff then said, "I know, let's just not let the women hear us." Then a light bulb went off in his head and he said, "Hey, I have an idea! They will not voluntarily talk about sex, unless!"

John was all ears now and asked, "Unless what?"

John then replied, "Well we both know that neither of the two women can hold their liquor. If we get them drunk, I bet neither could resist any sexual advances."

Jeff then said, "You know, you might have a great idea John. However, let me think about it for awhile, okay?"

John nodded in agreement. He then told Jeff it was getting late and he needed to get up early for work tomorrow. They all said goodbye and went their separate ways.

Later on that night while Jeff was fucking Erin, he decided to ask her a question. He cautiously said, "Erin, do other men ever turn you on?"

When she replied, "Yes, a little bit," he then he asked her is she would ever consider having sex with another man.

Damn-it, you think Jeff would have bit off her nipple or something. Erin gave him an evil look and started yelling, "There is no way I would have sex with another man. How dare you ask me that kind of question Jeff! Oh I get it, you are cheating on me and having a guilty conscience about it. Why don't you go sleep on the couch, we are done!"

Jeff then told himself, "Oh man that was a bad move." It took him two days of fast-talking and a week of her sulking to get out of that one.

Later on that next day, Jeff was speaking to John about what happened. John told him that he had done something similar with Kandy and she told him it would be a cold day in hell before she fucks another man. He too ended up sleeping on the couch for a couple of days.

About a week later, Erin and Kandy were talking about what each husband did when Jeff walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee for him and John. Kandy scowled and said, "Jeff, I know you might be mad about what I am about to say, but I don't give a damn. I told Erin that you and John have been talking about swapping sex partners and swinging. Now she tells me you asked her if she would like to fuck another man. How could you ask Erin such a ridiculous question? I think you should apologize this instant for thinking Erin would do that!"

Jeff looked a little surprised and said, "Do what? Apologize for thinking both of you babes are sexy and beautiful, no way! Erin, you know I would never do anything to hurt you. Honey, we were just talking aloud about things men do to enhance their sex life." "To be honest with you Erin, if I was single, I might even try to fuck Kandy myself."

Erin then reached out and slapped his face and said, "You idiot! How dare you humiliate me in from of my friend?"

About that time, John heard then yelling, walked into the kitchen, and listened for a moment. He then yelled, "What the hell is going on in here?" He then looked at both woman and said, "Ladies, I overheard part of the conversation and think you need to calm down and quit yelling. Now, if you two are still upset about us men talking about sex, maybe its time we all sat down and talked like adults here."

They all stopped yelling and sat down at the table. The women just glared at the men. John then realized he had better say something or they would both let him have it with both barrels. He then said, "Erin, you and Kandy are both beautiful women and we are not trying to be disrespectful at all. In my opinion you both are hot sexy babes."

Jeff then added, "Ladies, we were only talking about sex all men do it when they are together. We are not being disrespectful. On the other hand, Erin you are very sexy and beautiful and many men would give their right nut to fuck you."

Erin reached over and slapped Jeff saying. "How dare you make such a vulgar remark? I would never do that under any circumstances. Sorry Kandy, I think you and John should leave and go home."

Later on Jeff was thinking about everything. He could not believe he was actually thinking about going through with finding a way she would fuck John. He knew that is one thing went wrong, that he would be sleeping on the sofa for a while.

John too was thinking the same thing and he knew Kandy did not like the idea either. He was already sleeping on the sofa as she kicked him out of their bed for saying, "I wish you would see things from my point of view. At least think about it will you? "

From then on, the men decided they would not talk about sex when Erin or Kandy were present. They talked on the phone and agreed to meet at the local bar one Friday night. The men would arrive an hour before the women. That way they could talk about the situation and figure out what to do next.

The men then planned a barbeque for the following weekend. Maybe that would smooth things over. There would be drinking and if things went as planned the four of them would end up sitting in the hot tub relaxing.

John looked at Jeff and chuckled then said, "Maybe we should see how many drinks it takes for the two of them to get drunk tonight. Then see just what kind of sexy behavior they display. If that works, we can try the same thing at the barbeque.

