Back Scratches Affair
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, First, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A new cheating wife story, with one or two twists.

Jack sat down on the gym's bench feeling very somber. He shook his head, than looked around the changing room. There were only a few guys in there at the moment, but he still didn't want them to think he was sick or something. He sort of felt sick, but not from working out too long, or bacuase he had a virus. He was thinking about what he had just seen and what it probably meant. He shook his head again.

He thought something was up with his wife the last nine months, but this? He looked around, but the guy with the back scratches had gone into the shower room. He had seen the guy around before even had said hi to him once or twice, but he didn't know his name mush less anything about him. Jack had sat down to change and gotten up to get something out of the locker he was using that day. Right next to him was the guy, he turned sideways and Jack had a good view of the scratches on his back. Two sets of four lines, each line about an inch apart. Each set was on opposite sides of his back, right under his shoulder blades. Most were on his back, but they partually warped around his side. They looekd fairly freash like they had happened one or two days ago. And there looked to be almost healed sets under the fresh ones.

What shook him up was the fact that he had seen the identical scratches on Jennia, his wife's, back a week ago. They had been dressing to go to work and Jennia had come back into their bedroom, topless, to get a blouse she had forgotten. She had turned to put on her bra then had turned her back to him. He had looked at her, because he liked to and he hadn't been looking at her lately, when he saw the scratches. Two sets with four lines in each set. Hers also started on her back, under her shoulder blades, then partually warped around her side. He had been puzzled about how they had gotten there. He had looked closer and there were old ones, almost all the way healed, under the new ones. That really had made him think. He hadn't noticed the old ones. He knew their sex life had dropped off, but the rut they were in must have been worse then he thought if he hadn't been looking at her.

Their marriage had been in ruts before, but they had always been able to get out of them, but this one seemed worse at that moment. They hadn't been doing much together lately and their sex life was not as it had been. He hadn't been seeing her naked that much lately so he wasn't as horny as he sometimes was, but they really should be doing it more. He had winced in sympathatic pain when he had seen the scratches and he winced once more as he thought about not noticing them.

He sat on the bench for a moment thinking of their relationship, if those scratches meant what he was afriad they meant it probably was the end of their marriage. He remembered how they had met. It was in collage. They had seen each other in high school, but hadn't really gotten to know each other, untill they happened to meet up at collage. Their relationship had built slowly. She was rather independant and strong willed. He was easy going. He had asked her out because he had wanted a really pretty date for a special event happening that was sponsered by the collage. After the date he had walked her to her dorm room and told he had enjoyed being with her and that he had gotten what he wanted, a very pretty date to spend the evening with. She surprised him by reacting to what he siad. He thought she was going to be angry, but it turned out that she apperciated him saying that. It was like she wasn't used to guys telling her that.

They continued to date, eventaully just dating each other. It again surprised him when she had said she wasn't dating anyone else anymore. They hadn't agreed to go together, but it seemed like they were since he had stopped asking other girls out. Three months later on Valentine's day he had asked her to marry him. She had said yes immediatly. After a long good night kiss she had instacated, he had walked back to his car, he was living off campuss at that time, on cloud nine. He had felt like kissing her more, then back walking her into her bedroom to really celebrate, but he had managed to hold off this long he could do it more. She had surprises him earlier in the dating process by saying that she was still a virgin. She had stayed that way even with living in the dorms where there was a lot of sex going on. She hadn't wanted any old collage boy, but someone special.

They almost didn't wait till the wedding night. Three times they went further then just kissing and light petting as they had been doing. Once she even give him a clamax in his pants. He had felt her breasts bare for the first time. Her blouse was loose and it was easy to reach into it cup her breasts. She hadn't resisted when he pushed her bra up and placed a hand on each lovely mound. He had gasped in pleasure as he touched them for the first time bare. He managed to move around behind her still with his hands on her breasts. He was afriad if he let go she would stop what they were doing. Now he was up against her back and massaging both bare breats. That had been a huge turn on. He ended up humping her butt a couple of times. He just couldn't help it. They stayed that way for five minutes or so and she was groaning when they finally sat down. Another minute of kissing and one of her hands dropped to his lap. It might have been by accident the way it landed, but as she felt his hardon she didn't pull her hand back. Her body jerked slightly when she realized what she was feeling. A few seconds later she moved her hand carressing the hard long tube. He groaned into her mouth. She gripped it as much as possible through his pants. She squezzed it once, then harder again. The second time was too hard and he jerked, but he didn't say anything. She let go and just carressed it. Soon all he was doing was moaning. Enjoying the sensations, but at the same time afriad she was going to stop at any time.

