A New Man
Chapter 1

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A press-ganged seaman marooned in a small boat with a dead officer takes the opportunity to take the Officers warm woolen uniform to keep out the cold North Atlantic weather. This led to him being mistaken for the dead Lieutenant. This was after he had been confronted by a mysterious translucent sphere.......

The bitter cold wind howled as the small boat moved between the lumps of sea-ice off the Coast of Newfoundland on the 30th of April 1815. John Prentice, a press-ganged seaman who had been imprisoned on HMS Penelope, a troop carrier, had managed to board a small boat. The boat at the time had been half filled with water. Using his hands John managed to scoop much of the water out of the boat, lifting the gunwales higher.

HMS Penelope had sunk, drowning many members of the crew. The ones drowned were mostly press-ganged seamen, while other members of the crew made it safely to land. Also in the boat was a young lieutenant who was dead. How the Lieutenant died was unknown, but he had been a good friend of John, his name was Gerald Harvey-Watkins. Many on board had mistaken them for twins, they looked so alike.

John Prentice was a top-man on the 2nd starboard watch; Midshipman Harvey-Watkins was the Midshipman of the watch. When Midshipman Harvey Watkins was preparing for his Lieutenant's exam they spent hours in the lower or topmast cross trees. John who could read and write, a rare quality for the lower deck, would ask questions from the Midshipman's books. John ended up knowing as much as Gerald did about the subjects needed for the Naval Lieutenants Examination Board.

John was loath to cast Gerald's body over the side, but he knew he would have to. John looked at the warm clothes that Gerald wore, woollen coat, waistcoat and cotton shirt and all he had was rough, torn canvas top and trousers. He knew the punishment for wearing an officer's clothing, but he needed to keep warm. So after baling out the boat he stripped the Lieutenant of his clothes, the ring and the medallion from around his neck, dropping his body into the Atlantic.

What a difference John felt with the new clothes on, even though it was still cold he felt within himself a lot warmer. Unfortunately this boat didn't have the small water cask which was usually stowed under the stern seat; in fact there was nothing loose at all, just the bare boat. He could paddle with his hands, but that would get him nowhere. Even the rudder was missing, so all he could do was drift with the current.

The Newfoundland current he was in would take him deep into the Atlantic Ocean towards the Gulf Stream. Every minute he was moving further and further from land. After three days he was glad for a rain shower, but the only way he could drink the water was like a dog, lapping it up on his hands and knees. Unfortunately the water tasted salty, but not as salty as sea water.

John was becoming delusional, he was seeing ships that weren't there and was beginning to give up all hope of being rescued. Alongside him the sea became calm, then up out of the ocean rose a translucent half sphere about thirty feet in diameter. The only way he knew it was a sphere was the sea appeared to now have a trough as deep as the sphere was tall out of the water.

John could see the sea right through it, but then it became opaque and a door started to slid open, level with the boat.

"How are you feeling Lieutenant?" Asked a male Welsh voice.

'He called me Lieutenant, ' John noticed and was about to correct him when he remembered he took Gerald's clothes from him before dumping his body. He had also worn the Lieutenant's ring and medallion. If he denied he was the Lieutenant he could be hung for stealing, so he said nothing.

"We will be arriving Spithead in an hours time, I'll send a message to the Naval Authorities in Portsmouth that we have you on board," the Welshman continued.

It was then he found out the Welshman was the first officer and this must be a private ship, not a naval one. "How long have I been unconscious?" Asked John?

"Since we picked you up two days ago, but you were in excellent health other than being out for the count. What ship are you from and why were you floating in that boat off Plymouth?"

"I'm from HMS Penelope, we ran into icebergs off Newfoundland. I managed to get on this boat and just drifted."

"You couldn't have drifted all the way across the Atlantic, tide and wind would have been against you. Also your physical condition is not of one who has been shipwrecked and drifting for over a month."

It was then he remembered the sphere, the door opening and then nothing until the Welshman spoke to him.

"I took the liberty of searching you Lieutenant Harvey-Watkins and I also recognised your family crest on your medallion. My father works on one of your fathers estates and the crest is on the main gates. I'm John Lloyd, first officer of Malta Rose out of Boston."