They had just motioned for the waiter when the women walked through the door. When they sat down the waiter came over, the men ordered beers and the women rum and coke.

John begins giving Kandy one drink after another as Jeff did the same thing to Erin. Within a couple of hours both woman were very drunk. Jeff then asked Kandy to dance with him.

Erin just looked at him and mumbled, ""Go ahead, I feel too dizzy to dance. "

As John watched them dance, he could see that Jeff was enjoying himself. He also noticed that when he ground his body into Kandy's, she did not seem to mind or was to drunk to notice.

When Jeff looked at Erin, she was leaning on John, licking her lips and kissing his check. Either she was apologizing or she did not seem to care about her actions either.

When Jeff and Kandy returned to the table, John gave Jeff a wink and said, "Well, would you look at the time? I had better go home I have to work tomorrow. Jeff, I will call you about the party sometime tomorrow."

Jeff smiled and said, "Ok, well we plan to say a bit longer. I will talk to you tomorrow John. Goodnight."

Kandy tried to say goodnight, but slurred the words. She then looked at John and said, "Me thinks that I am a wee bit drunk." She then leaned on him as he walked her to the car.

When John got in the car, he kissed Kandy as his hands roamed all over her body. He then spread her legs with one hand then slid his other hand up her thigh, and felt her pussy through her panties. He could feel her juices soaking her panties. She may be drunk, but she was hot and ready to fuck. John stopped for a moment and drove home quickly. He was anxious to see just how hot Kandy was and how far she would go.

Once inside the house they shed clothing on the way to the bedroom. John then laid her down kissing her deeply as his fingers continued to caress her wanting pussy.

Kandy then started grinding her pussy onto John's hand yelling, "I'm horny and I need a good hard fucking." She then cupped her tits and said, "The girls want your sweet lips sucking them hard."

He then decided to see what would happen if he talked to him about having sex with Jeff in the hot tub. As he fondled her pussy he said, "Kandy, I bet you would not mind it if Jeff wanted to play with you in the hot tub. I won't mind it as I know how super hot my baby gets when she is in bed fucking."

John rubbed her clit hard and suckled her hard nipples and she squealed, "Fuck me John! "

John then got between Kandy's legs and shoved his hard cock into paradise. Then he whispered, "Kandy, my darling, how would you feel if Jeff's dick was inside your cunt fucking you?"

Kandy's reaction startled John when she said, "Oooooh god, I have always wondered what it would feel like to have Jeff fucking me."

John rammed his cock home and it did not take Kandy long to climax. He now knew she would do anything sexually once she was drunk.

When Jeff left the bar, Erin could not keep her hands off him. Even though she had trouble walking, she was definitely aroused and ready to fuck. All the way home she kept saying, "Hiya sexy, lets fuck!"

As soon as they got home, Jeff helped Erin to the bedroom. He then helped her out of her clothing and he could tell by her hard nipples and glistening cunt that she was primed for fucking.

Jeff stripped and before he could close the door, Erin threw him on the bed and yelled, "It's fucking time!" He knew this was not her usual behavior, as she never talked dirty. Jeff always had to close the bedroom door and lock it before he could have sex with her. He liked what she was doing, telling himself, maybe he should get her drunk more often.

Jeff kissed Erin's lips then sucked in her left nipple, sucking it gently and flicking with his tongue. Then his other hand started fingering her pussy and he almost fell off the bed when she grasped his dick and began stroking it. Now, this was not her typical reaction at all.

Jeff then decided he would see if she would do any other sexual positions. He asked her to get on all fours and she did and he began fucking her from behind doggy style. He then said, "Oh honey, I love fucking you. Baby, rub your clit while I fuck you. Oooh that feels good don't it?"

Erin squealed and said, "Oooh fuck this feels so good, shove that dick in harder baby... deeper!"

Jeff decided it was now or never and he asked Erin, "What would you do if John was pounding your pussy right now?"

Erin smirked and said, "Tell him to fuck me harder!"

That did it Jeff rammed his dick home and filled her cunt to overflowing. Erin then shivered in a climax harder then Jeff had ever seen.