Soon he reached back up her blouse and gripped a boob. Jennia gasped and he moaned louder. He was so close that the feel of her breast brought him even closer. Soon he was humping against her hand. Again he couldn't control it. She pressed harder against him and his humping increased. He was continuly moaning into her mouth, while squeezing and massaging her breast. At one point he lifted his head back and groaned loud and long. He was so close and felt so good even with her hand on the outside of his pants. A minute later he graoned louder still humped hard and froze for a second then he let out a soft scream and sperm started shooting out of his rod. The scream ended, but he gasped and gasped-moaned as his exctesy continued. One final hump and one final squit of man juice and he relaxed falling back against the couch.

After he regained his composor all he could think of to say was, "Thank you. That was good"

Jennia smiled and said, "That's good."

Toni readjusted her bra and the snuggled next to him. They kissed some more, but that was all the extra stuff for that night. Later they talked about it and she said that she had just wanted to make him feel good. Toni had liked feeling him, what she gotten out of the experence was satisfication that she had made him feel like that. During the next few months he tried to feel her special spot, but never was allowed to. He felt a naked boob twice for a few seconds each time, but there had never been a repeat of that night. During one of those two times, he got to see her breast, but it waas dark and he couldn't make out much. After they were engaged twice he did get to rub between her legs but both times it was through her pants and he didn't feel anything, except material. She seemed to enjoy it, but not enough to let him reach into her pants.

Jack thought that he better get moving, or some of the other guys may think it strange that he was just sitting there getting a hardon. It was just half hard now, but it would get all the way hard, if he continued thinking those thoughts. He finished changing and as he did he thought about their wedding. Their engagment lasted eight months and they were married in a beutiful ceramony. They were one of those couples where verything went right.

Their wedding night was great, seeing her naked and feeling her up was so fantsatic. Only one thing spoiled it, for him anyway. She never cliamxed. He licked her, rubbed her cliterous and even gently finger fucked her-after feeling up her wonderfull looking hole-but nothing. There was something, she did enjoy what he did. She groaned a lot, but no ending pleasure peak. The next couple of times they had sex he tried even harder, thinking he hadn't done enough that first time. But it was the same those two times and each time after. She semeed to reach a certain level of enjoyment and stop.

Jennia explained that she must be low orgasmic and he would have to get used to it. She still enjoyed their lovemaking enough to want to attack him at times so it was Okay. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was doing something wrong however. Over the years he tried to learn how do cunnlius better, to carress her G-spot and to use his fingers to fuck her more effectivily, but nothing got her over the edge. Ten years linto their marriage, they were doing it wih her straddling him and she had a climax. A very obvious one. Outside he was calm as he asked if that was one, inside however he was jumping saying "yes!" She said that yes she thought it was one and it was good. From then on, must of the times when they had sex she was on top and it got to the point where she had a cliamx almost everytime they made love. That did not include when they did a quickie, but she was Ok with that. When she did have an orgasam it was just one even the few times they screwed three times in one session. He felt better about it, but he still thought he could be doing more.

That last two yeasr she did seem to be having more orgasms, but still not as other women. They would have sex three times in one session and she would have only one while he had three. He always thought it should be the other way around. He would wonder at times if he was just missing the correct postion while on top of her. Or it could that he had a slightly premature ejectulation. Jack had thought about doing the exercises that were supposed to prolong him cuming, but she always said he was doing fine.

Jack continued to think about their wedding and some of the almost, but not quite problems they had been having. Just getting too busy to really spend the time with each other as they should mixed with taking the other for granted, at times. That had happened before, one would realize it and they would talk and do what was needed to get out of the rut. This time, at least by how he felt right now, the rut was deeper then usual. He wondered if she wanted out of the rut or out of the marriage. He went through his exercise routine half heartily and quit before he was through.

The next day he bought her flowers which he hadn't done for five, maybe six months. She was happy to get them. He said he wanted to take her out to dinner for a romantic evening, but she didn't seem to be happy with the day he choose. Later she changed the day.

