Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Horror, DomSub, Interracial, Oral Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man has had the same dream as far back as he can remember. It is about the same woman and the day that he meets her his entire life changes.

Long have I looked back on the events of my life that have led me to this point. My name is Illiam a name I have chosen for myself, but I have not always had this name. I had a different name when I was human like you. I was a young man taking my first steps into manhood at the age of eighteen. Graduating high school I was looking forward to my future but I didn't know what path I would choose. A young virgin because of my personal beliefs I was waiting for the right woman. Unfortunately the woman who took it was not human at all and would take far more in the end. Let us begin how this new life of mine started just before that fateful night, after all that is why you are here isn't it? To learn how I became what I am an Incubus.

My friends were very different than you might expect. They did not share in my beliefs and were less morally conscience than I. Still we looked out for each other and they came to see me as their special project. They were determined to find this "right woman" so I could become a man and understand what sex was all about. Granted I knew all that books and other forms of media said about the subject sort of a little homework assignment among my group, but I had never actually done it. This is not to say there were not women I could ask to help me in this department. I was often enough that I was handsome, but I did not believe I could be a model or anything. I had a gut though I was physically fit.

I believed it would be some time before I found the woman of my dreams. Sadly the expression "Nice guys finish last" was indeed true indeed in my case. I wanted to have a family: Wife and children the whole nine yards. It was not something a lot of women at that age wanted.

But I digress let us continue with the story. I was hanging out with my friends at the mall. It was an average sized building with a number of storefronts. It existed in our quiet little suburb and was filled with people after school. I had fallen behind my friends, and lost them in the bustle and foot traffic. Dodging one man carrying a shopping bag I kept looking for my and ran straight into a woman.

Her shopping bags fell to the floor spilling their contents. Hurriedly I tried to pick them up and replace them in the bags. Turning towards her as I rose from my crouched position I began to mumble an apology. "Cleo?" I asked. There she was dressed in a pretty red dress. My beautiful Cleo: the woman of my dreams quite literally. Since I was eleven years old I had dreamt of her. No that is not true. I had seen her before that as far back as I could remember, but I was the first time I thought of her as more than a dear friend and kissed her. Cleo was always the same age as me. In a way we had grown up together. Every night I saw her.

She was my first love, my only love. Who could compare to my geek beauty? Taking her bags she stared at me her eyes with surprise and recognition. Turning on heel she hurried off. "Cleo!" I called after her. My confusion was evident as others stared after us as I rushed to catch up to her only to have her disappear. Why had Cleo run? Then the memories of those dreams we had shared came flooding back. Someone had always been chasing her. Tries as I might she had always run away as she had just now. I had never seen the man that caused her so much fear but I knew he was not human, and neither was she. On her part I did not care. She was my Cleo and it didn't matter to me what she was as oppose to who she was. It was that part that I loved and missed when I awoke each time as she fled. I wandered to the park near my home not wanting to face my parents. They were good parents who tried to understand their strange son. My mother and father tried often enough to be involved in their son Jeremy's life.

There in the park sat on the swings alone kicking the dirt beneath me with my sneakers. It was a chilly winter night going into Christmas I dug my hands into the pockets of my gray hooded sweater. The moon and the stars were my only lights. The nearest lamp was some distance away. It was then that she appeared.