John was about to say, I'm John also, but quickly changed, "I'm Gerald, thank you for picking me up."

"I still can't see how you managed to survive in such good condition and crossing the Atlantic in so small a boat," he said rising and leaving Gerald (John) lying in the hammock cot.

'I'll better start calling myself Gerald until I can get off this ship and lose myself in Portsmouth, ' John said to himself quietly. 'On board the ship the officers and crew thought Gerald and I were like two peas in a pod, maybe I can bluff my way out of this mess.'

John Prentice hadn't been ashore for five years, from the time the Press-Gang had taken him in Chatham when he was on his way to his mother's funeral. Pressed men weren't allowed to leave the ship, so it will be a new experience for Gerald to have his feet on land once more.

Four hours later John Lloyd returned and by this time Gerald was up and dressed in his neatly pressed and washed uniform. "There is a longboat waiting to take you ashore, so better not keep the Captain of the Dockyard waiting, I hear he is a real stickler on punctuality for junior officers," John told him smiling. The signs of fear on Gerald's face weren't the fear of the Captain, but of being discovered an impostor.

It was a long haul from the middle of the Solent, through the race at the harbour mouth, for the ride was receding and up to the steps into the Dockyard. All the way in John (Gerald now) was wondering to himself how he was going to avoid the meeting. His mouth was dry and he could almost feel the noose around his neck already.

The boat pulled away right after Gerald stepped on to the slimy surface of the stone steps, which lead up to the dock above. His fear was soon corrected when a party of seaman saluted him. He quickly saluted back remembering he was wearing an officer's uniform. He had no idea where the Captain of the Dockyard's office was, but a dockyard worker quickly pointed out the brick building.

To say that he had legs of lead would be an understatement as he entered through the portals of the building. Coming out of one of the rooms was another lieutenant.

"You must be Lieutenant Harvey Watkins, I've just brought your mother here to meet you, she is with the Captain at this moment. Let me show you the way. Quite a remarkable journey you have made, how I envy you," he jabbered on shaking Gerald's hand as he said it.

"Oh God this is it. Gerald's mother, she will spot him as an impostor in seconds," (John) Gerald thought. Gerald had told him how close he and his mother were and how he hardly ever saw his father. (John) Gerald thought of turning and running there and then, but at least he could explain what had happened and return the ring and medallion to her.

The Lieutenant knocked on a double door and a gruff voice answered. What was said Gerald couldn't hear for the rushing sound in his ears. When the doors opened he marched in smartly and saluted the elderly wigged Captain who was standing at the side of his desk, with a beautiful woman by his side.

"No need to be so formal Lieutenant Harvey-Watkins, we are after all old family friends." The Captain said, but all the same returned the salute.

The woman rushed forward and hugged Gerald, her ample bosom pressing into his chest. The perfume she wore was overpowering and strong, but he could still smell her body odour, which overpowered him. She kissed him on both cheeks as he kept his arms to his side, afraid to touch her.

"Gerald it is your mama; poor boy you must have been through hell. I need to take you home with me and nurse you back to your old self." She said in a sharp voice. "Will you let me take him home with me Humphrey?" She said turning to look at the Captain.

Surely a mother could tell her own son, surely he didn't resemble her son that much, yet she appeared to think he indeed was her Gerald.

"You can have him once I have a talk with him Magdalene. There are some things I have to say to him and some information I need to know," he replied to her question.

Again Gerald's mother kissed him on the cheeks and patted his cheek with her silk covered hand as she looked into his eyes. The look she gave wasn't the look a mother would give her son, but (John) Gerald may have been mistaken. Anyway he was enthralled with her already, for he had never seen so elegantly dressed and beautiful woman before.

Once the mother had swept out of the room the Captain's attitude changed. He picked up a sheet of paper which was obviously a letter. "Tell me Lieutenant, who is or was the Captain of His Majesty's Ship Penelope?"

"Why Commander James Galloway and not was, for he had landed with a large shore party."

"Mmm, well you got that right. Now tell me how you crossed from one side of the Atlantic to the other and on June 4th were picked up by the trader Malta Rose unconscious, but in good health. Not only in good health, but dressed in a spotless clean uniform as though out on a day's sail."