Thinking these morbid thoughts he went about his daily routine. Two weeks after he noticed the guy with the scratches, he arraived home from work early. He thought he could get some writing in since he was trying to become a published author, even though so far his short stories were not selling. When he arrived home he saw her car wasn't there, so he drove down the street and parked six houses down. He walked to their house and went inside. He wanted to see if anything was going on. Nothing was out of the ordinary, but about twenty minutes before his usual time to arrive home, he heard tires squeel. He looked outside and his wife was driving around the corner fast and pulled into the driveway going too fast. She had to slam on the brakes to stop in time. She got out of the car and rushed inside, he wasn't there when she got the door open. He decided, for a reason he wasn't sure of, not to allow her see him there. So he had gone out a side door and ran down to his car. He drove around for a five minutes then drove home ten minutes early. She was surprised to see him, as she was fixing dinner. He didn't say anything but he noticed that she was using one of the frozen dinners she had perpared a week before.

If I hadn't come home when I did I would not have known she was cheating on dinner, he thought which might be because she is cheating on me.

The next day he found one of the card card bills. He usually didn't look them over for she paid them, and if there was something she didn't like she would says something. He looked it over knowing it was the card Jennia liked to use the most. There was a charge at a certain hotel in town.

That's funny he thought she hasn't spent the night anywhere, but here. Not for some time and when she had slept someplace else it was out of town. He wondered if it was a mischarge, or if someone else had gotten hold of the card's number. If so they were useing it sparingly. Only one day and no extras.

He put the bill back where he had found it. The next time she sat down to write the checks needed to pay various bills, he watched her. She said nothing about wrong charges. He shook his head not liking what that probably meant.

Eight days after the frozon meal something happened that convinced him postively that she was cheating. She came home late and went in to take a shoes. But he stopped her by hugging her and kissing her hard. That meant he wanted sex. She was half undressed, which allowed him to gently pinch her nipples, while licking her mouth the way she liked it. She tried to say no, she was too busy.

Jack said, "You promised we would do something tonight, its been so long I don't want to wait."

She sighed, relaxed and said, "You're right I did promise. I'm sorry for not doing it more. We should."

He had been sure she was going to fight harder about waiting 'till after the shower and was glad she didn't. He was horny, but he had a different reason for wanting to do it righ then.

He kissed her, this time she kissed back, sticking her tonque into his mouth. Jack sucked on it as he gentily carressed her breasts. After she withdrew her tonque he sucked on each of her lips. He licked them and softly chewed on the top then the bottom. She sighed with sexual buildup. He wasn't surprised that she was getting turned on so fast.

He slowly worked his way down to her breasts sucking each nipple for a minute. He licked under her breasts for a few seconds then suddenly grabbed her nipple with his mouth and sucked hard. She let out a loud moan. He repeated the process twice more then went over to her left boob where he did it three more times.

He knew Jennia didn't need much foreplay at that moment, so he left her breasts sucking on her belly button for a few seconds. Then he undressed her the rest of the way, laying her down on the bed so he could get to main attraction. Once she was on her back he slipped off his clothes, climbing halfway on the bed when he was done. He stared at her wonderfull sexy slit for a few seconds before shaking his head and moving in with his mouth. He didn't tease her like he usually did. He started licking up and down the whole slit. After a dozen up and down motions he settled his mouth on her clit and sucked hard. She let out an ectesty shout followed by a series of moans as he continued the sucking.

Jack slowly eased two fingers into her slit going all the way back. He rubbed her G-spot for a moment, but then went deeper. After a few seconds of moving them back and forth he withdrew his fingers and looked at them. He had kept up sucking her clit only stopping for a second to suck on a finger. He put his mouth back down on her clit chewing and sucking this time. The finger he had sucked on he moved to her butt. Quickly, before she could say anything, he placed it at her anus and gentily pushed it in. He pushed it in halfway then pulled it back out almost all the way. he repeated that motion three times before she could react.

She said, "Please not now. I don't feel like it tonight."

Jennia had said it easy, but the tone was more commanding. He pulled his finger all the way out not really caring she has said no. He had already learned what he wanted to know. Her anus had lube on it, that went along with the fact that her cliterous was red and swollon. She may have thought that it would be calmed down by now, but it was still aroused enough for him to noticed. He was suprised that his fingers had come out of her slit clean though. He had expected white sperm on them, but there had been only her fluids. Maybe she made the guy wear a condemn he thought, or made sure he came outside of her body. He hoped it hadn't been in her mouth the way he had sucked her tonque.

