Mall Princess Returns

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Water Sports, Scatology, Spitting, Foot Fetish, Caution,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - Having loved and lost his Princess over a year ago, a 39-year-old average guy who has money is reunited with his teenage dream Mistress. She puts him through a 30-day test to prove his dedication to her every whim, which he passes. This is how their new life together begins. She moves in to his home, makes it hers, and with her friend will take over his life as her lifelong 24/7 slave.

A little over a year ago, I met the young woman who owns me.

I've told the story of how I met met my Mall Princess, whom I know now as Princess Martha, and how I, a 39-year-old average-looking guy (with a good job and a lot of money) who'd never been in a real relationship with a woman became the slave to a gorgeous, intelligent, confident and petite teenage blond girl. I've told of how she used my submissiveness to the Female of our species to make me her utter servant and slave, and how I passed her test of devotion, convincing her to agree to move into my large house and take over my life.

I agreed to allow her young friend to move in as well, so that she would have a confidante and buffer in our home between my slave self and her superior being, and I've described just how deep my craving for feminine dominance is and how utterly twisted is my submission to Females, beings which I consider to be sacred and holy as opposed to males, who I consider to be sub-human and inferior.

I'm a male named Jamie.

I've described Martha's physical beauty as well as her psychological beauty. I've told of her small, eighteen-year-old body with her porcelain skin and soft, shoulder-length light blond hair. Of her small but perfect breats and exquisite, slender buttocks. Of her tiny, high-arched feet with the perfect and plump pink toes.

I've also described her sadistic young friend that will move into our home as well, the skinny girl named Jackie, taller than Martha, but weighing less, blond like Princess Martha, but with straight hair that reaches her waist. Beautiful like Martha but with wide blue eyes and a light smattering of freckles as opposed to my Princess's pure-snow complexion and green eyes.

Jackie, who I address only as Mistress Jackie, is also eighteen, and also has beautiful feet that I crave to worship. Unlike my Princess, Jackie has slender feet with high arches and long toes. Unlike my Princess, Jackie has large breasts that don't seem quite right for her thin, five-foot-seven body (as opposed to my Princess Martha's perfectly proportioned five-foot-two body). But Jackie's breasts are perfectly round and her long nipples jut toward Heaven.

My Princess Martha also differs from Mistress Jackie in her forms of sexual pleasure. While Princess loves to dominate through control and power, through humiliation and deprivation, she also loves sex... as long as it is under her total control, and, as she likes to say "Her Way."

Mistress Jackie, however, would never think to have sex with such a weak, worthless creature as I. No, all she sees me as good for is as an object that she can torture, torment, beat and punish. Her pleasure in her dominance is purely sadistic; she loves to give a weak male like me the fullest dose of her punishment and pain. When the mood strikes, of course. Otherwise, she uses me as a common doormat, worshipper, or house slave... and no more.

Both of my resident goddesses love to be worshipped. But my Princess actually loves the power and the physical feeling of having her toes or perhaps her anus lovingly slathered and sucked and kissed, while Jackie simply enjoys marveling at the base groveling and acceptance of abuse that she is able to generate and receive from me.

Both of my resident goddesses also love to degrade and humiliate me, and they are both extreme in their imaginations and their commands, but my Martha likes to play with herself as she revels in the power. Jackie, on the other hand, likes to sneer and laugh and insult as she watches her defiling and emasculating commands carried out. While Martha couples her degrading with masturbation and fantasy, Jackie couples hers with verbal abuse and liberal doses of the whip or her fists and kicking feet.

And finally, while Martha is my sworn lifelong owner, for as long as she desires, Jackie is just living with us for fun and convenience for a while before moving on with her life. My Princess wants a life of luxury without having to ever work or deny herself whatever gratification she desires at any moment, while Jackie intends to move on to college and a "normal" life in her near future. My Princess has no desire to ever set foot in a classroom or lift a finger unwillingly ever again, and I am hers to ensure that her every desire, forever, is met.

Now that I have described the two young women who have moved into my home and taken over my life, with Princess Martha being, of course, the actual owner of me, I want to tell the story of how our lives together began, starting with the first day after I passed Martha's thirty-day test of my slavish devotion to her.

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