Later that week John called Jeff and invited him to lunch so they could discuss what happened after the women got drunk. Each one began telling the other about the events that happened after they got home.

John said, "I did not think Kandy would get into fucking like that as drunk as she was. When I begin talking to her about you playing with her in the hot tub and fucking her cunt, she came like a firecracker. I thought that was somewhat odd, because even though she loves sex, she never let's me talk about another man fucking her. The next day I expected her to lower the boom and scream loud enough to break my eardrums. She did not say or do anything. Damn, she must have been too drunk to remember a thing."

Jeff then said, "I had the same reaction from Erin. I have never seen her spontaneous. God she even played with my dick and talked dirty. Maybe I should get her soused more often."

John then said, "You know Jeff, I did not think getting the women drunk to see how far they would go sexually would work. Let say we try the same thing Friday and see how far it goes?"

Jeff's eyes lit up and said, "I am dying to find out what happens next. See you Friday."

Friday came and John was cooking the steaks in the back yard when Jeff and Erin showed up. Jeff grabbed a beer and excused himself saying he needed to talk to John for a moment and see if he needed any help.

Jeff walked up to John and said, "God I am so fucking horny, I had to jack off early so my dick would not give my thoughts away."

John replied, "I know, I bet Kandy was wondering why I fucked her so hard this morning too. I just could not wait until tonight. The hot tub is ready too and the beers are on ice."

The two men then agreed not to mention anything sexually until after dinner when they knew the women had some beers in them. They all sat down to a quiet relaxing dinner. Afterwards the women cleaned up the dishes while the men took care of the grill and put more beer on ice. Then they all sat on the patio talking and saying how much they enjoyed each other's friendship.

Within an hour, each one of them had consumed three or four beers and things were getting out of hand. They all began telling dirty jokes and the men even went as far as tickling each other's wives.

The women then began talking about sex and John and Jeff eyed each other expecting the worse to happen. They were sure surprised when Erin said, "All this talk about sex is making me horny. I think their times we all get into the hot tub and really have some fun." Erin then stripped down to her bra and panties and without hesitation climbed in the tub.

Jeff then stripped down to his shorts and joined her. John and Kandy followed suit. No one seemed to be caring what they had on or what was showing through their wet underwear.

The men looked at each other smiling like the cat that just ate the canary, as they could not believe their ears. They had purposely sat close to each other so they could talk without raising suspicion. Both of the men were happy to be under the water too as their cocks were beginning to swell.

John then leaned back and said, "Ahhh, this feels so good." He then looked at Jeff and whispered, "Now, watch me and follow my lead ok?"

Jeff replied, "Ok, if you say so. I am dying to get into Kandy's pussy."

John scooted over next to Erin, looked into her eyes, and said, "Honey, you are so fucking sexy, may I kiss you?"

Before John got a reply, Erin grabbed him and planted a wet kiss on him that would curl his toes. She then bit her lip, took his hand, and pulled him close to her.

John then moved his hand down the small of her back, unfastened her bra, and watched it fall in the water. Erin did not blush not attempt to retrieve it.

Jeff then moved over to Kandy and put his arm around her, pulling her close. He kissed her passionately on the lips. He felt his dick straining against his shorts and could not wait to remove them. Kandy reached around and unhooked her bra then kissed Jeff again. As their tongue danced, her hand slid down to his hard cock.

He stopped kissing her, shivered and said, "Oh god, Kandy, I want you. I cannot wait to suck your nipples, eat your cunt and fuck you."

Kandy giggled and said, "Honey, I thought you'd never ask."

Kandy and Jeff ignored what John and Erin were doing for the moment and began caressing each others wanting bodies. Jeff then stood up and removed his shorts, his cock standing erect just inches from Kandy's sweet lips. He then looked over at John and got weak in the knees.

There was his Erin, sitting on the edge of the hot tub with John eating her cunt, as if it was his last meal. He said, "Ooooh fuck," and almost blew his load at that moment.

Erin looked over at Kandy and Jeff, smiled and said, "Suck his cock Kandy. He loves that slow, deep and hard."

She then squealed, "Oh John, eat my cunt make me cum. Oooooh god, just like that yessssssssssss!"