Jack was glad she couldn't see his face right then. He could tell he had a very hot and hurt expression on it. He calmed himself down and went back to licking. But only for a few seconds. As angry as he was he was still horny and the sight of her pussy excited him more, even if another man had been in it not that long ago. He stopped and scooted up the bed. Once he was on top of her he felt for his penis, once he had his hand on it he made sure it was in the correct postion to stab it in her.

He did just that. Pushing it all the way in with one shove. She went "oof" followed by a moan. Jack knew she was aroused enough not to mind his sudden intursion. He, however, was aroused and angry enough not to care too much for her pleasure this time, so he pushed himself up with his hands, then shoved it in all the way with a hard fuck. He continued with that speed. Pulling it out and shoving it in all the way as hard and as far as he could. With her being aroused by another guy Jack knew he wasn't going to hurt her, in actually she would probably enjoy it.

He kept up the pace, taking out some of his anger at her as he fucked her royally. He expected not to last long at that speed, but he was surprised seconds later when he didn't feel the ectesy that meant he was close. He kept up the hard shoving though, even as he started to pant. After what seemed like over five minutes he finally started to feel the increased pleasure that signaled hs was getting close. He increased his speed, pulling out and shoving it back in intill his aching shaft was completly enclosed by her love tunnel. He grunted as put more effort into it. He opened his eyes when she groaned loudly and was surprised when she started to cum.

She must have been really excited by the guy he thought. He wondered how many cliamxes she had had by the guy already, probably more then with him. But then his ectesy took over and all he could think of was that he was going to cum. He shoved his hardness in harder, he thought he penintrated further then usuall. He pulled out and it hit, with a deep male scream he jabbed his ready cock in all the way and begin shooting his sperm up her womb. He pulled out and fucked back up her pussy five more times letting out lighter grunts each time. Finally he was done shooting and after two more easy shoves he pulled out.

He streatched out next to her even though he really wanted to storm out of the bedroom. After catching his breath and getting control of himself he answered her question.

Jennia had repeated, "Boy that was something else. You were horny."

He said, "Yep, but so were you. That was some orgasm."

"Hey, we haven't had sex for a while. You make me horny. I love you and you love me. That and your sexy body makes me want sex."

While she spoke she moved closer to him intertwining her legs with his.

"That felt good and I like feeling your skin next to mine."

He thought and do you tell that to your lover too?

She said, "I'm sorry we haven't done this more lately. I know its tough on you and I am sorry."

He grunted not knowing what to say. She looked at him like she wondered what he was thinking, but laid back down.

He thought that she sounded sincere He let her snuggle for a while longer, but then said, "I need to go do some work and you need to finish your shower."

She grasped him harder, but he wiggled his way out of her arms saying, "We do have things to do."

"I know, but its been so long since we have had sex, or just laid here that I didn't want to stop."

He didn't have anything he wanted to say outloud, so he just grunted and left the bedroom.

As he walked out of the bedroom he thought boy I hope she didn't have him cum in her mouth to finish off. I have only cum in her mouth once. I've read stories where a wife lets her lover do things she won't do with her husband. "Do for Lust Not Do For Love" is one and "Best of Both Worlds" is another, but I don't know how many wives, in real life, really allow their lovers to do more then their husbands. At least we have done anal sex a few times so it won't be completly like those stories... If she did allow him to do that it would make three things I would have to be angry with her about.

He decided that there was only one way to find out, and it would also give him absolute proof that she wouldn't be able to refute in anyway.

The next tree weeks were hard on him, as he tried to think of a way to catch her with her lover. Valintine's day fell within that time period and he ordered some flowers sent to the place she worked part time, but his heart wasn't in it. He spent a total of two hours at three different stores trying to find a card that wasn't too mushy. Jack could not find anything which fit what he was feeling so he settled for a card that said what he usually said in a card. She gave him two different cards on different days and a small heart shaped pillow that said "Your Mine".

He wondered about that sentiment. She seemed to be sincere in what she said, but he wanted to know if she gave anything to her lover. It would seem like she would have gotten him at least a sexy card, he figured. He felt like asking how she could express what was on the pillow, but he as he took another look at it he realized that it didn't say that he was hers alone. So she could honestly express that even with having a lover.