"The last I remember was three days after the sinking, drinking rainwater from the bottom of the boat. I have no idea what happened between those dates."

"There is no way a small boat could supposedly travel three thousand miles, without sail, oars or rudder. And from the Captain of the Malta Rose no sign of water or food. It is very hard to believe your story, but no report has been heard from the Penelope to confirm your story."

"I have no idea myself how I survived Sir," Gerald answered.

"I have other news for you, which would have been given to you when you returned. The Board of the Admiralty is reducing numbers and you have been taken off the Active List. You may return home with Lady Magdalene, but I may want to speak to you again once I hear from Commander Galloway."

Gerald saluted and left by the door that Lady Magdalene had done. It led into a small office, Lady Magdalene and a young woman dressed in servants attire was sitting on two chairs. The both of them rose and Magdalene linked her arm into Gerald's.

"The coach is outside, we can either go home or spend the night in an Inn, which will it be?" She said with a smile to her rouge coloured lips.

Without waiting on an answer from Gerald, she turned to the young woman who was walking beside her.

"You go and ride alongside Peter I have to talk privately with my son Rosanna."

Rosanna courtesies, and moved towards the front of the coach.

"Lo siento de tomar su asiento en el entiendor, la senorita," Gerald said to the young woman. Then he realised he had spoken in Spanish, a language he had only heard on scant occasions.

[I'm sorry to take your seat in the coach, young lady.]

To which Rosanna replied, "No es inconveniente senor." She said this with a demure smile on her face.

["It is no inconvenience, sir."]

"You spoke to Rosanna in Spanish, when did you start speaking Spanish, Gerald? In three months you appear to have gained the use of another language it appears," asked Magdalene who looked astounded at her son.

Gerald himself had no idea and how did he know she was Spanish, yet he could think of no Spanish words in his head. This indeed seemed strange.

"We will get out of Portsmouth and spend the night at the inn in Porchester, so please Peter, let's get out of here," Magdalene said to the coach driver.

"Yes my Lady," Peter replied.

John Prentice knew that Gerald was from a well-to-do family, but it looks as though they are a bit more upper-class than he imagined. Gerald got into the coach and sat beside Magdalene who threw a travelling rug over their legs. The hood was down and he would have preferred to sit in the seats opposite her. If he had sat there he would have had to lean forward to hear her. It was obvious she wanted to talk to him without shouting, so he had sat beside her. Magdalene was a beautiful woman and he would have liked to see her full facial features. Rosanna and Peter rode up an a sprung seat in front and it would be difficult for them to hear what was said between mother and son.

They moved off and followed the road alongside the walls of the dockyard, bypassing the main town and into the countryside. Gerald was really taken back by the actions of Magdalene. No sooner had they left the town when her hand went under the travelling rug and calmly unbuttoned the front flat of his trousers. Plunging her bare hand inside, wrapping her hand around his now erect penis shaft.

"Have you been misusing yourself Gerald, for I'm sure you have grown a few inches since you left. Was it the thought of you and I that made you do it," she asked, while looking him in the eye.

Gerald had said he loved his mother very much, but John never realised he had been shagging her. To have such a beautiful woman grasping his cock so lovingly, was beyond his wildest dreams. This was something he only dreamt about, so surely he must still be in a dream.

What Magdalene was doing was something he never attributed to the rich and famous, but here in this carriage it was happening. Then without any warning he spurted his sperm and Magdalene, her left hand carrying a handkerchief calmly wiped the sticky discharge from both her hand and his penis.

"Better not come as fast tonight Gerald, I've been waiting three months for you to come home," she said smiling.

So this was why she wanted to spend the night at an Inn, a night of debauchery. If that was what she wanted then he would happily oblige, for she was no kin of his and it had been a long time since he had lain with a woman. Things already were looking up John (Gerald) Prentice thought. He had intended to scupper once they reached the Inn, but now he would stay in the pretence of Gerald Harvey Watkins for a bit longer. He wondered what else was going to be thrust on him.

The Inn was in sight of the old Roman Fort at Porchester, which overlooked the muddy flats of the bay. When the tide was out the smell of the mud was swept over the peninsula where the fort was situated. Why Magdalene chose this Inn must surely be her eagerness to finish what she started in the carriage, with Gerald her son.