How I loved how the moon caught her soft skin and black hair. I rose from the swing standing before her. Reaching out I touched her face. She smiled and closed her eyes leaning her head into my hand. Her hair fell over my fingers covering them from view. Opening her eyes she looked at me. Her gray eyes looked into mine. Drawing close her lips brushed mine as she watched for my reaction. Pressing against her I wrapped my arms around her waist giving her a deep kiss. I wanted stay like that forever but I felt her drawback. "You are in danger." Cleo said. "I know." I replied. I knew what would happen next and I looked for the mysterious stranger that was sure to come. As I peered into the night's darkness I spied him beneath a lamp as he approached. I flipped my blade from its sheath in the handle. I heard the spring fire dropping it into place. The handle fit perfectly to my hand as I cradle the knife in my palm. Cocking my arm close to my body I readied my for the enemy rising to the balls of my feet. My father had been a former gang member and had experienced trouble with the law around my age. He had taught me every dirty trick he had ever learned hoping I would never have to use it. He didn't want his only child to be unable to defend himself. My childhood was full of such lessons. While most sons played catch with their dads or shot hoops I learned street fighting, and I turned out to be very good at it. It had served me a couple of times in the past with a group of guys tried to kick the crap out of me one summer. In the end I got a black eye and a bloody nose but I sent three of them to a hospital and the last one running for his life. None of them told the cops where they had gotten the cuts to do that they would have had to explain what they were doing. When my father heard about it he looked at it as my graduation to manhood, but my father was always different than the other dads. He and my mom were quite happy to have a schoolio as a number of kids called me. I was a product of a mixed marriage down to the core. My father was Hispanic Catholic while my mother was Jewish. They good parents in my opinion. Kind, loving, and understanding. I never wanted for anything I actually needed and I had food and a roof over my head.

Now as I faced the vampire from my nightmares and I strange enough the idea was not frightening. I felt at home in the night like I always felt letting it absorb me. When he attacked charging in my reflexes were lightning fast as I barely tracked his movements. When he came within striking range I stabbed my arm firing like a piston to sinking into his flesh. My arm quickly withdrew stabbing again and again. The male vampire howled in pain like a wounded animal trying to fend me off by striking at me. I neatly dodged time and time again my confidence rising as I darted in and out of his reach. Stabbing again I heard him growl in anger as he struck back. The back of his fist slammed into the side of my head leaving me reeling. A second blow struck crashed into my ribs shattering most of them on my right side. My vision came back into focus in time to see his hand lash out again. Grunting in pain I twisted out of the way and sliced his arm. How I managed to actually hold onto the knife at that point I'll never know, but I thanked God that I did. Using the last of my reserves I lunged forward stabbing with all of my might. The blade broke between two his ribs staying inside of him as drove the blade in and up. I heard his groans of agony as he left before I fell, as my legs buckled.

Exhausted and in pain I slipped into the darkness. My only thought was, 'At least Cleo is safe.' Please understand that I believed I was dying just as I had in my dream and expected never to wake up again. Imagine my surprise when I did especially in my own bed later that night.

Time went by quickly but I did not see Cleo again. Unfortunately as I was soon to discover this was the least of my problems. As I awoke the next morning I returned to the mall to shop for some clothes. I was barely aware of a number of the women in the parking lot looking at me. As I think back on it I experienced the sensation of constantly being watched.