That was when I decided to find her with her lover and to take pictures. Even one or two of them together would be enough to show her. That would be the irrefutable proof he wanted, and he would enjoy the look on her face when he showed her the pictures. Not to mention he could use them in the divorce-god, that thought hurt, but it was where they were headed it looked like. If it did go there he decided that she would get as little as possibe.

On Valintine's night though Jennia surprised him. They had sex three times. They hadn't had a triple session like that for months, maybe for a year. It was enjoyable and he forgot for a while that she was cheating. The second time she rolled over on top of him after some snuggling, scotted down and started sucking him. He got hard fast, for he had been only half soft. She sucked and licked him almost to a climax then straddled him, fucking him until they both came. That surprised him. She hadn't had any foreplay, but then again it was their second screw so the first one could have aroused her enough to be able to cum. The third time was after a rest. He went down on her even though he had cum twice inside her. He was excited enough to not mind his own sperm mixed with her juices. Some other man's would upset him, but it was his and he had tasted it before, so he just licked it up along with hers. It was obviously she liked what he was doing with his tonque and after a couple of minutes told him to fuck her. Jack licked few more seconds, but she insisted that he fuck her, so he did. She had a climax as he began shooting his sperm into her. That made it two for her and three for him.

During the next few days Jack put together a plan. He thought that she might be meeting the guy after the weekly lunches she had with her girlfriends, for that matter maybe she didn't have lunch with them every week, but met with her lover. He thought to disguise himself. As he was growing up he read a lot of spy novels and many authors stated that the best disguises were the simplest. One of his friends ran a small playhouse so he asked the friend for some equipment. A spaecial pouch he could wear on his stumoch that made his small pot belly look bigger, elevator showes that made him look over an inch taller and fake glasses. He bought himself a shirt in a color that made him look pale. It was a color he didn't wear, so that make him look even nore different.

Jack waited for a day he knew she was going to the Silver Plate. He got off work early that day, changed, then headed for the resturant. Once there he parked away from her car and went inside. He was able to get a table within sight of hers. There were four other women at the table his wife was at. They talked and giggled throughtout lunch. After half an hour, or so three of the women left. That left Jennia and one other. The other woman hardly ever lifted her head to look at people who were talking. Jack racked his brain to figure out who she was. He immediatly had reconignized each of the other women, but even though he was sure he had met this one before he couldn't remember her name.

The two woman talked for a while longer. He noticed that the shy one talked more to Jennia then to any of the others, which probably meant she like Jennia more.

No man came to the table that day, but Jack saw that an old boy friend of Jennia's was there. A guy she had dated before she got serious with Jack. In fact she had dated both for a three months before the man quit asking her out. Jack hadn't seen him for years and Jennia hadn't mentioned that she had seen him either. Could be the guy had come into her life to seduce her? He had had the hots for her way back then after all.

His wife paid her part of the bill then left as did the other woman. The old boyfriend had not talked to her, but the fact that he walked by the table could have been a signal that he was ready to meet with her. If they did it wasn't in the parking lot. Jack didn't see where his wife left after leaving the parking lot, so he went back to work. Changing from his outfit there.

The next week he tried it again. The first part of his wife's lunch was a repeat of the previous week. Five women talking and giggling and as before the other three left first. This time however there were two differences. One was that the guy with the back scratches he had seen at the gym was there. That guy sat in the back. The second thing that happened different was that the old bofriend stopped and talked to Jennia. He talked for a few minutes. The shy woman twice jerked in surprise and looked to be blushing, even though Jack couldn't be sure. That probably meant the guy had said something suggestive. Something about him and Jennia maybe? No way Jack could know for sure.

This time when his wife and the other woman left jack was determined to follow. During the past week he had decided that Jennia was probably heading for that motel charged on thier credit card. He knew what part of town it was in even though he didn't know the hotel. He drove to where he thought it was the started looking for the correct address, which he had gotten from the phone book. He went past the driveway twice before realizing that the hotel was off the road. It had two drievways leading into it, but both were inbetween two other businesses. Both driveways had small signs. One had almost know where it was to find it. He drove down the draiveway for a minute before arriveing at the parking lot. It turned out that the place was secluded in some trees next to a hill. Very nice for a private getaway.