It was obvious that Magdalene had stayed at this Inn in the past, for the landlord was all bows and scraps to her. Rosanna and Peter were housed in lodgings above the stables and Gerald was given a room next door to Magdalene. Gerald and Magdalene had clearly occupied the same rooms the evening before HMS Penelope had sailed on her fatal voyage.

In the deep front pocket of Gerald's coat was a notebook. John, when he first put Gerald's coat on had just glanced at it, it contained notes appertaining to running a ship. John (Gerald) Prentice removed the book from the pocked and was about to throw it on to the dresser of the room. He stopped himself when he noticed protruding from the book a card slightly larger than the pages of the book.

When John (Gerald) Prentice examined the insert it was made of a material he had never seen before. The sheet was pliable and about an eighth of an inch thick. On holding it between his thumb and forefinger the sheet glowed and writing appeared in English on the, until now blank card like object.

'Do not be alarmed, you may have wondered how you managed to survive the three thousand mile journey - we transported you.

We know you have taken another man's identity, have no fear, you won't be found out. In fact in your new life you will assume many identities, for John or should we call you Gerald, will have a very long life. You will also find you can do things which you can't explain, again don't worry.

Sometime in the future we will again contact you, so keep this communicator safe, for this is our way of communicating. You can also communicate with us through it, but not at present, you have to become accustomed to your new identity and attributes.

Good luck.

The Watchers.'

Gerald stared at the words and immediately he removed his hand from it, it again became a blank greyish card. Who were 'The Watchers' and how could they know he had assumed another's identity. If they were correct it was nice to hear he wouldn't be discovered, but then how did they know this. There were that many unanswered questions his head was spinning as he sat down on the edge of the bed holding the notebook, with the card lodged between the sheets in both hands.

All during the evening meal Magdalene had wiggled and giggled, like a bitch on heat. Gerald discovered, by dropped phrases that he wasn't the only one sharing his mother's favours. He also knew he had no need to go to her bedchambers, but that she would be arriving to his.

After years of being almost starved of a female he was just as eager to taste once again the feel of a woman's body wrapped around his large cock. Gerald temporary forgot about what was in the notebook and the message he had received and undressed. No sooner had he finished sitting on the edge of the bed when Magdalene entered the room.

Leaning against the closed door dressed in a light, but open negligee she grinned at him like a whore; for that was the only word he could describe her with. A whore yes, but the most beautiful whore he had ever seen. She then walked right up to him straddled his thighs, reached down and took hold of his penis and guided it into the smoothest pussy he had ever felt.

Expecting a grasping vagina Gerald was disappointed in Magdalene, for he slid into the hilt with her sitting facing him. Maybe it was in his mind that he expected her to feel more virginal, not like a slack old hack. All the same, here was a willing woman and one who could open many doors for him and no way was he going to refuse her.

Still embedded inside her, they managed to wiggle further on to the bed and now Gerald was flat on his back with Magdalene kneeling over his hips. The negligee was cast off and her slightly pendulous breasts were bouncing on her chest as she rose and thrust her hips down hard on to his.

"This is the only way I like it, if you want to be the dominant male, then find some other wench," she said to Gerald as he felt the end of his cock repeatedly strike her cervix. Hitting the cervix was about the only feeling, foreby the warmth of her vagina wrapped around his cock that he did feel. For a man with almost eleven inches of cock this was indeed something unusual, for the girth alone usually filled an average woman.

All the same he was feeling his passion rising and Magdalene was now thrashing herself faster on his phallus, so she must be reaching a climax of her own. Then with an exploding breath she fell forward on to his chest and seconds later Gerald flooded her slack passage. It wasn't the best fuck he had ever had, in fact he almost classed it as his worst, it at least relieved him of a built up frustration. This shouldn't be how he felt about his 'mother', but now he knew her for what she was, 'easy meat'.

"Oh Gerald, you have grown so much and it was so much better than before, I could feel your juices flood me. Oh why wouldn't you do that before, it's the loveliest feeling darling," Magdalene said now holding his head between her hands. Her breasts were now crushed flat on his chest; he would rather have felt a more endowed woman.