Entering the mall I walked into the nearest clothing store. Once inside a sales attendant approached me. "Hi I'm Jessica how may I help you?" Jessica said. At first her she seemed extremely confident then distracted as if some else was catching her attention. "Every thing alright?" I asked. "I'm fine. Sorry about that. Thought I smelled something nice. Let me show you some clothes and you can use our dressing rooms." Jessica said. She was well dressed in her business dress, which included a dark gray jacket and dress. She had smooth legs and a firm body. Why I was searching out every detail I could not explain. Before that day woman were still attractive but I had never really focused on one except in my dreams with Cleo. Now every curve of Jessica's body seemed highlighted, and utterly engrossing. I managed to turn my gaze away but not in time for her not to see it. She flashed a smile brushing her chestnut colored hair. Jessica had a beautiful freckled face and seductive light blue eyes that she could hold you still in if she wanted to. At that moment I didn't realize she had set her sights on me. We talked a little as she picked out clothes and I learned surprisingly little about her personally. Her focus seemed to be about me and I was bombarded with questions. As time went on I felt heat build throughout my body and I became warm and actually began sweating. This seemed to catch her attention as she asked if I had a girlfriend non-chalantly bumping into me so her body brushed against mine. I felt my body cry out for hers and as I used my willpower to hold it at bay it seemed to weaken. Taking a step I stumbled. Jessica quickly came to my aid leading me to a dressing room so I could sit down comfortably. Lust overwhelming my senses as I smelled her closeness was an agony. When I refer to her scent I am not talking about a sweet smelling perfume. I am referring to her true scent. The smell a woman gives off when she is in heat. Most human males can't smell it, and those who do are probably never truly aware of it. I on the other can smell it all too well. As we entered the stall I moved her to the far wall pressing her against the wall sniffing her neck. Her eyes were wide with excitement especially when I grew impatient and ripped open her top and then her white shirt underneath. She wore a pink bra and I could see the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed their movement hypnotic. She quickly slipped off her panties not wanting them to be ruined to and to provide me with easier access. I was surprised to note new muscles on my body as she unbuttoned my shirt and took down my pants. In that regard other "things" had grown in size and definition as well. Jessica giggled kissing me. Slipping my head between her legs I tasted her opening her flower and enjoying her sweet nectar. Her fingers curled in my hair as her legs wrapped around my head as I slid her up the wall holding her as if she weighed nothing. Never in my life had I felt so powerful and invincible. All this felt so right and I knew all that she wanted feeding her desire as I in turn fed off of her emotions. She cried out her legs crushing me into her as her body spasmed. Jessica went limp for a moment her body sweating and her gaze distant. A low growl emitting from my throat brought her out of it as she realized I was not done yet. Letting her get her feet for moment I gave her only a minute before I guided myself into her. I took her there right against the wall. As my pace and tempo increased I gave into my primal urges taking what I wanted. Jessica enjoyed every minute as he feet off the floor. For a while there I thought I was going to put her through the wall with all the heavy slamming, but it never happened. I roared as we finished coming down together. Jessica had not the strength to stand on her own and I held her against me giving her time to recover. Jessica offered me job at the store and wanted to see me as much as she could. Though she was an older woman and had no romantic interests with me apparently I was worth keeping around. She had her share of boyfriends those days but apparently I had made a new mark. I reveled in my new body and power enjoying it immensely. I had any problem it was separating my emotions and thoughts from a woman's. As time went on I discovered that I could sense not only what they were feeling but also what they were thinking. If I wanted to I could effect either if I wanted to. I preferred delivering suggestions rather than taking full control. It gave my partner a choice which I enjoyed. I lost a taste for all food. In comparison it lacked the flavor it once did. Emotions were my food now. Being around people was all I needed, but love and lust were special to me. You might say they were the dessert to a pleasant meal. As my powers began to grow I learned all I could about myself fascinated by it and wondering how it all happened. I didn't know and after a while I no longer cared. I was a kid in a candy store and had my pick. My powers were limited in regards to the sexual side to single women only. I had no problem with this since this avoided the possibility of a moral dilemma.\

I wouldn't have to worry about breaking up a marriage or cheating with someone's wife, especially in the early stages when I lacked control over my urges. If I felt lust I pursued the woman who caused it and they were always quite happy to help. I was immune to all diseases and never got tired while having sex so I was quite capable of performing the act whenever I wished. It all depended on my partner on when I had to stop. Though some would have wanted it to go on forever in reality it would have killed them. I had never murdered a human being in my life and was not prepared to start then especially a woman. It was a symbiotic relationship when I think about it. We both got something we wanted. In the end I might have had the better deal when it was all over but neither side suffered.

I tried to not let it go to my head, but who are we kidding? I became quite confident and self assured. Wouldn't you if you could have practically any one from the girl next door to a model or movie star? I don't know personally about a movie star or super model but the theory seemed sound based off my experiences with models and other women at that time. But I have gone off the subject. As time went on I fell in love with many women in my own way. To me their souls were laid bare. I chose they had no secrets when it came to me. I used my powers to become their ideal man changing myself to fit what they wanted. I could go so far as to change my very shape and it was no illusion. For the most part I preferred women that liked the dark haired man. It became a game between us. A game with its own set of challenges. Of course it was not true love. They were not in love with the real me just the idea I had taken from their, and I could not show them the real me. In that lies the trap. To survive I knew I had to keep up the illusion of being human. But as I thought more and more about what I was missing I became lonely and the game began to lose its thrill.