He parked and got out of the car. It took him a few seconds to figure out where the office was the way the place was designed. He finally found it and went in. There were hearts of all types and paintings of romanatic couples on each wall. His eyes widened as he looked closer at one painting and saw that the couple were doing more then just kissing. Some type of romantic rondivious hotel he thought. He looked around then went through the other door to the inside. There was a courtyard with quite a few loveseat benches and a firepit in the middle along with some smaller trees and bushes. Some of the benches were occupied already. He saw that one couple were two guys and three others were both female. He wondered if the two male-female couples really were man and woman. He was glad none of them were his wife.

He looked around some more, but no sign of his wife. He had seen a car like hers in the parking lot so thought she was here, but couldn't be sure. He thought about going back to the office to ask which room she was in, but thought she wouldn't use her real name. Even if she did, would they tell him in this place? He didn't think so.

Jack waited for a few minutes, looking at the doors hoping she, or the guy would come out for something. If it was her old boyfriend, or the guy from the gym he would recongize him. He saw no one he knew, but he noticed the doors had names instead of numbers. The Purpled Passion was one, Pretty in Pink was another. The name plates were different colors, going along with the name of the room. He kept reading and found one that said Wild Purple Sea. Jennia liked the color purple, in the ligher shades, and she liked the sea. The Purpled Passion room had been darker then she usually liked. He decided that this could be her room.

He had bought along their digital cameria. He now took it out of his pocket, but he wasn't sure how to get into the room. He could knock and when one opened the door he could burge in, take a couple of pictures then leave. It seemed like by now one of both would be naked. He didn't need pics of them actually having sex.

While he courched by the door he was surpriesed when the guy from the gym joined him. The guy walked up like he was trying to be sneaky then courched on the other side of the door. He turned and looked at Jack.

He said, "I guess we are here for the same reason... My name is George."

Jack nodded confussed but said, "My name's Jack."

They shook hands and Jack said, "Now we just need to get into the room."

Jack wondered about the other guy being there, but he was determined to do what he had come to do.

George said, "I think I can get us in, if these are the old fashion kind of locks."

So saying he straghten and walked to the door, A second later he turned and nodded to Jack. Jack was just stratghtening when the other man did something to the door lock. He had his body in front of the door so Jack couldn't see what he did.

He opened the door slowly and slilenty. He motioned Jack to go in first. Jack did, quickly moving to one side so the other could come in.

Once in Jack, glanced at the walls. They were done in light purples and blues in a style remebencent of waves. There were pictures of nymphes and mermaids running, or laying on the beach. There were some mermen along with well as one or two well endured satyrs. One Mermaid was making out with a nymph, half in the water while another nymph had her hand between the legs of what looked like a human woman. One could see clearly that two fingers were inside the woman while her thumb was rubbing the joy button and another finger was in the woman's anus. There were two paintings of women intertwined while laying on towels on a beach. The bed was made up in blues and light purple, with sand color sheets. the color sceme made it look like it was made to look like waves on a beach.

After the quick look he stared at what was happening on the bed. There was his wife on all fours with someone standing behind her. That someone was bucking their pelvic area against Jennia's back side, hard. He had a good view of them, since they were standing on the bed sideways. He could see his wife's breasts bouncing with each impact.

A closer look and he could see the dick entering his wife's slit. As he could hear his wife's groans as well as the groans her lover were making. It sounded like both were really enjying it and approaching a climax.

Jack took a second look at the dick. Something wasn't right, but he wasn't sure what. The color was darker then the color of the rest of the body for one thing and second it didn't look right. From what he could see of it in the second it was out of his wofe's body, as it was pulled out and plunged back in. He looked back and forth seeing some black strips on the lover, some type of thong he wondered. Then his eyes moved up the lover's body, for something had attracted his attention.

His eyes widen as they traveled up her lover's body. There on the chest were two breasts flopping up and down. They were small so were moving little, but they were still bouncing.

For a moment he thought what a shemale??!!

But then it clicked as his mind got the right prospective and adjusted to reality. Everything made sense now. The back scratches in exactly the same postion as George's, that Geoerge was here for the same reason Jack was, the fact that there had been no semon after his wife made love to the guy.

The strange black thong was really straps for a strapon dildo.

He gasped out "Oh god" as he thought her lover is a another woman.