Jeff knew by her reaction, his wife just had an earth-shattering climax. Jeff figured that Erin would not do much more then just let John fuck her. Erin slide into the water and guide herself down onto John's cock and said, "Slide that dick into my hot cunt baby. Ooh yeah, now fuck me, deep and hard." Jeff knew that this was not the usual Erin talking. He also wondered if she would be like this tomorrow, or would he have to sleep on the sofa again.

Jeff then turned his attention to Kandy. She told him to stay standing because she wanted to wrap her warm lips around his throbbing cock. Oh god, he never had anyone suck his cock like this before. He stopped her and said, "Whoa honey, slow down I do not want to cum in your mouth. I want to slide my dick into that hot shaved cunt of yours."

Kandy's eyes lit up and said, "Ooooh yeah baby, bring that big cock over her and fuck me!"

Jeff sat down on the seat that was inside the tub and helped Kandy position her pussy over his cock facing him. He then kissed her lips softly and said, "Are you sure you want to do this baby?"

Kandy's reply was, "Enough with the chit chat, lets fuck!" She then guided herself down onto Jeff's throbbing member. She began riding him slow and deep feeling the veins of his cock pulsating against the walls of her hot pussy.

Jeff grabbed her hips and thrust his cock harder inside her then leaned over and sucked her right nipple in biting it gently.

He felt his balls draw up and knew he could not hold out much longer without cumming. He asked her, "Kandy, is it ok to cum inside you? "

Kandy replied, "Ooooooooh Jeff, do it, cum inside my hot cunt."

She rode him hard then threw her head back and yelled, "Aaarrrggghhh, just like that yessssssssssss!" The gush of warm fluids all over his cock told Jeff she was cumming and he climaxed too.

Kandy sat there looking at Jeff not quite realizing what had happened to her. Jeff took her in his arms and said, "Kandy, John is one lucky man to have a sweet sexy woman like you. Thank you for sharing your body with me."

Kandy then looked into Jeff's eyes and said, "Erin is a lucky woman to have such a sweet sexy lover like you. I hope we will always be friends." Kandy then looked over at John and saw he was still fucking Erin. One thing John did well was fuck a woman slowly taking her to the end of ecstasy and beyond. When she looked at Erin's face, it told her everything she needed to know, she was cumming again. John followed and they collapsed in each other's arms. They kissed gently and John said, "Erin you were awesome."

Erin then went over to Jeff and kissed him deep and hard melting into his arms.

Kandy went over to John and he pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. She looked into his face and said, let's go to bed John, I am exhausted."

Jeff then said, "That sounds like a great idea, I think we will go home ourselves. I know one thing I will sleep like a baby tonight."

Erin giggled and said, "Wanna bet, I am still in the mood for fucking!"

Erin and Jeff gathered their clothes as Kandy went and got them some robes to wear home.

John and Kandy went into the house and made mad passionate love once again before falling asleep in each other's arms.

Kandy was up before John and decided to make his favorite breakfast and some coffee. She had one hell of a hangover, but a satisfied pussy. She giggled to herself and wondered if she could keep a straight face while she was telling John a thing or two when he got up. Mainly because she has had one of the best nights of fucking that, she ever expected and she wanted to do more.

John walked into the kitchen and pulled Kandy into his arms and said, "Kandy I hope you are not mad at me or Jeff for getting you drunk tonight?" He then stood there waiting for her reply expecting her to give him a tongue-lashing.

Kandy just grasp her face looked and John and said, "Oh my god, John what have I done! How could I have been so wrong about broadening my horizons? That was one hell of a barbeque not to mention a hot wild sex party. I do hope Erin is not pissed at all of us today."

John pulled her into his arms again and kissed her hard then said, "Oh Kandy, I love you!"

Before they could say anything else, someone knocked on the back door. When Kandy answered it there stood Jeff and Erin. She invited them in and offered them both some coffee, half expecting to hear that they were no longer friends.

Instead Erin grabbed Kandy by the arm and hugged her then said, "Kandy, did I do what I think I did last night?" She then paused, as everyone looked at each other expecting the worst. However, all she said was, "Can I do that again? This time without the beers, because I have one hell of a headache?"

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