Gerald wasn't that taken with Magdalene, but if she was the key to a better life than the one he knew, then he would continue to poke her body into any hole she wanted. She was just a means to an end and if the rest of her class were as easy to bed, then all the better.

Once more before Magdalene retired to her room she pounded her body hard on Gerald's great cock. Gerald put as much enthusiasm as a prostitute does with her customer and that seemed to please Magdalene.

Gerald then slept like a log until he was woken by Rosanna, who was holding a valise. "My Lady thought you would rather wear these clothes since now you are no longer an Active List Officer," she said with a wide smile.

"Si usted quiere que mí llevelos, entonces yo hago," Gerald replied.

[If you want me to, then I will]

"Please, My Lady doesn't like me speaking in Spanish, but it is kind of you to do so," Rosanna said blushing.

"Then I will, but maybe we can get somewhere private and we both could speak to each other in Spanish."

"Yes I would love that." Rosanna replied and ran from the room. She stopped at the door, turned, "Breakfast will be served in half-hour."

Gerald opened the valise and removed the clothing that had been packed so neatly. This was a style of clothes that 'Gerald' had never worn; it was the dress of the gentry. Above the calf high boots, tight trousers; at least they had a front flap like the ones he was wearing.

A ruffled front to the white shirt and a silk neck silk, the coat had long tails, but was only waist length at the front. The waistcoat was of crimson brocade and looked a bit flashy. He felt like a dandy dressed as he was, but a lot better dressed if he had returned to his old home.

After passing through the market town of Fareham, the coach headed north into the Hampshire countryside. Four hours later after stopping for an hour's lunch at an Inn they arrived at a large house standing alone, without a tree closer than one hundred yards. Waiting at the steps were five people, four obviously servants and a stern looking elderly woman.

"Look Grandmamma is here to meet you Gerald," Magdalene cried out, waving.

"About time too, where have you been for the past week, and why is Gerald with you? I thought he sailed on H.M.S. Penelope, "she addressed Magdalene in a snooty upper-class voice. Here was the voice which made the gentry stand out from all others. The two women walked hurriedly into the house leaving Gerald standing there. His grandmother never even acknowledged him.

"I'll take your luggage up to your room sir," a young lad of about fourteen, dressed in livery said to Gerald.

"Come, I'll give you a hand, I haven't that much anyway," he replied to the lad. "Do I know you, what's your name?"

"Matthew sir, you have known me all my life."

"You know my mind is blank after being afloat all that time after the sinking, maybe you can help me remember."

"Did your ship sink sir," Matthew asked, but with a quivering in his voice.

"You're afraid of me, aren't you? There is no need to be afraid of me, I won't do anything to you," Gerald told the lad as they walked into the house.

Matthew took Gerald to his bedroom, it was a good job he did, for he would never have found it on his own. Once in the room Gerald had Matthew sit down and he told him about the Penelope sinking and being adrift for so long. Matthew filled Gerald in on all members of the staff and when Matthew left with a silver threepenny coin in his hand Gerald knew all about the house staff. He also got the staffs view of his mother, father and grandmother, which wasn't at all complimentary.

Gerald then spent some time going through all the drawers and cupboards, finding out as much as possible about Gerald Harvey-Watkins. Gerald had a few admirers who lived in the district, who according to Matthew never spoke to servants and went around with their noses in the air.

Of all, the one who was hated most was Lady Berkeley, his grandmother. She had a very sharp tongue and didn't spare the cane on erring servants. Gerald also learnt that she said very little to him and almost ignored his presence. Why was this; Matthew didn't know, if any one of the servants knew he had never heard it mentioned. Gerald also wasn't very well liked, but Matthew thought he had changed and didn't act like the Gerald that left three months earlier.

One thing it was unheard of Gerald giving a servant any money. Gerald knew that this would get round the house like lightning and maybe they would start to think differently of him.

Since his arrival he never saw Magdalene or Rosanna again. It was on the third day after his arrival that he asked his grandmother.

"I haven't seen my mother since I arrived back; please can you tell me where she is?"