The woman jabbing that plastic cock into Jennia turned at the sound of his voice. Her eyes went wide as she saw them. She looked at George and shock mixed with fear appeared on her pixie face. She then looked at Jack and horror appeared. She pulled out of Jennia made an "eppp" sound collapsing onto the bed, rolling into a fetul postion.

George took a step forwad, but then held his ground.

Jennia grimiced, or so it seemed to Jack, then said, "hey!? Get back inside me, I'm almost there."

She started to turn probably realizing she had felt the bed move differently.

Jack said, "I don't think she can finish you off, maybe you can do yourself."

She started to say something, then her head spun around to look at him. She staried for a moment in shock. Various emotions played on her face, shock, guilt- which he was glad to see- but then anger.

He wondered if she realized he had been in the resturant spying on her, for he was wearing the same outfit except for the glasses.

She turned to glance at her lover then said, "Look what you did to her!"

Feeling angery and hurt he said, "As I said maybe you can finish yourself off, you don't really need her- slut."

He had added the last more out of anger then any other reason.

Shock mixed with anger appeared on her face and she said, "Susan, or myself would do a better job then you have been doing, even my hand knows more then you. And if you weren't spending time on that writing you'll never be good at you might be able to learn too."

It was so totally unexpected that it took him a couple of seconds to process what she had said, he was just oepning his mouth to respond when it hit him.

Jack's mouth dropped open. He felt like she had slapped him, twice, tears came to his eyes from the double blow. He stared at her in unbelief then spun on his heals and walked out of the room.

He heard her cry out, "Oh, god. I didn't mean it... Come back- Please."

But he kept walking If that was the way she felt he would just leave her there with... Susan. He almost ran as he headed back to his car and with tires squealing took off. He half expected to see her racing after him and deep down was desappointed that she didn't. He wasn't sure how he got home without getting into an accident with tears filling his eyes and with his anger building. That was an undeserved double blow below the belt, but if that was how she really felt after all the years they had been together and after all he had done to learn how to make love to her better, he would leave her there.

Jennia had started to run after him, but she saw Susan still folded into a fetal postion. The dildo looking more obcene jabbing her chest.

Her husband finally moved over to her and bent to whisper something in her ear, but then saw the dildo, looked at Jennia. She could clearly see the pain and shock on his face he said something that sounded like "you can take care of her", then turned and walked out of the room.

Forty minutes later she finally arraived home. Jack's car was in the driveway, but it was parked crookedly, with the front fender inches away from the gaorge door. She hurriedly got out of her car and ran into the house. As she opened the door she called his name

There was no answer, but she heard a soft noise from the stairs. She went into the living room, and saw him at the top of the stairs throwing an armfull of her clothes down the steps. The stairs were covered with her stuff, not only clothes, but earrings, a picture and shoes. He went back into their room and came out with a cermaic scene her mother had given her. It was big enough to hold in both hands and had an Indian village on it. She looked at him as he reached the top of the stairs.

She quckly said, "Not that."

He just looked at her and she said in a pleading voice, "Not that... please."

He looked at her then sighed and set it down next to the top step.

She let out her breath in relief, not only because she didn't want to see that break, but him putting it down meant that he still had some feelings for her.

She started up the stairs as he went back for more stuff. When he came with another armfull of clothes he kicked the scene. It flew over the top steps then hit a pile of clothes. She was high enough to catch it after the bounce. A quick glance told her it was Ok. She went up and followed him into the bedroom. She put down the ceramic piece on a small dresser near the door, then turned to him.

"We need to talk."

He spun her way and said in an unemotional tone said, "You already said what you think and your actions spoke vulomes."

She walked over to him, "Honey,"

He glared at her when she used that word, but she continued, "I didn't mean what I said."

He glared at her again and she placed a hand on his arm, she was gratified that he didn't shake it off.

She said, "Please listen. You know I don't like surprises and that was a huge one. Plus I was this close", here she placed her forefinger and thumb of one hand an inch apart, "to a huge cliamx. You inturpted it. On top of that I could see that you had been spying on me, so when you called me a slut it was all I could take and I said something to get back at you. I really didn't mean it and I wasn't thinking when I said it."

The anger in his eyes cooled a little, enough for him to listen to her.

"I'm sorry you saw that and I'm sorry you were hurt badly by what I said."

He didn't know what to say so he kept quiet.

She said, "I really didn't mean it and I am really sorry I said it."