It was then that I met Mona. A charming sweet little nerd like I had been before the new look and attitude. She was so unsure of herself and knew little about fashion. At first she was merely a project: someone I could mold into what she wished she could be. She wanted to beautiful as well as intelligent, but Mona was already beautiful to me. I took her to stylists and salons. They made her hair shine and put make up on her but I hated every minute of it. Braids and new hairstyles did not show her black hair flowing free as it was meant to. Make up hid her natural color and light freckles which colored her cheeks. The sound of her voice was music to me and I missed it when it was gone even if it was only for a brief time. I never delved into her thoughts or emotions. To do so would have been a sacrilege. I wanted only her pureness so sweet that denied all I had ever none.

How I longed to protect and take her for my own, but that could not be. How long would I live and would she love the real me? Granted I behaved as myself but I would still seem human to her. There was no paleness to my skin or coldness to the touch. In fact there was quite the opposite. I had never been more vibrant. In truth it was fear on my part. I feared being rejected by one I truly loved. For those of you who have experienced this emotion you can understand. It exposes all of you and you are vulnerable. I chose instead to be the loyal friend and be for her in any way I could short of that. When she came crying to me one day telling me how a boy had broken her heart I became angry. He had taken her virginity while lying about how much he loved her. In her innocence she had believed him. They had been dating for some months and it seemed quite possible that he actually cared. I calmed her driving her home because of her nerves. Tucking her in I kissed her cheek as lay in her bed and told her get some rest. I found the liar in the parking lot of a local video store. The thought of breaking every bone in his body occurred to be but I settled for putting him down with a right hook to the jaw. I imagine it was quite broken and he was in a lot of pain. In retrospect I still feel little pity for him. In my opinion he had it coming. If it caused him to rethink his bad habits then justice was served, if not then at least he won't be bragging to any more of his friends about it for fear of me finding him.

Mona got over her heartache with some encouragement from and found a nice man who cared for her. While I felt jealous I had no wish to ruin her happiness. Sometimes when you care for someone their needs must come before your own.

I was saddened to see Mona go but I believed it was for the best. Returning home I opened my front door entering my living room only to pause in surprise. The vampire who had attacked me that night with Cleo was sitting not far from me in my leather chair. As I tensed in alarm he raised a hand saying, "I am Orpheus young Illiam. I wish you no harm my prince." Rising from the chair Orpheus continued saying, "If I had known it was you I would have never dared raise a hand against you. I was there to kill our enemy. Cleo is the daughter of the woman who ordered the deaths of your father and mother."

"My parents are human." I argued. Shaking his head the blond Orpheus said, "Your father is actually your human brother. Your father Nephen had two wives as is customary in your house. It breeds a connection to humans. It was your family's way making sure its vampire members protected the human race, after all you are related to them. Some of the human descendants inherit the vampire gene like you."

"My brother?" I asked. "Your eldest brother. The human members of your family are responsible for protecting the vampire. It is the reason you are still alive. You are the only vampire child born to Nephen. That makes you his successor. You are Illiam Dark Prince and Lord of Los Angeles." Orpheus replied.

"You have to be joking!" I said before actually considering everything that had happened. "Ok maybe your not. But what do you want from me? I don't know how to lead anyone especially not people who are probably centuries older than me." I said. "You forget my prince that all have given an oath of allegiance to your family. Your ancestors have ruled over us since we came to the new world to escape the oppression of the old. Here we protected humanity while the old one destroyed them. We are psi vampires. We feed off of emotions sex and love our favorites. For us killing humans is unnecessary and unwanted. We are not blood drinkers. For us our fangs are merely a defense when threatened." Orpheus said.

"Fangs? I have no fangs." I said. "Check for yourself. I am sure that you should feel them even if you can't taste the blood." Orpheus said. Sure enough my tongue searched the line of my teeth tracing hard against them. A sudden pain as my tongue was cut on one of my new fangs alerted me to the truth. Walking to a nearby mirror hanging on the wall I showed my teeth and saw them for the first time, and gasped. They were real, like out of some horror book.

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