"Off on another of her debauchery visits, seeing some young man, causing an upheaval in another household. No wonder your father stays in London, he has a better chance of seeing her there than at home. Has she already bedded you, it is a wonder if she hasn't," was the reply Gerald got, so he no longer consulted her.

With nothing to do he lounged about the stables, talking to the stable-hands and strappers. Because he was hindering them in their work of cleaning out the stables, he removed his coat, grabbed a rake and started helping them. He had been at it for an hour at least and was thoroughly enjoying the work. Sandy, the stable-hand he was working with was a bit tense at first, but now it was as if they had been working together for years. The atmosphere was very congenial as they joked and laughed as they worked.

All that came to a sudden end when the figure of grandmother appeared at the stable doors.

"Gerald, what do you think you are doing, mixing with the hired hands, and laughing and joking? Stop immediately and return to the house, it is about time I had a few words with you," She bellowed beating the flexible cane she carried against her dress.

Gerald was about to retaliate, but Sandy just reached over and touched his forearm. Gerald looked at him and Sandy just slightly shook his head. Sandy knew that Gerald was about to explode and it wouldn't be proper for him to argue with his grandmother in front of the stable staff. So Gerald picked up his coat, and walked to the house, fuming inside, but trying to look calm.

He went straight up to his room and threw the coat in anger in the corner. He was fuming at the grandmother, but kept what he was thinking in his head, but he felt like shouting it out loud. There was a rap at the door and it opened without waiting for a reply. The grandmother walked in, banged it shut behind her and strode over towards Gerald with her cane raised ready to strike.

"You are not too old for me to beat some sense into you. We don't mix with the servants."

As she brought the cane down Gerald sidestepped and pushed her on to the bed, grabbing the cane at the same time. "If anyone is going to get a canning it is you," Gerald said meaning to bring the cane down on to her rump.

Falling face down on to the bed and in the movement of pushing her on to it her wide dress and petticoats had ridden up well over her buttocks. What Gerald saw was an alabaster white bottom in front of him with her thin lipped pussy below.

No longer worrying about the consequences of his action, Gerald undid the flaps of his trousers and taking his enormous cock in the palm of his hand inserted the head between the thin lips and pushed.

"What do yooouuu thiiiinnnnkkk yooouuu areee doiinng?" She cried in a descending voice, as Gerald now had hold of her wide hips and was sinking into her warm and tight pussy.

Now this was a woman, Gerald thought as he felt the lovely grasping and warm lining of her vagina grasp his penis, as it slid deep into her body. There was no struggle except for a little resistance at the beginning, now she was pushing back, driving him even deeper.

"Wow, you are some lovely feeling woman, God I could stay inside you for ever."

"Gerald, this is an experience I thought I'd never feel again and you are so large, you have totally filled me." She said with a long sigh as Gerald withdrew almost altogether and plunged once more into her pleasurable body.

It took only a few minutes, but it felt a lot longer, before Gerald unloaded his sperm into her body and held her tight against his lower body. He loved the feel of her soft rump against his body and it looked as though she too loved the feel of his cock still semi rigid inside her.

Eventually it dropped out, or correctly, slithered out of that warm sheath of hers.

"You didn't put up much of a fight?" Gerald asked when she rose off the bed and straightened her dress.

"I must say it was a very pleasant surprise, something I never expected from you. I suppose you had better call me Petal, for we couldn't get much closer than we were, just then."

"I hope that I haven't offended you Petal, but I would very much like to continue with our relationship, for I think you are a very amorous woman."

"You aren't just saying this to appease me, for there is a vast difference between our ages."

"No, I mean it, maybe I can come to your bedchamber tonight so we can continue where we left off."

"I would consider it an honour Gerald; it has been many years since I've had the company of a man in my bed."

"Well Petal, I'll see you tonight then," he said handing back her cane. "Oh by the way, don't you ever wear undergarments?"

"That isn't a question a gentleman asks a lady, but the answer is no, they get in the way. You will be surprised how many women don't," Petal said smiling for the first time since Gerald had been here and left the room.

That was the best fuck I've had in years. Who would have thought an old miserable woman like her would be better than Magdalene. Hell he was going to make a feast of her. These thoughts were whirling around in his head and thinking of the coming evening.

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