He let out a deep breath and asked, "Do you love her?"

"I'm not sure... Maybe."

He stared at her in puzzlement mixed with shock.

"I feel attracted to her and I know she loves me."

"How did it start?"

"It was one of those things that built over time. Neither one of us planned it, or set out to do it."

He was silent agian trying to think of something to say.

She said, "I still love you and she still loves her husband more then she does me."

"If that's true why did it take you so long to come home?"

She could see and hear the pain in his voice.

"Because I had to make sure she was able to go back home. You saw the state she was in."

He opened his mouth, but she said, "No, her husabnd couldn't help her. He left soon after you did. He did try to get her to sit up but then he looked at me still knelling there and he looked at the starpon she had on and with a look of pain and disgust he left saying something about me helping her get out of that state.

"So I stayed and knelt before her telling her that you had gone."

"So you do love her more then me?"

"No! If I did I would have followed her home. I just made sure she was able to get dressed. We talked a little as I dressed, We knew one day you guys would probably find out, but we were both shocked it was like that. She said she would be Ok after I said I needed to get home to you. I did see her get in her car as I was driving out of the parking lot, but I came straght here."

He visbaly relaxed even though the pain didn't leave his face. She was glad, taking it as a sign that he would listen to her and maybe they still had a chance.

"I really am sorry."

"You said that already," he said in a normal sounding voice, which she took to be a good sign.

"I know, but I am sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

He looked at her expectingly and she looked down then up at him, "And I'm sorry we got invloved with that. It is cheating and I did wrong."

He nodded and after a moment asked, "How long has the affair been going on?"

"Six months."

She was looking at a wall instead of him so she didn't see his mouth twist in a grimice, nor see his eyes get hard.

After a moment of silence she started to say, "I'm not sure."

But he interupted her by saying, "I want you to leave now."

As his words hit her her head spun his way, with a shocked look on her face.

She said, "But... but we are talking."

He ignored her and repeated himself, "I want you to leave now!"

She staried at him not knowing why the sudden turn. He was speaking in an almost normal loud voice, but because of the tone she knew he meant it.

She felt tears trying to raise in her eyes but before she could decide what to say he said, "I'm going for a walk and you are to be gone when I get back. It will not be a short walk even though I don't know how long it will be. You can take whatever you want," here he made a sweeping motion of his hand to indicate what he had thrown down the stairs as well as what was still in the closet.

He walked out the door and she stared after him with a sinking feeling in her stumoch. Had she blown in that bad to destory their realtionship after all? She wondered if she should leave and what he would do if she wasn't gone. Maybe call the cops, in the mood he was in. That would be embarressing especially after he explained why he wanted her out of the house. She packed some stuff, wrote a note saying she still loved him, apoligizing for what stupid things she said and explaining that she really was sorry about the affair, then left.

When he got back she was gone, he didn't know if he was relived, or sadden by her going. During the next few days He buised himelf writing and working to keep his mind of ot itk. A week later he saw George at the gym. They said hi to each other and the other guy suggested they meet for lunch the next day. They agreed on a place and went about their workouts.

The next day Jack met George at a Sizzler. After they had gone through the line they sat in area of the resturant didn't have any customers.

After a few moments of silence Jack said, "Maybe we should start a club for husbands in situations like ours."

"Maybe so- we would all be able to relate to each other without having to explain our situation."

Jack nodded and George asked, "How did you deal with it after your wife got home?"

"We talked some, she aplogized for what she said and for the affair, but then she lied to me so, I (sigh) asked her to leave."

"Yeah, I kicked my wife out to. That was hard, but I didn't want to sleep with her knowing she betyared me like that."

"Do you know where she went?"

"I've talked to her a couple of times since then. That night after packing some of her stuff, she called your wife and they went to some motal together. She spent the whole time apologizing and explaining that it had nothing to do with me."

Jack frowned at that wondered what his wife and Susan had done after they got to the hotel.

He said, "I haven't talked to my wife since that night. I just don't want to hear her say how sorry she is, or explain that it was something I did after all."

The other man nodded in understanding. They finished the meal and as they got up they made an agreement to have lunch together the next week at the same time and place.

That night Jack woke up and reached for his wife before he remembered she wasn't there and why. Tears came to his eyes and he almost cried, during the next fifteen minutes, three times he asked outloud how she could do that to them.

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